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    General Hospital CAST - Emily Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Emily Quartermaine Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    There's a Monster Lurking.

    Thursday, November 01 2007

    Nik and Em go back to the ballroom so that Nik can make an announcement. Apparently the Harbor Patrol has shut down the harbor because the storm is heading their way. He says that they have plenty of rooms and might as well enjoy their long night together. Moments later, lightening strikes and the power goes out.

    And So It Begins.

    Wednesday, October 31 2007

    In their private room, Nikolas wants a moment alone with Emily before they greet their guests. He breaks down and cries as he tells her that he's afraid that "this thing" will kill him and that only bothers him because he won't be able to wake up with her every morning. He's breathless, but is able to get four more words out, "Will you marry me?" She gleefully tells him that she will be honored to spend a long and happy life together. He pulls a ring box from his tux pocket and tells her that he will love her forever. They kiss and then remember that they have guests waiting.

    The guests are all ushered into the ballroom and Nikolas welcomes them all. He makes a lovely speech about the endowment he is making to the hospital in Alan's name and then announces his engagement to Alan's lovely daughter. Liz hugs Em and Nik makes a point of telling her that he's glad she came. Lulu hugs Nik, followed by Lucky and finally Alexis. He asks why Jerry Jax is there and she says it's better that he's with her than alone. Nikolas glares but doesn't say anything.

    Nikolas asks Emily for the first dance and they begin a lovely formal waltz with all eyes on them. Lucky walks out on the terrace and finds Liz watching alone. They are both thinking about the same thing - the time they sneaked into the first Bacchanalia in their jeans and sneakers and danced on the terrace. She says that they thought they would feel like that forever and he admits that the memory of that night got him through more than a few bad times. Then he says, "Elizabeth Webber, may I have this dance…for old time sake?" Liz doesn't hesitate, just offers her hand and they dance the same formal waltz that is going on inside. Sam comes out and sees them.

    Inside Em and Nik have finished the first dance and the rest of the guests are invited to join in. Jerry and Alexis, Patrick and Leyla, Skye and Ric glide along the floor. Lulu and Logan don’t get that far however. Luke cuts in on Logan and Lulu gladly dances with her father. After the song ends, Nik and Emily tell them that they wish Laura would have seen them dancing together. Luke graciously tells Nik that his mother would be very happy with his engagement.

    Em Stands By Her Man.

    Tuesday, October 30 2007

    Emily tells Nik that a trip together after the ball sounds wonderful. He says that he's sorry if he sounds selfish for asking her to put her career on hold. Em tells him that he can't take the offer back - she'd love to go away with him after he gets his diagnosis. Nikolas smiles in relief for the first time in a long time. Emily tells him that she fully intends on finishing medical school, but she is allowed a vacation in the meantime. She reminds him that this is their life and they can do what they want with it. They settle into the couch and brainstorm ideas on where to go.

    Nik and Emily are out on the parapet wondering if the brewing storm will be over by tomorrow night. Nik worries that their guests won't want to come across the bay in a storm. Emily tells him that they have their entire lives together and will have other perfect events. As they kiss, we can see that Anthony Zacchara has crept onto the other end of the parapet.

    Logan's in a Pickle.

    Monday, October 29 2007

    Liz goes out to Wyndemere and Nikolas starts to jump down her throat for being a selfish woman who cheated on his brother. Liz is stunned and before Nik can get too far, Emily comes into the room and stops him. He gets a grip and apologizes and Liz says that she had no idea he felt this way about her. Emily explains that Nik has been having mood swings that cause him to lash out. Nik quietly tells Liz that he doesn't blame her for the divorce and hopes that she can come to the ball. Liz timidly tells him that she wouldn't miss it and quickly leaves. Emily begs Nik to call off the ball, again, but he won't hear of it.

    Emily and Nik have just taken a look at the ball preparations and Emily can't believe how gorgeous everything looks. Again, she tells him it's not too late to cancel it. He tells her that he's not going to get rid of everything that brings him joy. He wants to dance with her tomorrow night and Emily agrees that is what they'll do then. Nik says that after the ball, he'll likely face some medical procedures and wants to get away with her and Spencer to recuperate.

    Trevor Carries Out His Plan.

    Friday, October 26 2007

    At Wyndemere Nik pulls Sam off the parapet and asks her if he hurt her. Sam is stunned and tells him that she almost shoved her off the edge. He tells her to leave but she won't go until he explains what is wrong with him. Finally, Nikolas tells her about his recent rages and blackouts and that he thinks the Cassadine blood is cursing him. As he fumbles for words Sam sums it up by saying, "You're losing it." She is torn between compassion and anger and she remembers that Alexis mentioned something about him having problems. Nik says that none of his tests show any results yet. Sam asks why in the world he is about to host a formal ball? Nikolas says that he is trying to recreate one of Emily's greatest memories and won't postpone his life because he has a health issue. Emily comes out and asks what's going on. Sam says that they are just enjoying the beautiful night. She excuses herself and says that she'll see them at the ball. The second she is gone, Emily says, "You had another blackout didn't you?"" He admits what he did to Sam and then reminds her what he did to Logan, the guy at the PCPD and the other people who have crossed him at the wrong time. "There's something broken inside of me…what if you're next?"

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