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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1972-11-11
    Birthplace: Delaware, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married to Brienne Pedigo (2008)
    Real Name: Tyler Christopher
    Height: 5'10"


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    Lulu Stumps Jason.

    Tuesday, March 20 2007

    Mr. Craig comes out from hiding once he is alone with Nikolas. Mr. Craig says that Emily deserves way better than him and Nikolas orders him to stay away from everyone in his life. Mr. Craig wonders if perhaps Nikolas may need Emily's medical help in the future. He informs Nikolas that he won't hesitate to kill sweet Emily if he doesn't cooperate. Nikolas says that he will get what he wants if he keeps Emily out of it. Craig says that he'll decide about that later, but Nikolas is to start by getting him a birth certificate.

    Carly Chooses Her Man!

    Monday, March 19 2007

    At Windemere, Mr. Craig reminds Nikolas that the fast-acting poison he was injected with will kill him within minutes. If he cooperates, however, he will be given medicine to counteract it. Nikolas sputters something that sounds like "okay." Then, through a fog, we see Nikolas coming to and looking down the barrel of a gun. Mr. Craig asks if he's going to have to kill someone of sentimental value to prove he means business. Nikolas is gasping for air and Mr. Craig tells him that "there's no point in name calling right now." He wants to get down to business. (Nikolas looks like he would just like some air.) Mr. Craig states that he needs a whole new life complete with a paper trial of real estate, business holdings, etc. "You and I will be going into business together." Nikolas tells Mr. Craig that every hostage in town will recognize him the moment he steps out in public. "Perhaps I should dye my hair then? Nikolas offers him 20 million dollars to disappear. Mr. Craig wants to start a new life right in Port Charles. He's going to take his cue from Father Mateo Ruiz � he's going to be a twin of the evil James Craig. "Accept that you're stuck with me," he tells Nikolas. There's a knock at the door. Mr. Craig ducks behind a door and Elizabeth comes in. She asks Nikolas if he's feeling okay, he says he has the flu.

    It's Hell to be a Cassidine.

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Nikolas asks Mr. Craig why he's come back to Port Charles and more importantly, why Windemere? Craig tells Nikolas that he was one of his most annoying hostages and Windemere is shaping up to be a great place to hide out. He also tells Nikolas that the drug that was injected into his neck will slowly make him unable to breath, so he'd better explain "the plan" quickly. It turns out that Mr. Craig's business contacts were displeased with the fallout during the last deal and now he needs a new identity. Craig assures Nikolas that there is a "counter agent" that he can be given to save his life, if he cooperates. Or else, he'll die. Before Nikolas can figure out what to do, the nanny brings Spencer in. Mr. Craig thinks he's cute. Nikolas has broken out in a sweat.

    Spencer's nanny asks Mr. Craig if he works with Mr. Cassidine. "We're working on a deal now that you could say will save both of our lives." Spencer goes off to bed and Mr. Craig tells Nikolas that he needs a birth certificate, a passport, money and a whole new life. It's going to take time, and in the meantime they can conduct worldwide business using the Cassidine holdings. Panting for breath, Nikolas says he'll provide the identity but nothing else. In that case, Mr. Craig tells him that he has 15 minutes to live. Nkolas is in a great deal of pain but insists that he's not going into business with Mr. Craig.

    Lulu - Keeper of the Secrets?

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Nikolas is on the phone when he's surprised to see that Emily has come back already. She was supposed to be spending time with her family, but it's too sad over there she tells him. She wants him to take the day off and do something cheerful with her. She would like for them to help Lucky and Liz repaint Laura's house. Nikolas would much rather hire a team of pros and call it an engagement present. Emily nuzzles up to him and reminds him how lucky they all are to have found their way back to each other. She wants to share in the joy. She needs to, in fact. How can Nikolas refuse? He tells her that he has a 4 o'clock phone call that he has to be home for, but he'll go.

    Nikolas has returned to Windemere for his 4 o'clock phone call. As he's on the phone, someone comes up from behind and injects him in the neck. "Night, Night Nikolas. From now on, we live or die together," says MR. CRAIG.

    Lulu Has A Cute Shadow.

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Alexis comes home and finds Nikolas waiting for her. When he learns that she lost custody he tells her that his jet is ready. The girls and she can be in Switzerland by lunch time tomorrow. He will have a medical team ready for her cancer treatments and Sonny can visit Kristina any time. Alexis tells him that she's not going to uproot her girls just because she has lost the first round.

    Q's Jaws Drop.

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    Emily is with Nikolas talking about Alan. She predicts how awfully the family will behave as they sit around with cocktails waiting to hear her father's will. She says that she's used to the fighting, but it's hard to imagine one of their family "free-for-alls" without her dad there.

    Nikolas finds Emily and asks how the will reading went. "Tracy forged the will," Emily matter-of -factly says. Emily says that she wasn't surprised. And the family fought, just as she thought. She smiles and tells Nikolas that she felt her father's presence in the room and he was nudging her to put her foot down. She said if felt like he was urging her to keep the traditions alive, so she did.

    The Service at "Monica's House."

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    Luke goes over to Laura's house and finds Lucky having coffee. Luke says that he is happy that Lucky will be moving his family into his mother's house. Nothing would make Laura happier, he says. Lulu comes down, ready for the funeral, and Luke asks her if she can take it easy on Tracy today. Nikolas, Bobby and Leslie arrive and Leslie points out that this is the first time that they've all been together since Laura left. Lulu points out that Laura will always be a part of them. "Well said, gumdrop," Luke beams at his daughter. Before they head out the door, Luke pulls Nikolas aside and asks if he's had any more trouble with Helena. Nikolas reports that she isn't a problem, at the moment. Luke offers his help in the event that things change. Nikolas is dumbfounded at Luke's support and Luke explains. "Last November you were amazing…handling Laura, taking care of Lulu, Lucky and even me. I won't forget it."

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