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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    Wednesday, June 27 2007

    Lulu surprises Tracy by showing up at Shady Brooke with an offer to help. She explains that it doesn't look like any of the Quartermaines are going to do a thing, so that leaves her. Tracy says that she doesn't expect "Trailer Trash" Monica to do anything, and Alan shows up and warns her not to talk badly about his wife. Tracy tells him to shut up and Lulu says it's no wonder that her family thinks she's a whack job. "Do you?" Tracy asks. Lulu says that there are many things in the world that we can't understand. For instance, she swears that Laura is connecting with her sometimes so that means she won't rule out Tracy's thinking that she is talking to her dead brother. Tracy seems satisfied with Lulu's response and says that the best way she can help is to help get Scott Baldwin's kidnapping charges against her dropped. And that means finding something they can use against him!

    Alan is still hanging around with Tracy at Shady Brooke. He points out that Lulu reminds him of her when she was little. Scott enters her room and says that it's her lucky day. He proceeds to tell her that she took a chance on love in her "golden years", but she chose the wrong guy! Scott reminds her how devoted Luke is to Laura, and Tracy jabs that Club Med isn't exactly fun with a catatonic. Scott reminds her that Luke will always choose Laura and leave her in the dust. He offers her a deal to save her dignity -- if she'll tell him where Luke took Laura, he'll drop the kidnapping charges against her. Tracy pretends to have a conversation about Scott's hair products with Alan (to prove that she is crazy). Scott says that he tried to help her but she blew it, and then leaves.

    Lulu returns to Tracy's room to find her talking with Alan again. Tracy turns to Lulu and gives some unsolicited advice. She tells her to ignore the "three stooges" who are after her because even the good guy will break your heart. Lulu realizes that she is talking about Luke and says, "You're wrong; my dad cares about you a lot." Tracy says that she doesn't have to tell her what she wants to hear. Lulu says that's not what she's doing and that when Laura is safe, Luke will come back to her. She adds, "What you've done by covering for my dad was an act of love and I want you to know that I appreciate that." Always uncomfortable with tenderness, Tracy changes the subject and says that they need to find dirt on Scott so they can convince him to drop the charges against her. Then, she flips through the paperwork that Lulu has brought and says, "Eureka!" She tells Lulu that Scott Baldwin has a son!

    Tracey Is Committed!

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    A few medical workers show up at Tracey's, ready to take her away to the Shady Brook. Tracy, trying to ignore Alan, tells them that she isn't crazy. Edward and Monica join forces and team up against Tracey, who calls on a maid as her defense. Alice, though, doesn't really back up Tracey and tells the medical workers that she only yells at the furniture when Tracey isn't yelling at her! Monica brings up the forged will. Alan keeps pushing her and finally breaks Tracey, who begins yelling at him. The workers put her in a strait jacket and haul her off to Shady Brook!

    At Shady Brook, Tracey exchanges barbs with her nurse, telling her to let her out or else! The nurse releases Tracey from the strait jacket. Tracey offers her money to get Edward trussed up in a jacket. Alan appears, talking to Tracey who tries to ignore him. "FYI, I was only pretending to see my brother to manipulate my family," Tracey tells her but the nurse obviously doesn’t believe her. When they are alone, Alan tells Tracey to relax. She tells him that he can haunt her forever but he won't make her crack! "We'll see about that," he says. They argue, neither admitting to anything. Dillon rushes in, worried about Tracey and relieved to see that she is okay. He promises to get Tracey out and she suggests that he blackmail Edward to do it! Dillon leaves. Alan tells Tracey that Dillon won't be able to put anything over on Edward. From outside, Edward watches Tracey argue with Alan. He heads to the nurses station, asking them to take good care of Tracey. "Tracy may need to be here indefinitely," he says.

    Did Sam Do It?

    Wednesday, June 20 2007

    Tracy is sipping coffee at home, and Alan tells her that she should be calling her lawyer before Scott Baldwin gets her thrown in jail for helping Luke to steal Laura. As Tracy and Alan argue, Edward is watching from the terrace - only he's not alone. He has called Lainey over to the house to observe Tracy's delusional behavior. Inside, Alan warns Tracy to stop focusing in Luke's problems and keep her eye on Edward. He tells her that Edward is watching her like a fox and Tracy thinks that Alan is lying.

    Edward brings Lainey inside to talk to Tracy. Alan says, "I told you so" and Lainey notices that Tracy is agitated as she stares at his chair. Lainey asks if there is anything particular about that chair? Lainey whisks Tracy off for a private conversation and then Monica joins Edward in the study. He rants on about how insane Tracy is acting lately and Monica can't believe that Edward really means that. She says that she would love just 5 minutes of conversing with Alan again - so she could tell him that she loves him. When Tracy returns from her talk with Lainey, she informs Edward that she is fully in charge of her faculties AND of ELQ.

    Sam's World is Closing In.

    Wednesday, June 13 2007

    As Monica is laying down the law about having a productive summer to Lulu, Alan warns Tracy to stop staring at him because Edward is starting to notice. Then Alice escorts Scott and a police officer into the study. He says that they have come to arrest Tracy for aiding in the disappearance of Laura Spencer. Edward insists on a warrant but as soon as he sees it, it tells the cop to "get it done" and then asks Alice about dessert. Tracy says that when she went into Laura's room, Laura was already gone so she tried on the wig and clothes just for fun. Scott insists that Tracy tell him where Luke took Laura or else she'll go to jail. Tracy says that she doesn't know and then she's promptly carted off to the PCPD. Exasperated, Lulu asks Edward and Monica why no one is going to help her!

    Scott has followed Tracy down to the PCPD and rants at her while she's being processed. Max warns him not to waste his time by bringing his vendetta against Luke into his department. Lulu comes rushing in and announces that she is there to post bail. Tracy asks what was so important that her father couldn't come and Lulu hesitates and then says, "dessert."

    Tracy goes into the Q study with both barrels loaded. She asks why Lulu is the only person who was willing to bail her out. Monica says that Lulu wanted to -- for some strange reason. Tracy says that she is the CEO of ELQ and if she's in jail it'll hurt everyone. Alan continues to chat with Tracy and she banters back oblivious to the fact that Monica and Edward think she's nuts. After Tracy leaves to take a bath Monica stares at Alan's chair and asks Edward if it's remotely possible that Alan is still around. Edward tells her that it's nonsense and then she wistfully goes upstairs. As soon as he's alone, Edward calls a judge and says that he wants to talk about his daughter.

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