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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)

    Birthday: May 12 1977
    Birthplace: Encino, California
    Marital Status: Married, Michael Saucedo, one son, one daughter
    Real Name: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst
    Height: 5'2"


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    GH Recap: Dante goes after Lulu

    Tuesday, June 30 2015

    Jake joins Liz for breakfast at Kelly's. They talk about Nikolas and the takeover. He wonders if the prince ever mentioned anything to her. She assures him he didn't. As he says the Cassadine won't get away with what he did, Nikolas arrives. He sits down. Jake accuses him of being a thief. Nikolas asks him to keep his job at ELQ anyway. Jake is offended. The prince explains that what's good for him, is good for the company and that's what's in the Quartermaines' best interests. He offers him a financial package. Jake bitterly rejects it and throws it back in his face. Once Nikolas walks away, Jake wants to get some air. Liz decides to stay behind and talk to the prince. After Jake leaves, Liz and Nikolas talk about how important it is to keep Jake/Jason out of the Quartermaine orbit.

    GH Recap: Nikolas comes out on top at the ELQ board meeting

    Tuesday, June 23 2015

    At Metro Court, Patrick and Liz find Sam and Jake drinking and laughing at the bar. Sam explains that they were celebrating finding out that Nikolas is trying to takeover ELQ. She tells them that Nikolas claims that Helena and Victor spent too much of the Cassadine fortune, and it seems that Nikolas wants to feel like he’s in power again. Sam suggests since they are all here they should have that double date dinner. Jake and Sam won’t let Liz say no, so they sit down to dinner. They all laugh and have a good time, and Jake talks about how he feels very lucky to have them all in his new life.

    GH Recap: Morgan and Denise give in to passion

    Thursday, June 18 2015

    At the hospital, Patrick asks Liz what’s bothering her. She opens up about Jake going to work for Michael. Patrick fills her in on Sam also working on a case involving Michael, and the idea of Sam and Jake working together upsets Liz. She freaks out that it could be dangerous, so Patrick tells her what he knows about Sabrina hiring Sam and swears her to secrecy. Later Liz calls Nikolas and leaves a message telling him that Sabrina hired Sam and that they are closing in on him. Elsewhere, Kiki brings Silas some takeout and asks for some advice about Morgan. She fills him in on turning Morgan’s offer of a trip down in order to spend time with Denise. She feels guilty, but Silas tells her not to.

    GH Recap: Liz informs Nikolas about Sam's spying

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    In Liz’s bed, Jake wakes Liz with his research on Sam and who may have hired her. He asks her to keep quiet about Sam’s involvement in this, and then heads to work.

    At Metro Court, Liz meets with Nikolas and blabs to him about Jake investigating Sam and the phone tap. Nikolas knew of the tap, but not Sam's part in it. Liz thought Sam was working for Nikolas, but he doesn’t want her involved in any of this. Liz begins freaking out over all the lies she’s telling, and how Jason would never forgive her for selling Michael out. Nikolas tells her that she better hope he takes over ELQ and keeps Jake away from the Quartermaines. Nikolas updates her on how he now has fifty percent of ELQ and is working on getting the last bit he needs from Dillon. Liz wonders how he will get them away from Dillon. Nikolas tells her that he plans to use Lulu.

    GH Recap: Part Of The Family.

    Thursday, June 11 2015

    At Wyndemere, Liz warns Nikolas that Jason is getting close to finding out the truth and he may end up working for Michael at ELQ. She worries working with his family will spark his memory, and she cries out she could lose him all over again. Nikolas confesses that he’s working to take over ELQ, so Jason could soon be working for him. Liz says she would feel better if he was working for Nikolas, as the less time he spends with Michael the better.

    GH Recap: Security.

    Wednesday, June 10 2015

    Jake wakes up in Elizabeth’s bed after having a dream about playing with Danny, who Liz suggested took after him. Liz brings him a cup of coffee and he confides in her about his dream. She tells him it was just a dream, and quickly distracts him with sex. Afterward, Jake tells Liz as much as he’s liked staying with her, he feels he needs his own place and also a job. The two look through some listings online, and a job working as security for Michael piques his interest. She says that likely requires background checks, but he says he had a nice talk with Michael one day when he was in the hospital and they connected. Liz reminds him of the issue with Sonny. Jake says they made peace and he thinks it’s worth pursuing this, joking that he could just fit in with the Quartermaines.

    GH Recap: Fingerprints.

    Wednesday, May 27 2015

    Liz calls Nikolas to discuss Hayden and is nearly caught by Jake. She quickly ends the call and asks Jake about what happened with Sloane. Jake fills her in on Sloane dropping the charges and that he’s going to try and convince Julian to let him go as well. Sloane then calls, and as Jake talks to him, Sonny shows up to see Jake. Liz tries to explain that it was Carlos who shot Duke, but Sonny needs to hear it from Jake. Jake tells Sonny that he didn’t kill Duke and he doesn’t work for Jerome anymore either, his employment there just ended. Jake hopes this means they can move forward in peace.

    GH Recap: We Have Tonight.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    Jake and Liz walk to her place. They feel bad about Hayden going into a coma. He recalls that she said someone else knows his identity and hopes they'll come forward. Liz bites her lip. Jake doesn't even know if he wants to know who he is. She reminds him that he wanted to let that go so they could be happy together. "No, we can't," he says. He explains the deal he made with Sloane. Jake cares about her too much to put her at risk. He'll tell Sloane he's done tomorrow and take the consequences. "We have tonight," he says. She stares over at a photo of Jason and then leads him upstairs.

    GH Recap: Nobody Will Know.

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    At the pier, Sloane and Anna get rid of Carlos’ body and then wash the blood off the docks. Sloane takes her gun and assures her that nobody will know what they did. Suddenly Liz walks onto the pier, but she doesn’t catch on to what has happened. She tells Anna how sorry she is about Duke, and she wasn’t sure if she should attend his funeral due to her relationship with Jake. Liz starts rambling about Jake being innocent, and now people are trying to kill him. Sloane and Anna are out of the loop, so she fills them in on Shawn trying to shoot Jake. Sloane makes some calls to get the whole story while Liz tells Anna again how sorry she is about Duke. She then heads off. Sloane fills Anna in. Jake now looks guilty and Jordan’s cover has been blown and Anna knows it’s all her fault. She thanks him for what he did for her, and she doesn’t know how she can repay him.

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