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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)

    Birthday: May 12 1977
    Birthplace: Encino, California
    Marital Status: Married, Michael Saucedo, one son, one daughter
    Real Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
    Height: 5'2"


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    Spinelli cracks the case!

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Elizabeth has been released from the hospital. As she's walking home, she calls Jason and asks if he'll come see her. She tells him she's hazy about what happened. As she hangs up the phone, she looks through the window at Kelly's and sees that Lucky is sitting with Maxi. Georgie runs outside after a customer and finds Liz. She explains that Lucky and Maxi are just talking about the miscarriage because it's the only thing that seems to help Maxi. Liz tells Georgie that she has miscarried twice and the last thing she wanted to do was talk about it.

    Edward goes to GH and asks Liz if she's seen his worthless son Alan. He's there for a board meeting and no one else has shown up. He's in a foul mood and rambling on about worthless relatives. Finally, he asks Elizabeth if she knows anything about Spencer Cassidine, then offers that he thinks that Helena kidnapped him. What's more, he doesn't blame her! Liz asks him why and he spews that if a grandparent thinks his family is in danger, he'd do almost anything. (He's talking about Jason and his anguish over the path his life has taken, although he doesn't come right out and say it.) As he stalks off, Liz tells him "Mr. Quartermaine, Jason might have a family one day."

    Dr. Lee asks Liz why she's back to work so soon after being released. Liz explains that she just wants to be busy. Then she asks a question of her friend, the ob/gyn. She thinks it's odd that Maxi always wants to talk about her miscarriage, and wonders if there is a chance that she lied about the pregnancy.

    New Year's Resolutions for everyone.

    Tuesday, January 02 2007

    Liz is lying unconscious in the snow, but she's having a hallucination of when her baby girl is born. In it, Kelly tells her that the new paternity test shows that Lucky is the father and she is very happy to hear that. Then she imagines bringing Cam and the baby into Kelly's and seeing Lucky making out with Maxi (who is holding a bag of pills).

    Still lying unconscious in the snow, Liz is hallucinating again. This time she and Jason are curled up on the couch reading a story to Cam. She's big and pregnant and tells Jason that his "wife" is tired, so he picks her up to carry her to bed. In reality, Jason has found her in the snow and picking her up to take her to the hospital.

    As Maxi was starting to leave Kelly's she finds a stray dog. She and Lucky bring him inside and warm him up. Just then, Dr. Lee calls Lucky's cell phone and reports that Liz has had an accident. He leaves Maxi alone with the dog. She sits there and talks to him for a while. She says she needs to convince Lucky that he needs her, not Elizabeth.

    Jason brings Liz to the hospital. After Dr. Lee brings her back from having tests, he talks to Liz even though she is still unconscious. He tells her that he was on his way to work when he found her. He starts talking about how strange life is, specifically, that he found her when she needs him and she saved him, twice, when he needed her. Just then Lucky came in and Kelly tells them both that Liz has a concussion and hypothermia, but the baby seems fine. Lucky thanks Jason for finding her. She starts to wake up and calls for Jason. When she realizes that Lucky is there too, she tells him how sorry she is.

    Epiphany comes in to check Elizabeth and tells Lucky and Jason not to upset her as she starts to wake up. Lucky tells Elizabeth that she has nothing to be sorry for. She and their baby will be fine. Lucky tells her that they owe Jason he saved her and the baby's life.

    Happy New Year! Or Is It?

    Friday, December 29 2006

    At GH, a woman in labor comes in. As she's being wheeled away she asks Liz if they can keep her husband away from the delivery room. She tells Liz she's been lying about the baby's paternity. She slept with her husband's best friend Ethan once about 8 months ago. After she gets settled in her room, Liz sends the husband out for a few minutes. After he's gone, Liz tells the panicked woman to focus on the baby and none of the rest matters right now.

    In the labor room, the woman delivers a baby boy, but then she looses consciousness. And, the baby needs a transfusion! Elizabeth ushers the husband out of the room. She explains that the baby has a different blood type from the mother so the husband offers to give blood. Elizabeth asks him to go get his best friend Ethan because he is the father of the baby.

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