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    General Hospital CAST - Dillon Quartermaine (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dillon Quartermaine (Past) Played by Scott Clifton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Clifton (Apega/

    Birthday: 1984-10-31
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Scott Clifton
    Web site:


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    Luke Bargains for Lulu.

    Tuesday, February 13 2007

    At the Q's, Tracey, Alice, Edward and Dillon see that the hostage that has been released is Alan and he looks wounded. They all head to the hospital and are waiting in the GH lobby when he is brought in. Edward whispers in his son's ear that there is only room for one heart patient in this family. Skye tries to say something to Alan, but Monica calls her a witch and tells her to get away from her husband. Then she explains to Edward and Tracy that if it weren't for Lorenzo Alcazar they would all be safe at home right now. Edward asks Skye if it's true but she runs off.

    In the OR, Monica scrubs in to perform Alan's angioplasty and Dr. Ford objects. She pulls rank on him and says that she will be the one to operate on her husband. He tries to reason with her that she's too close to the situation to be objective in a crisis. She tells him to file a complaint if he needs to, but stop wasting her time. In the waiting room, the rest of the family quietly thinks about Alan. Especially Tracy. She tells Dillon that Skye will pay if her brother loses his life tonight. Edward vows to go after Alcazar.

    Oh Alan!

    Monday, February 12 2007

    Monica and Edward are watching the Metro Court news on TV from home. Edward is upset and Monica is trying to keep him from getting too worked up. She reminds him that Nikolas is probably protecting Emily from harm. Alice adds that Mr. Luke is going to save them all. Tracy and Dillon arrive home and announce that the gunmen have agreed to release one hostage. As they wait, Dillon says that it's his fault that Lulu is in the lobby. He tells them that their plan was to steal Alan's PDA to see if his bank records can tie him to Rick Webber. Tracy thinks Lulu and Dillon are nuts for digging up an age-old case – to what end? Dillon says that even if Laura can never be cured, Lulu needs to help her mother. Edward says that Rick Webber deserved what happened to him, even if Laura didn't deserve to get blamed for it. For Monica's part, she admits that she loved Rick, but married Alan anyway. Then she comes to a realization, "As it turns out, it was Alan I belonged with all along." They talk about the affairs and remarriages that the Q family has endured. Dillon remarks that he always thought Monica and Alan were married out of convenience. Monica defends her marriage and tells Dillon to talk to her after he's been married for decades. Edward adds that he always knew that Alan and Monica were a good match. Monica walks up to him and smiles. She says that maybe she and Alan have a once-in-a-lifetime love similar to Edward and Lila's, after all. She picks up her coat and goes to the Metro Court so that she can tell Alan her feelings as soon as he gets out.

    Emily Has To Play God.

    Friday, February 09 2007

    Lucky agrees to storm the building with Luke. Dillon comes up and says to count him in. He says that Lulu is family to him now. Tracy joins them and tells Luke that nobody's going in, but it doesn't deter the Spencer guys. As they slip off, she gives Luke a kiss and he says,"Thanks!" Dillon is left talking with Tracy, and Scotty Baldwin shows up. Tracy flatly asks, "Shouldn't you be in prison somewhere?" He scoffs and says unless you're dead; you're never really gone for good. Then he gives his real answer -- that he came home to see how Laura was. Tracy explains to Scotty how it is that she is still Mrs. Luke Spencer in spite of the dreamy wedding that Luke threw for Laura during her brief recovery. Dillon asks Scottie to clarify his feelings for Laura because he's confused about their connection. Scotty tells Dillon that he's been in love with Laura most of his life. He says that Luke and Laura's big fairytale romance was destructive and abusive. Tracy reminds him that Laura is incurable. Scotty says that the next time they find a medicine to help her, it's going to be him who finds it. He tells Tracy that it behooves her to keep Mr. Spencer happy.

    Mac Gets the Worst News.

    Friday, February 02 2007

    Dillon walks over to Georgie and Pete – who are talking about their project –and asks "his girlfriend" for a dance. Georgie tells him that he should find Lulu then. They argue for a while until Pete admits that he's been monopolizing Georgie's time. George wonders why Maxi hasn't come upstairs for the party yet.

    A group has gathered in line to take the elevator down and it's taking forever. Someone recalls that when the PC hotel was on fire, the first sign was that the elevators didn't run. Tracy asks Dillon if he knows where Lulu is? Panic starts when people come in from the terrace and announce that the building looks like it's surrounded by the PCPD. Just then, Lucky and Cruse come out of the stairwell and tell everyone that they are evacuating the building because there are gunmen in the lobby and they have hostages.

    Outside, a list has been compiled of who is inside. Lucky realizes that Liz is on it and calls Audrey. Dillon asks Spinelli where Lulu is and learns that she's inside, too. Luke learns that Bobbie hadn't arrived yet when the hostages were taken, so she's down at headquarters answering questions about the fundraiser. Jason makes Spinelli keep working on his laptop so they can figure something out. They learn that the vault is set to reopen in twelve hours. Jason realizes the same thing that Sonny did – Mr. Craig will blow the whole place up as soon as he gets what he wants.

    And So It Begins.

    Wednesday, January 31 2007

    Monica, Edward, Tracy and Dillon are sitting around their study, grumbling as they wait for Alan to be read for the fundraiser. He finally shows up and they all bicker, as usual. Luke walks into the room and wishes them all a happy new year. Alice gives him a big hug and kiss. Tracy asks for a moment's privacy with her husband. After they all leave the room, she asks Luke who his first stop was, "Your real wife, or your imaginary wife?" He pours a drink. He tells her that he hasn't stopped by Shady Brook yet. He asks if she divorced him in absentia. She tells him that they're still married, but wonders why that is exactly. Why didn't he divorce her and marry Laura legally when he had the chance? "Because as much as I love her, I can't be with her," Luke replies. Before they could go further with their conversation, Lulu comes home.

    Liz Starts to Crack.

    Tuesday, January 30 2007

    At Kelly's, Spinelli and Lulu are chatting at a table, and Dillon is still at the counter trying to convince Georgie to get their relationship another chance. Professor Pete arrives to pick her up. She tells Dillon that she's excited to read Pete's new chapters and thanks him for the offering to take her to see a movie tonight. Pete helps her with her coat and they leave. Dillon begrudgingly sits down Lulu and Spinelli and learns that they want Alan's PDA too see if he ever made a payoff to Rick Webber. Dillon reminds them that tonight is the fundraiser and that could give them a chance to get it. Spinelli wants to go and wear his tuxedo tee shirt. No dice, Dillon and Lulu will go without him.

    Four year-old misunderstanding.

    Tuesday, January 23 2007

    Lulu and Dillon are bouncing theories off of each other at the Q house. Disgruntled mistresses…angry bookies…who knows how many people could have done killed Rick Webber? Dillon tells Lulu that it's her job to narrow it down because he wants to spend his time finding a way to rule Alan out as a suspect.

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