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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1972-11-11
    Birthplace: Delaware, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married to Brienne Pedigo (2008)
    Real Name: Tyler Christopher
    Height: 5'10"


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    GH Recap: Amnesia Sex.

    Friday, April 03 2015

    Nikolas and Spencer arrive at Wyndemere. The kid mopes about his masked face and then runs off to his room after having a flashback to the fire. Chandler comes in and hands the prince a ring he found. The kid returns as Nik shoves it in the vault. Sonny arrives and gives the kid a new boxing robe. The mobster makes him promise to value his life more. Spencer rants about Cameron destroying his life. The adults insist the fire was an accident. Sonny tries to talk him down. Spencer wonders why Emma hasn't come to see him. He needs to seal the deal with her before she can see his 'gargoyle' face. Sonny tells him he just needs to be himself. Once Sonny leaves, Spencer has a fit when his father tells him they have an appointment with his doctor. The kid talks his dad into going alone. Once Nikolas exits, Spencer cracks open the vault and finds the ring.

    Jake wanders into the hospital and startles Liz. He informs her that he's staying in town. She tells him that Ric wants her back. Later, Hayden shows up to tell Liz the big news and asks her to stay away from her husband. She starts bragging about the 'amnesia sex' she's been having. She drones. Liz groans. Hayden suggests she patch things up with her ex. That's not warmly received. Hayden departs as Ric arrives. He tells Liz about his little meeting with Cameron before strolling away. Nikolas shows up and assures the nurse that he'll keep his son in check. She updates him with the latest on Jake.

    GH Recap: Operation Alcoholic.

    Thursday, March 19 2015

    At Shriners hospital, Spencer angrily asks Nikolas about Cameron starting the fire. He's sure that 'the towny' injured him on purpose because he's a pyromaniac. Emma's sure that he wouldn't do it on purpose.

    GH Recap: Florence Nightingale.

    Wednesday, March 18 2015

    At Shriners Hospital, Spencer is heavily bandaged and thinks he may be hideous under them. Nothing seems to cheer him up, so Nikolas leaves and talks to Spencer’s doctor, who is optimistic. Later, Sam and Patrick show up with Emma to check up on Spencer. Nikolas thinks it’s just what his son needs. Patrick and Emma head in to see Spencer while Nikolas talks with Sam. Sam remembers the last time they spoke he had something important to tell her. Nikolas flashes to learning that Jake was Jason, but he tells Sam that he was a bit of a mess then and he doesn’t remember. Later Liz calls Nikolas to check on Spencer and fill him in on what’s going on. Meanwhile Emma tries to cheer Spencer up. She convinces him to come outside to the hospital playground with her. As she wheels him out of his room, they overhear Nikolas tell Sam that Cameron thinks he may have started the fire.

    GH Recap: Sweet Revenge.

    Wednesday, March 04 2015

    At Shriners Hospital, Sam apologizes to Nikolas for going on and on about Jason while he’s dealing with Spencer. Nikolas is about to tell Sam the truth when a nurse interrupts them and says the doctor needs to speak with him about his son. Spencer’s blood pressure suddenly dropped, but the doctors manage to correct the problem.

    GH Recap: Petulant Bully.

    Tuesday, March 03 2015

    Sam shows up at the Shriners hospital in Boston. When Nikolas gets off the phone, he updates Sam on Spencer's treatment. They begin discussing Helena and Jake. The detective wonders if he knows Jake's identity. He deflects. She talks about how she never got a chance to say goodbye to Jason. "There's something I need to tell you," he says.

    GH Recap: Mama Celeste.

    Friday, February 27 2015

    Nikolas accompanies his son to the Shriners hospital. The doctors prepare Spencer for treatment. The prince is told that there will be scarring and the kid will need extensive therapy. Left alone, Nikolas sits down with his son and promises the doctors will help him through this.

    GH Recap: Phyllis From Wisconsin.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    At the hospital, Elizabeth sits with Nikolas as they wait for news. Obrecht shows up to give them an update on Spencer, but Nikolas wants her nowhere near his son. Obrecht says Britta loved Spencer, and that her son Nathan is family. Nikolas whispers to Obrecht that Helena informed him that Victor isn’t Nathan’s father, so don’t try and play him. When Elizabeth intervenes in their fight, Nikolas asks Obrect to just tell him what she knows. She has spoken with the doctors and feels Spencer should be taken to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Boston. Nikolas agrees so arrangements are made to transfer him. Later he goes in to see Spencer, who is awake and afraid. Nikolas tells him not to be as he’s here for him and he will be okay.

    GH Recap: One Eye Open.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    Back at General Hospital, Nikolas gets a moment alone with his son while Patrick and Emma say a prayer in the chapel. Duke arrives after hearing about Spencer and Emma’s accident to see how things are. Anna is surprised, but he says that he’ll never stop caring about her or her family.

    GH Recap: Party's Over.

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    Patrick drops by Wyndemere to pick up Emma. He and Nikolas talk about the kids for a bit until Nikolas finally starts asking about Jake’s surgery. Patrick tells Nikolas that Jake woke up with no memory of who he is. Patrick wonders why he cares so much about Jake. Nikolas says he lost his memory once and he can’t help but wonder if Jake has loved ones waiting for him to come home. Patrick doesn’t know, but he says it’s late and he should get Emma and head home. Meanwhile in the living room Emma and Spencer are trapped when the fire gets out of control. They escape, but Spencer realizes he left his boxing robe behind and runs back to get it. Part of the roof collapses and traps Spencer in the room. Emma runs to get Nikolas and Patrick to help. Back in the room, Spencer tries to beat the flames down with his robe, but it just catches fire. Patrick gets Emma out of the house and calls for help while Nikolas rushes into the living room to look for Spencer. Patrick returns with a fire extinguisher to help Nikolas, who becomes trapped as well. Nikolas manages to find an unconscious Spencer, and with Patrick's help they get Spencer out. Spencer remains unconscious as the sounds of ambulances and fire trucks approach. Nikolas asks Patrick if Spencer is still alive.

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