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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)

    Birthday: May 12 1977
    Birthplace: Encino, California
    Marital Status: Married, Michael Saucedo, one son, one daughter
    Real Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
    Height: 5'2"


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    GH Recap: Why Me?

    Monday, March 16 2015

    At the hospital, Liz tells Patrick that she just broke up with Ric. She has feelings for Jake. The doctor advises her to be careful since Doe has gone to work for Julian. He's surprised to hear how supportive Carly is of Jake's choice of employment. She putters off as Sam arrives. He tells her that Jake working for her father could cause a lot of problems.

    GH Recap: Search Away.

    Friday, March 13 2015

    Ric is surprised to run into Sam at the hospital. He's looking for Liz. The nurse is down the hall with Jake. Liz hopes he knows what he's doing by going to work for Julian. Things are awkward. Jake thanks her for all of her help. Carly ushers him away. When Liz turns around, Ric is standing there. He fills her in about the custody case and how he's going to fight it. "Just like I'm going to fight for you," he says, apologizing for what happened with Jake's case. The lawyer wants to know where they stand. She admits she has feelings for the other man. He understands but reminds her that they have history to build on. Liz thinks this is the end for them. She's exhausted and doesn't think he's changed. Ric thinks she's making a big mistake. "Wouldn't be my first. Won't be my last," she says. He mutters to himself about not handing her over to Jake.

    GH Recap: Jell-O Day.

    Thursday, March 12 2015

    At General Hospital, Spinelli runs up and hugs Jake from behind and calls him Stone Cold. He soon realizes he’s made a mistake and apologizes, but Jake asks who he thought he was. Carly tells Jake that Spinelli thought he was Jason. Sam suggests to Spinelli that they go to the cafeteria as it is Jell-O day, but Jake asks to speak to Sam in private first. Carly takes Spinelli off to talk and give them privacy. Jake says given his past and lack of identity he’s fairly unemployable, so he asks Sam if she could put in a word for him with her father. Sam tells Jake that she’ll see what she can do. Liz spies on them from the background and appears jealous of their interactions. Meanwhile, Spinelli talks with Carly about how familiar Jake seems. Carly agrees, but says that he's not Jason. Later Sam and Spinelli head off to get Jell-O, while Jake tells Carly about Sam helping him find a job. Liz overhears this and asks him if he really wants to work for Julian. Jake says he hopes to work for one of Julian’s legitimate businesses, and Carly points out that nobody will hire Jake with his background. Carly tells Liz that they need to support him in this.

    GH Recap: Stone Cold.

    Wednesday, March 11 2015

    At General Hospital, Patrick tells Jake that he will release him, but he wants Jake to stay away from Sam. They discuss the vision Jake had of himself in bed with Sam, which shocks Liz. Jake wishes he could explain it but can’t and assures Patrick that Sam isn’t his type. Carly walks in and is happy to learn Jake is being released. Patrick leaves to start the discharge papers, and Liz leaves to give Jake a moment with Carly. In the hall Liz talks with Patrick about Jake’s memory. Patrick wonders why she’s so interested in Jake when she’s with Ric. Liz explains that things have gotten complicated. He warns Liz to be careful with Jake. Back in his room, Jake tells Carly that he had to agree to Sloane’s conditions to stay out of jail. Carly offers to help Jake in any way she can, so he asks how well she knows Julian. Carly admits they have a checkered past, but she thinks Sam owes Jake for smearing his name around town, and she is Julian’s daughter. Jake says Sam was right about him, and he laughs at Carly’s logic that Sam owes him anything. Elsewhere, Sam arrives and runs into Spinelli in the hall. She is happy to see her old friend, and they discuss the state of each other’s love lives. In a cubicle, Lulu talks with Maxie about Spinelli and Nathan. She wonders if Spinelli stands a chance with her, but Maxie doesn’t get the chance to answer as Sam and Spinelli walk in on their conversation.

    GH Recap: Super Boss.

