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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    A long-awaited kiss.

    Monday, September 24 2007

    Edward and Tracy barge into Jason's penthouse and demand that Lulu come home with them. Tracy wants Luke to find her safe and sound at home when he finally returns. Edward doesn't want her surrounded by Jason's "rif raf". Spinelli spews about the dangers that are lurking from the Zaccharas and Tracy asks if he means Anthony Zacchara? She admits that she was once married to the mob and she won't have Lulu getting involved in this mess. Jason comes home and asks what's going on? Edward says that Lulu needs to live with family and Lulu says that Jason is his step-cousin, kind of. They continue to bicker and Jason takes a call from Sonny. He tells Spinelli that Sonny wants him to come down to the PCPD. After Spinelli takes off, Tracy asks Jason why he allows these impressionable young people near him. Jason says that they can stay as long as they want. Lulu tells Edward and Tracy that she knows they care about her, but she wants to stay here. They can see that they're getting no where, so they leave. Lulu asks Jason if he's okay with her staying and Jason says that he wouldn't want to live with those people either.

    Woe is Logan.

    Wednesday, September 19 2007

    Scott swoops into the Q parlor and plops down in Alan's chair. Tracy screams, but it turns out that Alan isn't there yet. (After Scott stands up and orders black coffee from Alice, Alan appears.) Edward wants to talk about his step-granddaughter (Lulu) and his obligation to protect her from her "worst impulses" -- such as shacking up with Logan. They want Scott to use his position as special prosecutor to have her arrested for something. He won't hear of it, mainly because Lulu is of age. Alice says that Mr. Luke would be really mad at Scott if he had his daughter arrested and Scott suddenly reconsiders.

    Nikolas and Emily go to the Q parlor to report that Lulu has disappeared after learning that Logan slept with Maxi on a bet. "Why wait for DNA results, this proves that he's your son," Monica quips to Scott. After Emily and Nik leave, the Q's worry about what's happened to Lulu. Tracy says that it would be nice if "someone" would fly around and take a little "looksie". Alan tells her that's not the way it works in his world. Alice wonders if Lulu went looking for her father and Tracy says that no one knows where he is.

    Now it's only Tracy and Alan left in the Q study. Alan asks if she thinks Lulu went to find Dillon. Tracy reports that he's on location in Montana and then comments that there's nothing like the pain of your first heartbreak. She says that she's glad that Lulu found out the truth about Logan sooner than later. Alan comments that Tracy has never found a man that's worthy of her and Tracy says, "Luke is. And now I've let him down."

    Kate's Caught.

    Friday, September 14 2007

    At the Q mansion, Edward, Monica and Scott are telling Lulu why she shouldn't see Logan. Logan calls Scott "pops" and Alan says that Logan has Scott's same smirky facial expression. As Lulu and Logan stand up to leave, Lulu says that she'll just move it with Logan if they won't let her see him. Edward tells Alice to chain her to a chair. Tracy urges Lulu to stay because if Luke finds out that she let her move in with Logan, he'll divorce her. Edward suddenly has a change of heart. He puts Lulu's hand in Logan's and says, "Here ya go dear, take the monkey and run." Scott tells Lulu that she has other options, like Bobbie's brownstone, for example. Logan says that Lulu doesn't need any of them because she has him. They walk out the door and Tracy is furious.

    Quality Time with the Q's.

    Thursday, September 13 2007

    At the Q mansion, Tracy bellows for Alice. Alice comes rushing into the parlor thinking that Tracy is having a mental relapse and offers to call Shady Brooke. Tracy simply wants her to arrange for a quickie DNA test for Scott and Logan. Monica and Edward come into the room and Edward tells Lulu and Logan to scoot apart from each other on the sofa. Monica is looking for her medical journal and no matter how many times Alan tells her that it's in the third drawer, she doesn't seem to have a clue. For some reason they start to talk about all of the interlopers who have finagled their way into the Q family and -- among other things -- Lulu learns that Jason is really Susan Moore's son and Skye was originally thought to be the product of one of Alan's infidelities. Monica wistfully says that if Skye hadn't shown up, Alan would still be here. Alan sadly tells Tracy what to say to Monica, "Tell her not to think that way -- it doesn't help." Tracy obliges and Monica seems touched by her sister-in-law's uncharacteristic tenderness.

    After the DNA test, Tracy, Scott, Lulu and Logan go back to the Q house. Edward says that neither of the men are welcome here. Scott reminds him that he's the only reason that Tracy isn't still playing checkers at Shady Brook. Alan asks Tracy if she's planning on keeping Scott around forever. Tracy gets frustrated and tells Alan to stop it. They all comment that she's talking to the chair again. Monica says that she wishes she could see Alan and Alan tells her that he does to. Then Alice suggests that they should put Shady Brook on speed dial.

    First it's Leticia, now it's relationships.

    Wednesday, September 12 2007

    At Shady Brook, Tracy is in a grand mood as she talks to Alan. Alan tells Tracy that if their father ever learns that she manufactured the fall of ELQ he'll never forgive her. Scott somberly comes in because Edward has asked to meet him there. Just then Edward arrives and tells Scott that he needs his assurance that Tracy won't be prosecuted for the kidnapping of Laura Spencer if she is set free. Scott says that he doesn't see what's in it for him, and Tracy reminds him that it would be best for Lulu.

    As Lulu and Logan sit and talk at the coffee shop, Scott and Tracy arrive and take Lulu home with them. Spinelli tells Logan to take heed, but Logan says that the more he badmouths him, the more Lulu defends him, so thanks for the favor.

    Tracy arrives back at the Q mansion and everyone admits that they missed her. She says that things are going to change around here, starting with Lulu's social life. Scott says that the lizard Logan is a manipulator, and he works for a criminal. Lulu tells him that he is Logan's father and Scott doesn't want to hear that again. Logan arrives and asks Lulu to lunch and she says, "Absolutely." Scott and he yell at each other about whether or not they are father and son and finally Logan agrees to take a DNA test to prove to Lulu that he's not lying.

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