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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1972-11-11
    Birthplace: Delaware, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married to Brienne Pedigo (2008)
    Real Name: Tyler Christopher
    Height: 5'10"


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    Noah's ON.

    Tuesday, July 17 2007

    Sam is working the heavy bag at the penthouse and is surprised to see that Nikolas is knocking at her door. She asks if something is wrong with Alexis. He explains that he shared a car from the airport with Amelia Joffe last night and "…she had a lot of information about you." Sam simply tells her cousin that Amelia hates her. Nikolas asks if its true about Bill Monroe and Sam admits her past, but explains that Amelia probably left out the abuse part. She fumbles for words and says that she told Alexis the whole truth and she completely understands. Nikolas says that he wouldn't expect anything less from his aunt. "Look, if you want me to cut you loose from Amelia, just say the word," Nikolas offers. Before she can answer, Amelia shows up and tells Sam to get to the studio. Nikolas asks what she is hanging over his cousin. "Sam, would you like to answer Nikolas?" Amelia says through her smile. Fortunately for Sam, her phone rings. After she hangs up, she says that she has been approved at Pentonville for a visit with Jason. She thanks Nikolas for his help, but says that she and Amelia will find a way to co-exist. He shrugs and leaves. Amelia wonders if Nikolas would be so eager to help if he knew that Sam watched his nephew get kidnapped. Sam snaps that perhaps he needs to know that Jake isn't his nephew! The two women bicker about what it's like to grow up without a father and then Sam pulls out her big gun (metaphorically!). She tells Amelia that Bill Monroe never even mentioned that he had a daughter until after they were married. In fact, Sam continues, he only had one little picture of her. Amelia's eyes fill with tears.

    Carly finds Jerry at the Metro Court and asks if he's made any progress in proving Jason's innocence. She reminds him that she'll tell the whole town that he's the best thing since sliced bread. "Now's a good time to start," Jerry says as he sees Nikolas walk through the door. He goes right up to Jerry and asks if he is surprised to see him. He turns to Carly and reports that Jerry tried to have him killed while he was in Russia. Carly says that maybe it was one of the Cassidines who threatened his life. Nikolas tells her that Jax doesn't run interference for Helena. "Jax is in Russia?" Carly asks.

    Kate's Deception.

    Monday, July 16 2007

    Amelia gets in the back a limo at the airport thinking it's the one she ordered, but she finds Nikolas Cassidine sitting back there. She tells him that there must be a mistake, she ordered this car. He smiles and says that this is his chauffeur. When they realize that they both are going to Port Charles, Nikolas offers her a ride. Along the way, he realizes that she is Sam's producer, so he tells Amelia that he went to Russia to try to track down Jerry Jacks, but no luck. Then, he says that Lucky told him that she helped track his nephew Jake's kidnapper. He thanks her and Amelia says that her intentions "weren't completely benign." Before she goes farther, she asks Nikolas how well he knows Sam. Nikolas says that Sam is his cousin and he wouldn't want anyone to hurt her. Satisfied with his answer, Amelia tells him everything about Sam's past. She admits that she came to Port Charles to build a show around Sam and then destroy her. "But that's not what happened," Nicolas says. He says that revenge rarely turns out how you think it will. After he hears how vindictively Amelia feels about Sam, he says that he can't just stand by and allow someone to destroy her. He tells Amelia that he'll buy out her contract.

    Everyone Has a Theory.

    Monday, June 18 2007

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Emily that he won't rest until he stops Jerry, but she just wants to keep the peace. She says that if Jerry dies, she'll go to jail for espionage. And if they agitate him, he could retaliate in some way. She says that fighting over this situation would just make Jerry happy. Nikolas stubbornly tells her that he won't stop until Jerry isn't a threat to her any more. Emily notices some pretty roses in a vase and tells him that they could be enjoying a nice summer day…she tears rose pedals, one by one, and tosses them onto a blanket on the floor and then takes off her shirt. Nikolas laughs as he gets her drift and then closes the door to the study. After making love, Emily says that they can't change what Jerry has done, but they certainly don't have to let him ruin their lives in the here and now. Nik thanks her for reminding him what is important. His cell phone rings and he promises not to answer it unless it's family. But it's Lulu. Nikolas's face drops as he hears the news about Jake.

    When Nikolas and Emily arrive at the park, Mac questions them. He asks what Elizabeth's state of mind has been lately. He suggests that as a woman with a new baby, a pre-schooler, a job and a husband who is a cop it's possible that she blocked out what she saw due to post partum depression.

    Nikolas and Emily go back to Wyndemere and tell Spencer's nanny not to take her eyes off of him. Then, as Emily talks about how random this kidnapping seems, Nikolas says that it wasn't random at all - Jerry snatched him. Nikolas picks up the phone and makes plans to fly to Paris. He says that if Jerry didn't take him, he at least knows where he is. He asks Em to keep him posted and help with Spencer. He promises to call her and then takes off.

    Jake's Gone!

    Friday, June 15 2007

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas doesn't understand why Emily is willing to ignore the situation that Jerry has put her in. He wants Alexis to work on extricating her from Jerry's paper trail and Emily says that she is willing to risk charges eventually coming up against her if it would mean that Nikolas doesn't go after a crazy man like Jerry. Nikolas says that Jerry has hurt too many people and he wants justice. Emily realizes that it's revenge that Nikolas is talking about and he can't deny it. She tells him that now that Jerry has reconnected with his family, he might no longer be a threat to them - he just might love them enough to keep the peace. Nikolas can't believe that she could be so naive.

    Alexis reports back to Wyndemere to beg Nikolas to stay out of the matter between Jerry and Jax. She says that she's sure that Jax will come to her when he finds Jerry. Nikolas wonders why she and Emily seem to forget the monster that Jerry is? Alexis assures him that Jerry will face consequences, but from Jax not him!

    Jason Is Conflicted About Jake

    Thursday, June 14 2007

    At Windemere, Nikolas and Emily kiss, both excited to be together again. Alexis interrupts them and Emily scoots out to go to work. Alone, Nikolas asks Alexis about the chances of keeping Emily out of jail. Alone, Nikolas asks Alexis about the chances of keeping Emily out of jail. Alexis isn't sure. Nikolas asks Alexis to try to clear Emily's name by proving it was a set up! Later, Nikolas meets with an investigator and talks with him about setting up phone taps on Jax and Lady Jane's phones. Emily gets home early, worried. She doesn't want him to hunt Jerry down but Nikolas won't be stopped. "I love you and I will save you from Jerry," he says and kisses her.


    Monday, June 11 2007

    Lucky and Liz bring the boys home and find Nikolas and Emily waiting for them because Lulu told them to come right over. Lucky explains that Luke tracked Laura down at Rose Lawn and they are to stay put and Luke will bring Laura by on his way out of town with her. Nikolas wants to call Alexis because if Luke takes off with Laura, it will become a criminal case. Lulu arrives and says that this is what their mom would want. Just then Luke (still in costume) rushes in the door and tells them that their mother is in the car. He says that she'll have the best possible care and promises to bring her back when it's safe and keep in touch while he's gone. After Lulu finishes with her turn with Laura and comes back inside, she asks Luke to tell Laura that she loves her every single day. He promises. Before he leaves, he blows Lulu a kiss and she smiles back at him.

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