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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    Lulu Stumps Jason.

    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    Tracy goes rushing into the Q study to pour herself a stiff drink. Before she can take a sip, Alan's ghost starts to speak to her from the chair. She admits that she tampered with his will and as she talks to him, Luke comes in for a drink too. He tells her to stop talking to the furniture. Alan says that he's perfectly welcome to haunt his own house, and Tracy reminds him that it's Monica's house. "I gave it to her," Alan says for the millionth time. Then he admits that he has tried haunting his widow but she can't hear him. Just then, Edward and Monica come in to corner Tracy and tell her they are planning to protest the will. Tracy keeps talking to Alan with things like "Shut up!" and her comments only enrage the family more. Luke snuggles up to Spanky Buns and says that she wields power very beautifully (they snuggle nose to nose in a sexy way and Alan says he doesn't want to "go there"). Monica explains that she failed Alan in life, and she won't fail him in death. As Monica (and Edward) turns to leave, Alan thanks her for her loyalty, but only Tracy can hear it.

    Luke and Tracy (and Alan) are still in the Q study when Alice announces that Sam McCall has arrived. She comes marching in and tells Tracy to back off! Tracy pushes Luke out of the room so she can deal with Sam alone. Sam tells Tracy that if she ever sends her a picture of Angela Monroe again�Tracy says that somebody else must know her secret because she didn't do it. After Sam leaves, Alan asks Tracy what she's bribing Sam with. Luke hears Tracy yelling at the chair again so he comes in and tells her that he needs to get out of town if she's going to confess to altering the will. He shakily chugs a drink as Tracy continues to argue with "the chair."

    Sonny Scores!

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Luke is in lock-up at the PCPD asking Tracy to post his bail. She says that she is his wife and she shouldn't have to put up with him getting into fights over Laura all the time. Alan's ghost is also in the room – unknown to Luke – badgering Tracy. He tells her to face the fact that she will always come in 2nd to Laura in Luke's mind. Tracy decides to cut the check anyway and as they are leaving, Bobbie shows up with Scott. She has talked him into dropping the charges. Scott taunts Luke right in front of Mac – that he'll take good care of Laura when Luke's locked up in Sing Sing. Mac tells them to behave.

    And Molly Goes To....

    Friday, March 09 2007

    "Shame Tracy…you should be ashamed of yourself," Alan chastises his sister while "sitting" in a chair in the Q study. Luke doesn't know who in the heck Spanky Buns is talking to. He curiously watches as his wife's has what looks to him like a one-sided conversation. Alan tells Tracy that he saw the whole fiasco at his will reading. Tracy can't believe her eyes, so Alan suggests that maybe he should put a white sheet over his head and go "wooo, wooo". Luke tells Tracy that she should go lie down and she does. After a while, she comes back into the study and pours herself a drink. Alan pops back into the chair and announces that he is "haunting" her. She tells him that he is faking his death, but he tells her that he can't get his "entry permit" to the afterlife until she admits that she has tampered with his will. Alice comes in and Tracy demands that the place be fumigated.

    Q's Jaws Drop.

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    Edward doesn't think it's fair of Luke to throw his love for Laura into Tracy's face. Tracy tells her father that she appreciates his concern, but she has come to accept Luke's feelings. Edward asks them to put their stuff aside for today so they can read Alan's will in peace. After Edward leaves, Tracy asks Luke if can embarrass her any more? Luke thinks he should get credit for thinking on his feet! "Take it easy Buttercup, you'll get what you deserve," Luke tells her as he heads out to change the will.

    The Q family is gathering in the study, including Luke, Jax and Scotty. Luke whispers in Spanky Buns' ear that everything is taken care of. No one can figure out why Jax and Scott have been invited to attend. Monica says that she's not in the mood for a scene, so let him stay.
    The lawyer begins to read:

    *A generous amount to the La Mesa Wellness Community for breast cancer research.

    *Alice gets $75,000. (Jax rushes over to shake her hand.)

    *Luke gets $250, 000 for putting up with Tracy. (Luke acts deeply touched.)

    At this point, Ned wonders out loud if Alan was of sound mind when he last amended the will. The lawyer proceeds:

    *There is to be an inheritance in trust for Michael Corinthos III, but since Alan didn't trust his parents, he named Jasper Jax as the trustee.

    *Ned gets Alan's box seats at Wimbledon as long as he never shares them with Monica. (Ned and Monica had an affair many, many years ago, so this is a funny jab.)

    *Dillon gets all of Alan's home movies because if anyone can edit them into something interesting, he can.

    *Skye gets Lila's ruby earrings because she doesn’t need money now that she's with Lorenzo.

