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    General Hospital CAST - Georgianna "Georgie" Jones - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Georgianna "Georgie" Jones Played by Lindze Lanae Letherman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindze Letherman (ABC)

    Birthday: 1988-11-02
    Birthplace: Fresno, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Lindze Lanae Letherman


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    GH Recap: My Hero.

    Thursday, December 05 2013

    Maxie visits Georgie's gravesite. She's screwed up her life and can't be a mother to her child. Without Connie, Maxie has nothing. She wonders what the point is as she takes out a bottle of pills and considers not being there at all. Georgie touches her arm and says, "Not if I have anything to say about it." Georgie believes that killing herself is not making atonement. She should stick around for her family but Maxie regrets what she did to Robin. Georgie panics in her realization that Maxie can't hear her. She's gone by the time Maxie is writing her suicide note. As she lays it on Georgie's grave, Robin is nearby at her own grave. Georgie touches Robin's shoulder but Robin doesn't see her. She arrives at Georgie's grave before Maxie takes the pills and says, "Maxie."

    Give It Your Best Shot.

    Thursday, August 22 2013

    At GH, Mac jokes about Sonny being a grandpa before the grandparents rush off to see their grandbaby. Alexis and Sam congratulate Mac and Felicia on their wedding while waiting for word on Maxie's recovery. They soon receive word that a match has been found. In delivery, Dante and Lulu excitedly hold the baby before going to the NICU. The grandparents are waiting outside with cigars when they come out. They joke about Olivia's dog visions and catch up on Luke's travels which he lies about. After celebrating, Sonny's approached by Derrick who apologizes for printing the news story against Connie's wishes. He thinks Sonny should hold onto a woman like that. Before leaving he hears the good news that a donor for Danny is found and asks Alexis and Sam how soon the transplant will take place. They let him know that it's up to him since he's the donor. Leaving in the elevator, Sonny confesses Derrick gives him the creeps. Olivia's distracted when she sees the dog again. Meanwhile, Spinelli waves fondly at Maxie from the viewing area before leaving. Suddenly, she takes a turn for the worse. From behind the nurses and doctor Maxie's spirit walks around pestering them for a wheelchair. She hears the alarms and considers the girl on the table needs more attention than her. Thinking the girl looks familiar she approaches the bed and realizes the girl is her. She calls out to Lulu and Dante for help and asks a nurse why she's not helping the rest of them. Her sister Georgie takes off the mask. She's there to help Maxie, not the doctor, and tells Maxie she needs to fight to live. Maxie thinks this might be for the best. She's the only one who knows the truth; she can die leaving the baby to Dante and Lulu. Georgie reminds her she's not the only one and takes her to see Ellie with Spinelli in the hall. Ellie catches Spinelli outside and is surprised to learn Maxie wanted to tell him something before surgery. Ellie admits she might know what Maxie was going to tell him. She confides Maxie was lying before getting called away by Brad. Maxie thinks it won't come out, even if she dies, but Georgie thinks her dying would destroy Spinelli. Maxie believes he'll be just fine but then Georgie points out Mac and Felicia nearby and asks, "What about them?" Felicia's worried about losing Maxie. Maxie and Georgie continue until they find Spinelli holding the baby. He's at a loss for words and is surprised he thinks the baby looks like Maxie. He's eager to go find her and leaves Dante and Lulu alone. They consider naming the baby Jacqueline. Outside Ellie tells Spinelli the baby is his. Back in surgery, Georgie begs Maxie not to leave their parents. Georgie kisses them goodbye. Felicia asks if Mac felt something.

    Time Doesn't Change Feelings.

    Friday, July 12 2013

    Maxie's surprised to see Georgie sitting in Connie's office. She's there to keep Maxie from making bad choices. Maxie doesn't believe she has and Georgie reminds her that she slept with Franco. She knows Maxie has bonded with her daughter and thinks Spinelli has a right to know. Maxie can't destroy Lulu in this way. Georgie's certain she'll be destroying herself when she gives up her baby after giving birth. Maxie wants Georgie to tell her what to do; it's not fair she's not with her anymore. Georgie confesses she'll always be in Maxie's heart and is gone when Maxie turns around.

