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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)

    Birthday: May 12 1977
    Birthplace: Encino, California
    Marital Status: Married, Michael Saucedo, one son, one daughter
    Real Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
    Height: 5'2"


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    Healing Hearts, Minds and Bodies

    Monday, November 27 2006

    Next on GH:

    Carly & Jax discuss "the kiss".
    Ric & Alcazar are planning on Jason wanting to see Sam.
    Alexis gives Sam assurance that she is still her daughter and no matter what she's done, Alexis plans to deliver.
    With Jason hiding in the closet, Lucky and Elizabeth try to figure out what the other is doing at the studio.

    Get your Kleenex ready.

    Wednesday, November 22 2006

    Back at the Spencer's, Lulu is explaining her feelings. “All of my life, I've heard about your love and your courage and your strength. And now you're giving up without a fight? The doctor says that you need to go back to Shady Brook and you're going to go without a problem? This is not fair! We finally get mom back after years of missing her….and we're supposed to accept that.” She wants to know how Laura, who fought for Luke, jumped out of planes and faced mobsters, can give in to this illness so easily. She doesn't get how Laura could have lived through “Nikolas's nutcase family”, yet surrender to this. She demands to know why Luke isn't worth fighting for now…why aren't they all?

    Laura sternly insists that they are all worth it. Luke asks if they think this is easy for Laura. He wants them to give her a break. Laura apologizes to Lulu; she has every right to be angry. Lucky asks if they can spend one more night together first. Laura explains that it's happening too fast. Then, she admits that she can't bear the thought of the staff at Shady Brook coming to collect her. She says she wants to get there on her own and sign her own name. She tells Lulu that there is no plane to jump out of this time; this is the only way that she can be courageous. She intends to face what's happening with dignity.

    At the art studio, Liz offers to bring over some art supplies so that she can have a reason to be there and take care of him. He tells her that's not necessary. There's a knock at the door, and Emily says through the door that she brought Elizabeth some food because she knows how Liz looses track of time when she's painting. Liz lets her in and Emily is thrilled to see that Jason is alive! Emily explains how sad and upset their family is. She tells him that their grandfather insisted that the mayor had the river dragged for his body. Can't she tell them that he's okay? No, he won't hear of it. He thinks the more people know, the better chance he has of getting caught.

    Robin finds Patrick and asks if he's ready to go to the Scorpio family Thanksgiving. Patrick reports that he has just come from seeing Laura and that she's fading fast. He tells Robin that he finally understands why she pushed so hard to give Laura the LS49. He thinks she's a remarkable woman, the way she's handling her awful situation. Just then Epiphany announces that there's been a car accident and they are both needed in surgery. Robin tells her to call Mac and tell him that they won't be home for dinner.

    At the Quartermaines, Dillon announces that the pizza has arrived. It's stone cold and Monica is upset that it has ham and pineapple. Just then, Nikolas walks in and Emily gets up to greet him in the doorway. He announces that his mother has had a relapse and has checked herself into Shady Brook. The first one to speak is Dillon, wanting to know if Lulu is okay. Edward expresses his affection for Laura and calls her a “fine woman.” The only person who hasn't seemed to find any words is Tracy.

    The phone rings and Emily is the one who answers it. She passes the phone to Monica. We see Monica's stunned and ecstatic reaction, but hear Jason's voice through the phone. “It's me. I can't say where I am, but I wanted to let you know that I'm alive and I'm sorry that I worried you.” He tells her Happy Thanksgiving and his mother finally speaks, “We will now!” The family goes from one extreme to the other in just a moment, now they are thrilled with the news that Jason is alive.

    Lucky goes to Audrey's house to tell Elizabeth that he just had to say goodbye to his mom. She says, “Honey, I'm really sorry.” He talks about how amazing it was to feel her unconditional love for a while. He thanks Liz for all she did during Laura's recovery; he knows it meant a lot to her. As he starts to walk away, Liz stops him and says, “Lucky, do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?”

    Sonny's a Busy, Busy Guy.

    Friday, October 20 2006

    Kelly brings the paternity results to Elizabeth and tells her they are sealed and that no one knows the results. Elizabeth takes the envelope and walks away.

    Maxi pushes a cart by the nurse's desk and Mac finds her. He wants to know if she's had any prenatal care yet. Maxi assures him that Dr. Lee (Kelly) has prescribed prenatal vitamins. Just then, he sees Dr. Lee and proceeds to ask her about his daughter's pregnancy. (Dr. Lee looks shocked). Mac talks about the possible strain on Maxi's heart. Dr. Lee, for some reason, covers for Maxi and says that they'll do a complete workout on Maxi and the baby.

