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    General Hospital CAST - Dillon Quartermaine (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dillon Quartermaine (Past) Played by Scott Clifton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Clifton (Apega/

    Birthday: 1984-10-31
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Scott Clifton
    Web site:


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    It's Just Not Sam's Day.

    Monday, July 09 2007

    Edward tells his family that he never once spoke to Alan about the pride he had in his accomplishments. Alan says, "I know father," but only Tracy hears him. Tracy fights back tears as she says that she believes in Dillon 100%, but this is a mistake. Dillon kisses her on the head and says that she wouldn't be his mother if she agreed with him. He turns to Ned and says that he's taking him up on the offer. Ned tells him that they leave tonight. Tracy says that she won't stop him but she's still his mom and she won't say goodbye. "Works for me," Dillon says as he tries to hold back his tears. "I’m not going to say goodbye to any of you. I'm going to remember you just like this. (He holds his fingers in a rectangle as if he's framing the scene.) He and Ned hurry out the door to keep the tears at bay and as soon as they're gone Edward tells Alice to call Shady Brooke to come get Tracy.

    Sonny Catches Sam in a Lie.

    Friday, July 06 2007

    Dillon and Lulu are at a table at Kelly's talking about their relationship. She tells him that he should take advantage of the movie opportunity and he says that he'll stay behind if there's a chance for them. He says that they have friendship and trust and that's how good relationships start. As they rehash their past and he tells her that he's willing to wait for her feelings to come around. "You are amazing to me and I want to be with you," Dillon urgently states. Lulu has tears rolling down her face and when Logan walks in the door, she surprisingly says, "I didn't want to tell you this because I didn't want to hurt you, but I'm seeing Logan." Logan picks up on what's going on, so he sits down and puts his arm around Lulu. Dillon is angry at first, and then he says that Lulu is lying just to make sure that he goes after this job opportunity. "If you had said Milo or Spinelli, I would've understood, but you hate him!" Dillon says. He thanks Lulu for making his decision easier and then leaves. Lulu breaks down in tears as soon as he's gone.

    At the Q mansion, Monica is surprised to see that Skye has come over. Skye says that she was summoned, but she doesn't know why. Edward is especially grumpy as Ned walks in and tells the family to say goodbye to Dillon. Edward says that Dillon hasn't even decided yet, and Dillon comes in and says that he has. As Edward continues to tell Dillon not to waste his life on movies, Monica tells him to shut up. Skye says that the family should show some love for a change and Edward tells her that she killed Alan. As the fighting gets out of control, Lulu comes in and tells them all to shut up. Dillon walks over to her and she sweetly tells him that she's happy for him and there will be a big gap in her life when he's gone. They both cry as they hug and she says that she hopes he can forgive her someday. He jokes that he'll "work on it." Skye tells him that he has "talent and vision to spare". Then Monica hugs him and says that she's very proud of him. Alice picks him up and squeezes him. Finally Edward stands and says, "You're a damn fool, but you're our damn fool. Goodbye, good luck and don't you dare call asking for money!" Just then, the terrace doors fly open and a very breathless, blonde-wigged Tracy busts into the room.

    The Q family makes fun of Tracy's wig and the fact that she escaped Shady Brooke. Edward tells Alice to confiscate all sharp instruments. Tracy says that she wants to talk Dillon out of making the biggest mistake of his life.

    Will Dillon Leave PC?

    Thursday, July 05 2007

    Dillon tells Georgie a little bit of what is bothering him but before he can tell her the whole thing Ned walks in - telling her that he wants Dillon to go with him to LA. Georgie can't believe the opportunity that Ned is offering but Dillon still isn't sure about it. He can't leave Tracy alone right now! Ned takes Dillon to a private table and tries to talk him into the LA move. He tells him that Tracy is manipulating him, which Dillon knows. "Our mother will survive without us," Ned tells him, assuring him that Tracey's latest crisis will be over soon whether he stays in PC or not. Watching them, Georgie asks another waitress to cover and leaves Kelly's.

