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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1972-11-11
    Birthplace: Delaware, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married to Brienne Pedigo (2008)
    Real Name: Tyler Christopher
    Height: 5'10"


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    Moment Of Truth.

    Friday, October 11 2013

    At Wyndemere, Britt's upset when she learns Anna has left Port Charles without finding her son. Nik doesn't think Britt's crazy, she's a mother worried for her child. Britt can't blame Anna. It's her mother who is responsible for her nightmare. She's never acted like a mother, or like she's had a heart. It's her mother's fault that Anna can't be there to help her. While checking leads on her laptop, Britt notices she's received an email from her mother. She opens Obrecht's video of Ben. He's okay. Nik prompts her to think of where Obrecht is. Britt recalls something. Her mother went to see Faison. Nik's confused and Britt confesses he's her father.

    Thinking About Me?

    Thursday, October 03 2013

    Nikolas and Britt check in at Anna's office for word on Ben and Obrecht. Obrecht left on a plane to whereabouts unknown. Anna's certain Obrecht's not working alone and has powerful help. She assumes it's Faison but he hasn't had any contact with others in months. Anna inquires if Ben's father has been informed of the kidnapping. Britt doesn't believe the father will be contacted for ransom; he has no money. Nikolas does and will do whatever it takes to help. Britt can't stop crying and Anna remembers Robin's kidnapping when she was little. She will bring Britt's baby back to her. Nikolas consoles Britt outside.


    Tuesday, October 01 2013

    Nikolas wakes Britt after finding her on the floor at Wyndemere and asks her who is responsible. Britt blames her mother and then realizes Ben is gone. She stops him from calling Anna, thinking Anna hates her. He knows Anna will do her job and takes his phone back.

    Anna investigates the kidnapping at Wyndemere and wonders if Obrecht taking Ben has something to do with Britt passing the baby off as Patrick's. She needs to know everything Britt knows to find her baby.

    I Told The Truth.

    Monday, September 30 2013

    After the christening at the church, Spinelli and Maxie look worried when Brad announces he needs to speak to Lulu and Dante about the baby. Everyone's arguing about Brad's reason for being there when Olivia questions if they are talking about Britt's baby or Lulu and Dante's baby. Dante remembers their encounter at the hospital and thinks it's about Britt's baby but Brad corrects him…it's about this baby. Before Lulu can worry more about his being there as the lab manager, Brad blurts out that it's not their baby – she's Maxie's. Lulu claims he's confused but Brad admits overhearing Spinelli telling Maxie how no one would ever know they are the baby's biological parents. Spinelli and Maxie try to make it out that Brad is lying – and Brad asks God to strike him dead if he is lying and leaves. Dante has reservations as everyone else tries to calm themselves. He stops Spinelli and Maxie from leaving and asks about Spinelli's argument with Ellie about the baby. Nik remembers Spinelli crying outside the baby's room and then leaves when he's cut off from Britt's call. Dante asks Olivia to take the baby and she leaves with Connie. Lulu thinks this is crazy but Dante's not convinced and decides they will stay there until they find out what Spinelli and Maxie is keeping from them. Lulu demands that Maxie tell them. Maxie wants to leave and forget this all happened. Lulu remembers all the times Maxie tried to tell her the truth and says, "Oh my God, she is your baby."

    At Wyndemere, Nik finds Britt passed out on the floor.

    Do The Right Thing.

    Friday, September 27 2013

    At Wyndemere, Britt listens to Nikolas talking to Ben. He needs to get ready for Connie's christening and Britt notes it's a big day for his family, but for Maxie, not so much. Alone, Britt confides to Ben how she hates allowing him to go to a christening for a baby that isn't really a family member. He interrupts wanting to know what she doesn't want to lie to him about. She lies and claims her mother called…she wishes she told him. He agrees she should have. He hugs her, promising to check in later. She thinks it's nice having someone care. He wants her to get used to it. Later, Britt's surprised to find Dr. Obrecht holding Ben.

    Maxie thanks God at church for not smiting her and wants strength to let her daughter go. She doesn't realize Olivia's listening in. Olivia doesn't expect an explanation; she heard Maxie's having a hard time. Things will be okay as long as Maxie doesn't stab Lulu in the back like in her vision. Olivia gets distracted trying to figure out what kind of dog she used to see in her other vision. Maxie whispers jackal and excuses herself when Tracy arrives. All of a sudden Olivia screams and points to the front of the church where she sees Luke in a casket. Tracy can't see anything and Olivia tries to tell Tracy she doesn't want to know who's in the casket but admits it's Luke. Tracy makes her take a pulse and Luke's eyes open. Olivia listens closely and says "Luke needs spanx." Outside, Maxie bumps into Spinelli. They're both surprised they are going to be Connie's godparents. As guests arrive, Tracy explains to Lulu that she'll be leaving for business after the ceremony. Later, Brad comes in during the christening. Spinelli wonders why he's there and he asks to speak with Dante and Lulu.

