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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)

    Birthday: May 12 1977
    Birthplace: Encino, California
    Marital Status: Married, Michael Saucedo, one son, one daughter
    Real Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
    Height: 5'2"


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    Sleeping With The Enemy.

    Tuesday, July 02 2013

    Elizabeth visits AJ at ELQ. He's happy to see her unless she's there to tell him it's over. She's ready to talk about where they are going post-Carly. He's afraid he's used up all of his chances. She remembers all the things she would have done differently with Jason and regrets denying AJ a second chance. She's realized he's changed and she could take a chance even if it means getting hurt, because it's the same chance he would be taking with her. He wonders if she's forgiving him and she admits there's nothing to forgive. He's excited she wants to try again. They seal it with a kiss. He promises no more mistakes and Elizabeth promises to let Nikolas know where they stand. Alone, AJ calls Monica to tell her the news.

    At Kelly's, Nikolas replays Tracy's recording of AJ's confession then deletes it. Lucy joins him before he can leave and is there to make him an offer he can't refuse. She flashes a Deception binder but he doesn't see where it will fit in his portfolio. She chides his decision in supporting Tracy's relish but Nikolas doesn't have any more faith in her than he did Tracy. She asks if he has faith in his mother. Nikolas sits back down surprised to hear about their partnership. Lucy begs him to think of Laura and is certain he'll support them. Nearby, Max explains to Milo he just needs to do what he's told or he'll lose his job. Milo considers maybe he doesn't want the job anymore. Lucy interrupts them and alone tells Milo she may have found him his calling. She hands him a Deception business card. Max wonders what that was about when she leaves. Milo says, "Nothing." Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrives to tell Nikolas she's back together with AJ.

    Catch You On The Flipside.

    Monday, July 01 2013

    At GH, Elizabeth receives flowers and asks an on-call nurse to cover for her.

    Laura and Nikolas wait for Lulu at Kelly's. She arrives and teases that she found out the sex of the baby. They have to pry the information from her after she rambles on excitedly before announcing they can shop for pink. Nikolas thinks she'll make the best mother. Lulu tells Nikolas how much she loves him and confesses it was her fault that he got shot. Nikolas tells her not to apologize because of the actions of his father. Nikolas leaves the table after Elizabeth enters. Alone, Lulu shares with Laura that she's worried about what Luke didn't say when she told him the news about the baby. They compare notes on what they know about Tracy's health and consider that something's wrong with Luke instead. Nearby, Elizabeth returns Nikolas' phone and wishes she never heard the confession to begin with. She asks why he didn't tell her she wasn't with AJ when he slept with Carly. Nikolas claims he didn't know, but Elizabeth thinks he was eager to leave that out.

    At ELQ, Michael confesses to AJ that he saw Kiki topless. AJ advises he stay away from his cousin. Michael wants to be sent out of the country. AJ refuses; he needs Michael more than Duke. Michael's more than a son, he's a friend. Michael reminds him he has Elizabeth but AJ doesn't think that's true anymore because she found out he slept with Carly. Michael spits his drink out surprised at the news. AJ promises it is something that won't happen again and he hopes Elizabeth is not questioning if they are over with Nikolas. Elizabeth arrives and Michael leaves.

    I Put It There.

    Tuesday, June 25 2013

    At the Metro Court, Shawn shows Carly the bullet he pried from a planter on the terrace. They look up wondering where the other shooter was that night. Inside, AJ's surprised when Elizabeth plays a recorded conversation he had with Tracy about him sleeping with Carly. She says, "Have a nice life," and tries to leave. He starts to trash Nikolas for giving her the recording. Elizabeth reminds him Nikolas didn't get naked with Carly, he did. Elizabeth's the most important person in his life. She would have hoped that meant more to him than sleeping with Carly. She asks Carly what hate sex is when she returns to the bar and asks AJ why he cheated on her. He denies cheating because she had dumped him and explains what happened between him and Carly. Elizabeth realizes it happened on a night she tried to visit him. He asks what she would have done if he confessed then and believes she's about to dump him again. Carly can think of lots of reasons not to date AJ, but doesn't want it to be because of her. She'll never have sex with him again and tells Elizabeth how much AJ cares for her. Carly leaves them alone. Elizabeth promises to think about it.