    Monday, March 02 2015

    At the hospital, Liz admits to Jake that she has feelings for him. She shuts the door to his room and admits she didn't turn off her feelings for him when Ric returned. He wants confirmation that she's offering him another shot. Sloane interrupts. When Liz walks out, Nikolas calls her from Boston. He's scared for Spencer. Meanwhile, Sloane tells Jake that they are dropping the charges against him. Jake wonders what the catch is. Sloane has a job for him. He wants him to go undercover with the Jeromes. Liz returns, warning that Obrecht is on the way. Sloane walks out.

    GH Recap: Mama Celeste.

    Friday, February 27 2015

    Liz drops by to see Jake in his hospital room. He tells her of his dream of saving her. She tells him they will find him a new lawyer and explains that she was an idiot to take Ric back. She doubts he's really the man for her. It's clear to Jake that she loves Ric and he assures her that Lansing has nothing to worry about from him. "Maybe he does," she suggests.

    GH Recap: Phyllis From Wisconsin.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    At the hospital, Elizabeth sits with Nikolas as they wait for news. Obrecht shows up to give them an update on Spencer, but Nikolas wants her nowhere near his son. Obrecht says Britta loved Spencer, and that her son Nathan is family. Nikolas whispers to Obrecht that Helena informed him that Victor isn’t Nathan’s father, so don’t try and play him. When Elizabeth intervenes in their fight, Nikolas asks Obrect to just tell him what she knows. She has spoken with the doctors and feels Spencer should be taken to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Boston. Nikolas agrees so arrangements are made to transfer him. Later he goes in to see Spencer, who is awake and afraid. Nikolas tells him not to be as he’s here for him and he will be okay.

    GH Recap: Party's Over.

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    Liz arrives home where Ric is waiting for her. Ric wants to talk about Jake, who he feels is still dangerous. The two argue about Jake, and Ric admits he crossed a line trying to get him to plead guilty. He says he had just gotten her back after months in the witness protection program and was afraid of losing her again. Elizabeth says what he did reminded her of the man was years ago, one she thought was gone. Ric swears he won’t go back to being that man, but he wants her to be honest and asks if she has feelings for Jake. Before she can answer Cameron walks in, having just been dropped off by Lucas. Elizabeth sends him up to bed and she tells Ric that she’s tired and wants to go to bed too. Ric tells Elizabeth that he still loves her and wants them to work out. He also says it’s not lost on him that she couldn’t answer his question about Jake. He leaves. Later Cameron looks through his swag bag from the party with his mom and opens up about breaking up with Emma.

    GH Recap: The Birthday.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    Jake wakes up in his hospital bed. Liz asks for his real name. He can remember remembering but doesn't remember what he remembered. The nurse likes him anyway and Patrick confirms that the chip is all gone. Liz tells Jake how swell he is. Meanwhile, Sam and Carly wonder why no one reported Jake missing in the first place. Sam assumes he'll go back to his old life. That makes Carly weirdly quiet. Patrick comes out and informs them that Jake still doesn't know who he is. The doctor gets angsty as he thinks about Rafe. Carly heads down the hall to see Jake. She's apologetic for turning him in to the cops. It's all cool with him. She keeps apologizing anyway and insists their friendship is inevitable. He sighs.

    GH Recap: Worthy.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    Liz shows up at Wyndemere and finds Nikolas arguing with Helena. She informs them that Jake is out of surgery. Liz explains the device is out of Jake's brain and demands to know what they were talking about. Nik starts apologizing for everything and offers to pay Jake's medical bills. The nurse explains they may know his identity after all. She thanks the prince for his help and leaves. Helena isn't worried about Jason. Nikolas calls in some goons to escort her out, once and for all. Rubbing his hands together, he explains that he now controls the entire Cassadine fortune. He's sending her to the island for the rest of her life. "You're becoming worthy of the family name," she says. The prince never wants to hear her rate his performance as a Cassadine again. She still has faith in him and Spencer.

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