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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    Reservations And Qualms And Scruples.

    Friday, June 07 2013

    Ava barges in at the Quartermaine's and she and Tracy hurl insults at Franco. Franco believes they should be concerned about Ava's angle and mentions she may not be able to keep up her end of the bargain. Tracy asks for the signed documents and Franco demands to see his daughter. Lauren/Kiki walks in and Franco introduces himself as her father. Ava pulls a knife on Franco and threatens his life if he doesn’t back off. Tracy and AJ stumble over themselves to meet Lauren/Kiki and soon everyone is yelling. Lauren/Kiki whistles for everyone to shut up. She didn’t want a war, just an advance so she can pay for rent. Tracy and AJ offer her room at the mansion instead and show her around. Franco promises Ava that he will have a relationship with Lauren whether she likes it or not. Ava leaves and Carly enters.

    Frank Q.

    Thursday, June 06 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Monica interrupts a quiet AJ and knows he's still thinking about what happened to Michael. Tracy enters the living room and approaches AJ. He doesn't want to talk about relish. She agrees and confesses she heard about Michael. AJ is upset Monica told her and awaits Tracy's tongue-lashing. Tracy tells AJ how sorry she is. He thanks her and remembers they're all family. AJ brings up Franco's entitlement to shares as Monica and Tracy disagree he's owed anything. Franco sneaks in the patio doors holding up a peace sign asking if they should be talking about family like that. He checks out all the family photos on the mantle, including Alan's. From the patio, Shawn tries to get a clear shot at Franco but he moves around too much. Monica asks him to leave and he promises to take his shares out the door with him. Outside, Shawn disappears. Meanwhile, Franco taunts Monica by referring to her as his mother. Franco calls a meeting to order indicating that everything will change for AJ and Tracy to stop all this squabbling. As he surmises he might be the smartest grandchild, Ava arrives.

    A Bigger Piece Of The Pie.

    Monday, June 03 2013

    Monica thinks Luke did something to Tracy when she sees her at the hospital in a wheelchair. Monica doesn't care with all she has on her mind with Franco being alive. Tracy's surprised. Monica's sorry she didn't go to Franco's party because AJ got the news that Michael was raped. She blames herself for not raising Michael. Tracy won't allow her to punish herself and holds Monica as she breaks down in tears wondering how Michael will get through it. Tracy thinks Franco's sick because he has Quartermaine blood running through his veins. She realizes Franco is a Quartermaine.

    I Let Him Do It.

    Friday, May 31 2013

    At GH, Tracy leaves Ava a message about payment. She discovers Luke's missing from his room. He comes in. Tracy looks for the hospital bed sheets and finds them braided under the bed. She throws them at Luke, cursing him. Tracy thinks he should admit being scared. Luke doesn't do fear. She believes he's afraid. A nurse interrupts to take him to radiology. Tracy waits for Luke's decision. He follows the nurse out and is greeted by Dante and Lulu. She's ecstatic having remembered everything and even hugs Tracy who wonders if she's truly recovered. Lulu wonders why Luke is there. Luke makes it appear Tracy is there for tests and pushes her away in a wheelchair.

    Finding My Way Back.

    Thursday, May 30 2013

    The doctor decides to hold Luke at the hospital until they can make a diagnosis. Tracy becomes difficult demanding more information. The doctor discloses Luke may be suffering liver damage. Tracy argues Luke's drinking is responsible. Luke is happy when the doctor says other things can cause liver damage too. Luke refuses further testing and tries to leave. Tracy dismisses the doctor and tries to convince Luke to stay. She asks him to do it for her reminding him that he claimed he didn't want to lose her. She doesn't want to lose him either. She drags him back to the exam room and goes to find the doctor as Luke promises to stay only for her for 24 hours.

    Much To Discuss.

    Wednesday, May 29 2013

    Tracy finds Luke lying unconscious on her floor at the Q estate. She calls 911 and yells for Monica while assuring Luke that help is coming. The paramedics arrive and they see his glass with liquor in it. They ask how much he had to drink but Tracy is worried that isn’t the problem.

    At the hospital Tracy gives the doctor a rundown on Luke’s medical history. Luke wakes up, groggy, and admits he had one drink on an empty stomach. The doctor goes to find lab results while Luke stops Tracy from calling Lulu. He promises this is just natural wear and tear and wants to talk about her imminent victory over AJ instead. He bets Ava is having Kiki sign right now. The doctor returns with news about Luke.

    Still Friends.

    Tuesday, May 28 2013

    Inside the Quartermaine house, Luke interrupts Tracy's phone call. She asks him to leave but he has more to add to their last conversation. He apologizes for letting Baldwin get into his head and shares his true feelings for her. Tracy accepts but decides they can be friends, not lovers, because he can't offer what she needs. She stops Luke when he wants to make a toast. Luke asks her to accept him as he is or they can call the whole thing off. Tracy backs off for their friendship and starts to discuss the missing heir. She turns from closing the patio doors to shut out the storm and finds Luke passed out on the floor.

    Message From The Grave.

    Friday, May 24 2013

    AJ tells Tracy at the Q estate that neither one of them have a reason to tell Liz that he slept with Carly. Tracy begs to differ but she has bigger fish to fry, like ELQ. They are bickering when Ava walks in. She has a project that AJ might be interested in hearing about if Tracy can’t pay the price. Tracy doesn’t see the need to get AJ involved and threatens to call Liz if he doesn’t leave. AJ leaves. Ava holds her hand out for the money but Tracy wants her daughter to sign a guarantee she will vote to side with Tracy first. Ava agrees and leaves. Meanwhile, AJ gets the text about the party just as Michael runs in with the same one. They wonder who would do this to them. Later, Tracy calls Ned and tells him she is about to get Fracno’s daughter’s signature on the dotted line.

    Not Like You.

    Thursday, May 23 2013

    Nikolas arrives at the Quartermaine's at Tracy's request. She promises not to hurt him after what happened to him in NY. Nikolas's curious how Tracy got loose. She explains her father intervened. She gets to the business at hand informing Nikolas that AJ slept with Carly. He doesn't believe it. Nikolas writes Tracy a check and accepts her proof. He doesn't want to win Elizabeth this way but Tracy thinks if he really loves Elizabeth he'll go after her with everything he's got. Later, AJ updates Tracy about "The Chew" testing the relishes. He shares he has no reason to tell Elizabeth about Carly since both relishes were poisoned and it will hit the news anyway.

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