    A Lot To Lose.

    Thursday, September 19 2013

    At GH, Silas ignores an incoming call from Ava and Rafe does the same when Taylor calls. Silas apologizes for trying to take Rafe away from Sam. Rafe's pleased that something is going on between the two of them. Silas admits a lot has changed for him, and now he has a daughter. He encourages Rafe to reach out to her before asking how things are going with Molly. Rafe's disappointed about her getting back with TJ. Nearby, Sam thanks Molly and Nikolas for everything they've done for her and Danny when Nikolas rushes off following Britt. Molly hopes that's not a bad sign when TJ joins them. He kisses her after hearing the good news about her book sales, and Rafe sees them. They share the news and invite him to join them but Rafe excuses himself, disappointed. Meanwhile, Nik catches Britt before she's discharged and wonders where she'll be staying. She plans on going back to Felix and Sabrina's apartment and thanks him for all his help. Nik sees Patrick and lets him know how Britt is doing and where she is staying. Patrick's surprised since Sabrina didn't mention Britt was going back to the apartment. After visiting Danny, Sam sees Silas and he confides how he touched base with Kiki. Sam's pleased and he thanks her for her part in it before inviting her to go with him to Kiki and Morgan's party. She's not ready to leave Danny alone yet so Silas agrees to make a go of it alone. At the nurses' station, Felix learns Sabrina's babysitting Emma when he arrives with Carlos. Carlos is interested in who Patrick is but Felix steps away to have a word with TJ. Privately, Felix tells TJ that Taylor is pining for him. TJ's sorry and promises not to have anything more to do with her. Felix bumps into Nik and laughs at the news that Sabrina's moving back in with them – he doesn't think so.


    Wednesday, September 11 2013

    At GH, Maxie's thinking about her baby when Anna arrives. She asks why Maxie hasn't opened her present from Lulu and Dante. Anna never knew of a present that Maxie didn't tear into. Maxie's afraid opening it will make everything final. She doesn't want to say goodbye to the baby. Anna's glad to hear she'll be seeing Kevin. Maxie confesses Lulu was scared of her. She wishes she was more like Robin. Anna shares her and Robin's experience with childbirth and knows Maxie is every bit as strong as Robin. She's hoping to see Patrick before she takes off since she imagines he's feeling as bad as Maxie after Britt had her baby. Maxie's surprised to learn Britt confessed the baby wasn't Patrick's. In her room, Britt's dreaming about Patrick asking who the father of the baby is when Nikolas knocks. He brings in her baby. She thanks him for all his help but refuses to hold her baby. He wonders why she wouldn't want to bond with her son. She thinks she'll be a bad mother. He assures her she won't be like her mother. He's an example of someone who didn't turn out like his father. Maxie comes in after Nikolas leaves and asks for Britt's silence about her baby. She's worried about Britt becoming honest after she told Patrick the truth about her baby. Britt gives her word to keep their secret after knowing how worried she was when she thought she'd lose her baby to Patrick. She's sorry for all that happened and wonders how Maxie was able to give up her baby. Maxie thinks it would have hurt Dante and Lulu more than her to lose her. Elsewhere, Sabrina explains she was delivering Britt's baby when Patrick admits to missing her the night before. He asks if Brad is around. Sabrina notes he's been scarce but Nikolas hasn't left Britt's side. She imagines Nikolas was more scared than her but is thankful he was there. She changes the subject, eager to talk about them moving past this. Moments later Patrick bumps into Nikolas taking the baby to the nursery. He's sorry for Patrick and shares his experience with Aidan. Lulu's trying to find her family in the baby's features while Dante calls Olivia to check on Sonny. She's upset after reading the news that AJ plead 'not guilty' for killing Connie. Dante returns to Lulu and holds the baby. He's surprised they can't take the baby home until they give her a name. Anna brings them a gift lets Dante know she released a statement in response to Diane's claim that Sonny killed Connie. Later, Lulu and Dante think they have a name. Later, Maxie sees them leave after they sign out at the nurse's station and quietly says a goodbye to the baby. She opens her gift in her room. It's a picture of her baby with a thank you note. Meanwhile, Nikolas brings Britt's baby back and she holds him. Patrick returns to Sabrina to apologize before kissing her. Upstairs, Monica is asked to step down as chief of staff because of AJ.

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