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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    Tracy's home.

    Tuesday, May 01 2007

    Then Luke tells Tracy that Baldwin subpoenaed him. Alan speaks up by saying that Luke isn't rational about Laura. Tracy doesn't miss a beat and says, "You need to be rational when it comes to Laura." Edward comes in and tells Luke to stop moaning about Laura to his current wife. Dillon comes in and asks for his tuition check, followed my Monica who says that Tracy has tons of extra money these days. As the family starts to bicker, Luke says that he needs his wife's assistance right now because he can't lose guardianship of Laura to Scott Baldwin. "Does Lulu know?" Dillon asks as he heads out the door. Edward and Edward are curious to hear more and Alice comes into the room and announces that Scott Baldwin is here. Scott faces the Qs and Edward asks Scotty how much money it'll take to make him go away. Just then Bobbie comes in and says that she's glad that everyone has arrived for the meeting she has called.

    Bobbie explains that Scott is there because she invited him. She tells everyone that the fight for Laura is the last thing that she would want. She reminds Luke that he is the love of Laura's life, and turns to Scott and says that he was her first love. Monica tells Scott that Laura's guardianship is no more his business than it is hers. Dillon returns home and tells Scott that he should be shot. He says, "Where do you get off criticizing Luke after what you did to Laura?" Everyone wants to know what Dillon means by that. Dillon doesn't get a chance to explain because Scott says that he's going to do everything in his power to get Laura out from under Luke's drunken thumb. After everyone leaves, only Tracy and Alan are left in the study. They start to talk about why Dillon might be acting so strangely about the Rick Webber murder case. Alan remembers that before he died Dillon learned that Alan or Monica didn't do it. Together they surmise that means that Scott must have! Tracy says that Luke would lose it if he thought he made Laura think that she killed Rick. Dillon comes in and tells Tracy that she is right. Tracy tells him that he can't tell Luke! Just then Luke comes in and asks what he can't know about. Dillon quickly covers by saying that he's sick of everyone telling him that he can't date Lulu!

    Jerry hears from his Mother!

    Tuesday, April 24 2007

    Luke finds Tracy at the bar and offers to buy her a drink. She reminds him that drinks are how they ended up in this mess in the first place. Now she's his wife and helping him to keep tabs on the woman he really loves. Luke tells her that self pity isn't her game, and it wasn't that long ago when she was poisoning his martini. They banter back and forth and agree to keep the drinks comin'. Luke starts talking about the sorry state his life was in when they came together. "Gee you're hot when you whine," Tracy says. Luke says that he thought marrying her would be good for a laugh and some quick cash. Then he says instead of a cheesy little scam, it was the smartest thing he ever did.

    From Hero to Casualty?

    Thursday, April 19 2007

    Luke is asking Tracy how she got in cahoots with Scott! Tracy that she went to Shady Brooke to warn the staff to keep Scott away from Laura and found him there. She says that she heard Scott's plan out and agreed to help him to keep Luke away from Laura. She admits that it's not fun watching her husband fight for who gets to pick Laura's next pair of slippers, but she is pretending to be on Scott's side for his sake. Luke wonders how he can trust her, then turns to the chair and says, "Alan, can I trust her?" Just then Alice announces that Mayor Floyd has arrived (at Tracy's request). She asks him to fire Scott Baldwin from his new job as Special Prosecutor. She says that he faked his own death to avoid criminal charges a few years ago, but Floyd says that was never proven and that he brought Baldwin in to clean up Port Charles. Lukesays,"Whatever he's got on you must be nasty." Floyd and Luke duke it out verbally and finally Floyd leaves. Tracy tells Luke that she just tried to cash in years of political favors for him and he blew it! Luke tells her that if he loses Laura, their marriage is over. Then he storms out of the room. A little later he come back and apologizes. He says that he does trust her and that they need to come up with a plan. Tracy is deeply hurt and finally speaks. She says, "If you think that I'm going to tolerate your little tantrums all in the name of true love, you'd better wake up and smell the burning bridge." He tells her that he's just crazy where Baldwin is concerned, that's all. Tracy says, "I love you Luke and that is a rare emotion for me. Do NOT expect it to last forever." She says that she was willing to go after Scott Baldwin when there was nothing in it for her, and for her efforts she was mistrusted by her husband. She tells him that if he wants to risk what they've found together for Laura -- go head. She goes on to say that Laura is a moot point because she is not coming back and he needs to accept it.

