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    General Hospital CAST - Georgianna "Georgie" Jones

    Full detailed profile on Georgianna "Georgie" Jones Played by Lindze Lanae Letherman on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindze Letherman (ABC)
    Georgianna "Georgie" Jones

    Actor: Lindze Lanae Letherman

    Who played Georgianna "Georgie" Jones over the years

    Alana and Marina Norwood (March 7, 1995 to 1995)
    Ryan and Caitlin Cohen (March 7, 1995 to 1995)
    Caroline and Elizabeth van Heil (1996)
    Breck Bruns (1997 to 2002)
    Lindze Letherman (September 3, 2002 to December 17, 2007; March 26, 2010)

    Useful information on Georgianna "Georgie" Jones

    *Visited as a ghost Maxie while she was sick in the hospital.
    *Georgie was the third person killed by the Text Message Killer. She was strangled with a telephone cord.
    *Marital Status - Divorced (from Dillon)
    * Ran away with Dillon on Kyle Ratcliffe's stolen motorcycle. (July 2003)
    * Helped Skye hold Tracy 'hostage' at the Haunted Star. (April 28, 2005)
    * Suffered a near fatal fall and had to have surgery. (June 2005)


    Current: Waitress at Kelly's Diner
    Current: Student at PCU
    Current: Candy-striper at General Hospital


    While older sister, Maxie, was waiting for a heart donor, Georgie was being born under a table at Luke's Club, on opening night. It was an indication of what was to come, living with a mother like Felicia Jones who always sought adventure. Her father played a very small role in her life.

    Georgie was bounced back and forth between her grandmother's in Texas and appearing in Port Charles to visit her Uncle Mac. Felicia was always off on another whirlwind assignment, often leaving her girls in the care of their uncle. When Mac and Felicia married, Georgie was excited about being in a real family, but the wedding only held Felicia in Port Charles for a short while. It wasn't long before her wanderlust took hold and she left again, leaving her girls behind.

    Mac and Felicia's attempted reconciliation didn't work, but he dropped the custody case he pursued, and let Felicia have her daughters. Not a wise choice, since Felicia's next interest was a mobster, and her daughters were kidnapped by an opposing force. It took having that happen for Felicia to realize how precious they were. She began to pay more attention to them.

    Georgie grew up in Maxie's shadow. Her sister always had her pick of the boys, while Georgie was the 'smart' one who got good grades. All that book-learning couldn't keep her heart from breaking when Lucas, the boy she wanted, was more interested in Maxie. Georgie was so smitten with him that she barely noticed when a new guy named, Dillon Quartermaine, moved to town. But once Lucas made it clear that he would never be more than her friend, she let go and realized that Dillon was a better match.

    Joyriding, mowing down parking meters, and being on the wild side since meeting Dillon, was not the Georgie everyone knew, and Uncle Mac didn't like it. His order that they not see each other only made them more determined to be together. When Dillon decided he'd had enough of Port Charles and convinced Georgie leave with him, she did, but during an overnight stop, she had a change of heart. Before she could convince Dillon to return to Port Charles, Mac showed up and carted Dillon off to jail for theft of Kyle's motorcycle.

    Despite Mac's objections, Georgie vowed to continue to see Dillon. Not even mobsters, or other girls like Brook Lynn, Sage, or Mary Bishop could break them apart. When the influenza epidemic struck Port Charles, and Dillon lay near death, his last wish was to marry Georgie, and despite parental objections, they became man and wife but all was not milk and honey. Tracy cut off their finances, forcing them to find a new home and a means of support. The stress of work, school, and Georgie's mail involvement with Diego Alcazar during his incarceration, took a toll on the marriage. It didn't help that Lulu Spencer had her eye on Dillon.

    When Diego was released, he and Lulu plotted to break the two newlyweds apart. Lulu lied, telling Dillon she observed Diego and Georgie having sex and Dillon believed her. He repaid Georgie's betrayal by sleeping with Lulu. Of course, she got pregnant, and even though Dillon wanted the child, Lulu had an abortion. It was a life-altering event, as Dillon changed his college major and buried himself in ELQ, the family business. He and Georgie keep trying to find their way back to one another, but LuLu kept getting in the way.

