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    General Hospital CAST - Dillon Quartermaine (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dillon Quartermaine (Past) Played by Scott Clifton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Clifton (Apega/

    Birthday: 1984-10-31
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Scott Clifton
    Web site:


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    Emily sees Nikolas kiss Robin!

    Wednesday, April 04 2007

    Milo is at the counter at Kelly's and he turns around and tells Spinelli (who is sitting at a table) that he doesn't like the way Logan seems to always be harassing Lulu. Spinelli declares that The Jackal will get on the case and figure out Logan's angle. Milo shakes his head and tells Spinelli that he doesn't get what Lulu sees in him. The Jackal says that his nick name is much better than the "Mooner". Turns out that Milo was arrested for mooning once and Spinelli found out about it. Milo is not pleased, but Dillon shows up and asks what they are doing. The all sit down together and talk about how to proceed with finding out more about Logan. Before they can get too far, Logan comes in and drags Spinelli off to another table. He wants to know everything possible about Lulu Spencer. Spinelli makes up a story about Lulu being superficial and shallow. He says that she walks over guys, etc. The more he dogs Lulu, the angrier Milo gets and Dillon has to hold him back. Logan thinks that Lulu sounds great. He thanks Spinelli and leaves. Milo doesn't get that Spinelli was lying to Logan so he pins him against the wall.

    Lulu comes into Kelly's and finds her three boyfriends arguing again. They cover and act like they are still fighting about who she should like more. But, it's Dillon's date night and he shoos them away. He wants to take her to a classic movie and as he starts to explain the movie to her she says that this isn't going to work. She says that they've been through way too much to go out on a date and pretend that they are just getting to know each other.

    Maxi Sheds Some Light.

    Tuesday, April 03 2007

    In the Q study, Alan and Tracy continue their ghostly dialogue. She tells him that she did him a favor by altering his will because he left his money to the unborn children of Jason! She contends that Jason is a thug and gold diggers are his taste in women - just like his Uncle Alan. Just then, thunder booms and a bolt of lightening flashes and Alan smugly says, "I wish I could do that when I was alive." Tracy threatens to get some garlic and holy water if he won't leave. Alan says that he's a ghost, not a vampire. Alice has entered the room to announce that Jax has arrived to see her, and she and Jax have witnessed the entire (one-sided) conversation. Jax has come to the Q house for a meeting that Alan has called.

    Skye arrives in the study followed by Dillon, Monica and Edward. Monica announces that she and Edward are contesting the validity of Alan's will. Jax speaks as Michael's trustee and says that Michael's interests are well served, so he has no problems with the will as it is. They all argue over whether or not to fight the will and Alan is contributing little barbs, only no one but Tracy hears them. Skye says that she might just question the will herself "if only to drag you hyenas to court." Alan proudly says, "That's my girl!" Everyone leaves, but Dillon hangs back in the doorway to hear his mother continue her argument with Alan. Finally, he says, "Mom, Uncle Alan is dead." Tracy tells her son that she knows her brother is dead. Then, as Dillon starts to sit in the chair, Tracy stops him. Dillon figures out that Tracy thinks Alan is sitting in the chair because she has a guilty conscience! Dillon says that if this gets out, she could lose her CEO title at ELQ.

    Robin Has Her Hands Full.

    Wednesday, March 28 2007

    Spinelli finds Lulu at Kelly's and guesses by her face that she "isn't one with the sunshine today." Lulu grumbles about Liz and the secret that she's keeping from her brother. Spinelli tries to convince Lulu to come for a walk with him (using Spinelli language) and Mike overhears and makes fun of him. Lulu continues to spew her discontent over how Jason and Liz came to sleep together last summer. She explains that Sam slept with Ric Lansing and that's probably why Jason was up for it. Spinelli can't believe that Sam would sleep with "the DA of darkness." Lulu is tearful as she continues to talk about how worried she is about Lucky. Dillan finds them and wonders what Spinelli has done to make Lulu cry. Before she can explain, Milo comes in and tells Lulu that it's okay with him if Lulu dates all three of them. The three guys rise to their feet and argue over which of them is better for Lulu. Mike comes in clanging pot lids together and asks them to show the lady some respect. Lulu says that she's going to go on a trial date with each of them….separately. The guys argue over who goes first and Milo wants to arm wrestle. Dillon contends that Lulu has more respect for brains than muscle. Mike clangs his lids and says they will do it the old fashioned way. Mike tells them they have to draw numbers, the highest wins. Dillon wins the first date, then Milo and finally Spinelli. She tells them that she wants no more bickering or she won't go out with any of them.

