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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    Some Kind of Caveman.

    Thursday, April 25 2013

    In his hospital room, Tracy offers Nickolas a jar of Pickle Tracy – and a partnership. She just needs capitol for start-up costs but he isn’t interested. He is too busy worrying about Lulu, who is missing again. Tracy asks for details and he tells her about Stavros’ return, and death, and Lulu’s memory loss. Tracy admires all Lulu has been through and is sure she will come through this too. He feels better hearing that, but it doesn’t mean he wants to do business with her. She tells him without the backing she will lose everything to AJ. "Did you say AJ?" he asks. She takes it he isn’t a member of his fan club and tells him partnering with her would really twist the knife. He can be the prince of Pickle Tracy and bury AJ in the process. He agrees but he isn’t sure about the name.

    Back To The Drawing Board.

    Wednesday, April 24 2013

    At the Floating Rib Tracy interrupts Mac and Felicia at the bar as they peruse a wedding magazine. Tracy and Mac sit down at a table nearby. Felicia bites into something hard and finds an engagement ring. She says to herself, "Wow, Mac Scorpio you are a sly devil." At the table Tracy tries to coerce Mac into signing a contract to carry Pickle-Lila. He can't see Pickle-Lila on the document and asks, "What gives?" She produces a jar of Pickle-Tracy. Mac isn't buying what she's selling because there aren't enough L sounds in the name. Tracy threatens to buy the Floating Rib and turn it into a parking lot before she storms off. Mac startles Felicia who announces she found the ring in the peanuts. She apologizes for spoiling his surprise. Mac looks confused and confesses he didn't buy that ring. She wonders whose it is. Maxie sees it when she comes in and says, "That's Lulu's." Dante meets her there. Mac talks to the night bartender who says Lulu left with a man. Milo comes in as Dante smashes a glass saying he's a dead man.

    Michael and AJ sample their attempt at Pickle-Lila at Kelly's. Michael sets him straight about Brenda. He feels bad his mom got hurt. Shawn comes in and does a taste test. He thinks it's very good but it's not Pickle-Lila. AJ tries to borrow the secret to Shawn's famous meatloaf sandwich. Shawn confesses he has friends smuggling in a secret ingredient. They want to get Shawn in on the action. Tracy arrives pushing Pickle-Tracy. Shawn is skeptical when she says it will replace Pickle-Lila. AJ and Michael bring her a sample of the new improved Pickle-Lila with a new secret ingredient. She likes it. They announce Shawn is their new partner. Tracy leaves worrying about getting a backer for Pickle-Tracy. She sees a paper announcing Nikolas' recovery.

    Elizabeth catches Nikolas getting dressed. He's leaving to help Dante find Lulu. She tries to stop him and they fall on the hospital bed together. It takes her a moment to gain her composure. She wants him to stay in the hospital and get better. He says he doesn't want to keep her. She doesn't think Epiphany minds. Nikolas mentions AJ might. Liz asks what he means. He claims nothing but tells her AJ says Nikolas doesn't belong in her life. She's upset and confused as to why AJ would act like that. Nikolas tells her AJ is falling for her. Overhearing, Tracy busts in and tells Elizabeth to go give AJ a piece of her mind. Liz leaves. Nikolas agrees to listen to Tracy if she gives him his pants. Liz pops back in and grabs the pants and leaves again. Tracy tells Nikolas she will make him a richer man.

    I Don't Want This.

    Tuesday, April 16 2013

    Lulu doesn't want to leave with Dante, Luke or Laura. Luke and Laura explain who they are and Dante adds he's her husband. Lulu says, "No you're not, my husband's name is Stavros Cassadine." Lulu calls them liars and calls out to Stavros. Laura explains Stavros is a kidnapper and Dante tells her about their wedding but she doesn't remember. Dante tries to make her see that they love each other. Laura thinks they should take a break and she tries to calm Lulu. Dante asks Luke what if she never remembers any of us. Laura tells Lulu it is okay if she can't remember anything because she's her mother and she does. Luke says they have to leave and upsets Lulu who thinks she's safe there as Stavros' wife. They convince her that the rest of the Cassadine's will want her out of the way. She agrees to leave.

    Sonny thinks Brenda is at the door but finds Kate or Connie. He invites her in and asks if she's going to tell him who she is. Before she tells him she asks who he was hoping she was when he opened the door. He only wants her to be healthy and happy. He asks, "Are you Kate or are you Connie." She responds, "Neither," and explains the two are rolled up into one and she has to live with both of them inside her. She's decided to go by her given name Connie and says she has to live without Sonny. He wants all of her. Connie doesn't want to risk a relapse and being with him is a problem. He's angry and wants to talk to the doctors. She cries, "I don't want this, I need this." She kisses him goodbye.

