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    General Hospital CAST - Lorenzo Alcazar - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lorenzo Alcazar Played by Ted King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1965-10-01
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Marital Status: Married Maya Rodwell (2008)
    Real Name: Ted King
    Height: 6'0"


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    Rick Secures His Position.

    Thursday, January 11 2007

    Skye is crying at Lorenzo's bedside. Ric peeks in the door to see how Lorenzo is doing and Skye tells him that she's sorry to disappoint, but Lorenzo isn't dead. Ric is all wide-eyed and tells Skye that until Lorenzo wakes up, she and her baby need his protection from the guys against Lorenzo. Skye asks Ric what he wants from her. He asks for access to Lorenzo's safe.

    After Ric leaves Lorenzo's room, Skye tells him that she doesn't know who his enemies are. Carly walks in and tells Skye that they all need to move on. Skye says that's easy for her to say. Carly suggests that Ric is really the one who wants Lorenzo dead. Carly asks if Ric has been meeting with Lorenzo. Skye admits that Ric was holding something over Lorenzo's head.

    Tracy shows a softer side.

    Monday, January 08 2007

    "You decided to attack me when I have nothing to lose," Lorenzo tells Sonny as he holds him at gunpoint. Carly pushes her way into Sonny's office and catches Lorenzo off guard. He turns his head and Sonny takes his shot. Lorenzo falls to the ground. Sonny quickly makes his guys go do damage control while he and Carly try to decide what to do.

    Is it Carly, or is it Superwoman?

    Friday, January 05 2007

    Lorenzo hands a beautiful woman a gun and tells her "You know what to do." Skye walks into the room and sees the whole thing. After the woman leaves, the double-secret cell phone rings and Skye is wondering why Alcazar isn't answering it. He warns her to never answer it either for she and the baby would be in great danger. Instead, he gives Skye a copy of his will to read. She wants to know just how bad things are going to get. He explains that this particular transaction must go through without problems. Then, he pulls out plane tickets for Skye and the baby for tonight to Switzerland. She insists on honoring her commitment to raise Lila WITH her dad.

    As Skye is arguing with Lorenzo, his secret phone rings. It's the woman with a code. He knows that means it's time for him to go. He and Skye kiss gently and he leaves. She holds the baby for a while and talks about how important her daddy is in their lives. They are a family now and they have to stay together. Just then, the secret cell phone rings and Skye picks it up. She offers to take a message for Lorenzo.

    Lorenzo goes into the warehouse and is frisked before Milo and Max open the door to Sonny's office. Lorenzo's woman spills her coffee and during the resulting chaos, she slides her gun over to Lorenzo before he walks into Sonny's office. Loreno walks in, closes the door and points the gun at Sonny. Lorenzo tells him that the DA is in his pocket so he's not worried about killing Sonny. Sonny says that he should never count on Ric. Carly comes storming into the warehouse and pushes her way past Max and Milo. As she goes into Sonny's office, Lorenzo turns his head and Sonny is able to get off a shot. Carly has seen the whole thing.

    Monica makes a very generous (?) offer.

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    At home, Lorenzo asks Skye why she's starting to care about him all of a sudden. He's not complaining, but is curious. She tells him that their daughter deserves a family. Then she tells him that there are some wonderful ways to pay tribute to Diego, for example, he can set up some kind of youth center for teens at risk for trouble. He likes the idea and she offers to call someone at the Courtney Matthews foundation. As she reaches for his cell phone, he jumps and tells her not to use it because it's for "certain sources". He doesn't want her speaking with the people who call him. In fact, a delicate shipment is about to arrive and he'd like Skye to take the baby out of the country for a little while.

    Jason goes to Sonny and reports that Alcazar's shipment has been intercepted. Alcazar gets a phone call that his shipment has been high jacked. Lorenzo is furious and tells Skye that he is going to recover what's his. The double secret phone rings! The voice on the phone threatens that there will be serious consequences if anything happens to that shipment.

    Spinelli cracks the case!

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    At Lorenzo's, Skye wants to know more about his business. He tells her that he's an independent contractor. He buys, sells and moves "product" all over the world. Occasionally, he has to be a middle man for people who can't risk exposure. It's enormously profitable, but can be dangerous and illegal. He goes on to explain that the business that he inherited from his brother Luis involves moving highly classified illegal weapons. Further, if this info is ever made public, governments would fall. Skye cautions that if anything ever happened to him it would be unfair to Lila Rae. And to her.

    Rodriguez has gone to Alcazar's for more information about the night of Diego's shooting. He knows that things are about to get ugly between Alcazar and Corinthos, he warns Skye to stay away. She stands up for Alcazar.

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