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    General Hospital CAST - Emily Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Emily Quartermaine Played by Natalia Livingston on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalia Livingston (ABC)

    Birthday: January 26 1976
    Birthplace: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Natalia Livingston


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    GH Recap: No Cot.

    Tuesday, October 07 2014

    Silas catches Nina running around the hospital and demands to know how she went from wheelchair to full-on sprint. They go into a room for privacy and she tells him she was afraid he would leave her and go back to Sam if he knew. He understands, and now wants to know why she was chasing after Franco. She tells Silas that Franco was urging her to come clean to him. He’s been the only friend she’s made and was afraid she would lose him. He wishes she had told him sooner and thinks about Sam’s suspicion someone overheard them on the roof. Meanwhile, Jason tells Elizabeth he remembers the name Jake. She asks if his name is Jake. He doesn’t know. She tells him she had a son named Jake who died when he was 4. She always kept a close eye on him except the 30 seconds when he wondered into the street. He’s not sure if Jake is his name but it feels right and he decides to go with it. She suggests telling the police and they can try to find his family. He thinks it’s strange to think there are people he doesn’t remember looking for him. She decides to go home so he can rest and promises him she’ll be back tomorrow. He’s glad.

    GH Recap: Carlypalooza.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    Over the loud speaker male and female voices page Dr. Steve Hardy and Dr. Alan Quartermaine as the camera pans across their old photos into an empty General Hospital. Monica walks in from the elevator and talks to herself about emotional detachment. The death of a loved one hasn't gotten any easier. She goes to AJ and holds his lifeless body. Nearby, Carly (Laura Wright) tells Sonny AJ said he shot him. Is he going to deny it? Sonny says AJ's drunk six ways from Sunday. Carly believes AJ because Sonny's not denying it. Meanwhile, Monica says goodbye to AJ as Emily's ghost appears. Monica mourns the death of her husband, Jason, Dawn and Emily and she wants to be with them. Emily says she always is. Monica argues that she has no fight left but Emily yells that she's as strong as they come. Monica just wishes AJ was at peace. AJ's ghost appears and tells her he is. She gave him a second chance at life. She protected him and he'll be forever grateful. They hug. She wants to go with them but they refuse to let her. Her grandkids need her. She doesn't want to let Tracy have the whole house to herself does she? Monica finally agrees to tough it out but asks AJ to tell her who shot him. He says it's complicated but when the truth comes out, she'll be proud. She already is. They say goodbye and the ghosts meet their father and grandparents before following the light. Sonny drags Carly somewhere private and confesses he shot AJ. He asks if she's forgotten AJ killed their unborn child. He flashes back to Carly falling down the stairs and being in the hospital. When he comes back to reality, he sees Sarah Brown's version of Carly beside him. Carly remembers everything. With tears in her eyes, she says it's one of the worst things that have ever happened to her. They flashback to their wedding and Sonny's "death." She says, "When your heart stopped, my heart stopped." He came back for her! They reminisce about Carly setting him up when Tamara Braun played Carly. They flashback to their divorce and agree it wasn't the end for them. They remember when they learned Michael had "died." She's still standing after a nervous breakdown. Laura Wright's version of Carly returns and she says Sonny gave her the courage to get better. She'll always have his back even if their love story is over. In tears, Sonny asks her to keep the murder quiet. Carly needs time to think.

    GH Recap: My Client, Not My Pimp.

    Tuesday, March 18 2014

    Britt dreams Lulu has found out Ben's hers. She wakes up with a gasp, in bed with Nik at Wyndemere. Nik produces a dress for the evening before she heads to work. Later, Nik sees Emily's ghost. She tells him she wants his happiness. He is happy. Ghost Emily cautions him to ask himself if he's marrying the right woman. When she prompts him, he admits he loves Liz. He always will in a way but it's in the past. She asks, "Like the love we had?" He says nobody could ever take her place. He tells the apparition that Britt's his future. Ghost Emily tries to get him to smile but his smile turns to tears.

    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    An intern brings Steve Hardy’s portrait to the nurses’ station. Patrick meets the new interns for a tour. He gives the history of Dr. Hardy and other great doctors at GH. He reminds them that the doctors may be the brains of the hospital, but the nurses are the heart. Near Nikolas’ room Liz is reminded by Audrey of Steve’s 50th anniversary. Liz wishes everyone could be there to dedicate the portrait for the board room. Sara’s in Monterey, her parents are in Asia, and Tom’s in Africa having just graduated medical school. They visit the portrait before leaving with Patrick. Audrey remembers dancing with Steve on their anniversary. She touches a kiss to Steve’s portrait and leaves with Elizabeth.

