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    General Hospital CAST - Ric Lansing - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ric Lansing Played by Richard Charles Hearst on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Rick Hearst (CBS)

    Birthday: 1965-01-04
    Birthplace: Howard Beach, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Donna, sons Nicholas and Cameron
    Real Name: Richard Charles Hearst
    Height: 5'10"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: I'm Innocent.

    Tuesday, January 06 2015

    Ric is in his hotel room with Liz. He chats to Molly on the phone. She talks to her kid on the phone and Ric curls up in bed with her. After they romp, they talk about how many bad choices he's made in the past. He's determined that this year will be different. The topic turns to Jake. He wonders what her feelings for him are. Liz claims they only almost kissed because of the mistletoe. She assures him he has nothing to worry about. As they make out, she looks worried. They get dressed and he offers to drive her home. Down the hall, Carly drops by Jake's hotel room as he slips on his robe. She orders him to have breakfast but he doesn't want charity. Carly suggests that he might be the heir to a huge fortune and begs him to make a dent in the leftovers. He agrees if she'll join him. When the food arrives, she tells him that Sonny refused to see her that morning. They discuss who he would have visit him if he were in prison. She probes him about Liz but he insists his feelings don't matter. When they leave the room to get to work, they run into Ric and Liz in the hall. Things are awkward but they wish each other happy New Year.

    GH Recap: Shacking Up.

    Friday, January 02 2015

    At Metro Court, the partygoers all count down to 2015. Balloons and glitter drop at midnight and several people kiss. Duke plants a kiss on an unsuspecting Lucy, while Sloane gives Anna a kiss. Carly pulls an upset Jake into a kiss behind the bar. Olivia and Julian kiss, but she quickly pushes him off and tells him that shouldn’t have happened. Ned approaches them and asks Olivia what she is doing with this scum. Olivia says the person she wanted to be with is spending the night with someone else. Meanwhile Alexis tells Julian that it’s pretty low for him to kiss Olivia to get back at her, but Julian says that’s not why he did it. Ned and Alexis leave together. Elsewhere, Anna is shocked by Sloane’s kiss. Sloane says he kept her from looking like a loser to her ex. She reminds him that his date left with a prince, so he’s the loser. The two end up quarreling. Sloane promises Anna that he will bring her to justice. He tells her that he enjoyed the dance and kiss, and then he walks off. Noticing Duke and Lucy have vanished, Anna asks Olivia for Sloane’s room number. Olivia gives it to her, but later isn’t sure she got the right room. Meanwhile Liz decides to head home, but Ric invites her up to his room. As they are heading out, Carly confronts them and specifically Liz for going back to Ric. Ric and Carly start to fight, but Ric stops it and whisks Liz away. Carly tells Jake about her history with Ric and how he’s not a good guy. Carly says Elizabeth chooses to turn a blind eye to what Ric has done. Jake switches the subject to Jason, so Carly tells him about their friendship. Later Carly offers Jake a free room at the hotel until he figures out his next move. Elsewhere at the party, Patrick and Sam share many kisses. Sam invites Patrick to spend the night with her. As they are about to leave together both of their phones ring. Their kids are having issues, so they have to postpone their plans. Ric and Elizabeth head to his room at Metro Court and quickly end up in bed. Anna begins banging on the door demanding they open up. Ric answers, she was expecting to find Sloane. She apologizes to them and leaves. Later Liz gives Ric talk about their past and Ric brings up their marriages. Ric says the third time is the charm as people say. Ned and Alexis end up in their own hotel room at the Metro Court. The two talk about Julian and Olivia and their feelings for them. Ned is sure he wants Alexis, but feels she’s not ready. She however tells him that she wants him and pulls him into a kiss. Julian and Olivia end up in a hotel room as well, but only end up playing a game of cards on the bed. Olivia continues to rant about Ned and Alexis. Julian wonders why they aren’t doing something else given Alexis and Ned are in their own room. The two end up kissing, which leads to them ripping each other's clothes off. Anna knocks on another door and a shirtless Sloane answers. Anna barges in and tells Sloane that he may think poorly of her, but he has no idea what she went through thanks to Faison. Sloane says that doesn’t mean what she did was right. Anna says it was, Faison is no longer obsessed with her because he no longer sees her as a challenge. They continue to argue and Sloane calls her out and says she’s fighting with him only to avoid what is going on with Duke. Anna says this is not about Duke and she ends up storming out of his room.

    GH Recap: Impossible Situation.

    Friday, December 26 2014

    Ric shows up at Liz's. Things are awkward between him and Jake. Ric questions him about where he disappeared to yesterday. He tells him that he wants to build something lasting with the nurse. Jake doesn't want to get in the way. Ric keeps reminding him that he may have a family somewhere that he doesn't know about. "This is an impossible situation," Ric says, congratulating him on being a gentleman. He departs. Moments later, Liz arrives. Jake announces that he's moving out.

