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    General Hospital CAST - Alexis Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexis Davis Played by Nancy Lee Grahn on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nancy Lee Grahn (ABC)

    Birthday: April 28 1958
    Birthplace: Skokie, Illinios
    Marital Status: She has one daughter, Katharine Grace
    Real Name: Nancy Lee Grahn
    Height: 5'6"


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    GH Recap: Rock And A Hard Place.

    Thursday, December 18 2014

    At the hospital, Nathan tells Alexis he promised Maxie she would spend Christmas with Georgie. Alexis assures him she won't give up. Nathan also wants her to represent his sister. They discuss Nina. Nathan thinks she's sick. Alexis agrees. She hopes she gets the help she needs, but reminds him Nina hurt her daughter. Nathan wants to protect his sister and brings up Alexis' sister. He reminds her they're family. Alexis grins. "The Cassadine card." Alexis agrees to represent Nina, but warns it will be an uphill battle. Nathan calls someone for help with the Maxie situation. "I can't do this without you." Elsewhere, Jake flashes to holding Sam at gunpoint. Patrick asks, "You okay?" They chat about Thanksgiving. Jake thinks Sam told Patrick about him. Patrick says he hasn't seen much of her and asks what he thinks she told him. Jake tells him he can't trust his memories. He asks if he could do something now and forget about it tomorrow. Jake wonders if what he's recalling could be a real memory. When Patrick speculates that Jake was no doctor or lawyer, Jake backtracks.

    At the jail, Franco asks Anna why Nina was moved. He learns Nina had a run-in with Ava and was also given a sedative. Franco doesn't think she's okay. Anna leaves. Nina tells Franco, "You lied to me." Franco apologizes for failing her. He tells Nina she's maybe the only friend he's had and she can't turn her back on him. Nina feels it's irrelevant - they won't beat the charges. This is the last time they'll see each other. Franco still thinks there's hope for them. He promises to stick by her no matter what. In the interrogation area, Anna removes Jordan's handcuffs. Jordan says if the investigation is ongoing she's no longer a part of it. Anna feels there's still more work for her to do. They discuss Faison's escape. Anna says they have a bigger priority - she wants Jordan to find Ric Lansing. They discuss why Ric might be important to Julian. Anna wants Jordan to get in with Julian and Carlos. She points out she'd be a hero in her son's eyes for bringing his girlfriend's father back. Jordan smiles. "You play dirty." She's in. Anna meets with Alexis upstairs. She assures her they'll find Ric. Alexis goes to the cells and tells Nina her brother sent her. "I'm here to help." Nina won't sign on unless Alexis also represents Franco.

    GH Recap: Denied.

    Tuesday, December 16 2014

    At the courthouse, Maxie video chats with Nathan over the phone. Maxie is waiting for her custody hearing to begin and Nathan wishes her luck. She hopes to see Nathan soon and hangs up. Lulu arrives and keeps Maxie calm. Mac and Felicia aren’t coming as they are caught up at the courthouse due to the mayoral race recount. Maxie panics when Diane texts that she cannot make it either due to being stuck in another trial. Fortunately Alexis shows up to take Diane’s place. Judge Walters takes the bench and is surprised to see Alexis defending Maxie given their history in this courtroom, but Alexis says her job today is to show that Maxie has demonstrated herself to be a fit mother. The judge notes that Maxie has done everything required to regain custody of her daughter, except she has failed to stay away from Nathan West. Alexis says this directive was not in the documents she reviewed. Walters says he gave it to her verbally, and he has several recorded accounts of Maxie being spotted with Nathan West. He denies her visitation and says they will revisit this in sixth months. Alexis finds this outrageous and plans to file an appeal.

    GH Recap: Cold Fish.

    Monday, December 15 2014

    Liv wanders into the Metro Court restaurant and spots Ned sitting with Alexis. He tells the lawyer that Julian is bad news and she shouldn't have to see him alone. She doubts he'll be out any time soon. Liv interrupts and guesses what they want for breakfast. She pointedly suggests Alexis wants her eggs over-easy and chuckles as she walks off. Alexis wonders if Ned's noticed the friction in the air. Ned's clueless. Liv returns with the meal and explains she added some lox for the lawyer because she reminds her of cold fish. With some prodding, Olivia tells them that they don't belong together. She belongs with Ned. That turns out to be a fantasy. Liv keeps her mouth shut and comps their meal. After Alexis leaves, Ned asks Olivia what's really going on.

    Julian is brought into court. He sees Carlos sitting there and wonders who he is working for now. Carlos is working for Johnny. The Zaccharas want to take over the entire eastern seaboard. Julian wants out of the mob. Carlos mocks his obsession with Alexis and insists that men like them don't get a happy ending. He instructs him to plead not guilty. The hearing begins. Julian thinks of Alexis but pleads not guilty. The bail is set and posted. The judge lets Jerome go. Carlos tells Julian they will be the next kings of Port Charles. He walks off as Alexis arrives. She guesses what just happened. Julian reminds her that she already said they don't have a future.

    GH Recap: Foul Martini.

    Friday, December 12 2014

    Alexis drops in to see Julian in the cells. She asks him to put on a shirt and explains she's there for Molly. The lawyer explains that Ric is alive. She glosses over the whole story. He's relieved until she explains that Ric has disappeared. He asks her to be his lawyer but she refuses and walks out. Later, Carlos is shown in. "You're out?" Julian asks. "You're next boss," Carlos says with a chuckle.

    GH Recap: Ric Is Missing.

    Tuesday, December 09 2014

    Alexis runs into Maxie at Kelly's while looking for Molly. She putters off and Maxie talks to herself until Patrick interrupts. He fills her in about his fight with Sam. Meanwhile, Molly is with TJ in the kitchen. They talk about their moms and how they can never trust them.

    At the Quartermaines, Ned and Olivia watch a movie with their 3D glasses on. He starts talking about his fight with Alexis and how uncertain their relationship is. That piques her interest. As they watch the movie, she hops into his lap and claims it's just because of the 3D. He turns it off. She starts trying to get something off her chest when Alexis interrupts. Liv starts to stutter. She's about to leave but Ned insists she stay. She goes to get more popcorn. Alexis apologizes to Ned for defending Julian so he apologizes for defending his father. She tips him off about Julian framing Ric. Plus, he's alive. They forgive each and smooch. Liv watches and crumbles some popcorn. After Davis leaves, Ned asks Liv what she wanted to tell him. She admits she was going to ask him to New Years but he's patched things up with the lawyer. He thinks they need to get her a date and tells her she's due for some happiness.

    Alexis returns to Kelly's and finds her daughter. Before she can say anything, Anna calls and informs Alexis that Ric is missing.

    GH Recap: Three.

    Wednesday, December 03 2014

    Alexis meets Molly at Kelly’s Diner and tells her that her father was innocent all along. Alexis says Molly was right, and she wishes she could take back siding with Julian. Molly is furious with Alexis and tells her mother to leave, as she can’t look at her without thinking of her father in a body bag. Alexis leaves Molly and gives her some space.

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