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    General Hospital CAST - Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. Played by Anthony Geary on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Anthony Geary (ABC)

    Birthday: May 29, 1947
    Birthplace: Coalville, Utah
    Real Name: Anthony Geary
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Put It To Bed.

    Thursday, August 21 2014

    Julian skypes with Fluke at the penthouse and Fluke tells him he’s about to give Sonny a very bad day, thanks to Ava. Suddenly, Jordan enters and startles Julian. She realizes he was chatting on his computer and asks if it was Luke Spencer. She answered Mickey’s phone after he died and recognized his voice. Julian laughs and swears on everyone he holds dear that the man she heard was not Luke. She wants to know who their boss is because she wants in. Julian warns her to stay away from this guy.

    GH Recap: Ding Dongs.

    Wednesday, August 20 2014

    Tracy is at home talking to Luke over the internet. She informs him their plan is dead thanks to Alice. He defends his taking an 'extended business trip' but she thinks it's time for him to come home. She doesn't think she can keep fighting on her own. Luke asks her to be patient. Ned bursts in and tells Luke that his plots are over. He slams the laptop shut. Mother and son bicker about the Quartermaine legacy. He insists that Luke is a psycho and lists his flaws. She slaps him when he suggests that Luke is only using her. "We're going to get back ELQ if it's the last thing we do!" she says. He evicts her from the house. She can't believe he would do this so he reminds her of when she did it to him.

    Back at the penthouse, Ava gets on the internet to speak to Luke. He wants the dirt she has on Sonny. She says that will take time. Luke thinks she's useless so she offers to do some multitasking. He asks her to kill Michael. She can't do that to her daughter. He's sure Kiki can do better and advises her not to waste his time.

    GH Recap: Finding Spencer.

    Friday, August 01 2014

    At the penthouse, Ava startles Luke by showing up on her brother's teleconference channel. They're surprised to see each other. "Whoever Luke Spencer happened to be before, is not that man anymore," he says. Even though he tried having her killed, she suggests they go into business together. She admits that she has the dirt on Sonny but she wants assurances. He rubs his chin.

    GH Recap: To Britch, Or Not To Britch.

    Thursday, July 31 2014

    At the penthouse, Julian fills his sister in about the fire. He assures her that Mickey won't be a problem and suggests she fix her attention on Sonny. After he dismisses her, he Skypes Luke. They exchange threats. Luke claims he has an army of Mickeys he can send after him. He wants them to get back to taking down Sonny. Luke offers a truce in exchange for what he has on Corinthos. Julian refuses and orders him to stop lacing their product with heroin. After some more threats, Julian ends the call. After he walks off, Ava opens his laptop and calls Luke.

    GH Recap: Time Lost Is Time Lost Forever.

    Monday, June 09 2014

    Fake Luke calls Julian from paradise and tells him he was worried he was going to have to go after Julian’s daughter next. Tracy knocks the phone out of Luke’s hand and tells him no cell phones on their honeymoon. After she leaves Luke tells Julian to get back to work. Julian thinks the bust makes it a bad idea but Luke pushes him to round up another crew with Jordan and use his immunity to move the product again. Julian agrees. Luke is looking forward to an hour alone with a hot masseuse when Tracy appears and tells him she snagged the last couples’ massage.

    GH Recap: Port Chuckles.

    Friday, May 30 2014

    Fake Luke visits the totally disoriented and drugged real Luke at Miscavige and tells him it took a lot of planning to get here. He’s been watching Luke for months, years, familiarizing himself with all the details of Luke’s life. Then he waited for just the right moment and got it when Luke landed here. He rubs in how great Tracy was in bed when they reunited, and now they’re now married. He’s only after her money and ELQ but still takes care of her in the sack. Restrained, real Luke finally reacts and screams for him to keep his filthy hands off Tracy. New Luke continues to taunt Luke about Tracy’s voracious sex drive, and Luke spits in his face. New Luke is leaving town for a while, and passes along the info that Luke has a grandson named Rocco. When he gets back from his trip he’s going to take over Port Charles and obliterate Sonny. He even set up another guy to take the fall for everything he’s done with an iron-clad paper trail and planted weapon with prints. New Luke says goodbye for now and old Luke asks him who he is. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” he taunts.

    GH Recap: Sticks And Stones.

    Thursday, May 29 2014

    At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy tells Luke she knows about his honeymoon planning. She can’t wait! He tries to deny it but she tells him she dragged it out of Lulu after seeing how upset Tracy was about Luke’s odd behavior. “When do we leave?” she chirps. He tells her tonight, and they will buy everything they need when they get there. She insists on packing and wants to know if it is tropical or cold. He tells her to pack a little of everything. Overjoyed, she leaves and he calls someone to use the ELQ card to book something tonight. Julian arrives and tells Luke his message was received loud and clear. If he leaves his family alone Julian will keep working for him. Luke thought he would play ball and planted evidence in Ric’s room. He puts Julian in charge while he is gone. When he returns, they take down Sonny. Later, Tracy gets a card to meet Luke at the airport.

    Luke goes to Miscavige to check on a patient. It’s the real Luke with a shaved head!

    GH Recap: This Is Crap.

    Wednesday, May 28 2014

    Carly plops down beside Luke at the Metro Court bar. They talk about Lucas' shooting and he suggests it must have been a hate crime. She wanders off to find a bartender and runs into Franco. She tells him Sonny knows Ava killed Connie. He's surprised Sonny hasn't scorched the earth. Ric shows up. Carly begins listing his crimes. Franco shakes his hand and then offers to beat him up. Carly's sure he can ruin his own life. Ric heads to the bar. Luke offers him a drink but Ric lays into him for spreading rumors. Ric warns that he can be just as dangerous as Sonny. He strolls off. Back at a table, Carly and Franco ponder what Sonny will do next. Back at the bar, Luke chats to Olivia. She mentions breaking up with Sonny and he wants all the details. She gives them. He tells her she can do a lot better than Sonny and asks her to go somewhere quiet so she can 'undress her feelings' for him. She urges him to go home to his new bride. He grumbles, tells her Ric is a threat and kisses her before walking off. Confused, she wanders by Carly and Franco. Olivia fills Carly in about Sonny sleeping with Ava. Carly assures her that will never happen again. Meanwhile, Liz arrives on the roof of the Metro Court. Ric is waiting and has had the place prepared for her. She's impressed. They toast and he calls out a violinist to play as they dance. He asks her to spend the night with him. She agrees.

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