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    General Hospital CAST - Elizabeth Webber

    Full detailed profile on Elizabeth Webber Played by Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rebecca Herbst (ABC)
    Elizabeth Webber

    Actor: Rebecca Ann Liberty Herbst

    Who played Elizabeth Webber over the years

    Rebecca Herbst (August 1997 - present)

    Useful information on Elizabeth Webber

    * Marital Status - Divorced. (Lucky Spencer, twice & Ric Lansing.)
    * Raped. (February 13, 1998)
    * Injured lung in a car accident. (February 1st, 2002)
    * Accidentally shot when Zander and Jason were fighting over a gun. (August 5th, 2002)
    * Miscarriage - was pushed down stairs by Faith Rosco. (May 23rd, 2003)
    * Suffered blindness after Courtney Matthews hit her with her car. (September 5th, 2003)
    * Was in love with Jason Morgan and became pregnant with his son.
    * Reunited with Lucky, but slept with his brother Nikolas.


    Current: Nurse at General Hospital
    Past: Waitress at Kelly's Diner
    Past: Artist
    Past: Face of Deception
    Past: Part-time employee of Chloe Morgan


    Elizabeth was just fifteen-years-old when she came to live with Audrey Hardy, her 'grandmother.' Audrey's husband, Steve, had engaged in an affair that produced Elizabeth's father, Jeff Webber, and after Steve's death, Audrey became the sole grandparent to Liz and her sister, Sarah.

    Liz had her eye on Lucky, but he had his cap set for Sarah, even though Sarah wanted Nikolas Cassadine. Lucky finally focused his attention on Elizabeth after she was violently raped, vowing to capture the man who attacked her. It wasn't her English teacher, as she wrongfully suspected, and until she teamed with Lucky, Nikolas and did she discover it was a photographer named Tom. He held Emily and Elizabeth at gunpoint and confessed to the rape. Fortunately, he was arrested and convicted.

    The tense moments brought Lucky and Elizabeth closer, and they fell in love, but their romance was short-lived when she learned that he had been killed in a fire. She allowed her friends to comfort her, but got herself into trouble trying to drown her sorrows while hanging out in Jake's bar. Luckily, Jason intervened when a male patron refused to take 'no' for an answer from Liz.

    Her romantic attention then focused on Jason, but she was crushed by his rejection. He realized that being involved with her would place her life in jeopardy, and he ultimately left Port Charles.

    Elizabeth was stunned that Lucky lived. The fire had been staged and DNA tests altered. Lucky had been kidnapped and brainwashed by Helena Cassadine and the evil, Faison, and when Lucky came home, he wasn't the same person Elizabeth remembered. Counseling with Kevin Collins helped Lucky overcome the hypnotic hold of Helena, and he returned to almost normal.

    A disappointing stint at Deception Cosmetics, Lucky relapse back to Helena's trance-like control, and an ever-growing fascination with a recently-returned Jason Morgan, kept Elizabeth's life in turmoil.

    When the Spencer/Cassadine conflict finally ended and things settled once again, Elizabeth and Lucky, now recovered, planned their wedding. Although she had reservations about his state of mind and true feelings for her, she was determined to make the relationship work.

    Things were fine until a conniving Maxie sent Elizabeth to a room where Sarah and Lucky were having sex. Liz repaid Lucky's infidelity by sleeping with Zander Smith, and later having his child.

    With Zander gone, Liz met Ric Lansing. Although still enamored with Jason, he had moved on and started a life with Courtney. Carly warned Liz about Ric, but Elizabeth accused her of lying and let her feelings for Ric develop. Even when he had kidnapped Carly and kept her in a secret room of their home, Elizabeth was hopelessly blind to the side of her husband that wanted nothing more than to take down his own brother, Sonny.

    When Ric and Liz wed, they had intentions of telling Zander that he was a father, but it was believed that he was the fire victim earlier presumed to be Lucky Spencer. Zander, however, turned up alive, kidnapped his former wife, Emily, and when police surrounded him, he purposely pretended to reach for a gun, and was shot dead.

