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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    GH Recap: I'm All Better Now.

    Tuesday, December 10 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Luke wants to know what's riled Monica up. Tracy reminds him AJ's on trial and the verdicts in. She gloats it's curtains for AJ after murdering her friend Connie. Luke confirms that Tiffany administered the cure to Sean and he thinks Ava Jerome helped Jerry disappear. Tracy wants him to stay out of it since he almost died recently. Luke quips, "I'm all better." He opens champagne and tells Spanky it's time to savor the good. She would savor getting Monica out of the house. Monica walks in with AJ close behind. Tracy and Luke decide to go celebrate somewhere else. Monica thinks AJ should celebrate. Michael confides to Kiki that Sonny is not going to be happy. Later, AJ drinks alone after watching the news…the jury thought he was guilty but there was no evidence.

    GH Recap: Accept It.

    Tuesday, November 19 2013

    Olivia startles Tracy when she brings Connie back to Luke's room at the Metro Court. She was about to call the police but Tracy promises her that no one will take Connie from Lulu and Dante. Olivia knows the judge will make that decision soon. Olivia thanks Tracy for the roses for her cousin Connie's funeral. Tracy feels responsible for Connie's death but Olivia reminds her she wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. They can't wait for Dante and Lulu and decide to head to the courthouse. Lulu's at the door when Tracy opens it. She lies about winning custody when they ask. Olivia knew the judge wouldn't take the baby away from her but Tracy looks at Lulu suspiciously. She tells Lulu there's no rush as she grabs Connie's things and tries to leave. Dante bursts in and Olivia rushes over to congratulate him. Lulu wants to leave but Dante announces they lost the baby. He's sorry but can't let her take Connie. Tracy tells her to listen to Dante. Lulu can't lose Connie, she can't accept it. Dante says, "We already lost."

    You Didn't Choose Us.

    Monday, November 18 2013

    At General Hospital, Patrick gives Luke and Tracy the news that there's no polonium in Luke's system. Sabrina takes Connie and Tracy hugs Patrick. He won't accept credit. They should thank their mysterious doctor. Luke wants to see Anna. Patrick says Anna hasn't been heard of since she left the clinic with Robert. Duke thinks they went to track Faison after he escaped with Obrecht. Luke confesses Obrecht was on Cassadine Island with Jerry. Patrick thinks Nikolas might know something but he hasn't seen Duke since he went to Wyndemere. Luke leaves for Wyndemere. In the lab, Carlos realizes Robin is not Sabrina. He thinks he knows her from somewhere. Robin claims that she's Epiphany and asks if he's Sabrina's ex. He realizes she sounds as thrilled as he does about the impending wedding. Robin hopes it works out between him and Sabrina. Carlos leaves and sees a photo of Epiphany in the hall. Carlos remembers seeing a picture of Robin at Patrick's. Alone, Robin finishes her work and leaves for Wyndemere. Meanwhile, Carlos bumps into Sabrina and tells her that Patrick's wife is alive.

    In the catacombs of Wyndemere, Duke encourages Obrecht to go after Faison. Faison doesn't think she would dare but she wields the knife in his direction. He yells that everyone would know they are keeping Anna's daughter and her lover trapped here. Duke watches, powerless, as Obrecht and Faison struggle until Obrecht is unconscious. Faison ties her up next to Duke and promises he'll never stop until he has Anna. Faison leaves them. Alone, Obrecht thinks Faison will never have Anna, not with Jerry holding her captive. She taunts Duke with the fact that Anna's being held prisoner with her ex. Duke still believes Obrecht needs to turn on Faison. Upstairs, Nikolas and Britt stop kissing. Britt didn't see this coming. He laughs when she blames it on being held hostage. Nikolas thinks it's a load of crap, she must know there's something between them. Britt doesn't want to hurt him. Nikolas confesses that he's made mistakes in his life too. She's never been with someone good for her and she's scared. So is Nikolas. They kiss until Faison comes out of the wall. Britt refuses to tell him what is going on and asks where her mother is. Faison lies – he doesn't know where she is. Britt and Nikolas find Faison's demeanor creepier than usual. Robin returns and admits she was almost detected. At least the cure will be ready soon. Suddenly, Luke announces his arrival.

    If It's A Fight You Want.