    AJ orders a BLT at Kelly's while Tracy is pitching Pickle-Lila to Shawn so he can get in on the ground floor now. AJ reminds her he is CEO of ELQ and Luke is too busy to find the missing Quartermaine heir. She hints Spinelli can help her, but AJ indicates Spinelli is working for him and talking to someone that can help him right now. AJ gives Tracy a choice to crash and burn or step aside. She says, "You win, ELQ is yours." He asks what the catch is and she decides she has better things to do announcing she's started TAQ, "Tracy Angelica Quartermaine" to market her product. AJ rattles Tracy by telling her he owns the name Pickle-Lila.

    Better Than Anything On Cable.

    Tuesday, April 09 2013

    Molly and TJ are introduced and perform a rock song "Private School Girls" as Felix gathers Monica and Tracy. He rushes them backstage where AJ and Liz share a kiss after their act. Felix says, "Way to go, girl," and continues on. AJ and Liz come up for air surprised to see Monica and Tracy together. They make it to the ballroom in time to see Monica and Tracy take the stage as the Revelations with Epiphany singing "Jump." Port Charles' couples take the stage to dance. Dr. Obrecht is dancing in her room as Britt returns. Britt asks what she thinks of her performance and she replies, "Brava." Obrecht thinks Patrick and Sabrina will be torn apart. Britt indicates she is not in this for revenge and wants Patrick to love her. She doesn't want this to turn out how it did for her mother with her father. Her mother brings her warm milk joking it is poisoned when Britt asks what is in it. Obrecht tries to convince her Patrick will come around.

    Are You Ready?

    Friday, April 05 2013

    At the Metro Court Patrick tells Sabrina she looks beautiful. Sabrina's unsure about her makeover and says it's still her underneath. Patrick confesses his feelings and that he was sidelined by Milo. She confirms her feelings haven't changed. He apologizes for taking so long to do this and kisses her. Patrick hopes her happiness means he didn't lose her to Milo. Sabrina decides to smooth things over with Milo and accepts an invitation to be Patrick's date for the Ball.

    Downstairs guests arrive on the red carpet. Felicia calls for Mac to join her and Frisco for a picture. Maxie sees Spinelli arrive with Ellie. Duke is followed by Anna and Emma. Anna gives a heartfelt interview about the benefit in Robin's honor. The announcer asks Carly if she's back with Sonny and for comments on Jax and Brenda's engagement. Carly doubts a wedding will happen or if they will show up tonight. Brenda shows up alone. The announcer asks where Jax is. Brenda apologizes he couldn't make it. Michael, Bobbie and Olivia are photographed followed by AJ and Elizabeth, Monica and Tracy, and Alexis and Shawn with Molly and Sam in tow. Anton escorts Epiphany in and tells Sam it's not too late to dance with him tonight. The announcer wonders where Patrick and Noah are. Felix escorts Lucy in last and worries about Sabrina.

    Anton dresses backstage as Felix offers to fill in as his partner but Samantha arrives up to the challenge. They dance to "Jumptown Saturday Night." Emma is happy when Mac and Mr. Marbles follow. Off-color jokes aimed at Frisco not supporting his family incenses Frisco, Felicia and Maxie. He closes his act telling Felicia no matter what she decides he loves her. Felicia asks what just happened and Maxie tells her Mac decided to fight back.

    Emma tells Sabrina she looks like a princess and invites her to sit with them. The next table over Monica asks Michael what is going on between Carly and Brenda. Liz can't believe they can't get along for one night like Monica and Tracy. Tracy steps out for air and Monica follows to make sure she's not going off to poison AJ's food. Frisco is announced as the next singer and performs "All I Need." Spin and Ellie kiss. AJ, Patrick, Duke and Alexis gaze on their dates. Maxie and Mac notice Felicia crying. Frisco closes his dedication with a proposal of marriage to Felicia.

    Backstage in her dressing room Lucy hears a sound while looking for her next dress. She opens a door and looks surprised.

    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    An intern brings Steve Hardy’s portrait to the nurses’ station. Patrick meets the new interns for a tour. He gives the history of Dr. Hardy and other great doctors at GH. He reminds them that the doctors may be the brains of the hospital, but the nurses are the heart. Near Nikolas’ room Liz is reminded by Audrey of Steve’s 50th anniversary. Liz wishes everyone could be there to dedicate the portrait for the board room. Sara’s in Monterey, her parents are in Asia, and Tom’s in Africa having just graduated medical school. They visit the portrait before leaving with Patrick. Audrey remembers dancing with Steve on their anniversary. She touches a kiss to Steve’s portrait and leaves with Elizabeth.