    Bullet Points.

    Monday, June 24 2013

    In the park, Carly and Shawn are relieved they have nothing to feel guilty about. They know they have to find the shell casing from the shot he took at Franco before the PCPD does. Nearby, Elizabeth hears AJ's voice on Nik's phone confessing to sleeping with Carly. She wants to know if it's true and wonders if he's spying on AJ. Nik confesses he bought it from Tracy and kept it as insurance so AJ would never hurt her. She's interrupted when AJ calls worried that she's not at the Metro Court yet. Elizabeth tells him she wouldn't miss their date and hangs up. She borrows Nik's phone and rushes to meet AJ.

    At the Metro Court, AJ compliments Lucy Coe as being too pretty to pick up trash when he catches her with a piece of yellow police tape. She's happy Olivia's okay and that she can use the Metro Court for an event. Lucy's excited to see Scott and Laura when they arrive and leaves AJ to wait for Elizabeth. She takes Laura away from Scott to discuss once again partnering together on Deception Cosmetics. Laura isn't thrilled to start and is even less thrilled when she learns there are no investors. Scott rejoins them and Lucy promises to toast their marriage after they share a toast over her and Laura's renewed partnership. At the bar, AJ stops Carly and asks her not bother him and Elizabeth on their date there. She's too busy and meets Shawn on the terrace. They find Shawn's bullet casing. Inside, Elizabeth meets AJ at their table and plays the recording on Nik's phone of AJ's confession about sleeping with Carly.

    It Wasn't Sonny.

    Friday, June 21 2013

    In the park, Carly thinks Shawn's out of his mind for considering turning himself in and is worried it will ruin their lives. Anna approaches looking for Carly and offers her a ride to the station for questioning. Nearby, Nik asks Elizabeth to stay when she drops Cameron off for a play date with Spencer. She's hesitant, but decides to be friends if he respects her decisions and doesn't interfere. Nik remembers his last confrontation with AJ, and then gives her his word. The boys attack them with water guns interrupting their talk. Elizabeth gets distracted when Nik takes off his shirt. She excuses herself to change into his extra shirt. Cameron offers to fix Nik's wet phone. When he hands it back a recording of AJ asking Tracy not to tell Elizabeth he slept with Carly plays.

    The Truth Will Come Out.

    Tuesday, June 11 2013

    AJ brings Elizabeth coffee at the hospital. He's certain Michael is handling Franco's return better than he is and is tired of watching Tracy fuss over his new niece Kiki. Elizabeth's sorry to bring him news that Danny is in the hospital for tests. They part. Elizabeth's surprised when Olivia's wheeled into emergency with a gunshot wound. She makes Sonny and Connie wait outside. He holds Connie after they realize Olivia saw her blood on Sonny in her vision and not his. Connie allows Sonny to see Olivia first when she is stabilized. Connie notifies Dante about Olivia's status and returns to hear Sonny confess how much he needs Olivia in his life right now. Nearby, Nik brings Danny a stuffed elephant and coffee for Alexis while she waits. She's upset Shawn left for work and slowly gets to the point that Shawn works for Sonny. Nik's surprised Shawn's not the sandwich guru he thought he was. Alexis denies Kelly's diner is a front or that Shawn has taken over Jason's job as enforcer. She doesn't believe Shawn is like the other men she's had in her life. Shawn returns and is introduced to Nik before he leaves. Alexis wants to know what Shawn stepped away to do. He calls her out on their previous agreement not to discuss these matters but Alexis feels she needs to know now. Shawn takes a call from Carly on the side and promises to check on Olivia. Meanwhile, Nik stops AJ at the elevator from visiting Danny while he rests after the procedure. AJ quips Nik must still be pining after Elizabeth. Nik ignores the remark and lets AJ know that he's aware he slept with Carly and has recorded proof. AJ's surprised Elizabeth doesn't know already and wonders what the catch is. There's no catch, but Nik doesn't have a reason to delete the recording and is quite happy to have a nice insurance policy to keep AJ from hurting Elizabeth.

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