    Thursday, November 14 2013

    At GH, Tracy hopes Ellie fast tracks Luke's lab results while Luke wonders if Connie senses her parents are in court fighting for her. They run into Patrick who's surprised to learn Luke has taken a cure for his polonium poisoning. He'd love to meet the genius doctor who came up with it. They can't give Patrick a name and want Luke's lab results. Back in the lab, Ellie and Brad's argument is interrupted when Britt calls to ask if Luke's blood is there. Ellie thinks it's weird that Britt called. Brad acts like he doesn't have time and tells her to leave so he can keep Luke's blood. Later, Nik shows up and tells Brad to not let anyone into the lab but he leaves to take Felix's call. Robin comes in and remembers the lab as the last place she saw Patrick alive. Meanwhile, Patrick approaches the lab.

    I Am Julian Jerome.

    Wednesday, November 13 2013

    At the Metro Court, Luke's eager to get to the cops instead of the hospital. Dante overhears at the door and wants to know what Tracy doesn't want the cops to know. Tracy fusses over Connie while Lulu hugs Luke. She's worried he has to go to the hospital. It's just a checkup. Tracy and Luke are surprised but supportive to hear about a custody battle for Connie. They agree to babysit during the hearing.

    At GH, Ellie thinks she's the luckiest person alive to have Spinelli and regrets she can't accompany him to court. She wonders about Diane's strategy and Spinelli shares he was advised to marry Maxie. Ellie's worried but Spinelli wouldn't perpetrate fraud. When he walks down the aisle, he plans on doing it with Ellie. Later, Ellie's pleased to see Luke doing well but wonders what he and Tracy are doing with Spinelli's baby. Luke and Tracy think a judge will have a say in that.

    Was It Worth It?

    Monday, November 04 2013

    Tracy argues with Luke about his desire to call Anna when they arrive at the Metro Court. She's the one who saved him…not super spy Anna Devane. He wants the police to apprehend Jerry but Tracy wants Jerry to stay where he is with his doctor until they know Luke is cured. He wants to make a deal to do it in the morning but Tracy refuses to allow him to sneak out in the night. He has more important things to deal with like giving Tracy the whole enchilada. She thought he said that because he was dying. He's well now and meant what he said. Luke loves her and wants to give her all of him. Tracy turns away when he tries to kiss her. She needs to know what he means. He wants to be her friend, partner, and lover. He doesn't want to be left hanging. Tracy reminds him he's always known her answer. They kiss.

    Celebrate With Me.

    Friday, October 18 2013

    In flight, Luke orders champagne to celebrate. Tracy finds him nauseating as he over-compliments the airline staff. She chastises him for his choice in beverages when he switches his order to a beer. Luke invites her to celebrate life with him and starts with a toast the woman who made it possible. While Luke orders something else from the stewardess, Tracy remembers his promise to give her the whole enchilada back on the island. She thinks he's having a placebo effect and wonders if they should have taken the doctor from the island with them. They argue about going back to the island. She finally decides he's right that they shouldn't go but he doesn't hear a word she says. Tracy wonders if she's hungry enough for the whole enchilada when the stewardess asks for her order.

    Who Are You?

    Monday, October 14 2013

    On Cassadine Island, Tracy asks Jerry for the syringe. The only one getting the cure today is Luke. Jerry doesn't think she's ruthless enough to pull the trigger. She has every reason to kill him after his part in the death of her brother and father. She won't if he gives her the antidote. Luke holds Jerry at gunpoint while Tracy takes the syringe. She's ready to inject Luke when Jerry warns Luke could die if the dose isn't right. Luke's a betting man and Tracy gives him the shot. If Jerry's going to die he's going to take Luke with him. He rushes Tracy who shoots him in the shoulder. Luke doesn't feel any better but he gets up to leave with Tracy. Jerry thinks Luke could die from taking the cure if the guards don't shoot them first. In the lab, Robin calls Patrick. He has a bad connection and asks her to call back. She repeats, "It's Robin." She needs his help, but he can't believe he's talking to her. She explains Jerry Jacks has her and she has his son. Patrick tries to understand but they get disconnected. Robin gets another signal but the phone dies. She manipulates the battery to get another signal. She's leaving the lab when Jerry finds her. There's been a change in plan – the cure was stolen. She can't go without making more and if he dies, she dies too. Robin wants him to do the right thing and let her go but he locks her in.

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