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    General Hospital CAST - Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. Played by Anthony Geary on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Anthony Geary (ABC)

    Birthday: May 29, 1947
    Birthplace: Coalville, Utah
    Real Name: Anthony Geary
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: One Eye Open.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    At the PCPD, Nathan and Dante are talking when Luke is brought into the squad room. Luke tells Dante that the minute he gets out he will use the first chance he gets to get rid of him, Lulu and their snot factory of a son. Nathan holds Dante back from attacking Luke just as Diana walks in and tells Dante to step away from her client. Diane is appalled that Luke has been held for days without council and she demands that a bail hearing be set immediately. They arrange for him to have a hearing first thing in the morning. Later Diane speaks with Luke in private. He warns her that he is depending on her and she doesn’t want to find out what happens when he is disappointed. Diana is spared anymore time with Luke when Dante and Nathan arrive to take him back to his cell. Luke uses the opportunity to make the newest Cassadine’s acquaintance. He tells Nathan that he won’t forget how he messed things up for him the other night at Wyndemere, so tell his loved ones to sleep with one eye open.

    GH Recap: Worthy.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    Luke paces in his cell and starts screaming for a guard. Tracy is shown in. He thinks he's done some bad things and he's in trouble. She believes it and explains what Helena has been saying. He refuses to accept that he could have been working with Helena. Tracy says his alternative personality implied that his behavior had something to do with his childhood. When she questions him about it, he snaps. Fluke starts barking at her but she's not afraid. She's determined to talk to his sister, Patricia. He thinks trying to find her would be a waste of time but Tracy vows to do it.

    GH Recap: Live Free Or Die.

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    Bobbie arrives in the cells to visit Luke. He's sure she has nothing new to say. She threatens to tear him apart and wants to know why he ordered her son's murder. He fobs that off, saying Lucas isn't really flesh and blood. Luke points out that he didn't visit Lucas to look out for him. He planned to kill him but Julian ruined it. She reminds him of how they always used to protect each other. "Where are you Luke?" she cries. Something snaps. Luke becomes disoriented and asks her what's happening. She accuses him of playing games but he insists that he didn't do anything. Bobbie disowns him and leaves. "What's going on?" he screams. Finally, his other half appears in a police uniform. He mocks him and explains that they are the same person.

    GH Recap: Nag.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    At the PCPD, Luke and Jake discuss their trip to GH last night to have their brains scanned. Luke knows Jake is hoping their trip proves that Helena was controlling their minds. Jake does, for himself and to prove his innocence to Liz. Jake scolds Luke for the way he has behaved towards Lulu. He thinks Luke must want to know he’s not responsible for his actions, but Luke says he is his own man and in control of his actions.

    Back at the PCPD, Liz shows up to tell Jake the good news about the brain scans. They are making arrangements to remove the chip. Jake is taken away and later Tracy shows up to see Luke. She asks what changed him so drastically. He says he wanted the people in this town to fear him, to know that he owns them all. Tracy can’t believe he wants what Sonny has, but Luke says he wants respect, fear, an empire full of lackeys to do whatever. He remembers when he killed Frank Smith and stepped aside because of Laura, only to have Sonny step in. He explains he realized then the mistake he made, so he contacted Julian in witness protection to form a plan to get back what was always his. Tracy asks why he would want to kill her and his own daughter. Luke asks, "Have you met you? Nag, nag nag!" Tracy realizes there is more to this than he’s letting on and she vows to find out what it is

    GH Recap: Free And Clear.

    Thursday, February 12 2015

    Luke sits in his cell at the PCPD, his neighbor Helena has been taken away. Lulu comes in to visit her father and lashes out at him for trying to blow her to bits with the rest of people on the boat. She believes Helena has him under her mind control, and that Nikolas will force his grandmother to help them. Lulu knows her father is still in there somewhere and says she loves him and is fighting for him. In an interrogation room, Helena meets with Sloane and Nikolas. Nikolas believes she has Jake under mind control as well as Luke, and he wants her to make things right. Helena says she won’t cooperate until she gets immunity.

    Back at the PCPD, Scott arrives and says he will not sign any deal to grant Helena immunity. Nikolas reveals that he put Mayor Lomax where she is and he can take Scott out of office if he wants to. Scott reluctantly agrees and storms out. Helena makes a written confession about her relationship with Jake and Luke and asks if she’s free to go. Down in the holding cells, Jake is brought back to a cell and tells Lulu that Helena has him conditioned and made him do what he did. Lulu thinks the same is true for Luke, but Luke says that’s not the case. He reminds her that he’s been working with Julian for years, back to his witness protection days, so that would mean Helena’s been controlling him for decades. Lulu is left not knowing what to believe anymore and runs out. Later Sloane walks in and orders Jake and Luke manacled for a little field trip. Back up in the station, Lulu finds Helena in the free and clear and is furious. Nikolas tells Lulu that Helena would only give them answers if she were given immunity.

    GH Recap: The One And Only.

    Monday, February 09 2015

    Liz visits Jake in the cells and confronts him for lying to her. She feels like an idiot. He's sorry. She demands an explanation. It takes him awhile to explain what's been happening because she keeps interrupting. He tells her about warning of the bomb and begs her to believe him. She does. She's been through the mind control story before and wonders who they can find to get Helena to clear him. Down the hall, Luke laughs about how no one has been willing to admit that he is who he is. "I am the one, the only Lucas Lorenzo Spencer!" he declares, taking a bow. Helena's not too amused. She still doesn't understand why he dug up Bill. Questions infuriate him. The Cassadine hopes he has a plan to get them out of there. The only thing she can come up with is Jake so he points out that he's already in captivity. Luke rants about how useless her family is. Tracy shows up and accuses Helena of brainwashing Luke. "Undo it. Now!" the Quartermaine commands. Cassadine offers to help if she'll get her full immunity.

    GH Recap: It Wasn't Enough.

    Friday, February 06 2015

    Helena's pacing in the cells makes Fluke nauseous. He blames her grandson for their failure. She blames Sonny and assures him she has a get out of jail free card. Sloane wanders in. The Cassadine reminds him that he owes her. The commissioner explains that they need to play things cool or face a revolt in the department. Fluke tells him to go ahead and run his prints. Sloane calls Obrecht and orders the bone tests to go ahead. After he leaves, Helena shakes her head. Fluke doesn't think they have any other options and wants to move on to the next chapter. They should have let Bill rest in peace because the truth has been staring everyone in the face all along.

    GH Recap: Boom.

    Wednesday, February 04 2015

    On the docks, Sonny holds a gun on Fluke and tells him that he won’t hurt Michael or anyone he cares about. Fluke tells him that it’s too late, Dante is already dead and the boat carrying Michael is about to explode.

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