    At the Quartermaine’s Tracy tells Alan she has no room for figments of her imagination. Monica can see Alan too. They compare notes on what they see. Monica tells Alan she is so happy. He tells her she is about to be happier and Emily says, "Hi mom," behind her. Tracy jokes Alan should have brought dad or mom back instead of Monica’s adopted waif. Tracy and Monica start fighting over the house and Pickle-Lila. Tracy berates Monica for her long line of infidelities starting with Rick Webber. His ghost joins them and asks Tracy not to drag him into this. Rick’s there to bury the hatchet with Alan. They decide to let bygones be bygones. Emily tells Tracy and Monica they should do the same. Monica says Tracy can stay. Tracy offers a truce with a handshake. Emily says a hug is worth their trip. Monica and Tracy hug awkwardly. Tracy announces they’re gone and the hug ends. Monica wonders what’s in the relish making them see things.

    Port Charles One Percenters.

    Tuesday, September 04 2012

    Jason busts into the church and demands the cure but Ewen doesn’t have it. He wants to talk to Jerry and is taking Liz with him. Liz tries to break free but Jason orders her to stop. Jason knows the connection Ewen has to the Jacks family and Ewen confesses to killing John in cold blood. He’ll kill Jason too if he has to and shoots him in the leg. Ewen loves Liz and wants to be the one to fix things. He refuses to let Jason be the hero. Liz breaks away and Jason shoots Ewen in the stomach. He tells Ewen he deserves to die for what he did. Jason cuts Liz’s hands free and she checks on Ewen – he needs to get to the hospital or he will die.

    And Down She Goes.

    Friday, April 24 2009

    As Patrick and Robin talk at GH, Liz loses her grip on a wheelchair and it comes flying down the stairs toward them. Epiphany tells them all that they'd better get used to the new layout and makes everyone get back to work. Patrick has a surgery to get to but he needs to go pick up Emma for her well-baby visit. Robin insists that she can do it and promises to meet him with her later.

    Love Is An Illusion!

    Tuesday, December 02 2008

    At the Quartermaine's Alice, Edward and Monica are plotting against Tracy. Tracy arrives and angrily yells at Monica about changing meeting dates and times. She turns to Edward and says he would have seen what Monica was doing if he wasn't meddling in ELQ business. Then, she turns on Alice and tells her to do her job – which includes fresh ice on the bar. Alice runs to do her bidding. Monica and Edward hurry away. Alan appears and says life without Luke is bleak. She says she is moving on – without Luke! He tells her to go to Luke but she refuses. Later, Luke arrives and Edward asks him to move back in! Luke wonders what is going on. Edward says he was talking with Monica and Alice and they all think this is the right thing to do for Tracy; Luke asks what is really going on. "My daughter is a horrible, wretched woman and losing you has put this on a whole other level," Edward says and offers Luke anything he wants just as long as he makes up with Tracy. Tracy walks in and says she will have Luke arrested! She calls Edward senile and says she doesn't love Luke and is tired of being the back-up wife. Luke is about to leave when Monica, Edward and Alice walk in and beg him to stay. They make Luke comfortable, annoying Tracy. "This could work for you, Wife," Luke says, "because misery loves company!" Alice gives Luke a pedicure and places Edward's slippers on Luke's feet. Edward starts to object but Luke mentions returning to the Haunted Star and he backs off. Luke requests lobster for dinner and Alice hurries to the kitchen. Tracy returns and calls to have the Q jet prepared for a trip to the Dominican Republic – and a quickie divorce!

    Let's Hear It For the Boys.

    Wednesday, May 07 2008

    Nikolas is on a park bench wistfully watching couples walk by. Before long, Emily appears and takes his hand. He promises that he won't back out of today's surgery because she convinced him that he needs to go on for Spencer's sake. They laugh and recall their first kiss that took place in the same park. Nik says that he was honored that she loved him from such a young age and she reminds him that she will always love him. He breaks down and she reminds him not to let his memories get in the way of his new life. She promises that when he dies many years from now she'll be waiting for him.

    Back at GH, Nik's surgery is about to begin. As he goes under anesthesia, Emily tells him that she loves him. Patrick gets his first look at the tumor he tells his team that if the patient had waited another week he would've been dead. He is able to remove the entire mass and Nik is taken to recovery. (As he sleeps, Emily's ring is lying in his hand.)


    Thursday, May 01 2008

    Emily is beaming as Nikolas twirls her around the ballroom at Wyndemere. He tells her how much he regrets the times when he hurt her, but she tells him that their good times far outweighed the bad. As she tells him that he is her teenage fantasy come true, he seems full of regret. She does her best to convince him that they ended up where they did because they are human, but they loved each other completely in spite of everything. She urges him to honor what they shared by going on without her. He starts to panic and says that he doesn't know how. She gently tells him to raise his son, meet someone and allow himself to love again. Through his tears, he protests that his heart is too full of love for her. She tells him to "stay open" and fill his life with meaning by having other children. She wants him to have a daughter and when she falls in love, he is to tell her about their love. Finally…reluctantly, he agrees to live for her and keep her in his heart for the rest of his life.

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