    Spinelli investigates Ava Jerome at Kelly's. Ellie joins him upset at the way they left things. She doesn’t want him to feel bad every time he sees a baby and knows she can give him what he wants. Spinelli asks if she's changed her mind about having a baby. She admits she's looking at things in a new light thanks to him. If a baby is what he really wants, they can make it happen. Spinelli doesn't think this is like her. She confesses it's the facts that made her change her mind. It's a sacrifice worth making if you really love someone. He doesn't expect a decision now and they hug before they part. Georgie looks on smiling. She tells him to be happy and not to be hard on Maxie when it all comes out. Spinelli looks over his shoulder thinking someone was there.

    The Desired Result.

    Monday, March 29 2010

    Maxie catches up with her vision of Georgie at the hospital who tells her she has a decision to make: life or death. If she decides to live, Georgie wonders what kind of life she wants to have. Maxie tells her sister how much she loves Spinelli but she knows she'll break his heart because she wants the bad boy - someone who will take chances. She admits Spinelli has given her everything, but it's still not enough and thinks it would be better for him to lose her this way. Maxie doesn't want to die, she just doesn't want to break Spinelli's heart again. Johnny comes in and Georgie and Maxie watch as he visits with Maxie's body to talk about his issues with Sonny and Dante. Spinelli wheels in and tells Johnny Maxie's vitals are sinking and he's afraid she is dying. Spinelli expresses his insecurity over their relationship and Johnny reassures him, but then gets a call and has to leave. Spinelli tells Maxie how beautiful she is and that he knows she loves him. He thinks he failed her by putting her in danger in order to prove himself. His life matters because of her and his heart is full. He breaks down in tears as he begs her live. He longs for her to find her heart's desire even if it's not him. Maxie announces she wants to go back because she would be a fool to leave him. Georgie says she can go back, but she won't remember, however, she will remember if she dies and goes with her now. Maxie decides to live and Georgie is happy she made that decision. Maxie thanks her sister for her guidance and they say their goodbyes. Maxie wakes up much to Spinelli's relief.

    It's Up To You Maxie.

    Friday, March 26 2010

    Lulu brings some magazines to Maxie in the hospital and tells her she looks beautiful. She may have some bed head, but she wears it well. Maxie wants to hear about her and Dante, so Lulu confesses they still haven't had sex, but she really loves him. Maxie suggests she not sabotage herself and confides in Lulu that Spinelli knows about her thing for bad boys and that's how they ended up in the storm drain in the first place, as Spinelli wheels himself in. Lulu leaves as Spinelli shows Maxie a photo of a flower that he's not allowed to bring in, but it will welcome her home. Spinelli blames himself for putting her in the hospital, but Maxie is thankful he never gave up on her and just loved her. He thinks it sounds like she's saying goodbye and he won't allow it. Spinelli leaves after Maxie falls asleep. Georgie appears to Maxie who assumes she came for her. Georgie replies, "That's up to you Maxie."

    Georgie is Dead!

    Monday, December 17 2007

    At first, Georgie is frightened when she senses that someone is approaching her in the park. But when she sees who it is, she relaxes and puts her cell phone away. Big mistake.

    It's Gonna Get Ugly.

    Friday, December 14 2007

    Spinelli and Georgie are at Sonny's coffee shop looking over Coop's military record. He says that it's entirely possible that Coop is a good soldier, nothing more…except that it turns out that a woman was strangled in Iraq when he was there. Suddenly, they both think they might be on to something.

    Georgie rushes into Kelly's and tells Maxi that she needs to stay away from Coop. Maxi thinks Georgie might just be jealous because she can't even get a nerd like Spinelli to look at her. Georgie comes right out and says that she and Spinelli learned that a woman was strangled in Iraq when Coop was there. Maxi doesn't want to hear it and leaves. Lulu and Logan come in for coffee (before she has to "baby sit"). Georgie immediately fishes for information about a woman she says that Coop was telling her about - the one who was strangled when they were in Iraq together. Logan says that he doesn't remember that and Lulu wants to change the subject. Just then, Johnny walks in. He sees them and orders coffee to go. Logan tells him there are other places for coffee. After Johnny gets his cup and leaves, Lulu tells Logan to stop it! They argue over Johnny, as usual. Logan is worried about her and she contends that Johnny isn't the terrible guy everyone thinks he is. They call a truce and he offers her a ride to Liz's, but Lulu declines.

    Still behind the counter at Kelly's, Georgie tells Lulu goodbye and then gets a text. It reads, "Tell Ur Sis to meet me in the park." She grabs her coat and takes off for the park. As she waits nervously, she looks terrified when she hears someone approaching.

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