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    General Hospital CAST - Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lucas "Luke" Lorenzo Spencer Sr. Played by Anthony Geary on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Anthony Geary (ABC)

    Birthday: May 29, 1947
    Birthplace: Coalville, Utah
    Real Name: Anthony Geary
    Height: 6'2"
    Web site:


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    GH Recap: Say The Word.

    Friday, March 27 2015

    Tracy and Bobbie get to Oakhill. When they walk into Patricia's room, Luke is waiting with his gun out.

    GH Recap: Charges Dismissed.

    Thursday, March 26 2015

    At Valerie’s place, Luke has Valerie tied to a chair and her mouth taped shut. He removes the tape so he can feed her breakfast and question her as to where Patricia is. Valerie continues to claim that her mother is dead, but she soon realizes that her mother must know something that could hurt him. Luke notices she is talking about Pat in the present tense, so Valerie admits her mom is alive. However she won’t tell him where her mom is, as she knows he’ll just kill her. Luke realizes she isn’t going to tell him anything, which means she’s of no use to him anymore. Valerie escapes her bonds and runs from Luke. When her phone rings she answers and screams for help, but Luke manages to pull the cord out first.

    GH Recap: Uncle Luke.

    Tuesday, March 24 2015

    At Valerie’s place, Lulu and Tracy are about to leave when they hear a noise inside her apartment. Tracy asks if someone is in there. Valerie says it’s just her cat and she once again tries to get rid of them, but they won’t leave. Lulu asks where her mother is buried as her aunt Bobbie will want to know, so Valerie tells her at Oak Hill Cemetery. Lulu and Tracy finally leave and Luke emerges from the shadows. Valerie tells Uncle Luke to get going and forget they are related because she plans to. Luke tells her that he’s not going anywhere and waves a gun around. Valerie says she did everything he asked, but he says she didn’t tell him where his sister is. She says her mother is dead, but he doesn’t believe her and is not going anywhere until she tells him where Patricia is.

    GH Recap: His Wife.

    Friday, March 20 2015

    Tracy and Lulu show up at the apartment that Spinelli tracked Patricia to. They knock on the door and a young African American woman answers. When they ask for Patricia, she says it’s her mother. Tracy thinks there is a mix-up, but the woman assures them that her mother is white and is Patricia. Tracy apologizes, and Lulu introduces herself as her cousin. The woman says she is Valerie Spencer. Valerie never knew her mother had any siblings. Lulu says they only just recently found out about Patricia as well. Tracy cuts the family reunion talk short and says they need to talk to Patricia as she may be the only one who can help them with Luke. Valerie tells them that she’s sorry but her mother is dead. They ask if they can talk to her, maybe she knows something that can help them. As Tracy asks if they can come inside, the camera pans to Luke hiding behind Valerie’s door with a gun.

    GH Recap: I'm Yours.

    Monday, March 09 2015

    Franco and Nina are at Shadybrook debating whether or not to take Luke up on his offer to get out. They agree to do it. She babbles about wanting to finally have a life again. Luke explains that he has people who can help them. The three of them argue about their plan. Franco goes into the hall to keep guard. Luke gets flirtatious as Nina takes off Luke's restraints. A guard finds Franco in the hall as Nina leads Luke out. When the guard spots them, Luke grabs Nina and threatens to snap her neck. More guards rush in and Luke runs.

    GH Recap: Unwanted Kiss.

    Friday, March 06 2015

    In Shadybrook, Franco threatens to kill Luke and make a work of art out of his corpse for what he did to Scotty. Nina walks in as Franco begins suffocating Luke with a pillow and she stops him. She reminds him they have a plan to leave with one another, and a dead body will make that difficult. Luke says he has a plan to escape himself and will take them with him if they help him. Franco says he is listening, but Nina thinks this guy is insane. Luke says he is in control of his faculties, and that he did what he did to avoid being sent back to prison. He says it’s much easier to break out of this place. Luke promises to help them disappear with his resources if they help him get out of here. Nina doesn’t trust him, but Franco believes this is their best chance.

    GH Recap: One Eye Open.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    At the PCPD, Nathan and Dante are talking when Luke is brought into the squad room. Luke tells Dante that the minute he gets out he will use the first chance he gets to get rid of him, Lulu and their snot factory of a son. Nathan holds Dante back from attacking Luke just as Diana walks in and tells Dante to step away from her client. Diane is appalled that Luke has been held for days without council and she demands that a bail hearing be set immediately. They arrange for him to have a hearing first thing in the morning. Later Diane speaks with Luke in private. He warns her that he is depending on her and she doesn’t want to find out what happens when he is disappointed. Diana is spared anymore time with Luke when Dante and Nathan arrive to take him back to his cell. Luke uses the opportunity to make the newest Cassadine’s acquaintance. He tells Nathan that he won’t forget how he messed things up for him the other night at Wyndemere, so tell his loved ones to sleep with one eye open.

    GH Recap: Worthy.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    Luke paces in his cell and starts screaming for a guard. Tracy is shown in. He thinks he's done some bad things and he's in trouble. She believes it and explains what Helena has been saying. He refuses to accept that he could have been working with Helena. Tracy says his alternative personality implied that his behavior had something to do with his childhood. When she questions him about it, he snaps. Fluke starts barking at her but she's not afraid. She's determined to talk to his sister, Patricia. He thinks trying to find her would be a waste of time but Tracy vows to do it.

    GH Recap: Live Free Or Die.

    Wednesday, February 18 2015

    Bobbie arrives in the cells to visit Luke. He's sure she has nothing new to say. She threatens to tear him apart and wants to know why he ordered her son's murder. He fobs that off, saying Lucas isn't really flesh and blood. Luke points out that he didn't visit Lucas to look out for him. He planned to kill him but Julian ruined it. She reminds him of how they always used to protect each other. "Where are you Luke?" she cries. Something snaps. Luke becomes disoriented and asks her what's happening. She accuses him of playing games but he insists that he didn't do anything. Bobbie disowns him and leaves. "What's going on?" he screams. Finally, his other half appears in a police uniform. He mocks him and explains that they are the same person.

    GH Recap: Nag.

    Tuesday, February 17 2015

    At the PCPD, Luke and Jake discuss their trip to GH last night to have their brains scanned. Luke knows Jake is hoping their trip proves that Helena was controlling their minds. Jake does, for himself and to prove his innocence to Liz. Jake scolds Luke for the way he has behaved towards Lulu. He thinks Luke must want to know he’s not responsible for his actions, but Luke says he is his own man and in control of his actions.

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