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    General Hospital CAST - Lorenzo Alcazar - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lorenzo Alcazar Played by Ted King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1965-10-01
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Marital Status: Married Maya Rodwell (2008)
    Real Name: Ted King
    Height: 6'0"


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    It All Hits the Fan.

    Friday, May 18 2007

    Lorenzo is speaking in Spanish on the phone as Skye enters the room. He hangs up and tells Skye that things are getting dangerous. He says that he's going back to Curacaos and wants to take Lila -- and her with him.

    Logan Saves Sonny!

    Thursday, May 17 2007

    Meanwhile, Carly has gone to Lorenzo demanding information on Craig. "I don't owe you a thing, you thankless witch," Lorenzo says. He goes on to say that she watched Sonny put a bullet in his head and then married him so he wouldn't have to pay for it. "So much for brain damage," Carly says. She wants to know everything about Craig or she'll tell Sonny and Jason that he's not sick at all. Lorenzo tells her that she's the worse mistake he ever made and she says, "Right back atcha" and leaves. Logan is on Lorenzo's terrace and has heard the whole conversation.

    Logan is still hanging around on Lorenzo's terrace when his hit man comes for a cash down payment for killing Sonny and Jason. Skye comes bursting into the room to show Lorenzo a new dress for Lila and then sees that he has company. The hit man recognizes Skye, but she says that they've not met. Lorenzo introduces Vincenzo and says that he's in sales. Skye says that she's quite the shopper, so that must be where they met. Lorenzo tells him that he should be going, and then he looks at all of the dresses that Skye bought while she was out.

    As Skye is packing the little dresses up to be sent to Lila Rae, Lorenzo says it's a shame that she is caught in another lie. Skye plays dumb but Lorenzo picks up a yellow dress and says that they hate that color on their baby, so she must've just grabbed it off a shelf to cover where she really went today. He says that Vincenzo recognized her and he works behind Sonny's coffee counter.

    Mr. Craig is Exposed.

    Wednesday, May 16 2007

    Skye is listening to a conversation that Lorenzo is having on the phone. He says that Sonny and Jason won't suspect a thing.

    Jerry shows up at Lorenzo's and gives him a newspaper. He says that the PCPD is such a mess that the only mention of the Metro Court investigation is on page 10. Then he says that there is no account of Sonny and Jason's demise either. Lorenzo says that it will happen tonight. (Skye has overheard the whole conversation.) Lorenzo goes on to say that he will put 15 million in assets in "Mr. Craig's" account as a piece offering. Craig says that he would get more satisfaction in having Corinthos and Morgan dead before they try to kill him.

    Logan is listening outside of Lorenzo's window as Carly pays him a little visit. "I want you to tell me everything you know about James Craig," she says.

    It's a Good Thing They Had Fiji.

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    Mr. Craig/Jerry is holding Lorenzo at gunpoint because he was to blame for the briefcase exchange that turned into the fiasco at the Metro Court. Lorenzo says that if anyone is to blame, it's Sonny Corinthos for shooting him in the head and rendering him unable to conduct business. Craig agrees that Sonny and Jason need to pay for their part in it. In fact, he says that if Lorenzo kills them, he's off the hook. Lorenzo tells Craig that it appears that he came out nicely since it appears that he kept the 10 million that was supposed to change hands. Craig gets back to the matter at hand - the hit on Sonny and Jason. Lorenzo says that it'll take a couple days before he can make the arrangements. (They don't realize that Skye has overheard their conversation.) After Craig leaves, Skye goes to Lorenzo and begs him to let her see their daughter. He tells her that it takes time to rebuild trust. He holds her and promises to make it up to her soon.

    Sam Learns the Truth.

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Jerry shows up at Lorenzo's house and holds him at gunpoint. Lorenzo says that he was busy having brain surgery and can't be held accountable for what went wrong during their business dealings, but Jerry isn't buying it.

    Liz Wakes Up.

    Friday, May 11 2007

    Ric goes to Lorenzo seeking information on a guy named James Craig - the guy who was after the briefcase in the Metro Court crisis. Lorenzo plays dumb, so Ric produces a photo that he recently received from security cameras. Lorenzo says that he can't recall a thing. Skye come home and tells Ric to leave. After he goes, she reminds Lorenzo that Ric isn't a threat because they have something over his head. He says that it's too bad she left because she missed a call from the nanny. Skye learns that the baby has a cold and becomes very upset. Lorenzo tells her that trust takes time.

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