    In the end Georgie and Dillon didn't work out and she was eventually killed by Diego Alcazar. She did appear to Maxie while she sick in the hospital to encourage her to live.


    Dillon Quartermaine (2006 - divorced)


    Lucas Jones (kissed)
    Dillon_Quartermaine (dating/lovers)
    Guy Tucker (dated)
    Travis/"Tom" (fake boyfriend)
    Diego Alcazar (kissed - deceased)


    Frisco Jones (father)
    Felicia Cummings (mother)
    Mariah Maximiliana Jones (sister)
    Mariah Cummings (great-grandmother)
    Anthony Jones (uncle - deceased)
    Barbara Jean Jones (cousin - deceased)
    Lucas Jones (cousin by adoption)




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    Thursday, December 05 2013: GH Recap: My Hero.

    Maxie visits Georgie's gravesite. She's screwed up her life and can't be a mother to her child. Without Connie, Maxie has nothing. She wonders what the point is as she takes out a bottle of pills and considers not being there at all. Georgie touches her arm and says, "Not if I have anything to say about it." Georgie believes that killing herself is not making atonement. She should stick around for her family but Maxie regrets what she did to Robin. Georgie panics in her realization that Maxie can't hear her. She's gone by the time Maxie is writing her suicide note. As she lays it on Georgie's grave, Robin is nearby at her own grave. Georgie touches Robin's shoulder but Robin doesn't see her. She arrives at Georgie's grave before Maxie takes the pills and says, "Maxie."

    Thursday, August 22 2013: Give It Your Best Shot.

    At GH, Mac jokes about Sonny being a grandpa before the grandparents rush off to see their grandbaby. Alexis and Sam congratulate Mac and Felicia on their wedding while waiting for word on Maxie's recovery. They soon receive word that a match has been found. In delivery, Dante and Lulu excitedly hold the baby before going to the NICU. The grandparents are waiting outside with cigars when they come out. They joke about Olivia's dog visions and catch up on Luke's travels which he lies about. After celebrating, Sonny's approached by Derrick who apologizes for printing the news story against Connie's wishes. He thinks Sonny should hold onto a woman like that. Before leaving he hears the good news that a donor for Danny is found and asks Alexis and Sam how soon the transplant will take place. They let him know that it's up to him since he's the donor. Leaving in the elevator, Sonny confesses Derrick gives him the creeps. Olivia's distracted when she sees the dog again. Meanwhile, Spinelli waves fondly at Maxie from the viewing area before leaving. Suddenly, she takes a turn for the worse. From behind the nurses and doctor Maxie's spirit walks around pestering them for a wheelchair. She hears the alarms and considers the girl on the table needs more attention than her. Thinking the girl looks familiar she approaches the bed and realizes the girl is her. She calls out to Lulu and Dante for help and asks a nurse why she's not helping the rest of them. Her sister Georgie takes off the mask. She's there to help Maxie, not the doctor, and tells Maxie she needs to fight to live. Maxie thinks this might be for the best. She's the only one who knows the truth; she can die leaving the baby to Dante and Lulu. Georgie reminds her she's not the only one and takes her to see Ellie with Spinelli in the hall. Ellie catches Spinelli outside and is surprised to learn Maxie wanted to tell him something before surgery. Ellie admits she might know what Maxie was going to tell him. She confides Maxie was lying before getting called away by Brad. Maxie thinks it won't come out, even if she dies, but Georgie thinks her dying would destroy Spinelli. Maxie believes he'll be just fine but then Georgie points out Mac and Felicia nearby and asks, "What about them?" Felicia's worried about losing Maxie. Maxie and Georgie continue until they find Spinelli holding the baby. He's at a loss for words and is surprised he thinks the baby looks like Maxie. He's eager to go find her and leaves Dante and Lulu alone. They consider naming the baby Jacqueline. Outside Ellie tells Spinelli the baby is his. Back in surgery, Georgie begs Maxie not to leave their parents. Georgie kisses them goodbye. Felicia asks if Mac felt something.

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