    *Jason gets Alan's engraved signet ring even if he never wants to wear it. He can pass it on to own son. And since he is gainfully employed as a gangster he doesn't get any money either.

    *Monica gets all of his personal goods since words would never express his love anyway.

    *Edward is to receive Alan's medical diploma in hopes that it will finally fill him with pride.

    *Emily will get Lila's diamond necklace and no money since she is to marry the Cassidine heir.

    *And finally, Alan bequeaths the rest of his estate, valuable funds and ELQ stock to his sister Tracy.

    The lawyer has finished reading the will and Edward declares that it is a fake! Monica agrees because Alan would have never cut Emily out of his will. Skye points out that Tracy made out pretty well. Dillon compliments his mother for a sneaky job well done. Tracy tries to divert the attention by saying that Alice could have had a hand in it. As they bicker, Emily demands that they respect her dad's wishes. She insists that he knew that she, Jason and Skye don't need money and Tracy has been wanted his respect all of her life. "Let it rest," she orders and leaves.
    They all calm down, but Luke tells Monica at least she got to keep the house. As they leave the room, Edward and Monica tell Tracy that they can't believe she and Luke deprived Alan of his last wishes. On his way out, Ned says that he'll reserve judgment because he chooses to believe that his mother could never have done such a thing. Dillon says, "Good role model, mom" and splits. Luke and Tracy are finally alone. Luke pulls her into his arms and tells her she's a big winner "ELQ stock or not". Over his shoulder, Tracy's face looks like she sees a ghost. And, she does! Alan is grinning from ear to ear, telling her to be ashamed of herself.

    Mr. & Mrs. Spanky Buns Strike Again.

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    Edward hangs up the phone in the Quartermaine study and tells Tracy that Alan's will is to be read this afternoon. Tracy thinks it's too soon, and Edward says that it's just a formality, anyway. He says that Alan wanted to provide for his children and Emily is the only one who isn't already well off, so she will be the heir. Tracy tells Dillon that maybe her Uncle Alan has provided for his future. Dillon scoffs.

    Tracy has summoned Luke to help her get an advance copy of Alan's will. She wants to make sure that she is the one who gets his shares in ELQ. "You mean forge Alan's will?" Luke asks. Tracy gives him a look that definitely means "what else?" She explains that she has worked twice as hard to prove that she's capable but Edward never took her seriously because she is a female. She says that she has earned the right to run ELQ. She tells him that he will help her because he swills her booze, eats her food, staged a phony wedding in her garden and she supports him AND his daughter. Luke says he'll help her, but Alan is going to leave him sympathy money for being married to her.

    "Who's your Daddy?" a very well-dressed Luke returns to the from the lawyer's office with Alan's will. He truly makes Tracy call him "daddy" before he hands it over. So, she does. Before she opens it, they both agree that the best thing to honor Alan's memory would be to leave his will alone. But they rip it open anyway. As suspected, Alan left a generous trust to Emily, but as it turns out, she is not named as the sole beneficiary. The rest of his estate goes to Jason's children…should he have them. "We have work to do!" Tracy yells. Luke says he'll get right on it, but what does Tracy want the will to say? Tracy wants it to be worded so the whole thing goes to her, but Luke points out that will be too suspicious. So Tracy says that the will should read: "Alan loves Jason, but he has amassed a fortune through his criminal activities. Alan loves Emily and Skye, but they will both be cared for by their men." Luke thinks that Alice should be named and Tracy says that Alice is only "help". Luke suggests that Alice get fifty grand and he should be bequeathed a half million. Tracy scoffs and says that her brother didn't even like Luke! As Luke is saying that "the rest will go to you," Edward walks into the room and wonders what they are talking about. Luke covers by saying that although he will always love Laura, "The rest of his heart goes to Tracy."

    The Service at "Monica's House."

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    As the Q's prepare for Alan's memorial, they are….bickering. Tracy is in a snit about which pictures of Alan will be displayed, and where. Monica comes in and says that there will be no pictures…anywhere. Because it's her house and Alan gave it to her! Tracy tells her sister-in-law that even though she's the grieving widow, Alan "is the man I loved and fought with long before he knew you existed," so the family can have a say in how the memorial goes. Dillon and Ned stand by and try to keep the peace without getting in the way. The arguing is brought to a stop – momentarily – as Monica smashes a picture frame onto the floor. She tells them that Alan's voice is silenced forever, but she cannot stand the sound of theirs. After she stomps out of the room, Tracy goes on about the pitiful flower arrangement that the Cerulo family sent. Edward tells her to calm down and try kindness today instead of her normal rage. Tracy comments that he sounds like Lila. Edward says that he's glad Lila didn't live to see the death of her son; instead she is welcoming him back to her.

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