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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    Maxi's New Necklace.

    Monday, December 10 2007

    Luke wakes up from a nap and finds Lucky sitting with him. He tells Luke that the by-pass will save his life. Luke tells his son that he is young and strong and he can't possibly understand. Lucky reminds him that his body failed him, too, when it became dependent on drugs. He touches his father's cheek and says that when you push your body to extremes you are making the conscious decision to throw away your own life. Then he practically lays on top of his dad for a big hug. After he leaves, Tracy comes back into the room. Luke says that Lucky shed some interesting insight. Monica arrives and tells Luke that his vitals are unstable and his heartbeat is erratic. He needs to be prepped for surgery - tonight.

    Diane is Back!

    Friday, December 07 2007

    Luke wakes up in his hospital bed and almost forgets where he is. Tracy asks how his hangover feels. Luke tells her that she won't get a sobriety pledge from him any time soon. He points out that he agreed to the surgery, nothing else. "If my post-surgical ticker can't keep up with the rest of me, I'll die a free and happy man," he says. Then he is taken for blood work and Tracy isn't pleased, yet she tidies up his bed anyway. As she does, Skye pops in to see Luke. When Tracy tells her that it could be hours, Skye leaves a note for him. Tracy opens it the moment she is gone. "Dear Tracy, quit being so insecure, you can't keep Luke away from me forever," Skye writes. Just then, Alan appears to tell Tracy how selfish she is being. Tracy says that Luke is her husband and she doesn't want him to spend the last time that he has left with Skye!

    Tracy finds Monica at the nurses' desk and asks what Luke's test results are. Monica says that he's lucky to be alive - he's had three massive coronaries and couldn't take one more. She says that she will scrub in and monitor Leo's surgery. Tracy seriously says that she would normally want no one but her to perform open heart on her husband - but now, she wants her to stay away because of her grief for Emily. Monica resents the implication that she is not capable to do surgery.

    Tracy goes back to Luke's room to say that Monica will be coming soon. He badgers her about the younger woman who came to see him and finally she tells him it was Skye. Then she tells him that she's asked Monica not to do the surgery and Luke gently tells her that they should "take what comes." Tracy tells him that it's awfully "Zen" of him and they joke about Luke doing yoga and finding his center.

    Alexis to the Rescue.

    Thursday, December 06 2007

    Tracy has gone to the hospital to visit Luke, but instead she finds a pile of blankets wadded up beneath the comforter. But she doesn't have to worry for long because as soon as she storms into the hallway she sees Luke being brought in on a stretcher. After he is stabilized, Tracy goes to him. Lucky comes into the room and asks Luke why he has a death wish. Luke says that he doesn't, but he wants to live his own way, and wants to be able to wipe his own (Tracy objects to what he's about to say)…nose.

    Tracy walks Lucky to the door of Luke's room and promises to call if there's a change. Lucky says he'd like to see his dad change his attitude more than anything. Tracy says that she understands were Luke is coming from. She explains that he's more afraid of walkers and hospitals than he is of dying and she can't blame him. As she turns back to face Luke, he murmurs, "I'll do it. I'll have the surgery." He says that hears he would get really good drugs and Tracy goes to get Dr. Leo.

    Liz's Tender Goodbye.

    Wednesday, November 28 2007

    Tracy goes back to Luke's hospital room and finds him out of breath and sitting up. She starts to yell at him, but finally buckles about losing Emily. Luke asks her to tell him about it and she says, "Don't you dare be the reason I have to endure another day like today."

    Emily's Funeral Begins.

    Tuesday, November 27 2007

    Luke has somehow managed to slip out of his hospital room long enough to snag some get-away clothes. The second he huffs and puffs his way back under the covers, Tracy comes in and asks what he thinks he's doing. She says that she saw him roaming the halls and he is supposed to stay in bed. Luke tells her not to be late for Emily's funeral. Just then Lulu shows up to bring Tracy her cell phone that she left on the table at home. Luke asks if that means that she moved back into the Quartermane's? She says that she did, for many reasons- not just because of his health problems. She says that she was trying to spare Spinelli's feelings. She explains that he likes her too much for her to live under his roof - since she doesn't reciprocate the feelings. Luke says that he's not going belly-up any time soon so he doesn't need her to baby sit him.

    When Nik, Lucky and Liz arrive at the church, Edward is already there lightening a candle. He tells Lucky that he was always a great friend to Emily and Liz was more like a sister. Then he addresses Nikolas. He thanks him for not listening when he tried to chase him out of Emily's life. "You made her very happy," Edward says. Liz, Nik and Lucky take their seats as other people start to arrive, first Monica followed by Dillon and Ned. Edward says that their family has lost so much…A.J., Justice, Lila, Alan and now Emily. He doesn't know how much more he can take. Jax arrives, then Maxi and Georgie. Dillon and Georgie catch up for a few minutes. He asks her why she isn't returning any of his phone calls and she admits that there is someone that she is interested in now. Dillon tells her that she is still his best friend and he wants her to be happy. Leslie is there, complimenting Monica on teaching Emily how to be a good mother to her grandson (Spencer). Monica reminds Leslie that the two of them spent years fighting over Rick and now here they are alone. Lainey and Kelly are smiling about how Emily could throw back tequila shots, and Logan greets Lulu when she arrives with Tracy. The first thing Tracy does is tell Monica that she regrets the way she treated Emily. She explains that she resented the way everyone compared her to Lila. "I am so sorry for your loss Monica and I hope you can forgive me," Tracy chokes out the words before she takes her seat. Monica is touched by her honesty. Jax finds Alexis and sees how worried she is about Nik. "It might help if he didn't have you to worry about." He explains that Jerry's nurse tells him that she has been checking in on his brother. Alexis says that she is just concerned about her client, that's all. Jax warns her not to get too close to his brother.

    Bye Bye Nut Job.

    Monday, November 26 2007

    Lucky arrives in Luke's room and hears the awful news that Emily has died. He is devastated and hopes that it's not true and only a figment of his dad's medical statues. When Luke says that Emily was strangled by Anthony Zaccahra, Lucky throws a cart across the room. Tracy tells him to calm down or he'll give his father another heart attack. She reminds him that Luke had "multiple coronaries, angioplasty and is awaiting a heart bypass." Luke is short of breath as he says that he isn't awaiting anything. Lucky explains that he hadn't heard about Emily and apologizes for the commotion. Luke tells Tracy that he doesn't appreciate being lied to about his son being missing! Lucky says that he was just thinking things through for a while, and then tells his father to rest.

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