    At the Quartermaine’s Tracy tells Alan she has no room for figments of her imagination. Monica can see Alan too. They compare notes on what they see. Monica tells Alan she is so happy. He tells her she is about to be happier and Emily says, "Hi mom," behind her. Tracy jokes Alan should have brought dad or mom back instead of Monica’s adopted waif. Tracy and Monica start fighting over the house and Pickle-Lila. Tracy berates Monica for her long line of infidelities starting with Rick Webber. His ghost joins them and asks Tracy not to drag him into this. Rick’s there to bury the hatchet with Alan. They decide to let bygones be bygones. Emily tells Tracy and Monica they should do the same. Monica says Tracy can stay. Tracy offers a truce with a handshake. Emily says a hug is worth their trip. Monica and Tracy hug awkwardly. Tracy announces they’re gone and the hug ends. Monica wonders what’s in the relish making them see things.

    Sweet Taste Of Victory.

    Monday, April 01 2013

    Monica visits Liz in Nikolas’ room at GH and hears Helena knows he is there. Monica tells Liz to get some rest. She tells Monica that AJ visited her. Monica thanks Liz for giving him a second chance and leaves. Liz talks to Nik, sharing her past feelings for him and her possible new feelings for AJ. She remembers all that has transpired between them and is sad that Lucky may never come back. She tells Nik she will go home and tell the kids their uncle will get better soon. She kisses him and tells him she loves him. She leaves the room and Audrey is there for her. In the room, Nikolas comes to.

    At the Quartermaine’s Tracy toasts her victory to AJ. He complains about her stealing the recipe. Tracy says production will begin soon and she will find the missing heir and oust AJ from ELQ. AJ’s convinced there’s another copy and starts to search the house. Tracy talks to her late parents and eats Pickle-Lila. Monica comes home asking where the food came from. Tracy tells her she hired a cook and gives her a plate of crackers with relish. Monica enjoys it trying to remember when she tasted something similar when Alan was alive. Tracy smugly shares it is Pickle-Lila. AJ returns and Monica offers him another sample to test but Tracy has already eaten it all. AJ threatens Tracy and before it gets physical Monica tells him to go to his room and to ignore anything he hears until she comes to get him. She throws Tracy out of her house. Tracy threatens to stay mad that Alan gave Monica the house. She yells if he weren’t already dead she’d kill him herself. She sees Alan in the mirror as he says, "Here’s your chance, Tracy."

    This Is The Truth.

    Thursday, March 28 2013

    Spinelli visits ELQ at AJ’s request. He calm’s Spinelli’s fears and tells him he could make it up to him by finding the missing heir. Spinelli agrees to take on the task and hopes it will help his relationship woes. AJ is confused since they are perfect geeks together, but Spin says she doesn’t want children as he does. AJ tells Spinelli not to back down if that is what he wants. AJ has to leave to practice with Elizabeth but Spinelli tells him she is probably at the hospital worrying about Nikolas. AJ leaves for the hospital. Ellie finds Tracy lurking in the lab. Tracy tries to bribe Ellie and offers to open up the Ellie Salmon Laboratory. Ellie refuses the money and Tracy compares her integrity to Spinelli’s. Ellie defends Spin after Tracy threatened to leave him homeless. Tracy is not impressed with her loyalty but Ellie confesses their break-up was about differing opinions about having children. Tracy compliments her. She is a woman of principles and should stand her ground. Thinking they have an understanding, Tracy tries again to get the recipe. Ellie explains it was sent out for an independent analysis and results would be forwarded directly to AJ. Tracy leaves and Ellie calls the lab to check on the results. She is happy Spinelli shows so they can talk. Meanwhile back at ELQ Tracy is going through AJ’s office. A delivery guy comes in to drop of the lab results. Tracy admits she’s AJ’s secretary and signs for it.

    Alexis asks Rafe what he’s doing at her home. He shares the trouble of everyone knowing the history of his parents. Shawn takes an opportunity when they are alone to make Molly’s relationship with TJ clear. Rafe offers to go to the Metro Court to see Molly but Alexis says she’ll be home soon and invites him to stay. She makes a call to check on Nikolas. She is surprised by the news.

    Back at the hospital AJ catches Elizabeth coming out of Nikolas’ room and asks how he is doing.

    For Reals.

    Monday, March 11 2013

    Spin lets himself into the Q estate. Tracy is ecstatic to see the recipe but he is reluctant to hand it over and wants to make a copy first. She refuses to let him leave with it and promises to make a copy but Spin decides he can’t do this to Ellie and tries to rush off to her. Tracy stops him and orders Alice to take the recipe but Spin swallows it instead. They try to shake it out of him but it is too late and Tracy warns him there will be hell to pay. Later, Alice finds Spin’s actions romantic. Tracy is just glad they don’t have the formula either.

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