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    General Hospital CAST - Emily Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Emily Quartermaine Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Lulu deals with a new day as Luke takes off for unknown reasons.

    Tuesday, September 19 2006

    Emily and Nicolas are discussing the Lulu/Dillon situation. She tells Nicolas that Dillon never had much of a life with his own father and perhaps that's why he was eager for Lulu to have their baby. They also talk about Lucky and how they won't stop until they get him into drug rehab - since Luke isn't sticking around to help either of his kids, without Laura's influence to do the right thing. Monica calls for Emily and Nicolas warns that she doesn't sound very happy. Behind the door, Colleen gives an evil little smile. Emily gets on the phone and Monica scolds her for ignoring her pager. Emily says she never heard the pager! Monica sternly tells her intern daughter that there's been a bus accident and she is needed in the ER. Emily looks into her purse and sees that her pager has been turned off…She has a pretty good idea who turned it off, and she stalks off to the launch to get to the hospital.

    Maxi Gets the Upper Hand Over Lucky

    Tuesday, September 12 2006

    Nikolas and Emily get his unconscious Butler to the hospital. Returning home later, Colleen fakes tears and asks how he's doing. They tell him he had a heart attack and remains unconscious. She thanks them for the update and they walk away.

    Emily comes to visit Alexis and they discuss Emily's cancer experience. She tells Alexis that in the beginning she did everything wrong, getting angry, hiding the diagnosis but in the end Emily believes she's alive today because of Nikolas. She continues that her connection with him was so strong, it brought her back. Alexis asks why they're not trying again? Nikolas listens in on their conversation and decides to interrupt asking Alexis how she's feeling. She replies that Emily is just giving her insight on the power of healing through love.

    Colleen phones the hospital to get the latest on Alfred as Nikolas walks in. She hangs up asking how he's doing? Nikolas replies not too bad but they're not certain yet. She replies that she's heading up to check on Spencer and leaves the room.

    Sam and Ric Attend the Mayor's Party

    Monday, September 11 2006

    Emily talks with Nikolas about Lucky's rehab and treatment and makes some suggestions as Colleen listens in.

    At that moment his butler confronts Nanny Colleen and threatens to have her dismissed if she doesn't keep her feelings for Nikolas in line and forget about him. The Butler offers Emily and Nikolas a drink before they head out to the Mayor's party. A jealous angry Colleen looks on as Nikolas wraps a jacket around Emily's shoulders. Turning quickly to hear a crash, they see the Butler on the floor passed out. Emily runs to him and replies to Nikolas that she thinks he's having a heart attack. Colleen glances toward them with a relieved smile on her face.

    Alexis seeks advice from Jason.

    Tuesday, August 29 2006

    Lucky talks with Lulu about her consideration of an abortion. He tries to get through to her telling Lulu that she'll regret it all her life if she following through with this. Lulu snaps back telling him it's not his business and she's not ready to have any child or that level of responsibility. He yells back accusing her of killing her baby if she does that.

    Lulu finds Elizabeth and is hurt and angry that Lucky was yelling at her for 'considering killing her baby'. Elizabeth tries to justify his behavior with his drug problems. She explains that Lucky feels responsible for Lulu getting pregnant. Lulu tells her that's ridiculous because her and Dillon used protection and admits that the condoms were defective. Elizabeth, shocked to hear that, reassures Lulu that no matter her decision, Lucky and her will support and love her.

    Lulu has a flashback about telling Dillon of her pregnancy thinking of how shocked and stunned about hearing he'll be a father.

    Tracy and Edward later confront Lulu telling her it's their business if she is considering aborting Dillon's child! She accuses them of spying on her but Edward tells her she was yelling at Lucky at the top of her lungs, they didn't have to spy. Edward and Tracy demand that she have the baby and give them custody! Dillon walks in on them and sticks up for Lulu telling them both to stay out of their business. Edward chides stating Dillon better not tell him he agrees with Lulu having an abortion?! Dillon, shocked looks on at Lulu asking "abortion"?

    Maxi runs into Elizabeth asking her if Lucky is still clean. Elizabeth tells her to stay away from him and don't bother ever approaching her again! She tells Maxi she's done enough damage.

    Elizabeth sees Jason and sits down to talk. She confides in him about Lucky and seeing Maxi earlier. She's concerned that Lucky really requires rehab but refuses to go and she won't be able to stand by him with her little son to think of.

    Lucky calls Maxi and asks her to meet with him ASAP and Nikolas overhears him on the phone not knowing who he was calling. Lucky tells Nikolas about Lulu trying to kill her baby and Nikolas tells him he's staying out of it. Nikolas decides that he will support her no matter her choice and it is her choice he states firmly to Lucky! Dillon walks in on them and defends Lulu telling them both it's not their place to talk about this and it's not their business! Lucky yells at Dillon blaming him for impregnating Lulu. Emily walks in on their fight telling Lucky to back off, it wasn't Dillon's fault.

    Emily talks with Nikolas about Lulu and supporting her. Nikolas discusses the potential that he's the result of a rape and wonders if that didn't aid in Laura's breakdown. He doesn't want to see that happen to Lulu if she's forced to have a child she won't want.

    Lucky meets up with Maxi and thanks her for the pills stating that he's only going to take them until he can help Lulu through her decision.

    Carly Meets Up With Jax

    Monday, August 28 2006

    Lucky talks with Elizabeth before his NA meeting and walks down the hall. Before entering the meeting, Maxi walks out and offers him pills.

    Nikolas and Elizabeth talk about Lucky and the possibility of sending him to rehab? She tells him she's trying to do everything she can to save her marriage but if Lucky relapses, she'll have to leave him because her son is far more important than living with a drug addict.