    The envelope is in Liz's shaking hands and she prays that it all works out the way that “it should.” Just as she starts to open it, a patient asks her for help.

    Sonny tells Ric to drop the charges against Jason or he'll lose his wife, a child and a career. Alexis walks in and asks what they are talking about. “Last chance Ric,” Sonny warns. He tells Alexis it's about time she hears what her husband has been up to.


    Robert asks, “How hard can it (delivery) be?”

    The results of the paternity test fly away as Liz helps the patient.

    Emily leaves Nicolas a voicemail to warn him about Colleen.

    Maxi gets what she deserves.

    Tuesday, October 17 2006

    At home, Sonny tells Bernie (his lawyer) that Ric has his whole family under surveillance. Ric's getting out of control, Sonny says with a snarl.

    After listening in on Elizabeth and Jason's bugged conversation, Ric tells Detective Cruise that he doesn't want any record of Elizabeth's involvement with Jason, the thug. “So, destroy any transcripts from the bug in Jason's apartment,” he orders. He says that Elizabeth – his former wife – is a good woman and if she's pregnant by some gangster, he wouldn't want it out. He tells Cruise to continue to get evidence against Jason, just don't let it involve Elizabeth.

    Lucky calls Elizabeth, against her wishes, and asks how the baby is doing. She reluctantly gives him updates of the ultrasound, etc, not knowing that Sam is lurking in the hallway. Elizabeth and Lucky say a stressful goodbye and then Sam apologizes to Elizabeth for her outburst yesterday. Sam says she realizes that Elizabeth didn't get pregnant on purpose and Elizabeth kindly tells Sam that she might've had the same reaction as Sam did. She accepts the apology and says if the baby turns out to be Lucky's, it would be better for everyone.

    The Groom-To-Be Proves Too Hard to Resist.

    Monday, October 16 2006

    At the DA's office, Alexis tells Ric that she doesn't need to know everything, but that if one father of one daughter is trying to go after the other father of the other daughter, that can't be good. She explains that Ric needs to be agreeable, in case anything happens to her. As soon as she leaves, Ric makes a phone call to “talk about the surveillance”. Then he learns that they finally have a solid signal coming from Jason's apartment. Ric agrees to come right over.

    After the boys go to bed,Jax assures Carly that he will win Michael over, just as he won his mom over. She reminds him that as a stepfather, Jax will be expected to help with discipline, etc. He can't just be the boys' buddy anymore. Jax tells her that he's up for the challenge.

    Listening to surveillance tapes, Ric hears that Maxi is pregnant by Lucky. Maxi, the commissioner's daughter! Then, Ric's face grows intense when he overhears Elizabeth and Jason talking about the possibility of Jason being the father of her baby.


    Sam tells Elizabeth that Lucky deserves to know the truth, and then visits him in rehab.

    Georgie asks Maxi if she is blackmailing the Quartermaines.

    Not exactly “Next on GH” But in 10 days, Genie Frances (Laura) returns to General Hospital!

    Sam has a hard time thinking about the baby.

    Friday, October 13 2006

    At the hospital, Elizabeth learns that it will take a few days before her paternity results will be in. What's more, she is told that the test will be 99% accurate.

    At the hospital, Elizabeth is talking with her doctor and says that even if the baby is Lucky's, she is going to divorce him because she can't have an addict around her family. Just then, Lulu comes in and overhears that the baby could be Jason's.

    Alcazar finds Skye!

    Thursday, October 12 2006

    At the hospital, Lulu storms in and tells Elizabeth that Lucky told her that she was pregnant. Lulu asks whether Elizabeth was pregnant when Lulu got her abortion. Elizabeth says that she was, and Lulu blasts her about being in the same condition that she was when she was counseling her about the abortion. Lulu thinks that Elizabeth should have told her that she was pregnant. Liz says that she didn't know at the time that she was pregnant. Lulu says she's secretive and remote, and she's going through this divorce, even though Lucky wants a relationship with Elizabeth. Lulu berates her that she's using the baby as a weapon for not living up to Liz's standards.

    At Carly's, Liz shows up and says that Lulu is furious with her about not telling her about her pregnancy. Carly asks why she didn't tell her, and Liz says that Lulu was just lashing out. Liz asks Carly if she can be someone for Lulu to go to.

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