    Shawn joins Duke in the Metro Court restaurant. They recap what happened with Ric and wonder what Julian will do next. Shawn worries about Jordan. Alexis drops by and thanks them for reuniting Molly and Ric. The lawyer quizzes Duke about returning to the mob and how Anna must feel about that. Ric arrives and thanks Duke, explaining that he wants no part of the mob war. He just wants a quiet life.

    GH Recap: Merry Krampus.

    Wednesday, December 24 2014

    At Sam’s apartment, Sam prepares Danny for the GH Christmas party. Ric thanks Sam for letting him crash at her place. Sam hasn’t seen Molly this happy in a long time. Later Molly urges her dad to go see Elizabeth. Ric leaves and TJ drops by to see Molly. She tells him the good news about her dad. TJ gives her a gift, she loves it and she loves him.

    Jake and Elizabeth return to her house, where they find mistletoe hanging over her doorway. Jake admits he helped Cameron make and hang it. As Jake is about to kiss her, Ric shows up. Elizabeth is overjoyed and runs into his arms. Ric introduces himself to Jake and they shake hands. Jake knows who he is and leaves them to talk. Ric explains about his faked death and Julian framing him. His feelings for her haven’t changed and he was hoping they could start again. The two kiss as Jake spies them from the door.

    GH Recap: Freak.

    Tuesday, December 23 2014

    Carlos is about to shoot Ric in Johnny's garage when Jordan and Shawn rush in. Carlos recaps why this is happening. The other two squint and try to reason with him. Carlos caves under pressure and walks out, warning Jordan that she's as good as dead. Shawn ungags Ric and helps him out of the trunk. He's eager to go home.

    Molly shows up at Sam's and lashes out at Julian over Ric's death. Julian knows Molly hates him but is sure she will feel differently someday soon. He departs. The sisters wrap gifts. Alexis arrives and Molly lashes out at her about Julian before flouncing off with Danny. Sam recaps what happened and then her mom tips her off about Ric possibly being alive. Sam thinks Molly should know. Molly returns when she says this so Alexis has to explain. Before she can get to the point, Ric shows up. Molly is thrilled.

    GH Recap: Out On Her Keister.

    Friday, June 13 2014

    Lucas finds Felix moping outside the hospital. The nurse fills him in about the Sabrina situation. Lucas tells him about his sister getting killed by a drink driver. Felix feels like he needs to take care of Sabrina. "Who is going to take care of you?" Lucas wonders. They hug. Felix says that the tragedy is Sabrina and Patrick's. He weeps. They hug again. Brad arrives and spots them. He lays into them until Lucas explains about the baby. Brad apologizes. The nurse walks off. Lucas lectures Brad, who explains that there is something between them worth saving. Lucas walks away. At the morgue, Molly cries to her mom about Nathan killing her dad. She begs Alexis to let her see her father. Her mom says that's not possible but changes her mind after some begging. Meanwhile, Anna lets Ric out of his bodybag. He thinks this is all terrible. She insists that he needs to stay 'dead' to protect his loved ones. They bicker about this. Alexis and Molly arrive at the door. Anna steps out and tells Alexis that Molly shouldn't see him because the wounds are so grim. Molly sneaks into the room. They run after her. Ric is hiding. Molly bursts into tears. Once she and her mom leave, Anna gets a disguise for Ric. He's shaken from what just happened and is having a hard time leaving. She repeats that this what he needs to do. Over at the nurses' station, Obrecht corners Liz when she gets off the elevator and demands to know where she's been. She warns her that there is a three strikes policy in place and she could be out on her 'keister'. Liz doesn't care and rails about how she just had to help a girl after her father was killed. She challenges Obrecht to fire her. "You're fired," Obrecht says. Nikolas shows up and says she can't be fired. Obrecht contradicts that and walks off. Britt arrives and the prince leads Liz away. Obrecht spots her daughter, sees she's upset and offers to help. "Help me get Nikolas back," says Britt. Outside, Liz cries to Nik. Molly and Alexis arrive. They hug and then Ric and Anna sneak out. Liz nearly spots him when she turns back to pick up her giant hanky.

    GH Recap: Our Baby Died.

    Thursday, June 12 2014

    At the station, Diane orders Anne to let Molly see Ric. Shots ring out. Everyone drops and Anna rushes off. Molly worries someone's tried to kill her dad. Liz worries it's the person framing Ric. Anna returns and explains that there was a struggle and Nathan had to shoot Ric. He's dead. The cop pays her condolences. Molly runs off with Liz. They see Nathan with a bodybag. "Daddy why?" Molly cries. Anna puts Nathan on administrative leave. Liz tries comforting Molly. Ann follows the body bag as its wheeled into the morgue. Once she's alone, she opens it. Ric opens his eyes.

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