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    General Hospital CAST - Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. Played by Anthony Geary on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Anthony Geary (Ai-Wire/

    Birthday: May 29, 1947
    Birthplace: Coalville, Utah
    Real Name: Anthony Geary
    Height: 6'2"


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    GH Recap: Luke leaves Port Charles

    Monday, July 27 2015

    Sonny is called to the docks as his men found someone snooping around. They bring out Luke, who Sonny orders to be let go. Luke lets his friend know he’s waiting for a boat as he’s leaving Port Charles. He gives Sonny a parting gift, the gun he used to kill Frank Smith, the man who brought them together. Lulu arrives before her father departs, so Sonny leaves them to say their goodbyes. Luke tells her that she’ll always be his one and only baby girl. The two hug.

    Back on the docks, Sonny returns and he and Luke say a final goodbye. Luke tells Sonny to take care of Port Charles, as it needs him. Luke then walks off into the fog as he salutes and says goodbye and good luck to Port Charles.

    GH Recap: Luke says goodbye to Bobbie

    Friday, July 24 2015

    Bobbie finds her brother at the old Spencer house. She notices there's a gun on the table. He explains that was just a bad idea. He's actually decided to leave Port Charles. She doesn't think the timing is right. He explains that he and Tracy are not reconciling. She pointed out that there are a lot of things he needs to learn about himself. The ghosts of his past have been speaking to him. He's not trapped in the past anymore, so he needs to find his future. Bobbie wishes he would do that there and sobs. Her brother thanks her for the good she's brought into his life. They'll always have each other's backs. After they embrace, they agree not to say goodbye, just arrivederci. Once she exits, he turns to his younger self. He's sorry for squandering his potential. "Who knows what good we could still do?" young Luke asks. He puts down his baseball bat and they leave together.

    GH Recap: Brad shocks Lucas with the truth

    Thursday, July 23 2015

    Luke returns to the old Spencer house and pulls out a gun, which he points at his chest. Suddenly his father’s ghost appears and tells him to get it over with and join him in hell. Patricia’s ghost runs down the steps and tells Luke not to do it, as their father holds no power over them any longer. Tim warns Luke that he’ll never be rid of him, and then he stumbles out the front door. Patricia tells Luke that their father is wrong, and if he kills himself then everything she did for him was in vain. Luke reminds her that he killed their mother, and he can’t live with that. Luke’s mother’s ghost arrives, and Patricia leaves them to talk alone. His mother tells Luke that his accepting the truth of what happened to her should be the beginning of his life, not the end. She pushes him to stand up and figure out who he is and who he wants to be without all those demons inside. Luke puts the gun down and hugs his mother, who tells him she’s so proud of him.

    Bobbie arrives at the old Spencer house and finds Luke alone. Luke tells her that he’s made a decision about the rest of his life.

    GH Recap: Laura confronts Nikolas about his lies

    Wednesday, July 22 2015

    Michael arrives at The Haunted Star to talk business with Luke. Luke thinks he’s here to defend Tracy’s honor, so he explains everything to Michael about the sham with Laura. Michael is stunned to learn little Jake is alive, but explains he is here to discuss tearing down the old Spencer home. Luke tells Michael he’s done with that house, so tear it down. Michael thanks him and then he heads out. Luke walks over to the safe, opens it, and reaches inside for something.

    Luke heads to the old Spencer house. He pulls out a gun and says, "When this house goes, so do I."

    GH Recap: Tracy ends things with Luke

    Tuesday, July 21 2015

    Luke and Tracy meet at The Haunted Star. He apologizes to her for not telling her the truth, and she forgives him. Luke still has the engagement ring and would like to get back to where they were and asks her to marry him. Tracy tells him that she forgives him, but she can’t marry him. She explains that this past year has been hell for her what with him and ELQ, and when Paul showed up she found herself laughing and having fun for a change. Tracy says that she needs to just be herself for a while, and he has to recover from all that he went through. She feels he only wants to marry her so he can feel like the old Luke, but he still needs to make peace with his history. He thinks that if he does what she asks then there can be hope for them, but she tells him they can’t have a life together. She feels that he needs to find his way without her. Luke realizes she is right. Tracy and Luke hug and profess to love one another forever.

    GH Recap: Laura learns the truth about Jake

    Monday, July 20 2015

    Dante calls Lulu and they arrange to have dinner later. Lulu greets her father at the Haunted Star. He explains that he caught Tracy in bed with Paul. She fills him in on everything that happened with Dante. She wants to put the one kiss behind her but it's hard. It's time for her to probe Valerie about everything that really went down. After she leaves, Tracy comes in.

    GH Recap: Nikolas tells Lucky the truth about Jake

    Tuesday, July 14 2015

    At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke heads up to Tracy’s room to talk to her and is stunned when he walks in on her in bed with Paul. She asks Paul to excuse them while she deals with Luke, so he leaves. Luke explains everything to Tracy, including that he never got back with Laura, and assures her that she’s the only one he wants. Tracy asks why he didn’t tell her the truth in the first place. He tries to explain, but she feels like he didn’t trust her, that he cut her out and left her behind. Tracy says he’s never seen her as his equal, that’s always been an issue, and that he blew it. She asks him to leave. He agrees to go, but hopes she will see things differently in the morning. He says he’s not a quitting man. She tells him that he’s just a little too secretive for his own good. Meanwhile, Dillon is reunited with Paul. Paul confesses to Dillon that he and his mother reconnected and that Luke just walked in on them in bed. Dillon asks about his wife Jenny. Paul tells him that they are over, and he and Tracy turned to one another over their mutual hurt. Dillon tells his dad that Luke didn’t actually screw Tracy over, and he explains the whole story. Paul tells Dillon that no matter what happens with Luke and Tracy that he came home to make things right with his son, and he won’t let anyone stop him from doing that.

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