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    General Hospital CAST - Georgianna "Georgie" Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Georgianna "Georgie" Jones Played by Lindze Lanae Letherman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindze Letherman (ABC)

    Birthday: 1988-11-02
    Birthplace: Fresno, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lindze Lanae Letherman


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    Carly's Smackdown.

    Thursday, September 27 2007

    Since he got the boot from Sonny, Spinelli has relocated his work to a table at Kelly's. Georgie joins him and learns that Lulu is living with him at the penthouse. Spinelli says, "…it's the greatest thing since the World Wide Web!" Georgie tells him that Lulu is lucky to have somebody like him. Spinelli has moved on to trying to help her with her upcoming world travels, but she clearly wants to talk about the Lulu living situation. She asks how crowded it is in the penthouse, and before he can answer, some of his research for Sonny "pings" him via the laptop. He tells Georgie to hang on just a moment while he checks it out. Then he gets back to searching for Juliet Capulet's home (of Romeo & Juliet) in Italy. He continues to draw comparisons to himself & Lulu and Romeo & Juliet and Georgie is clearly upset by it.

    Goons and Guns.

    Friday, September 21 2007

    At the hospital, Emily is getting yelled at by Epiphany for making a mistake. After Epiphany walks away, Liz joins her and they talk about how volatile Nik as been lately. Just then, he arrives and asks Em and Liz if there's any word on Lulu. Emily says that she knows he jumped Logan and asks if he needs to wind down a little. Later on, Georgie walks by and Emily asks exactly what happened between Nikolas and Logan. Georgie says that Nikolas slammed him to the ground and had his fist shoved up against Logan's neck until he was gasping for air.

    Father of the Year. (Not).

    Thursday, September 20 2007

    Lucky and Nikolas are at Kelly's making Maxi explain her malicious actions towards Lulu. Maxi says that they should be yelling at Logan or at least, Lulu - who is old enough to have an abortion or run off when she feels embarrassed. She storms away and leaves them facing Logan. They ask what Lulu was wearing, if she had been drinking, etc. Logan cooperates as best he can and Lucky takes off. Logan apologizes to Nik for hurting Lulu and says that he couldn't feel any worse than he already does. Nik attacks him and grabs him by the throat anyway. Georgie makes Nik let go and he apologizes for frightening her, then leaves.

    Outside her room, the press is firing questions to Emily and Epiphany about what Miss Howard had for breakfast this morning. Liz blocks their access to seeing Kate with a big gurney, and Mac, Diane, Coop and Kate slip off to the elevator. Later Georgie shows up for her volunteer job and asks Liz and Emily if they've heard from Lulu. She apologizes for Maxi's actions and Emily says that she's not responsible. They talk about the confrontation scene at Kelly's and Georgie says that Nikolas looked like he was going to kill Logan earlier. Emily looks concerned.

    Woe is Logan.

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Logan goes to the counter at Kelly's and Georgie tells him that no one has heard from Lulu. He asks if she knows where she might go and Maxi makes a crack, to which he says, "shut up." Georgie yells at him for yelling at her sister. Maxi asks Logan what happened to his face and he says that she can't stand it when someone tries to be happy. Just then, Lucky and Nikolas come in and ask how he could have done this to their sister.

    Is Lulu In The Crosshairs?

    Tuesday, September 18 2007

    Georgie is talking things over with Spinelli, wondering just how long Lulu will be fooled by Logan's act. She sees the attraction and things between Logan and Maxie and wonders when Lulu will begin seeing it, too. Spinelli doesn't think Lulu will ever see past Logan. Spinelli returns to the condo is about half way into a bottle of vodka when Jason arrives. He asks Jason for advice on broken hearts but Jason doesn't have any answers. Logan arrives, looking for Lulu. He tells them about sleeping with Maxie and that Lulu knows. Jason tells Logan to stay away from Lulu!

    Nobody Relax.

    Monday, September 17 2007

    Georgie calls Spinelli to meet her so that he can help her with the European travel CD rom. The Jackal doesn't understand why a brainiac such as herself needs help, but he's happy to oblige. They pull their chairs together and soon find a site for an arts program in the Greek Isles. Spinelli blathers on about the Greek Gods and how the Fair Lulu would've started wars back in the day. When he finally shuts up, he notices that Georgie is gone.

    Lulu has called Alice to Logan's place. When Alice arrives, Lulu threatens to tell everyone what she does at the boathouse if she doesn't help her gain access into the Q house to get the rest of her things. Alice reluctantly agrees to let Lulu in through the kitchen. After she leaves, Lulu and Logan start to make out when there's a knock at the door. It's Georgie. She is shocked to learn that Lulu has moved in, and she turns to Logan and asks him if he thinks "this" is fair to Lulu. She goes on to say that her sister is a pain, but she doesn't deserve to be dismissed. Lulu asks where this is coming from. Georgie explains that Spinelli is concerned about her and she just came to make sure that her heart isn't about to be smashed. She tells Lulu to proceed with caution, even though it might be too late. Lulu says that she wants to assume that Georgie's heart is in the right place and Georgie leaves. Lulu turns to Logan and asks if he did something to Maxi that she doesn't know about. Logan says that Georgie is Maxi's sister and who knows what she's mad about. Lulu doesn't want anything to ruin their first night together, so she pushes it to the back of her head.

    Jason finds Spinelli on the terrace at Kelly's. Before they can start working, Emily rushes up and drags Jason inside to talk. Georgie returns to Spinelli and apologizes for leaving earlier. She admits that she went to Logan's to talk to him about Lulu. She says that she knows that Logan is a jerk, especially compared to someone like him. She explains that if Lulu gets heartbroken, he will be devastated too and that's the last thing she wants. She goes on to say that she does have news, and it's not good. She hates to do it, but she tells Spinelli that Lulu has moved in with Logan. Spinelli jumps up in anger and spews more hateful words than a person on a deadline can type. Georgie assures him that she knows Lulu and Logan's relationship won't last.

    Leticia's still dead.

    Tuesday, September 11 2007

    At Kelly's, Georgie has just served Coop some food and then meets Spinelli at the counter. He tells her that Darth Lansing the Elder is even more sinister than his son, so she should forget about seeing him earlier at Stone Cold's penthouse. Lulu gets back from her cruise and The Jackal says that the open sea agrees with her. Lulu asks Spinelli if he's been causing problems for Logan and the words "Why don't you ask Logan?" come from behind her. She turns around and she and Logan beam at each other, then move over to a table to talk. Spinelli is seething with rejection and Georgie says that maybe she has some information that can help. Spinelli asks what it is, and Georgie asks him what he would do if he knew something negative about Logan. Spinelli says that he'd use the info to set Lulu free, and Georgie is disheartened. She says that he needs to find someone else, but he says that his heart is spoken for.

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