    Be Careful What You Dish For.

    Wednesday, April 18 2007

    Scott and Tracy are bickering outside of Laura's door at Shady Brook. He suggests that they could be mutually beneficial for each other. He explains that if he gets guardianship of Laura then she would finally get her husband's undivided attention. Tracy wants to know what's in it for him? Scott contends that he simply wants to protect Laura from Luke. He says that he can win this but he needs to throw a few speed bumps at Luke and that's where she comes in. "Deal," Tracy says.

    Luke and Tracy are in the Q study having a drink together when Scott comes in to inform Luke that he will be called as a witness in Laura's guardianship case. Luke stands up to argue with him but Tracy surprises him when she suggests that Luke "give Laura to Scott." She tells him that that he doesn't want to air his dirty laundry in front of Lulu, does he? Scott says that he needs to take better care of this wife than he did his last one. He leaves and Luke tells Tracy that he will never abandon Laura. "You may not have to," Tracy says.

    Sam's Background Is Revealed!

    Tuesday, April 17 2007

    Tracy and Alan are having another ghostly conversation. Alan is still stunned to realize that Tracy really loves Luke. He says that Luke rocks her world even though he's a cheater and a money grubber - just what she has always accused Monica of being. Luke walks into the room and Alan has the decency to disappear. Luke tells her that as it turns out, he isn't the guardian of Laura after all. Tracy says that she knows, and then admits that after Laura "left" the last time she went to the hospital and discovered that she signed over guardianship to Nikolas. Luke is hurt and wonders why Laura would do that. Tracy explains that Laura wanted him to remember her as the woman he loved, not someone he needs to take care of. Luke asks her how she knows that. "It's what I would do," she tells him lovingly.

    Scott is at Shady Brooke looking through Laura's window. Tracy comes behind him and tells him not to even think about it. Scott says that she should be glad that he's willing to take the other Mrs. Luke Spencer off Luke's hands. "I am Mrs. Luke Spencer. If Luke doesn't want you near Laura, I don't want you near Laura," Tracy tells him.

    "Oopsy Daisy?"

    Monday, April 16 2007

    Tracy goes to Luke and says that they need to talk about what didn't happen last night. Luke says that he's an open-minded guy and if she wants to believe that her brother is haunting her that's one thing. "But when you reach under the covers and start to noodle me…" Tracy cuts him off and thanks him for understanding. He says that it's only one night and by his count they are doing pretty well. As they kiss, Alan appears and tells Tracy that Luke isn't understanding at all, he must have found someone else! "You cheating bastard!" Tracy yells at Luke in the middle of a kiss. She continues her conversation to Alan and Luke says it sounds like her brother's ghost is working her. Monica comes in and asks why Tracy is talking to Alan's chair. Tracy comes out and tells Monica that Alan is haunting her. Alan taunts her to go ahead and tell Monica that she changed his will and that's why he's hanging around. Edward joins them and shames Tracy for intruding on Monica's grief with her delusions. Monica says that if Alan were going to haunt anyone it would be her. Tracy says that Alan is sitting in the chair right in front of her. Monica tells her to prove it, "Ask him what I like most in bed." Edward and Luke spew Brandy out of their mouths in unison. Alan turns and gives his widow a playful, sexy look.

    Back at the Q mansion Tracy doesn't want to delve into her sex life with her brother, but if that's what it takes to prove that Alan is truly haunting her, she asks him Monica's question anyway. Alan tells her "Oopsy Daisy." Tracy seems grossed out at the term while Luke, Edward and Monica think she's stalling. Finally she says, "Oopsy Daisy" and Monica gasps. Luke wants to know what that means and Edward doesn't. Monica asks how Tracy could have listened outside her bedroom door all those years. She tells her to let Alan rest in peace and then leaves in a huff. Edward tells his daughter that she needs to see a shrink. She agrees because the connotations of a sex position called "oopsy daisy" are permanently seared in her brain.

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