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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    The Britch Knows.

    Wednesday, June 26 2013

    At GH, Tracy visits Ellie and asks her to test Luke's earring for toxins to save Luke's life. Ellie has figured out what the toxin is but can't release the information to her. Tracy calls Luke. When he arrives he's certain he wants Ellie to share the results without his doctor present. Ellie explains he has slowly been dosed with polonium and needs chelation therapy. Tracy's eager for him to see the doctor to start treatment but Luke refuses and leaves. Later, Britt arrives and reprimands Ellie outside the lab telling her she can't run a paternity test. Patrick comes out to tell her it's too late as Sabrina looks on.

    I Put It There.

    Tuesday, June 25 2013

    Luke fixes a drink on the Haunted Star while Tracy reminds him his body doesn't need more toxic substances. He calls her a downer for ruining his celebration. They're interrupted when a delivery man arrives with a get well basket. Tracy finds a DVD labeled 'Play Me' instead of a card and wonders if Franco sent it. Luke doesn't think so since they hardly know each other. The DVD starts and Helena's familiar voice asks Luke if he missed her. She indicates if he's watching then she is dead and he's won. Helena owns up to putting a mystery toxin in his body. Luke thinks she's bluffing until she credits his demise to his earring which she holds up and calls deadly when laced with a toxin. Tracy stares at the toxic earring Luke is wearing that Helena switched with the original. He yanks it off, cursing Helena. Tracy stops him from turning the video off as Helena explains there's a slim chance to reverse the process if he's smart enough to figure out how. It is her final gift and hints the solution won't be found at GH.

    Bullet Points.

    Monday, June 24 2013

    At GH, Tracy turns down junk food while playing cards with Luke. She refuses his suggestion to go to lunch at the Metro Court and reprimands him for his eating habits. She continues on a rant when the doctor arrives late. The doctor confirms for Luke that his liver is fine. Luke's happy and ready to leave when the doctor indicates there is something else wrong. Tests indicate something toxic was introduced into his system and they hope they can treat him. Tracy becomes more worried over this than his liver.

    Think Again.

    Wednesday, June 19 2013

    Tracy asks why Luke is standing there darkening her doorway. He was hoping to whisk her away on a date. She doesn't date chickens and tells Luke about the last man she dated. Luke's not impressed about how Joe sacrificed his life to give her the antidote that saved everyone. He confesses he has a date to see his doctor and wants her to come if she's not too busy. Tracy shares her to do list, then lets him know it can all wait for him.

    At GH, Patrick and Sabrina make out privately. She's not sure if the hotshot surgeon should be spending time with the lowly nurse. The mood is killed when Patrick mentions Monica owes him. Sabrina wonders why, but is ready to get Ellie to do a DNA test done. Patrick's not sure Britt will oblige. Sabrina's sure she can get the blood sample Brad took. Felix interrupts, hoping Sabrina talked Patrick into the DNA test so he can evict Britt. In the lab, Spinelli and Ellie search for Brad's file on Britt but are perplexed to find only a sticky note in it saying, "Pack your things and go!" Brad walks in and fires Ellie. Spinelli threatens Brad that whatever he's hiding will come out when Ellie's firing comes up before the review board. Brad backtracks and Ellie gets back to work. Felix shows up at the lab to tell Ellie he needs tests run but won't wait so he can go take a long sensual shower. Brad overhears and leaves her alone to take his break and follows Felix. Patrick and Sabrina arrive when he leaves and request Ellie's help. She's happy to befriend any adversary of Brad's given he's in cahoots with Britt and tells them about the file Brad kept. At the nurses' station, Alexis lets Luke and Tracy know about Danny, they offer her anything she needs. Alexis wonders why they are there, and Tracy saves Luke saying he's there to support her. Silas asks Sam if she needs a doctor when he finds her alone. He doesn't have a plane to catch anymore.

    Redemption Over Revenge.

