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    General Hospital CAST - Alan Quartermaine (deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Alan Quartermaine (deceased) Played by Stuart Michael Damon on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stuart Damon (ABC)

    Birthday: February 5 1937
    Birthplace: New York, New York
    Marital Status: Married to Deirdre Ottewill, March 12, 1961
    Real Name: Stuart Michael Damon
    Height: 6'2"


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    GH Recap: You Have To Let Me Go.

    Monday, February 24 2014

    At home, Emma refuses to accept her mom's excuses for leaving. Robin wanders into her bedroom and tells Patrick about this. He knows how the kid feels. "You have to let me go," she says. He knows but he's not happy about it. They don't know how to pack since they don't know where she's going. She doesn't want to pack; she just wants to spend time with him. Drake cries and refuses to pretend that things are fine. Robin worries that he doesn't love her anymore. He still loves her so she asks him to help her make a memory she can take away with her. They get undressed and have some somber sex. She promises that she will come back someday.

    Heart And Soul.

    Tuesday, April 02 2013

    An intern brings Steve Hardy’s portrait to the nurses’ station. Patrick meets the new interns for a tour. He gives the history of Dr. Hardy and other great doctors at GH. He reminds them that the doctors may be the brains of the hospital, but the nurses are the heart. Near Nikolas’ room Liz is reminded by Audrey of Steve’s 50th anniversary. Liz wishes everyone could be there to dedicate the portrait for the board room. Sara’s in Monterey, her parents are in Asia, and Tom’s in Africa having just graduated medical school. They visit the portrait before leaving with Patrick. Audrey remembers dancing with Steve on their anniversary. She touches a kiss to Steve’s portrait and leaves with Elizabeth.

    At the Quartermaine’s Tracy tells Alan she has no room for figments of her imagination. Monica can see Alan too. They compare notes on what they see. Monica tells Alan she is so happy. He tells her she is about to be happier and Emily says, "Hi mom," behind her. Tracy jokes Alan should have brought dad or mom back instead of Monica’s adopted waif. Tracy and Monica start fighting over the house and Pickle-Lila. Tracy berates Monica for her long line of infidelities starting with Rick Webber. His ghost joins them and asks Tracy not to drag him into this. Rick’s there to bury the hatchet with Alan. They decide to let bygones be bygones. Emily tells Tracy and Monica they should do the same. Monica says Tracy can stay. Tracy offers a truce with a handshake. Emily says a hug is worth their trip. Monica and Tracy hug awkwardly. Tracy announces they’re gone and the hug ends. Monica wonders what’s in the relish making them see things.

    Sweet Taste Of Victory.

    Monday, April 01 2013

    Monica visits Liz in Nikolas’ room at GH and hears Helena knows he is there. Monica tells Liz to get some rest. She tells Monica that AJ visited her. Monica thanks Liz for giving him a second chance and leaves. Liz talks to Nik, sharing her past feelings for him and her possible new feelings for AJ. She remembers all that has transpired between them and is sad that Lucky may never come back. She tells Nik she will go home and tell the kids their uncle will get better soon. She kisses him and tells him she loves him. She leaves the room and Audrey is there for her. In the room, Nikolas comes to.

    At the Quartermaine’s Tracy toasts her victory to AJ. He complains about her stealing the recipe. Tracy says production will begin soon and she will find the missing heir and oust AJ from ELQ. AJ’s convinced there’s another copy and starts to search the house. Tracy talks to her late parents and eats Pickle-Lila. Monica comes home asking where the food came from. Tracy tells her she hired a cook and gives her a plate of crackers with relish. Monica enjoys it trying to remember when she tasted something similar when Alan was alive. Tracy smugly shares it is Pickle-Lila. AJ returns and Monica offers him another sample to test but Tracy has already eaten it all. AJ threatens Tracy and before it gets physical Monica tells him to go to his room and to ignore anything he hears until she comes to get him. She throws Tracy out of her house. Tracy threatens to stay mad that Alan gave Monica the house. She yells if he weren’t already dead she’d kill him herself. She sees Alan in the mirror as he says, "Here’s your chance, Tracy."