    Lulu Goes For It.

    Tuesday, March 27 2007

    At Kelly's, Maxi is facing off with Lulu in front of Coop. They dish all their baggage -- about Lulu breaking up Georgie and Dillon and Maxi tricking Lucky into thinking she was pregnant -- in front of Coop. Just after Maxi tells Lulu that she aborted her baby because she couldn't take it, Lulu punches her in the face. Logan comes in and between he and Coop, they pull the girls apart. In one corner, Coop tries to tell Maxi that he and Lulu have nothing going on – in fact they just met. Logan comes over and Maxi blurts out that Coop has suddenly decided to be a cop. Logan congratulates him and says that he can go after the security gig at the Metro Court. After Coop leaves, Maxi tells Logan that there's more going on with Coop's decision to be a cop and she's going to find out what it is. Later, Lulu corners Logan and asks why he keeps showing up in her face. Logan says that a simple "thank you" might be nice. As he yells at her, Milo comes up and Logan asks if her babysitter needs her. Lulu says that Milo is her boyfriend and then Dillon shows up. Logan says, "I get it" and leaves. Just then Spinelli shows up and starts gushing at Lulu. She can't take the pressure of three guys after her and leaves them standing together.

    Lulu comes back to Kelly's and finds Spinelli, Dillon and Milo sitting together bickering about her. She tells them that she cares about all of them as friends, but maybe in time she could feel something else. The men start to fight over who is better for her ( it's quite funny!). "I care about all of you and I don't know how to choose…so I'm either going to date all of you…or none of you." The guys are stumped.

    Sonny Scores!

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Outside Sonny's office, Spinelli is telling Milo that "The Hostile One" (Stan) is upset that he is going to usurp his position with The Godfather. Just then, Lulu arrives and Milo is excited to see her, even though she has brought Dillon, too. Lulu tells them that nobody can know that Laura is innocent of Rick Webber's murder. She says that she hates the fact that Scott Baldwin will get away with the killing, but she can't risk losing her dad over coming clean with what she has learned. She feels that her mom must have wanted closure for her, and that is what she has achieved – thanks to their help.

    Lulu Has A Cute Shadow.

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Luke is curious as to what Lulu, Spinelli and Dillon are so intrigued by as they sit on Laura's couch with a laptop between them. Lulu covers quickly by telling the guys that she can't give them what they want from her. Luke jumps in to help by telling them that they are in the wrong part of town to get what they want. Lulu kicks the (bewildered) guys out and Luke sits with her and asks why she's upset. She tells him that she just needs to be alone for a little while. As he leaves, she tells him, "It's about mom." Luke stops to hear her out. She asks him what Laura ever saw in Scott Baldwin. She says that she doesn't want to make the same mistakes as Laura did – by getting involved with a "loser". Luke says that when Laura met Scott, she was younger and more naive than Lulu is. Luke says that first loves almost never work out. Lulu asks him he knew it was "real" when he met her mom. He admitted that it was definitely love at first sight. She says that she's going to see Dillon and Luke offers to drive her. After they leave, Logan comes out from the bushes in front of Laura's house.

    Dillon meets Lulu at the waterfront and she agrees to talk to Spinelli about keeping his mouth shut about Rick Webber's death. Lulu wonders if Laura wanted her to find out the truth so that she can protect her dad. Dillon suggests that maybe it's a secret mother/daughter thing that will bring her closer to her mother. Lulu likes the idea of that. "My mom didn't kill Rick Webber and Scott Baldwin did", Lulu says with confidence. Logan is lurking around eavesdropping.

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