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    General Hospital CAST - Lorenzo Alcazar - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lorenzo Alcazar Played by Ted King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1965-10-01
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Marital Status: Married Maya Rodwell (2008)
    Real Name: Ted King
    Height: 6'0"


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    Elizabeth is Pregnant

    Thursday, September 07 2006

    Alcazar asks Ric if he would like to be rid of Jason once and for all. Anna listens in on his plan. Ric tells Alcazar that his brother and himself have settled their differences. Alcazar snaps, telling him that he could be rid of being in Sonny's shadow and Jason at the same time. Asks Ric to imagine a world without Jason in it!

    Sonny Gives in to Alcazar

    Thursday, August 24 2006

    Jason and Sonny talks about Alcazar's shipment and where it's stored. Sonny tells him he'll be desperate to find this shipment and he doesn't need to deal with him right now. Alcazar might try to take everything back by force and Sonny is concerned he'll go off the deep end.

    The phone rings and in walks Alcazar to talk with the two of them. He wants his shipment back. Sonny tells him any cargo that he tries to bring in will be confiscated and destroyed. He tells Alcazar where to find his shipment and Jason glares at Sonny. Sonny tells him to forget it right now because he has more important things to deal with than fighting with Alcazar. He tells Jason that Alexis having cancer and fighting for her life is far more important and he's also thinking of Kristina losing her mother. Jason gives in, telling Sonny he'll tell their men to leave Alcazar alone for the time being.

    Sonny talks with Lainey about a decision he has to make. He confides to her about Alexis having cancer and how she's asked him to let Ric raise his own daughter. Sonny doesn't know what to do about it all? He's not ok with Ric raising his daughter especially knowing Ric slept with his step-daugther Sam.

    Sonny asks Sam to reconsider leaving!

    Thursday, August 17 2006

    Alexis was on the phone making travel arrangements. In walks Alcazar and she asks how she could help telling him he hasn't cooperated in the past so what does he want now? Alcazar asks about how he can gain custody of his child? He wants Sky arrested because she left while she was pregnant! She tells him Sky is doing what a good mother would do. Alexis continues on telling him a father forfeits his rights when he endangers his own child! Alcazar threatens her that she shouldn't be using her personal feelings in a legal issue. Alexis starts to cough breathlessly. In walks Ric, seeing Alcazar confronting Alexis, he tells him to back off and get out! Ric asks her what's going on with her health, but she replies that her coughing fit was mostly for dramatics wanting Alcazar to leave.

    Alexis asks Jason to come to talk with her. She asks Jason not to tell anyone that he took her to the hospital the other night. He tells her he won't lie for her but won't offer up information to anyone either. But sooner or later, the truth about your illness will come out!

    Not so Lucky!

    Wednesday, August 09 2006

    Alcazar confronts Sonny at the hospital taunting him and Sonny stands his ground telling Alcazar to think again, that he won't be climbing the walls anytime soon. Sonny continues on, telling him to be careful. That Stress can kill and Alcazar is looking very stressed. That he needs to be cautious and prepare for the unexpected. Alcazar walks away at the same time Lanie walks up behind Sonny. Later, in her office, she asks Sonny how he's feeling. He replies he's doing fine. She agrees that she too sees progress. But Sonny asks a big favor. For Lanie to continue his therapy in his home. She refuses telling him that's very inappropriate and unprofessional. But Sonny continues that his line of work... for him to keep coming to the hospital three times a week doesn't ... look good to his clients.... Lanie remains firm.

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