    Monday, June 17 2013

    Morgan's surprised when he realizes he's at the Quartermaine's. Alice confirms it is Kiki/Lauren's family's home and that the Quartermaine's still live there. It dawns on Morgan that Kiki/Lauren is a Quartermaine. He realizes Kiki/Lauren and Michael are cousins when he learns Franco is Kiki/Lauren's father. He laughs, relieved that he doesn't have to worry about Kiki/Lauren and Michael becoming an item. Alice becomes the confused one but is happy to learn he's little Morgan. Morgan gives her a great big kiss. In the living room, Tracy offers Franco a chance to get even with AJ by siding with her. Franco humors them, allowing both to share their horrid tales about each other. Franco likes Tracy's tales better and notes that she didn't try to kill him on the Haunted Star. She suggests that AJ might have been the one who tried to finish him off at the Metro Court. AJ sympathizes going through the same struggles as Franco about having their kids kept from them. He's certain an alliance between the two of them would be good for them and both their children. AJ offers Franco a chance at redemption over revenge and Tracy gets worried that Franco's sold on the offer. Alone, Tracy hears that Franco is thrilled to use AJ as a means to get a relationship with his daughter. She tries to convince him that she's been getting to know Kiki/Lauren and they both should do something to ensure her future with ELQ. She waits for Franco to shake on it when Alice brings Morgan in and introduces him as Kiki/Lauren's boyfriend. Franco's happy to meet his brother's namesake. AJ meets Lauren at the door when she arrives looking for Morgan. He wants to talk to her about her cousin but is interrupted by a call from Michael. Michael's upset about kissing Morgan's girlfriend. AJ requests that he come over and meet his cousin first. Kiki/Lauren joins the family and is surprised that Morgan knows them. He tells her Michael is one of them. Tracy leaves as AJ brings Michael in and introduces him to Kiki/Lauren, his cousin.

    I Know This Place.

    Friday, June 14 2013

    Luke steps over yellow police tape to make it to the bar at the Metro Court. Tracy asks what he's doing when she catches him pouring a drink. She's upset about not hearing anything yet on his lab work. He changes the subject but Tracy doesn't let up until he confesses the results are in. Luke doesn't know what's wrong and isn't eager to find out. Tracy calls him a coward and leaves him to his drink. Alone, Luke calls his doctor.

    At the Quartermaine's, Franco's introduction to Alice fails when she closes the door in his face. He doesn't give up easily and the two of them struggle with the door. In the living room, Kiki/Lauren calls Morgan to share her good news of living in the lap of luxury. Morgan doesn't think they'll be that bad off that he'll have to move in as he plays online poker. She cuts Morgan off when Franco arrives and tells him she'll send a car to pick him up. Kiki/Lauren throws something breakable at Franco when he asks for some sugar. Alice is hesitant to leave Kiki/Lauren alone with her father when she asks Alice to pick up her boyfriend. Kiki/Lauren is certain she can handle Franco and gives Alice the address. Franco is pleased they are alone so they can get to know each other. Franco pours his heart out to her about all he's lost and sacrificed. He hopes they will be able to reconcile. Kiki/Lauren is so moved that she runs off to be alone when AJ interrupts them. Franco is disturbed by AJ's blundering moment that tears his daughter away from him. Tracy overhears and offers Franco a way to get even by using his shares.

    Reservations And Qualms And Scruples.

    Friday, June 07 2013

    Ava barges in at the Quartermaine's and she and Tracy hurl insults at Franco. Franco believes they should be concerned about Ava's angle and mentions she may not be able to keep up her end of the bargain. Tracy asks for the signed documents and Franco demands to see his daughter. Lauren/Kiki walks in and Franco introduces himself as her father. Ava pulls a knife on Franco and threatens his life if he doesn’t back off. Tracy and AJ stumble over themselves to meet Lauren/Kiki and soon everyone is yelling. Lauren/Kiki whistles for everyone to shut up. She didn’t want a war, just an advance so she can pay for rent. Tracy and AJ offer her room at the mansion instead and show her around. Franco promises Ava that he will have a relationship with Lauren whether she likes it or not. Ava leaves and Carly enters.

    Frank Q.

    Thursday, June 06 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, Monica interrupts a quiet AJ and knows he's still thinking about what happened to Michael. Tracy enters the living room and approaches AJ. He doesn't want to talk about relish. She agrees and confesses she heard about Michael. AJ is upset Monica told her and awaits Tracy's tongue-lashing. Tracy tells AJ how sorry she is. He thanks her and remembers they're all family. AJ brings up Franco's entitlement to shares as Monica and Tracy disagree he's owed anything. Franco sneaks in the patio doors holding up a peace sign asking if they should be talking about family like that. He checks out all the family photos on the mantle, including Alan's. From the patio, Shawn tries to get a clear shot at Franco but he moves around too much. Monica asks him to leave and he promises to take his shares out the door with him. Outside, Shawn disappears. Meanwhile, Franco taunts Monica by referring to her as his mother. Franco calls a meeting to order indicating that everything will change for AJ and Tracy to stop all this squabbling. As he surmises he might be the smartest grandchild, Ava arrives.

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