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    General Hospital CAST - Dillon Quartermaine (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dillon Quartermaine (Past) Played by Scott Clifton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Clifton (Apega/

    Birthday: 1984-10-31
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Scott Clifton
    Web site:


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    No where to run. Except the altar?

    Wednesday, January 10 2007

    Dillon has called a meeting in the study and the grumpy family isn't pleased. Even Alice has been invited. After the study door is closed, Dillon offers coffee, but no one is interested. They start sniping at each other and Dillon just lets them go for it.

    The Quartermines have wound down and it's time for Dillon to start his "schpeel" to kill time while Lulu looks for the date book. He says that his conscience is bothering him regarding the ELQ faulty condom situation. He wants them to discuss how they can treat the public ethically, perhaps pay out all the settlements. Alice suggests that Dillon goes back to film school because ELQ's morals won't bother him so much—and he had a much better hair cut. Edward and Tracy argue a while and then he says that he was born into a wild pack of hyenas. Just then Sam arrives and asks Tracy for a job.

    Dillon meets Lulu at Kelly's to see what she found. He reports to Lulu that he can probably kiss his ELQ internship goodbye now that he's told his family what he thinks of their company. Lulu is touched that he would do that for her and her mother's case. She thanks him for his efforts, but reports that she couldn't find the date book.

    Carly has met her match!

    Tuesday, January 09 2007

    At the Q's, Lulu and Dillon are talking about what a gold mine Rick Webber's date book is. Lulu says they need to start calling the numbers. "We?" Dillon asks. He says he has an econ test; it's not really his mystery to solve. "It is if the murderer is a Quartermaine," she tells him. Ding dong. Alice answers the Q front door to find her biggest fan – Spinelli! He compliments "the Dominator" on her performance in the ring last night and then Lulu steals him away. She and Dillon tell Spinelli about the date book, and that the same phone number appears in the date book on the day that Rick was murdered and the day before. It's possible that is the number of the killer. Guess who is eavesdropping? Monica.

    Tracy admits to Lulu that Monica once carried a pretty big torch for Rick, but says that has nothing to do with his death. She assures Lulu that her mother just made a mistake that night. As Tracy leaves the room, she announces that Monica's idea about Lulu going to college out of state is sounding like a pretty good idea. Lulu and Dillon agree that they must be getting close to the truth. Dillon tells her that he can't continue with this stuff. He reminds her that the "old Dillon" was the guy who was interested in adventure and plots. Determined, Lulu declares that she's moving on without him. She walks out to the foyer to retrieve the date book from her book bag. It's missing.

    Monica makes a very generous (?) offer.

    Thursday, January 04 2007

    Spinelli, Dillon and Lulu go to Kelly's to continue their research. Because of the time he had on Epiphany's computer, he is now able to open up a hospital file from his laptop. He's looking around for a little while and then spots what he's looking for. Alan Quartermaine's time sheets! As it turns out, he clocked out of work at 9 pm the night that Rick was murdered. Lulu excitedly points out that he would've had plenty of time to get over to the attic and kill Rick. Monica is at Kelly's too. She's overheard what they are working on and approaches their table. She tells Dillon that he and Lulu need to get away from Spinelli because he is a bad influence on them.

    Lulu and Dillon wonder why Monica is so paranoid of Spinelli. Spinelli thinks that parents are intimidated by his "ridiculous skills". Lulu thinks there's a reason that Monica doesn't what them to work on this case. Max and Milo come into Kelly's looking for Spinelli because Sonny wants to see him. After they leave, Dillon tells Lulu that Milo's crush on her is cute. Lulu says that Milo is cute and maybe she should go out with him.

    Georgie is up in the attic at her house looking for some old photos to give to the professor, and Dillon and Lulu show up to work on the case. Georgie is embarrassed to see them together and hurries off. Dillon is surprised to realize that Georgie doesn't seem to care that Lulu and he are working so closely together.

    In the attic, Lulu and Dillon do another run-through of the murder. Now that they are wondering if Alan had anything to do with it, they look at the scene in a different light. He's really tall, so they need to see if forensics found any evidence on the ceiling fan. Then Dillon trips over something and lands flat on his face. They laugh for a minute and as he starts to get up, he sees something under the sofa. They reach for it and find a date book from 2002. It's Rick Webber's planner!

    Spinelli cracks the case!

    Wednesday, January 03 2007

    Dillon and Lulu go see Spinelli over at Jason's house so they can work more on Laura's case. Spinelli asks them to keep their voices down because the Goddess and Stone Cold haven't woken up yet. He's afraid to be evicted, pink room or not! Milo knocks on the door and Lulu invites him in. Milo came for some papers and Lulu wants to go upstairs to wake Jason, but laughs when she learns that all three of the guys are afraid to. She teases Milo for being afraid of Jason when he works for Sonny too. Dillon interrupts and tells lulu to stop flirting. After Dillon finds the papers and gets rid of Milo, Spinelli tells the "Blonde One" that Dillon is jealous!

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