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    General Hospital CAST - Georgianna "Georgie" Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Georgianna "Georgie" Jones Played by Lindze Lanae Letherman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindze Letherman (ABC)

    Birthday: 1988-11-02
    Birthplace: Fresno, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lindze Lanae Letherman


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    Face Off.

    Monday, May 21 2007

    Georgie has agreed to fill in for Maxi's hospital volunteer shift, but that doesn't stop her from calling Maxi on all of her bad judgments lately. She says their dad wouldn't be happy to know that she's blowing off work to spend time in his newest police cadet's bed. Maxi explains that Coop is in trouble and she just wants to help him. They sit down together and Maxi explains that Logan is about to work for Sonny Corinthos, therefore pitting himself squarely against Coop. She sincerely apologizes to Georgie for always taking advantage of her, but says that Coop is a good influence on her, so she should be happy. George shakes her head and agrees to help out…again.

    Tracy's home.

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    Lulu is having breakfast at Kelly's. Maxi and Coop come downstairs and Coop is dressed for his first day on the PCPD. He jokes that he's not sure he has any strength left after their night together. Georgie tells Maxi that she covered for her with Mac last night and Maxi tells her to back off and get her own life. Logan comes in and joins Lulu at her table. As Lulu is telling Logan that he needs to stop playing with bad boys, Dillon comes in and insists that the talk to Lulu. "You heard him," Lulu tells Logan so that he'll leave. As Dillon starts to talk, Lulu notices that two goons have come to the door outside of Kelly's and taken Logan away.

    Spinelli Takes the Lead.

    Wednesday, April 11 2007

    Dillon is setting up very romantic, very French, setting for his date with Lulu. Georgie comes along and tells him that it's lovely and that she wishes him and Lulu well. Dillon explains that Lulu isn't looking for anything serious, but they are just going to "see". Dillon is nervous and Georgie tells him that it's okay. Even though they thought they would be together forever, they were just too young to know what forever means. They agree to be friends forever. Georgie recognizes the movie scene that Dillon is trying match with his props, then tells him that Lulu will love it.

    Milo and Spinelli and slurping what looks like root beer floats at Kelly's. They are talking about Lulu's date with the "film guy" and wondering how they can sabotage it. Spinelli has been able to break into Dillon's Instant Message records so that he can see where the date will take place. Before he can tap into it, Georgie comes in and is perplexed to find two guys sitting around waiting for their turn to date Lulu. She blurts out that Dillon is setting up an irresistible romantic date right now at the Overlook.

    Maxi returns to Kelly's and plops a PCPD file down on the counter in front of Coop. Georgie grabs it and asks what Maxi is up to. Maxi tells her to stop being holier than thou. Coop asks Georgie to give Maxi a break and she rolls her eyes and leaves.

    A Butterscotch Pudding Toast?

    Monday, March 26 2007

    At Kelly's, Georgie is pouring coffee for Patrick. He asks her why in the world Robin is pulling away from him. She asks how she can help and Patrick tells her to go home and put red socks in with Robin's whites in the washing machine, then he'll take it from there.
    Coop finds Maxi at Kelly's and tells her that he has just applied for a job at the police station. Maxi doesn't like that idea because they are in the middle of blackmailing Scott Baldwin. Coop says he wants out of that deal, by the way. Also at Kelly's are Carly and Jason. She tells him how Jax used Alexis to make her jealous. Jason says that she needs to just count to ten and that he can't help her with this one. Then, he leaves her standing there with her mouth gaping open in surprise.

    Liz and Lucky Say "I Do"

    Friday, March 23 2007

    At Kelly's, Maxie pulls Logan away from Georgie, telling him to stay away from her sister! Once they have the money from Scott, she wants him to leave Port Charles altogether! He leaves and Maxie heads back to Georgie, who is annoyed that Maxie interfered at all!

    Later Jason and Lulu meet. She is annoyed that Jason went to the wedding. She fears that Lucky will find out about the baby and it will cause him to lose it! Jason tells her not to worry - Liz will keep quiet and Spinelli has deleted the paternity test. He promises to keep the secret, but Lulu is still worried.

    At Mac's, Robin tries to convince Patrick that they are over. Finito. Finished! Patrick tries to make sense of what she is saying but can't and asks her to explain. Robin tells him they are moving too fast and Patrick is stunned. After all they have been through in the last month, he can't understand why she is pulling back. "Our problem is that you're a control freak with abandonment issues," he says. But Robin can't be swayed and she won't say yes to co-habiting, angering Patrick. He doesn't want to date Robin, he wants a whole life with her! Robin goes to the door, telling him that she will find her own place, and asks him to leave. Hurt, Patrick walks out into the rain. Robin closes the door and starts to cry. Meanwhile, Patrick heads to Kelly's. Georgie waits on him as he wonders what to do about Robin.

    Pre-Wedding Jitters.

    Thursday, March 22 2007

    Robin is ready for her "sexy" lunch with Patrick, but is surprised to see him pick her up with boxes in hand. He thinks that it's time for her to come "home" and have a bathroom all to herself instead of sharing with her cousins and Mac. Robin tells him that she'd rather live in the streets than move in with him again. She reminds him that before the hostage crisis, he took off to Vegas with Pete over the stress of living together. She wants them remain in love and living together wasn't cutting it. She is able to convince him that she means it and that they both need their space, so for now he agrees. He "invades her space" by making out with her and she rips off her shirt. Before they could get much farther, Georgie comes home and screams with what she sees about to happen on the couch in the family room. She apologizes for interrupting them and takes off. Patrick's point is proven – they need their privacy. He knows that she is gun shy and admits that he made a big mistake when he took off with Pete. He promises to try not to make the same mistakes twice. "I love you more than I thought I was capable of, and all of a sudden, I don't want to live without you." Robin gets up and packs the boxes so that she can go home with him. Just then Georgie returns and says to Patrick that "their plan" worked, Robin overhears. She makes Patrick admit that he set her up. After he does, she tells him that they are doomed.

    It's Hell to be a Cassidine.

    Friday, March 16 2007

    While Cooper is distracting Spinelli at Kellys, Maxie is looking at his laptop. Georgie busts her and the resulting yelling match pulls Spinelli back to his computer. He is outraged that that someone would violate his computer privacy, so he packs up and leaves. Georgie asks Maxi what she's up to now, and what does this "Coop" guy have to do with it? Maxi gives her a huffy "Get a life" and storms off.

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