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    General Hospital CAST - Tracy Quartermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Tracy Quartermaine Played by Jane Elliot on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jane Elliot (ABC)

    Birthday: January 17, 1947
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Divorced, Louis Rojas. One daughter, one son.
    Real Name: Jane Elliot


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    Since Always.

    Monday, May 20 2013

    Tracy tells Luke she still cares and he kisses her at the Quartermaine's. She asks, "What was that?" He admits he thought they had a moment. Tracy thinks it's a diversion and wants no casual kissing since it has taken too much for them to become friends. In the middle of her rant, Luke exclaims, "Laura's getting married." Tracy gets angry. Luke admits Laura getting married isn't the problem. Scott making him think he'd be alone is the problem. He confesses he wants Tracy to be his true north. Tracy slaps him. He's upset over her understanding of his metaphors. Tracy's hurt and apologizes that she can't be Luke's safety net. She wonders what she gets if she helps him make Scott Baldwin wrong. She confesses she's not giving up until she gets what she wants, a soul mate. Luke is surprised by her honesty but thinks it's late in the game for romantic dreams. She asks him to leave and hands him a bottle of scotch.

    A Kiss Is Just A Kiss.

    Friday, May 17 2013

    At the Quartermaine's, AJ talks to Elizabeth on the phone. She tells AJ to stop worrying and questions if it really was his relish that made her sick. Tracy grabs the phone wanting to tell Liz something. AJ intercepts and promises to call later. Tracy admits she was going to share what happened between him and Carly since he didn't take full responsibility for the relish war debacle. She flashes the Hellish Relish article in his face and advises him to distribute a press release. AJ decides to tell Elizabeth about Carly and leaves. Alone, Tracy hears someone enter. She asks AJ how his admission of guilt went but it is Luke. She asks why he's in a foul mood as he downs a drink. He blames Mac and can't believe he refused to serve him. Tracy understands why Luke was refused. He wonders why she's siding with Mac. She tells him because she cares. He asks if she really said she cares. Tracy doesn't want to lose him. Luke says, "Likewise." They kiss.

    Buzzkill Of A Brother.

    Wednesday, May 15 2013

    At the New York hospital, Sam threatens to call the cops on Stephen. He explains he isn’t Stephen, but his older brother, Dr. Silas Clay. He seems unaware that his brother was a serial killer and admits they hadn’t talked in 10 years. Sam explains how Stephen snapped after his wife died and he thought he was immortal. She is surprised the hospital never contacted Silas. Silas apologizes for any inconvenience Stephen caused and tries to excuse himself. Mad, Sam stops him and tells him he has a nephew. Stephen killed his mother in front of him and now Rafe lives with her. They bicker some and he smiles a bit. He can tell Rafe is in good hands and excuses himself. Later, she finds Silas and asks him what is wrong with him. He won’t do penance for his brother’s sins. What his brother did had nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, AJ tells Carly he feels horrible that he slept with her behind Elizabeth’s back. Tracy overhears and ecstatically hits record on her phone while she confronts AJ. She asks if she heard correctly, that he slept with Carly behind Liz’s back? He tells her to get her hearing checked. Tracy doesn’t know who would sleep with either of them, but she heard what she heard. Now she has to decide how she wants to use this juicy tidbit. He accuses her relish of making everyone sick, but she is sure it was his. In fact, if AJ doesn’t tell Mario Batali it was his relish that made him sick, Tracy will tell Elizabeth what she heard. AJ tells her to go for it. She gladly leaves to call his bluff. Carly and AJ fight about stopping her after she walks off. AJ can’t stop her or he will open ELQ up to numerous lawsuits. Sonny calls and tells Carly he is on his way to get Michael and Morgan.

    In her hospital room, Liz wakes to Nikolas. She thanks him for doing the right thing with Tracy, but she is still with AJ. Nikolas is convinced that in the end AJ will hurt her. She thinks he’s wrong. Tracy walks in and tells her AJ already has hurt her. AJ interrupts and tells them it was his relish that made everyone sick. Liz wonders why no one got sick before now and AJ puts it off on the preservation process. Tracy comments how noble he is. She gives him Mario’s clog to return when AJ admits he made him sick.

    Who Indeed?

    Tuesday, May 14 2013

    At "The Chew" studios, Mario's ready to read the winner of the pickle war when everyone who sampled relish gets sick. AJ and Tracy bicker onstage blaming each other. An unknown man enters the empty greenroom as Mario walks toward the camera asking, "Who's responsible?" The man replies to the monitor, "Who indeed?" The producer comes in and accepts paper towels from him. The man says he forgot his pass but doesn't share his name. On TV Tracy tells viewers how AJ cuts costs after Mario blames them for bringing their evil relish to the show. In the hall AJ finds Nik holding Elizabeth over a bucket. The announcer comes out and takes Mario away. After cleaning relish off Mario's clog, Tracy talks to her father as the man watches the camera. She asks, "How could this happen?" She brings the clog backstage but can't find Mario. The man hides from her behind the door.

