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    General Hospital CAST - Lorenzo Alcazar - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lorenzo Alcazar Played by Ted King on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ted King (ABC)

    Birthday: 1965-10-01
    Birthplace: Bethesda, Maryland
    Marital Status: Married Maya Rodwell (2008)
    Real Name: Ted King
    Height: 6'0"


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    Sonny is One Persuasive Guy.

    Thursday, August 09 2007

    In Venezuela, Jerry calls "Lorenzo" and then hands the phone to Carly (so that the cop can hear everything.) Carly tells "Lorenzo" that they will meet up with him in Taiwan. The bank official promptly promises Jerry that he'll draft a check by day's end. After he leaves, Carly smashes a vase against the wall next to Jerry's head. She can't believe that he and Lorenzo are messing around with some kind of game while Jason rots in Jail. Jerry dodges the vase and explains that the guy on the phone was simply a very talented covert operations guy.

    Jax to the Rescue.

    Monday, June 04 2007

    At the coffee warehouse, Liz takes Jake from Jason's arms as Lucky places Jason under the arrest for Lorenzo Alcazar. She tries to convince Lucky to stop, but he tells her to take the baby home so that they don't have to watch this. As he's being taken away, Jason tells Logan to call Sonny's lawyer.

    Bye Bye Lorenzo.

    Wednesday, May 23 2007

    Skye and Lorenzo are snuggling in bed as the new day begins. She says that the only thing that could make today better would be if their daughter was with them. He assures her that Lila will be with them within the hour. Skye can't hold her tears back as Lorenzo assures her that they are about to start a new life together. She says that she just wants to let go of the past and move on.

    Skye is anxiously awaiting Lila's arrival. Lorenzo brings Lila in and she joyfully holds the sweet little girl in her arms. Then she says that it's nap time and if Lila doesn’t get a nap she'll be fussy for the entire flight. As she goes upstairs, Lorenzo tells her that he knows it's hard for her to leave Port Charles. she kisses Lorenzo and says that she's ready to "get it over with". Once she's gone upstairs, Lorenzo tells the bodyguard that he is not to let Skye leave the house in Venezuela alone because he's afraid she'll take Lila and run.

    Lorenzo is upstairs with the baby while Skye slips downstairs to let Jason in. Then she goes back into the nursery and says all she has to do is get Lila ready and they can leave. Lorenzo hugs them both and goes downstairs to call the car. Calm as a cucumber, Skye sits in the rocking chair and sings "Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird" to Lilia until she hears the heavy thud from below.

    Skye. A Black Widow?

    Tuesday, May 22 2007

    Skye indignantly tells Lorenzo that she ran interference for him time and time again; surely he can grant her a few innocent goodbyes before they leave Port Charles. Lorenzo says that he doesn't want her to feel like a prisoner and tells her to stay put while he arranges for Lila's homecoming.

    Skye has slipped back into Lorenzo's house and comes downstairs in a robe. She tells Lorenzo that she just had a relaxing bath and that she's going to miss that bath tub and the view of the city. She says that she has been happy living here, in spite of what he thinks. She seductively pulls him over to the sofa and tells him that she's eager for a fresh start with him. She takes her robe off and tells him that she would give up her life for Lila and now she can trust that he will too.

    Face Off.

    Monday, May 21 2007

    Skye can't believe that the only way she can see her daughter again is if she moves to Venezuela. Lorenzo says that once they relocate, they can rebuild their trust. Skye contends that she can't just pick up and leave her entire life. He doesn't understand why she can't leave Port Charles the way she left Pine Valley and Landview. He points out that Alan is gone and the rest of her so-called family doesn't really care about her. Then, Lorenzo states that it's dangerous for all of them unless they leave. Just then, a formidable man walks into their home and tells Lorenzo that his men are being detained and, "I'll be asking the questions now." Skye quickly hands Lorenzo his cane and then explains to the gentleman that he is recovering from a gunshot wound and cannot be stressed. Lorenzo weakly says that he'll try to help -- if he can. The man tells Lorenzo that he was contractually obligated to deliver a valuable asset and didn't. Skye says that she stepped in and tried to protect the man that she loves and became the decision-maker while he was sick. The man seems somewhat satisfied with their explanation, then says "…that explains everything -- except the trip Lorenzo made to South America - alone."

    Skye tells their "visitor" that she sent Lorenzo to South America with a valet to a clinic for help. Lorenzo weakly tells him that he wishes he could do more, but can't recall much. The man says that he'll file his report and the powers that be will decide what to do next. After he leaves Lorenzo hugs Skye and says she was fantastic. He says that they have to leave right away and asks if she'll come. Skye says yes, but she needs to just run a couple errands. Lorenzo says, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."

    It All Hits the Fan.

    Friday, May 18 2007

    Craig calls Lorenzo while he's driving. He asks how it's possible that Jason Morgan just tried to ambush him when he's supposed to be dead? Lorenzo says that his people are in place and the hit will happen soon. Craig says that if Jason and Sonny aren't dead soon, Lorenzo will be. Lorenzo asks where he's going and Craig says that he's going someplace safe until he hears otherwise.

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