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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)

    Birthday: May 12 1977
    Birthplace: Encino, California
    Marital Status: Married, Michael Saucedo, one son, one daughter
    Real Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
    Height: 5'2"


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    Ric is full of surprises today.

    Wednesday, December 20 2006

    Lucky goes to see Elizabeth. Liz tells him that it wasn't fair to put Lulu in the middle of their problems. She tells him to leave her alone. He tries to impress upon her that he was framed; what's more, he thinks he knows who did it. Maxi. She had been sitting at Lucky's desk and has easy access to pills. Liz doesn't believe him.

    Liz has gone to her studio and is talking to her pregnant stomach. She says how she wanted to tell Jason all along about his baby. The only reason she didn't tell Lucky was because it would send him back to pills. But he's gone back on them anyway. And if Lucky goes after custody, it'll come out eventually. Maybe it's best to tell Jason the truth so they can decide what to do for their baby.

    Liz is done with Lucky.

    Tuesday, December 19 2006

    At the PCPD, when Elizabeth sees that there are pills in Lucky's desk drawer, she heaves them at Lucky and tells him that there is nothing he can say that will fix it. Lucky tries to explain but Elizabeth isn't hearing it. Ric interferes and tells Lucky that he is sorry, maybe he shouldn't have brought him back to work so soon. Lucky is protesting, but is told that he needs to go on suspension until there can be an investigation. He demands a drug test. Liz tells Lucky that a drug test would only prove that maybe he didn't take any pills yet today. She goes off on him, again, about "her" kids and how she has to protect them from him. Lucky gets angry and reminds her that the baby she is carrying is his too! She tells him to stay away from them.

    responsible for Lucky's slip up, as if putting him back to work caused too much stress. Liz tells Ric that no one can fix this for Lucky, it's his fault. Her divorce will come through soon and Lucky will be out of her life. Ric reminds her that if she needs anything, he will always be there for her. She says that she's tired of relying on other people all the time. She has to be more independent. Ric leaves. Epiphany has heard everything and told Liz that she's final got it right. You can't count on men, and if you find one you can, he's probably already taken!

    Lucky takes the test results to the nurses' station and forces Elizabeth to look them. She tells him that they are finished, regardless. Lucky can't believe that she would take their kids are raise them alone. Lucky finally gets angry with her. He tells her that she was looking for a reason to end their marriage and now, conveniently, she found one. He tells her that he will fight her if she tries to keep him from his kids. Liz picks up the floor and calls security.

    For a guy with a name like Lucky; things aren't going too well.

    Monday, December 18 2006

    At Kelly's, Liz has overheard Lucky talking to Maxi about adoption for her baby. Maxi leaves in a huff and Liz tells Lucky that she's concerned that he would regret such a move. He tells her that he's worried that he'll have enough time to give to both babies, and that he wants to give all that he has to the baby he's having with her. She explains that when you hold your own child for the very first time, practical matter like money and time go out the window.

    At the hospital, Liz is happy to see that Jason is back. He has come to the hospital so that he can ask her opinion on something. He wants to know if he had been the father of her baby, would she have wanted him to be a part of its life? Liz tells Jason that she always knew he'd make a good parent. Jason wants to know why she told him that she wanted to raise her baby alone even if it was his. She explains that it had nothing to do with his dangerous lifestyle; it was because they didn't plan a life together as a couple. The pregnancy was an accident. Jason is concerned that his children would be better off without him. She tells him that he will give his children love & patience. She tells him that his children will be better human beings for having him as a father. He thanks her and leaves. Liz is shaken and leaves work early.

    Shaken by her talk about fatherhood with Jason, Elizabeth goes to the PCPD to visit Lucky. He's not there, but Ric finds her at Lucky's desk and offers to get her a pen so she can leave him a note. He reaches into his desk drawer and sees a bag of pills, but tries to keep Liz from seeing them. She pushes him aside and sees the pills just as Lucky comes back to work.

    Ric has a confession to make. Literally.

    Tuesday, December 12 2006

    Maxi runs into Lucky at the hospital. She is glad that he got her message to meet her for their first sonogram. He didn't get a message; he's there to see Elizabeth. Maxi tells him to just come with her; Elizabeth won't want to see him anyway. Just then, Elizabeth walks up and tells them that, of course, she wants to see Lucky. Liz tells Maxi that their relationship is none of her business. Lucky tells them both to calm down; stress isn't good for either of them.

    Ric finds Lucky at the hospital and gives him his next assignment. Lucky is to keep his eye on Lorenzo Alcazar, especially tonight. Lucky tells him it's no problem. Lucky leaves to do his work, so Ric sticks around to talk to Liz for awhile. He asks her why she won't accept help with her children…from him. He tells her that they could both use a friend right now. Liz asks how Alexis is doing and learns that she's pushing herself too hard for a woman who is undergoing chemo. Ric says he doesn't want his daughter to grow up without a family. Then they talk about Cameron and how difficult it's been for him without Lucky around.

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