    Dillon listens to Ned but isn't ready to leave his family in the lurch. Ned tells him this is a chance to really get to know one another, as brothers, without the familial interference. Still, Dillon doesn't think he can do it. He finally tells Ned that he isn't ready to leave his life and he isn't ready to leave Lulu! Georgie and Lulu return, together, both advising Dillon to take the job in LA and follow his dreams. Georgie asks Lulu for some time with Dillon and Lulu steps away. She tells him that she still cares about him but she wants him to go. She walks away. Dillon goes to Lulu's table. She tells him to go, too. Dillon still isn't ready. He tells her he cares about her and doesn't want to leave because of that. With tears in her eyes, Lulu tells him he can only be her friend.


    Wednesday, July 04 2007

    Georgie is trying bus tables at Kelly's, but Dillon is following her around bringing her up to speed on the Q family. She is clearly annoyed and tells him that listening to the Quartermaine craziness is like "breathing secondhand smoke." Dillon looks like a hurt puppy, but not for long. Ned comes rushing in for a surprise visit. Dillon can't believe that Ned would endure the traffic from New York on the 4th of July just to visit their mom. Ned is excited as he says that he's come to see him. "I’m here to change your life," Ned proclaims. They take a table outside and Ned tells him about a position with a Hollywood director that he has recommended him for. It's going to take at least 7 months, Ned says. Dillon is trying to process how his life would have to change if he went for it. He says he would have to drop out of school, and then remembers that their mom is in Shady Brooke and needs help. Ned tells Dillon that it's not his fight. He explains that their Grandfather wants to take back ELQ and that's why Tracy has landed in Shady Brooke. Ned says that their mother is capable of taking care of herself and Dillon should focus on his own life.

    Dillon goes to Shady Brooke and tells Edward to leave so he can talk to his mother alone. Alan applauds Dillon's guts as Edward leaves. As soon as (Dillon thinks) he is alone with his mother, he tells her about the hot new Hollywood director that Ned has hooked him up with. He says that he has the chance to work on his next film, from pre-production until final edits. He excitedly says that they will shoot in Montana and the streets of Seattle and he'll be learning from one of the best. Tracy interrupts him and says that she doesn't know what he's talking about. Meanwhile, Alan voices his enthusiasm for Dillon. He tells Tracy to tell her son that she's proud of him and that he has talent up the wazoo. Tracy thinks for a minute as Dillon nervously looks on. He says, "Isn't this exactly what you would do if you wanted something as badly as I want this?" Tracy reluctantly says that he can go -- even if it means that she's rotting in a place where people howl at their cereal. She lays more guilt on him and when she sees that he is starting to crumble, she promises to help him realize his dream AFTER he gets her out of there. Dillon sullenly says that he'll think about it, and then skulks out the door. Alan tells Tracy that she is shameless, which means that he'll never stop haunting her.

    Tracey Is Committed!

    Thursday, June 21 2007

    Dillon comes downstairs for breakfast and after a while realizes that Tracey isn't there. He demands that Edward and Monica tell him what is going on but they don't tell him at first. Finally, Monica says, "Edward had your mother committed!" Dillon can't believe what Edward did and Monica admits that Tracey doesn't really see Alan. But, Monica believes that Tracey is trying to work the family over. "Your mother is sick and if we can prove that she is incompetent she can't be responsible for helping Luke kidnap Laura," Edward says. Still, Dillon is angry that they had Tracey put away.

    At Shady Brook, Tracey exchanges barbs with her nurse, telling her to let her out or else! The nurse releases Tracey from the strait jacket. Tracey offers her money to get Edward trussed up in a jacket. Alan appears, talking to Tracey who tries to ignore him. "FYI, I was only pretending to see my brother to manipulate my family," Tracey tells her but the nurse obviously doesn’t believe her. When they are alone, Alan tells Tracey to relax. She tells him that he can haunt her forever but he won't make her crack! "We'll see about that," he says. They argue, neither admitting to anything. Dillon rushes in, worried about Tracey and relieved to see that she is okay. He promises to get Tracey out and she suggests that he blackmail Edward to do it! Dillon leaves. Alan tells Tracey that Dillon won't be able to put anything over on Edward. From outside, Edward watches Tracey argue with Alan. He heads to the nurses station, asking them to take good care of Tracey. "Tracy may need to be here indefinitely," he says.

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