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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1972-11-11
    Birthplace: Delaware, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married to Brienne Pedigo (2008)
    Real Name: Tyler Christopher
    Height: 5'10"


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    Monday, June 11 2007

    Lucky and Liz bring the boys home and find Nikolas and Emily waiting for them because Lulu told them to come right over. Lucky explains that Luke tracked Laura down at Rose Lawn and they are to stay put and Luke will bring Laura by on his way out of town with her. Nikolas wants to call Alexis because if Luke takes off with Laura, it will become a criminal case. Lulu arrives and says that this is what their mom would want. Just then Luke (still in costume) rushes in the door and tells them that their mother is in the car. He says that she'll have the best possible care and promises to bring her back when it's safe and keep in touch while he's gone. After Lulu finishes with her turn with Laura and comes back inside, she asks Luke to tell Laura that she loves her every single day. He promises. Before he leaves, he blows Lulu a kiss and she smiles back at him.

    Sonny's Got His Hands Full!

    Thursday, June 07 2007

    The judge tells Scotty that he is the new guardian for Laura, stunning Luke, Lucky and Lulu. He tells Scott to make provisions for any type of familial visitation. Unable to take it, Lucky bursts out that Laura wouldn't want Scott in any part of her life! Alexis objects, telling the judge that taking away Nikolas' guardianship is wrong. "My decision stands," the judge says. Alexis tells him she will appeal. After the court is adjourned, Scott tells them that he is only acting in Laura's best interests. In the hall, Nikolas apologizes for not being able to stop Scott. Bobbie tells them things will be fine, that Laura will never know. Luke isn't so sure; he thanks Nikolas for trying to stop Scott. Alexis comes over, promising to appeal the judge's order. She asks them all to set up visitation before they leave and then takes off. Everyone leaves except Lulu and Luke, who are both in a daze. Angry, Lulu rages about the judge and Scott. Luke tells her to be strong, not to fold. Lulu realizes that what matters is that Laura's wishes be honored - and that includes having Luke in her life. "He's not going to get away with this," Luke promises and walks away.

    Luke Loses Laura.

    Wednesday, June 06 2007

    Nikolas and Scott are the first two to arrive at the courthouse. Nikolas asks Scott how much it'll take to get him to leave before the decision is read. Scott won't hear of it and continues to badger Nikolas for defending Luke's rights where Laura is concerned. He promises that he won't take Laura away from her family; he just wants to protect her from Luke. Alexis arrives and tells Scott to pipe down because he hasn't won yet.

    The courtroom is full and Alexis reminds the Spencer side that they are to remain quiet and not act up if the Judge's decision comes down in favor of Scott. Lucky and Lulu sit next to each other. He asks Lulu how she's holding up given the new information that she has heard. She says that she doesn't doubt that Laura loves Luke, and then asks Lucky how he was able to get past learning about the rape. He says he was angry at first, and then came to terms with it. From his bench in front, Luke turns back and tells Nikolas that Laura made a good choice in making him the guardian and thanks him for all he's done on her behalf. The judge comes in and reads his decision. "I am appointing Scott Baldwin as Laura Spencer's legal guardian," he says.

    "Luke Raped Laura."

    Wednesday, May 30 2007

    In the courtroom Nikolas is on the stand and Scotty is on the prowl. He has just forced Nikolas to say that Luke raped Laura in 1979 and that was preciously the moment that Lulu entered the room. She quietly says, "What?" and it's hard to say who was more upset to see her there, Luke or Scott. Nikolas stands up to go to his sister and the judge insists on order in the courtroom. Tracy quickly rushes escort Lulu out of the room, but it's too late - she is gone and Nikolas has punched Scott. Once order is resumed, Scott says that Nikolas has allowed a rapist access to his mother. Furthermore, when Laura did regain consciousness, Luke duped her into a phony wedding when he was already married. Alexis takes her turn and explains that it was Laura who requested the wedding because she chose to marry Luke - again - in front of her friends and family. She points out that Scott isn't listening to Laura's direct request. She says there are no grounds for a change in guardianship and the case should be dismissed.