    When You’re Dead, You’re Dead.

    Monday, November 05 2012

    At the Quartermaine estate, Monica is worried that AJ went looking for Michael. Alice is worried Michael will then tell Sonny. They hear Tracy and Luke come in talking about Duke as they get out of their costumes. They walk in on Alice and Monica just in time to see them sneaking out the back. They cover, but Tracy knows they are lying. Alice refuses to let them sit down until they take their rental costumes off and shoos them off. Monica is worried they know they are up to something. They decide to wait for AJ and hope he does not look for Michael. Alone, Monica wishes Alan was there when she gets a visit from him. She apologizes for not telling him AJ was alive. He assures her she is strong enough to handle this. She imagines the first time they kissed, and when she turns around he is gone.

    In another room of the estate Tracy is determined to find out what is going on with Monica. What if losing Jason knocked her last screw loose? Tracy even suspects AJ was like the man in the grim reaper costume. He was rude and annoying like AJ. Meanwhile, Luke knows a crap cover story when he hears one. He is going to Turkey. He gives Tracy a kiss as he leaves and when she is alone, she breaks down about her life. Alan puts his hand on her shoulder, but when she turns around no one is there.

    AJ arrives at the Quartermaine crypt where he sees his name. At least he was in good company. He tells Alan he wishes he could have made him proud. Alan’s ghost appears and tells him how much he loves him. AJ apologizes to Alan – he never deserved his love. AJ will honor his memory and make him proud of him. Alan tells him gaining Michael’s trust will be the hardest thing he does. Suddenly, Carly and Sonny walk up. Sonny offers to have Max and Milo open the crypt. She relents and agrees she is seeing things. Sonny assures her AJ will never get his hooks in their son again.

    AJ returns to the mansion and assures Monica he is not going anywhere while Alan looks on.

    Wouldn't Change A Thing.

    Monday, August 29 2011

    In Monica's fantasy, she catches Jason doing a line of coke in the Q living room. He tells her he's just celebrating achieving the goals she set for him. He's done everything she's asked him to do, but he couldn’t do it on vending machine coffee. He vents about the pressures he's been under, as Alan, Tracy and Edward join them. Monica tells them all Jason is proving he is quite a Quartermaine. Tracy tears into him, which makes Jason take off. He gets in his car and crashes it. Later, Monica, Edward, Tracy and Alan discuss Jason's condition. He has swelling in his brain after getting thrown from the car upon impact. Alan notes he could die and blames Tracy for egging Jason on. Tracy says he did it to himself, but Monica thinks their expectations of him is what led to his crash. Monica thinks they should have accepted Jason for who he was. Real Monica sees real Jason, who tells her to let him go and to let him be who he is.

    Be Careful What You Wish For.

    Friday, August 26 2011

    Monica returns home and envisions Alan entering the room to tell them Jason, who never got in the car with A.J., has been named chief of staff. Tracy and Edward join the celebration, with Tracy being her usual disdainful self. Alone, in the Q living room, Jason does a line of coke, as fantasy Monica walks in on him.

    Holiday Magic Reigns in Port Charles.

    Tuesday, December 23 2008

    "Ba," "Hum," "Bug," Monica, Edward and then Tracy pipe up as Alice brings a little Christmas tree into the Quartermaine study. Edward says that he can't bear to have a tree without Lila, and Monica remembers that Emily used to help Lila decorate. Alan appears and calls them all whiners and Tracy starts to bicker with him. Monica tells her to stop her imaginary conversations with Alan, so Tracy tries to throw him out. Alan says he won't go anywhere until she tells Monica that he loves her. That's when Spinelli and Maxie arrive and pull a pair of glasses out of Santa's pocket. Edward, Tracy and Alice leave the room in disgust, but Spinelli and Maxie urge Monica to put them on. Monica won't listen, but they put the glasses under the tree anyway. Only Alan remains and he silently urges her to put them on. She wistfully walks over to the tree and puts the glasses on. When she turns around she is shocked to see Alan standing before her. She marvels at the miracle and they only argue for a little while before she tells him how much she has missed him and falls into his arms.

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