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    General Hospital CAST - Alexis Davis - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alexis Davis Played by Nancy Lee Grahn on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Nancy Lee Grahn (ABC)

    Birthday: April 28 1958
    Birthplace: Skokie, Illinios
    Marital Status: She has one daughter, Katharine Grace
    Real Name: Nancy Lee Grahn
    Height: 5'6"


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    GH Recap: Butter My Muffin.

    Friday, April 17 2015

    At the Quartermaine estate, Ned insists to Olivia that giving up his shares was the right thing to do. How else could they keep the truth from Alexis? "It was a no brainer," he says. Alexis clears her throat as she enters the room. She didn't hear anything and moans about Michael. Ned lies and claims he didn't give his stocks to Franco. He asks her to talk to Nikolas about where Helena's shares are. Once the lawyer leaves, Liv tells Ned once again that he can't give up his shares. He has to follow his heart. She sobs as he tells her what he's felt for her for so long. They kiss. Ned promises to be by her side and the baby's.

    Hayden calls Nikolas from her hotel room. He's not thrilled that she has his number. She's bored and asks him to come over and 'butter my muffin'. He says more contact is not a good idea. He's determined to find out who is behind her charade. She offers to tell him the truth after they have sex again. The prince shoots down that plan. She soon shows up at Wyndemere. Nik wishes she would leave. Hayden doesn't think he should deny himself some carnal pleasure. As they start doing it on the desk, Alexis begins bellowing in the hall. The prince rushes Hayden out the back and meets his cousin in the hallway. The lawyer asks him about the missing 32 percent of ELQ. He claims to have no idea where it went. After Alexis exits, the prince opens his vault and notices that Jason's ring is gone.

    GH Recap: Go Be Happy.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    Franco crashes Ned, Alexis and Olivia's meeting at the Quartermaine estate. The lawyer tells Franco that he's not a shareholder in ELQ. He explains that Ned promised him his shares. Liv gasps and tries to gloss over everything. Alexis offers to start legal proceedings against Franco but they turn her down. Julian calls her over to the Metro Court. Once she's gone, Franco asks for his shares. Liv begs Ned not to hand them over. He hands them over anyway and orders Franco out of his house.

    Alexis arrives at the Metro Court and gets between Michael and security.

    GH Recap: Thanks, But No Thanks.

    Wednesday, April 15 2015

    At the Quartermaine estate, Alexis bluntly asks Michael if he took AJ. He swears he didn't. Ned asks Michael to temporarily step down as CEO. He will take over. Michael sneezes and pops his meds, accusing them of stabbing him in the back. Tracy arrives. Michael is hesitant, but they push him to sign away his position. He rips up the paperwork and challenges them to force him out. Michael takes a drink and storms out. Alexis points out that they don't have enough votes to force Michael out.

    Olivia rushes into the Quartermaine estate. She finds Ned talking to Alexis about ELQ. Franco strolls in and wonders why he wasn't invited.

    GH Recap: Back Together.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    Child Protective Services arrive at the Quartermaines to pick up Avery. Morgan and Kiki are there to rub it in. CPS explain they have to have the baby checked over at the hospital before Kiki can take AJ home. Once they all leave, Michael rails to Alexis about how he is the only one who can protect the baby. They tell the lawyer about his pills and how little he actually drank. Alexis leaves to check it out.

    GH Recap: Access Port Charles.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    At Julian’s place, Alexis and Julian see the report and Alexis springs into action to protect her client. Later Kiki arrives to speak with Julian about Michael. As they talk, Alexis gets dressed and heads out to check on Michael. Kiki wants to take Michael to court, but Julian wonders if this was really Michael’s fault. He reminds Kiki that she claimed to have a foolproof plan to help them prove Michael was unfit, so she admits she and Morgan did this. However she didn’t mean for Avery to get hurt. He didn’t know she had this in her and says her mother would be proud of her. Later Morgan calls Kiki and tells her that his dad has called child services and a decision may be made at any minute.

    Alexis arrives at the Quartermaine's as Sabrina is examining Michael’s allergy medication. Alexis warns Michael to prepare himself as he could lose custody of Avery. Later a woman from CPS arrives to get the child.

    GH Recap: What Is Her Damage?

    Tuesday, March 31 2015

    Alexis runs into Patrick at the hospital. After some awkwardness, she asks him how much he saw when he walked in on her and Julian. He admits he saw something, but he's a doctor, he's seen it all. The doctor has a plan to make sure what happened never happens again. He asked Sam to move in with him. Alexis thinks they are great together and Sam will eventually see how terrific he is. "From your nips," he says, before correcting himself.

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