    Elizabeth talks outside later with Lucky and they walk in to the apartment to find Nikolas and Emily.

    Alexis Asks Sonny to Keep Jason Away from Sam

    Friday, August 25 2006

    Lucky has a dream that he shot Elizabeth after finding her in Patricks arms and wakes up startled. Elizabeth brings him a glass of water and tells him that crazy vivid dreams are part of detoxing. He tells her about his dream and that he killed her. Elizabeth tries to take a logical look at his dream saying his subconscious is trying to work things out.

    Elizabeth heads out when Nikolas arrives to see Lucky. He tells Lucky he looks awful. Lucky replies that the good news is the hardest part is almost over. Nikolas scoffs at that - telling him he sounds just like an addict statement! Nikolas tells him he has to go into rehab period! It isn't good for Elizabeth to have to help him this way. Lucky refuses telling him he can't risk the station finding out about his drug problem. Nikolas tells him that doesn't matter because at the end of the day, he's saving his life.

    Lucky argues with Nikolas and tells him he doesn't know what it's like to be a drug addict. Nikolas replies, telling him he needs to be around other people who do know what it's like and that's why rehab is a good idea. Lucky tells him he goes to meetings and he's headed there right now. Nikolas says "GOOD!" He'll join him to make certain Lucky doesn't try and score on the way there.

    Elizabeth confides to Emily about Lucky's addiction and the fact that he hit his lowest when he slept with Maxi. Meanwhile Maxi is around the corner listening to all of this. Elizabeth continues, telling her that if Lucky can't beat this, she'll have to leave him for good.

    Lucky arrives at the hospital for his meeting and talks with Elizabeth for a minute. He tells her he brought his babysitter along and Nikolas shakes his head. Walking down the hall Lucky runs into Maxi and asks her if she scored? She happily shows him the pills.

    Sonny Gives in to Alcazar

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    Nikolas talks with Emily asking her to stay and talk with Lulu when she arrives. He asks her to watch Spencer for him because Alexis called him and said it's extremely important. Lulu walks in on Emily and Spencer. She tells Lulu that Nikolas just ran out and he'll be back in awhile. She asks Lulu to hold Spencer while she gets his food ready. Lulu talks with baby Spencer trying to sooth him.

    Lulu confides to Emily about how overwhelming it is to think about helpless a baby really is and how the Quartermaine's already are trying to run her life. Emily suggests that maybe Nikolas can help her come up with a great solution. She tells her that Nikolas wants her to move in with him to help her out and the baby too. Lulu asks Emily what if that's not what she wants? She tells Emily she feels like everyone, including her brothers are trying to run her life. Emily tells her that's not the case, Nikolas just wants to help her not make decisions for her. She suggests Lulu sees a counselor to help her make this decision because that person will be unbiased and objective.

    Lulu tells Emily to tell Nikolas thank you for his help but she cannot have another voice echoing in her head right now.

    Lulu back working at Kelly's, spots Scorpio sitting at the counter. She tries to avoid him but he calls out to her. He says he hears rumors about her everywhere and wonders if there's anything he can do to help her with whatever is going on. She confides to him about when he told her sleeping with Dillon was a bad idea? Lulu tells him she's pregnant. Scorpio replies that he could ...kill him.... Lulu tells him it's not Dillon's fault but Robert interrupts saying not Dillon but that today gone tomorrow dad of yours, not being here when you really need him....

    Returning home, he tells Emily what's going on with Alexis. Emily tells Nikolas that him of all people know cancer is not a death sentence.

    Quartermaine's Discover Lulu's Pregnancy

    Wednesday, August 23 2006

    Nikolas talks with his butler Alfred and Alfred encourages him to invite Emily to dinner. Nikolas tells him he will invite Emily to dinner but no promises. Colleen enters explaining that Spencer isn't doing well with all the heat and suggests going away somewhere that isn't so humid and sticky. She also encourages Nikolas to bond with him more and suggests a trip to Greece to spend one on one time with the baby. Nikolas tells her that sounds like a great ide and will as soon as he can help his brother out.

    In walks Emily to talk with Nikolas about Lulu. Telling him Tracy and grandfather found out that Lulu is pregnant

    Nikolas tells Emily he wished Lulu trusted him enough to confide in him. Colleen interrupts them telling Nikolas that her and Spencer is packed and ready to go. Nikolas tells her that plans have changed and he is staying home for now. He turns to Emily telling her that Lulu needs to come stay with him.

    Elizabeth and Jason Get Together!

    Monday, August 14 2006

    Lulu tells Dillon she'll always care for him but he persists, asking what else is it?
    She tells him she's leaving town. He asks her where she's headed but she replies she doesn't really know, she's just sick of being there.

    Later at home, Lucky falls down the stairs as Nikolas walks in. Shaking his head, Nikolas asks him what's going on? He tells Nikolas that Elizabeth walked out on him because she found out about my affair with Maxi. Lucky laughs about Elizabeth finding him and Maxi together. Nikolas tells him to quit it. He yells at Nikolas to tell him how screwed up he is, eggs him on to put him down.

    Nikolas won't bite. He tells Lucky he's on his own with this one. No one else can fix it for him. Emily comes to Nikolas. They tell him he needs help, he's stoned right now. She tells him to stop being a hero, no one expects him to be one.

    Lulu walks in asking him what's going on. Lucky just walks away. Emily and Nikolas explain that Lucky is addicted to pain killers and Elizabeth left him because he cheated on her.

    Lulu begs Nikolas to go and find Lucky if he's that far down before he does something stupid. Lucky goes back home to get more pills and wash it down with another drink as he looks on at a gun on the table.

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