    The judge tells everyone in the court room that he wants to take his time to consider the case carefully. In the meantime, Laura will remain a ward of the court. As they all stand to leave, Leslie tells Scott that he must be so proud of the way he finally got Luke and devastated Lulu in the process. She tells him that she will never forgive him and then leaves. Lainey tells Emily that when Lulu's ready, she should come talk to her and suggests that Nikolas could use help with anger management. Nikolas thanks Alexis for trying to help and then apologizes the Luke. Luke sadly tells him that he just told the truth. He says that Scott's been waiting 25 years to play the victimized and dumped husband and today he got his chance. Bobbie approaches Scott and says that since Laura isn't able to do it herself, she will - and then she smacks him in the face! Eventually only Luke and Tracy remain in the courtroom. She tells him that he needs to go find his daughter and help put her back together.

    Laura's Custody Hearing Begins.

    Tuesday, May 29 2007

    Nikolas, Emily, Liz and Lucky are at Kelly's talking about the hearing. They are concerned that Lulu may finally learn about Laura's rape. Nikolas says that the record is sealed so the only place that she would hear about it is in the courtroom. Liz says that she could ask Lulu to watch Jake today instead and they all agree that would work - for one day at least. Over at another table, Amelia and Sam are having coffee. Sam says that she has an idea of how she can get Jason to tell her the truth about his baby. She is planning a picnic in the park.

    As the custody hearing gets underway, Alexis questions Lainey about Laura's state of mind when she "came back". Lainey says that she spent time with Luke and her family and made a conscious decision when she chose her eldest son as her guardian. Scott asks Lainey to read Laura's report from when she first slipped into catatonia a few years ago. Lainey is forced to read that Laura screamed at the sight of Luke and that it was partly due to his "badgering" that she slipped away in the first place. Next, Alexis asks Nikolas how he feels about his responsibilities toward Laura. He says that he is honored to be her guardian. Scott asks him if he knows of a time that Luke abused Laura. Nikolas says that Laura never told him anything of the sort. Scott asks if Nikolas knows about what happened on Oct 5, 1979, at the Campus Disco. The judge allows the question and Nikolas is forced to say, "There was a rape." Scott made him say it again and just as Lulu walks into the court room, Nikolas clarifies, "Luke raped Laura."

    Jerry is Free. For Now.

    Monday, May 28 2007

    At the Metro Court, Mac wants to arrest Jerry for being "Mr. Craig", but Lady Jane says that his name is Jerry Jacks. Mac is livid as he accuses Jerry of shooting his niece and allowing Alan Quartermaine to suffer irreparable heart damage. Jerry continues to deny knowing anything about this James Craig person. He contends that he only came back to Port Charles to surprise his mother and brother. Emily, Nikolas and Alexis are holding their breath waiting to see what unfolds. Mac asks Jax if this is his brother or not and finally Jax says that he's sure his brother had nothing to do with the tragedy at the Metro Court. Alexis speaks up and says that she will represent Jax's brother in this matter. "Do you really want to defend a man who would blow up his own brother's hotel?" Mac asks Alexis. Emily speaks up and says that this man is certainly not James Craig. Mac asks Nikolas and he quietly says that Emily is right. Alexis tells Mac that he can't place a wrongful arrest and should let her client go. Ric arrives and Mac asks if he recognizes Jerry's voice from his negotiations on the phone that night. Ric can't be sure. Ric suggests that they do a DNA testing in order to be sure.

    Liz wipes a tear away from her eye before she enters her home to find Lucky and Cam playing hockey on the rug. Lucky can see that she's been crying and she brushes it off to hormones. Soon Emily and Nikolas drop because they want to tell Lucky and Liz something. They say that Jax's brother Jerry is back in town and he looks just like James Craig. Elizabeth freaks out at the memory of the man who terrorized her when she was pregnant and Lucky asks Nikolas what he thinks. Nikolas says that if he really thought Jerry Jacks was Mr. Craig, he'd be dead. Liz and Lucky thank them from coming by with the news, and then they leave. After he closes the door, Lucky tells Liz to be extra careful until they are absolutely sure who Jerry Jacks is. He leaves to call Mac, and Liz whispers to Jake how lucky they are that Jason saved them in the Metro Court.

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