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    General Hospital CAST - Lorenzo Alcazar - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lorenzo Alcazar Played by Ted King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1965-10-01
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Marital Status: Married Maya Rodwell (2008)
    Real Name: Ted King
    Height: 6'0"


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    Ric has a confession to make. Literally.

    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    Skye is putting gifts under the tree while Lorenzo finishes up a phone call “Call me when it's done” he says before he hangs up. Then they talk about all the toys that Santa is going to bring for Lila Rae this year. Lorenzo takes Skye upstairs to see what he's already picked out. After they've left the room, we see that the gift Skye was just tying a bow on is smoking because she left it too close to the fireplace.

    Skye comes back into the family room to see that the gift has gone up in flames. Lucky had been watching them from through the window and came in to douse the fire. Lorenzo says it’s fortunate that Detective Spencer just happened to be outside. Lucky says that he needs to ask a few questions about Jason, but Lorenzo says it’s not a good time.

    Skye is upset that the package that burnt was a surprise for Lorenzo. He tells her that it’s the thought that counts. She tells him that she thinks of him a lot, but doesn’t know what to do with her feelings. Then she walks upstairs. Lorenzo has a little box for her, but hides it. The phone rings and Lorenzo learns that Jason has gotten away, for now. Lorenzo says to just let Jason come back to Port Charles on his own. He wants Jason and Spinelli to cause some problems for Ric for a while.

    There's some strange behavior going on.

    Monday, December 11 2006

    Skye and the baby surprise Lorenzo by moving in. His expression revealed how excited he is about them moving in. Lorenzo is ready for them; he has decorated a lovely room for Skye and hired a nanny. She reminds Lorenzo that if anything happens to Lulu, they are out of there.

    Edward storms into Lorenzo's house demanding that Skye and Lila Rae move back home and away from the mobster. Edward tells Skye that the family will protect her. Lorenzo says that he won't take them away, and Edward punches him in the face! Skye tells Edward that she's there because she wants to be. She's not happy with Lorenzo's career choice, but she knows he'll make a good life for them. Edward scoffs and leaves.

    Skye tells Lorenzo her ground rules. She tells him that she doesn't want to be lied to. She knows he's a criminal, but doesn't want to be living in the dark. From now on, if she has a question and he feels the need to lie to her, all she needs to know is that “it's business.”

    Lorenzo is feeling badly about losing Diego. Skye sits next to him to comfort him. Lorenzo wants to make sure that his son's death counts for something. He intends to honor is son, not only by avenging his death, but for making a better life for Lila Rae, beginning with their relationship with each other. Just then Ric barges in and wants to talk to Lorenzo. Skye leaves the room so they can talk. Ric asks if he has found Spinelli and Lorenzo says it's not his problem anymore. If Spinelli blows Ric's cover, Lorenzo will just have to buy off the NEXT DA. They both agree that they want Jason and Sam dead, however, so they might still be on the same page. Lorenzo's phone rings and he learns that his guys have found Spinelli. That means that Jason is probably about to show up there. It will all be over in no time.

    Skye puts it all on the line.

    Tuesday, December 05 2006

    Sonny orders Lorenzo to let Lulu go. Lorenzo tells Lulu that he won't hurt her, but she needs to cooperate. Like a true Spencer, she pulls away and tells him to forget it. With the sound of sirens getting closer, Lorenzo gives the order to leave the scene. After he and his thugs drive off, Lulu tells Sonny that she could've handled the situation on her own.

    Lorenzo has called Skye over to talk to him. When she arrives, he tells her that something has happened and he needs to explain before she hears it from someone else. He tells her that he almost killed Lulu Spencer tonight. He explains how Lulu became a witness to the Spinelli situation and why she needs to be silenced. He goes on… because Lulu's not a member of his family, she is expendable, that's just the way it works. Skye is stunned. She doesn't know what to do with this information. She asks why he stopped short of doing it then. He explains that Sonny and Jason showed up. Skye tells Lorenzo that he gets points for honesty, and then asks if he has to kill her now, too.

    Skye reminds Lorenzo that technically she's not his family. Now that she knows what's going on, she's expendable too. Lorenzo tells Skye that he would never deprive their daughter of her mother. He'll never cross that line. Skye asks if this is supposed to make her happy. Is she supposed to forget that he almost murdered an innocent girl? Lorenzo doesn't expect Skye to forgive him. He tells her that killing is the ugly part of his business that he never wanted her to know about. He knows there's no going back now, and he realizes that it's over between them. He knows that Skye will take Lila Rae away, and he doesn't have the strength to stop her. Skye suggests a counter offer.

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