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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)

    Birthday: May 12 1977
    Birthplace: Encino, California
    Marital Status: Married, Michael Saucedo, one son, one daughter
    Real Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
    Height: 5'2"


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    Liz Starts to Crack.

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    At Windemere, Liz is finally starting to open up to Emily. She asks her who she thinks is better for Jason, "Sam or me?" Emily says that Sam has made some mistakes, but she and Jason seem to have gotten past them. She points out to Liz that things would have been different if her baby had turned out to be Jason's. He would have committed his life to that baby and to her. But she reminded Liz that she and Jason did attempt a relationship years ago and it didn't work out. Liz explained that the timing was always just wrong for them. "I have imagined what it would be like if Jason and I were together," Liz says as she starts to cry. She tearfully admits that she obviously has a lot to work though. Emily tells her that she will support whatever she decides. Liz is grateful, but states that mo matter what she decides, somebody's going to get hurt.

    Jason finds Liz on the water front. She asked, she tells him that she's thinking about the same old stuff that she's forever boring him with. He tells her to stop worrying about everyone else. She needs to focus on herself and what she and the baby need. "So you're saying I should do the selfish thing?" she asks. He answers her by saying, "Let me help you, we'll talk it through. Whatever it is, it'll work out."

    Sonny Confesses.

    Monday, January 29 2007

    At Windemere, Spencer's family is excited to be together and Bobbie wants the party to continue. She reminds everyone that tonight is the pediatric cancer fundraiser at the Metro Court. Nik tries to beg off, but Emily says they will both be there. When Liz makes an excuse not to be there, Lulu promises to help Liz find a fabulous dress and tells Lucky to get Detective Cruse to sub for him tonight.

    Liz arrives at the boutique at the Metro Court and the manager meets here there. She tells Liz that Emily Quartermaine has called and arranged for the new sales clerk to hand pick some lovely maternity gowns. Just then Maxi clicks out with some deliberately ugly dresses and says to Liz, "You're everybody's favorite mother-to-be." The manager has left and the two girls throw barbs back and forth until the manager comes back and asks if there is a problem. Liz explains that it's a personal situation, that's all. Soon, Maxi comes back with some nice dresses, and thanks Liz for not complaining about her to the boss. They agree to try to move on.

    Explosive Situations

    Friday, January 26 2007

    The words "16 hours earlier" come up on the screen over a beaming Nikolas, Emily and Spencer getting off the elevator at the hospital. Mike, Bobbie, Lucky, Lulu and Elizabeth are gathered to meet them and are so happy to see that Spencer has returned safe and sound. Bobbie says that a doctor will come check him out to make sure he's okay. After they go off for the exam, Lucky and Liz talk about how relieved they are to see Spencer. Then Liz tells Lucky that his proposal last night was beautiful. He tells her that he knows she needs time to think about it; he just wanted her to know how he felt before the baby was born.

    At GH, Spencer is deemed in good health, so Nikolas invites the whole family to come out to Windemere to celebrate. They all agree to meet there a little later. Emily stays behind and talks with Liz for a while. Emily reports that she and Nik are back together; then asks how she and Luck are. "Baby steps," Liz says. She explains that Lucky has a better chance at recovery if she and the kids are in his life, but she doesn't know what to do. Emily says there's a chance that people can fall in love all over again.

    Alfred is delighted to welcome young Spencer and Master Cassadine home. Lulu has come along, too. Alfred expresses his regrets that he didn't see Colleen for what she was. Norma, the first nanny, is upstairs drawing a bath. When Lulu and Nik are alone, she fills him in on the fact that Lucky proposed to Liz already. And that Liz wasn't wearing the ring today. Nik is worried that Lucky will take pills if rejected. Lucky has come and over heard. Before they can say much, Mike, Bobbie and even Elizabeth have arrived for the party. Nikolas makes a speech to thank his family for their support. He announces that they had Spencer baptized while they were at the cathedral in Russia. He presents Spencer Alexi Michlovich Cassadine and then expresses his undying gratitude to Spencer's Godmother --Emily. Emily is crying with joy and Nik tells her that nothing will tear them apart again. They all raise their glass…"To Family!"

    UnLucky in Love.

    Thursday, January 25 2007

    Liz and Jason are talking on the waterfront. She tells him that she knows he and Sam are trying for a baby; it's only a matter of time until he is a father. He admits that having a kid scares him more than anything ever has. It's the safety issue that has him concerned, although he hasn't told Sam just how worried he gets. Liz says that she protects Lucky from the truth, too. "What is it that you're hiding?" Jason asks her. She says that she just needs for Lucky to accept that she can't be with him, too many secrets and resentment. "What secrets?" he insists. She is able to skirt the issue somehow and they talk about her dinner with Lucky tonight.

    Liz has arrived at the Metro Court and sees Cruse is in the lobby. He tells Elizabeth that Lucky is really looking forward to tonight. He doesn't stop there; he says that he's worried how Lucky might take any disappointments where she's concerned. Cruse tells her about the hydrocodone bust from a few days ago and that he could tell that Lucky was tempted to take the pills. He assures her that Lucky didn't do anything, but he hopes that Lucky has more time to strengthen his resolve before he's challenged again.

    Liz is seated at the romantic table with Lucky, and flowers are delivered. She tells him that they remind her of the flowers he gave her with they first fell in love. She tries to speak, but he asks if he can go first. He wants to put the past behind them and focus on the future. He tells her that he never stopped loving her. He hopes that she has some love for him left, too. Her face is bewildered when he says that she doesn't need to answer right away. Then, he pulls out the ring and asks if she'll marry him.

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