    In the NY hospital Sam panics thinking she sees Stephen Clay. The doctor tells a nurse he'll take care of Sam. Sam identifies him as the serial killer who kidnapped her and her son. He holds up his hands to show he has no rings. He leaves her to go to the ER. She calls Molly to check on Danny and Rafe then decides to call the police. The doctor returns and decides to save her time. He announces, "I'm not Stephen Clay, he's my brother." In another hall, Carly tells a doctor she's looking for her sons. The doctor remembers them, especially the smart mouth younger one. She recalls Michael went after Morgan. The ER starts to get busy with sick people from "The Chew." AJ looks for a doctor for Elizabeth and bumps into Carly. She tells him she's looking for Michael. AJ thinks everything will be okay but Carly knows Michael will risk his life to save his brother. She convinces AJ this could be serious. They try to call Michael again. In an exam area a doctor tells Nik that Elizabeth will wake up soon. Tracy arrives looking for Mario. She overhears AJ arguing with Carly about how great Elizabeth's been and how guilty he feels that he slept with her behind Elizabeth's back. Tracy smiles.

    The Clash Of The Condiments.

    Monday, May 13 2013

    In the hotel lobby, Tracy's upset to hear she dropped out of the competition on TV. She's grabbed by one of Nik's goons again and manages to escape.

    At "The Chew" studio Nikolas announces to AJ that Tracy won't be showing up. AJ misses his first introduction to come onstage and is interrupted by the producer. The hosts brag about the first time they tried Pickle-Lila and ask if it's the original recipe. AJ nods speechless and stumbles on his words until he decides to tell the truth about the new improved recipe. In the greenroom Liz tells Nik to stop gloating. Nik gets a call that Tracy escaped. He tries to stop her when she arrives but she overtakes him and rushes onstage producing Pickle-Eddie, The Daddy Of All Relishes. The taste test begins. Backstage, Nik crawls into the greenroom and refuses relish samples of which Liz happily partakes. Onstage Mario is about to announce the winner when he vomits. It is not long before vomiting ensues between all hosts onstage and Liz backstage. Nearby someone sneaks into the greenroom after Nik runs out after Liz.

    I'm On Your Side.

    Thursday, May 09 2013

    In the hotel lobby, Luke bumps into Spinelli as they ask for Tracy and AJ's rooms respectively. Luke teases the licensed PI and cyber genius admitting he was in Nancy Frank's kitchen when Spin visited her. Spinelli is upset at being decoyed but eager to find out how he played her. Upstairs, Elizabeth brings AJ bagels. He's frustrated that Tracy's there. Liz finds it odd and shares Nik is there. AJ informs her that they are partners and plan to sabotage him. Elizabeth tries to stop him from going after Nikolas. Spinelli arrives and Liz leaves them. Spin breaks the news that Luke tricked him. AJ drops to the floor with a panic attack. Meanwhile, Nikolas lets Tracy in his room. She chastises him for giving them up to AJ. She relays she duped AJ, telling him she wasn't there to promote Pickle-Tracy. Tracy can't concentrate with all the ink on Nikolas' half-naked body and leaves. Elizabeth storms in and discovers Nik's been lying by omission. They argue over the series of events. She's moved on and he hasn't. He confesses the regrets he had after getting shot. One was not being with her. She's disappointed that he thinks he can get her by lying. Elizabeth asks Nikolas not to bully AJ and begs him not to do "The Chew." She returns to AJ's room and stops Spinelli from doing CPR. AJ calms down and apologizes for scaring Damian who leaves post haste. AJ tells Liz that Luke found the missing heir. She explains she tried to talk Nikolas out of doing "The Chew." He frets about having no one on his side. Elizabeth reminds him, "I'm on your side." Downstairs, Tracy meets Luke who admits he didn't find her great-niece, but he did find her mother. Luke shares Ava's story but confesses he didn't get the location of his target. Tracy believes Ava must have her own angle to cash in. Luke doesn't think Ava can be bought, claiming she already lives in some fine digs. Tracy's done debating and decides to fetch the dissolute prince. She takes comfort in knowing AJ isn't closer to the heir. Outside Nik's room, Tracy bangs on the door as he reflects on Elizabeth's words, "If you really love me then you're going to back off AJ." Nik opens the door and tells Tracy they are not going on "The Chew."

    Looking For A Girl.

    Wednesday, May 08 2013

    Tracy follows Nikolas into his hotel room to celebrate thinking Luke will be in touch with Lauren Frank at any moment. She asks why they are staying at this hotel. He wonders if he mentioned Elizabeth was staying there. Tracy gets upset and demands they not be seen. Elizabeth and AJ enter his room. AJ tells Elizabeth that Spinelli is about to contact Lauren Frank. They discuss their second chance. Elizabeth explains she told him about her kiss with Nikolas because she realized full disclosure is the way to go for them to work. AJ thinks of his night with Carly and stops Elizabeth from leaving. He's interrupted by Michael's call. Liz leaves. She opens the door to her room and finds Nikolas taking off his shirt. She sarcastically tries to calculate the odds that he's there on business. He promises to get the hotel to fix the room mix-up. After reminding him she wants to give a relationship with AJ a try, Nikolas tries to seduce her. She leaves to get another room herself. Nikolas says at least he can sleep well knowing she's not spending the night with AJ. Meanwhile, AJ leaves his room to get ice and bumps into Tracy. She swears on her dear father's name that she is not there to promote Pickle-Tracy. She wishes him luck and leaves for her room.

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