    Liz and Ric's marriage fell apart because of his constant scheming. She divorced him and left town, only to return to surprise Audrey again, this time with baby, Cameron. Elizabeth enrolled in school to become a nurse, and reconnected with Lucky. She succeeded in her career goal, but her personal one didn't fare as well. It looked as though they might have rebuilt their relationship, but Lucky got hooked on pain pills and had an affair with Maxie Jones.

    Seeking solace, Elizabeth turned once again to Jason, and later discovered she was pregnant, and wasn't sure who fathered the child. The stress of that dilemma, and hearing Maxie announce her own pregnancy by Lucky, made it hard to forgive him despite his recent stay in a drug rehab. A long-awaited DNA test told Elizabeth her son Jake was Jason's child.

    She and Jason almost made a life together on two separate occasions, but each time something explosive (literally) regarding his work made it crystal clear that their union would put her and her children at risk. So, she raised her two boys alone with the help of Lucky, who agreed to keep the secret of Jake's true paternity and claimed the boy as his own. In 2009, her good friend Robin was diagnosed with postpartum depression and she stepped in to help her husband Patrick with baby Emma until Robin could get the help that she needed.

    Lucky and Elizabeth eventually reunited and became engaged, but her friendship with his brother Nikolas turned into a passionate affair. When Lucky found out, he disowned them both.

    Elizabeth became pregnant and after having a break down, which landed her in Shady Brook, she had a paternity test done. Helena switched the DNA tests and Nikolas was revealed to be the father. After Liz gave birth, Franco kidnapped baby Aiden, but Lucky tracked him down and brought the baby home.

    Nikolas invited Elizabeth and the boys to live with him for a while, but it didn't last long. Elizabeth went to visit her sister on the west coast and when she returned she discovered that Nikolas and Brook Lynn had become close.

    After realizing that Lucky had moved on, she tried to get Nikolas' attention again, but discovered Brook Lynn was a formidable rival.


    Lucky Spencer (twice divorced)
    Richard Lansing (divorced)


    Nikolas Cassadine (affair)
    Lucky_Spencer (dated, engaged and married twice)
    Tom Yergin (rape)
    Zander Smith (lovers, he fathered her first son Cameron)
    Jason_Morgan (dated and later adulterous affair)


    Jeff Webber (father)
    Sarah Webber (sister)
    Steven Lars Webber (half-brother)
    Steve Hardy (paternal grandfather - deceased)
    Helene Webber (paternal grandmother - deceased)
    Tom Hardy Sr. (uncle by adoption)
    Terri Webber (half-aunt)
    Rick Webber (half-uncle)
    Tom Hardy Jr. (cousin by adoption)
    Laura Webber (cousin by adoption and mother-in-law)
    Mike Webber (cousin by adoption)
    Rick Webber Jr. (half-cousin)


    Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Ric)
    Cameron Webber (son with Zander)
    Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Jax)
    Jake (son with Jason, but everyone thinks that Lucky is the father)
    Aiden (switched DNA results revealed Nikolas was the father)


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    Friday, February 27 2015: GH Recap: Mama Celeste.

    Liz drops by to see Jake in his hospital room. He tells her of his dream of saving her. She tells him they will find him a new lawyer and explains that she was an idiot to take Ric back. She doubts he's really the man for her. It's clear to Jake that she loves Ric and he assures her that Lansing has nothing to worry about from him. "Maybe he does," she suggests.

    Thursday, February 26 2015: GH Recap: Phyllis From Wisconsin.

    At the hospital, Elizabeth sits with Nikolas as they wait for news. Obrecht shows up to give them an update on Spencer, but Nikolas wants her nowhere near his son. Obrecht says Britta loved Spencer, and that her son Nathan is family. Nikolas whispers to Obrecht that Helena informed him that Victor isn’t Nathan’s father, so don’t try and play him. When Elizabeth intervenes in their fight, Nikolas asks Obrect to just tell him what she knows. She has spoken with the doctors and feels Spencer should be taken to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Boston. Nikolas agrees so arrangements are made to transfer him. Later he goes in to see Spencer, who is awake and afraid. Nikolas tells him not to be as he’s here for him and he will be okay.

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