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    General Hospital CAST - Emily Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Emily Quartermaine Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    Trevor Carries Out His Plan.

    Friday, October 26 2007

    At Wyndemere Nik pulls Sam off the parapet and asks her if he hurt her. Sam is stunned and tells him that she almost shoved her off the edge. He tells her to leave but she won't go until he explains what is wrong with him. Finally, Nikolas tells her about his recent rages and blackouts and that he thinks the Cassadine blood is cursing him. As he fumbles for words Sam sums it up by saying, "You're losing it." She is torn between compassion and anger and she remembers that Alexis mentioned something about him having problems. Nik says that none of his tests show any results yet. Sam asks why in the world he is about to host a formal ball? Nikolas says that he is trying to recreate one of Emily's greatest memories and won't postpone his life because he has a health issue. Emily comes out and asks what's going on. Sam says that they are just enjoying the beautiful night. She excuses herself and says that she'll see them at the ball. The second she is gone, Emily says, "You had another blackout didn't you?"" He admits what he did to Sam and then reminds her what he did to Logan, the guy at the PCPD and the other people who have crossed him at the wrong time. "There's something broken inside of me…what if you're next?"

    Daddy Spinelli?

    Wednesday, October 24 2007

    Liz is getting ready for today's divorce mediation hearing. Emily urges her to try to remember the Lucky she used to know instead of what's going on between them in court. "For all the times that Lucky helped you, maybe you could try to help him now, too?" Emily asks.

    Lucky is getting ready, too, and Nik is with him. Nik doesn't understand why Lucky can't call the lawyers off and try for a friendly divorce. Lucky says that he and Liz agreed on everything until she brought Jason's lawyer in on it. He says that he's lost faith in Liz, which is likely why they are divorcing. After Lucky leaves, Emily comes home. Nik tells her that he was able to express his concerns to Lucky without going into a rage at least. Emily asks if he's heard from Patrick yet, but he hasn't.

    Emily and Nikolas are beaming as they hand deliver the very first Bacchanalia invitation to Lulu. Her first question is does she have to wear a white gown? Nikolas explains that she was too young to remember the first ball at Wyndemere. but guests can choose between all white or all black. Lulu's next question is if she can bring a date. Nik can see where this is going, and he calmly tells her to bring whomever she would like. "If you promise not to kill him," Lulu challenges.

    Should Sonny have listened?

    Friday, October 19 2007

    Emily has gone home to Nik. They talk about the custody mess between Liz and Lucky. Even though they each love both Liz and Lucky, Emily can certainly see Liz's side and Nik sees Lucky's. Nik says that he can't blame Lucky for being angry because he knows that Liz is in love with Jason. He says that Liz was emotionally unfaithful and should have been honest about her feelings with Lucky. Emily argues that Lucky was fighting a drug addiction. The more they talk, the more they realize that they can't get the other too change their opinions. Emily asks what would happen if Lucky gets Jake and then moves in with Sam? Nik asks when Em suddenly started having a problem with Sam? Em says that she didn't when she was with Jason because Sam was a different person then. Turns out that Nik has always disliked how Em can't see anything wrong with her big brother Jason. Em says that they shouldn't fight and that Liz and Lucky's problems are really none of their business. Amazingly (given Nik's mental health issues), they kiss and make up.

    Lulu talks Johnny Down.

    Thursday, October 18 2007

    Diane has dropped in on Liz and Emily as they finish unpacking Liz's things into her new house. As they are talking about the terms of the divorce, Diane gets a call and learns that Lucky just filed for official guardianship of Jake.

    Liz and Emily are stunned that Alexis would fight for custody of Jake - after having lost Molly in her own custody fight. Liz wonders how two people who loved each other so much could hurt each other so badly. Emily tries to help her sort it out from Lucky's point of view, but Liz doesn't see it. She says he's too angry to be rational now, so she has to fight as hard as he is.


    Wednesday, October 17 2007

    Emily is helping Liz with the final stages of her move into her new house. Liz says that she now realizes that she should've moved out months ago. She says that she feels independent again and looks forward settling in with her boys. She hopes that the divorce mediation goes quickly and that she and Lucky can make things okay for the boys.

    Carly doesn't scare easily.

    Tuesday, October 16 2007

    Nik is brooding at his desk when Emily returns from dinner with Alexis. She says that Alexis isn't crazy about the black & white ball, but she is very concerned about his health and has agreed to move out with the girls in the morning. Nik tells her about the blackout he had while she was gone. "Apparently, I almost killed Carly tonight," he says. He says that Jax must think he stabbed Jerry, or they both wouldn't have showed up here tonight. Nik's voice trembles as he says that his grandmother has people stabbed in alleys, not him. Nik says that Carly was full of questions about Jerry and the night Leticia was killed and the next thing he knew Max had a gun on him saying that he almost stabbed her with a letter opener. Emily moves in close for support and Nik says that the first thing in the morning he's going to Patrick Drake for answers. Then he says that she needs to think about moving out of Wyndemere now too. Emily asks if he plans on driving them all away? He says that he can't imagine hurting anyone, but something is happening to him. He says that he's getting more violent every single day and it would kill him if he hurt her. She assures him that he wouldn't hurt her and that she loves him and will never leave him.

    Bacchanalias & Blackouts

    Monday, October 15 2007

    At Wyndemere, Nik explains to Em that the Bacchanalia is the surprise is that he has been planning for her for weeks. He says that the date is October 31 and the arrangements are all made. A celebration for her, he explains. Emily thinks it's wonderful, but he planned all of this before he knew that he had a condition. Nik asks what could go wrong and Em reminds him that some of the people on the guest list aren't exactly on the best of terms with him lately. Nik says that he's not on the brink of uncontrollable rage every minute - or he wouldn't be planning such an event. Emily urges him to postpone the ball, but he won't hear of it.

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