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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1972-11-11
    Birthplace: Delaware, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married to Brienne Pedigo (2008)
    Real Name: Tyler Christopher
    Height: 5'10"


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    Man Up.

    Thursday, September 05 2013

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas leaves Elizabeth a message after seeing the news about AJ. He overhears Britt calling about apartments. Nikolas doesn't want her to go. She reminds him she's not his subject and wants to find a place before she has the baby. He must want her gone after what she did to Patrick. He doesn't and agrees it isn't his responsibility. It's the dad's. She's notes that Brad has nothing to do with the baby. That wasn't part of their deal. For his peace of mind he wants to make sure she's taken care of before she leaves his house and will meet with Brad himself.

    One Of The Nice Guys.

    Wednesday, September 04 2013

    At Wyndemere, Nikolas wants to know why a reasonable man like Patrick was so riled up to manhandle Britt. She admits he was upset about the truth that the baby was not his. Nikolas asks for clarification that she lied to Patrick, him and everybody. He's interested in what her plan was after he had just thrown Patrick out of his house and spent time helping her all along. She didn't have one. He's at a loss for words and leaves to check on Spencer. She calls Brad, sorry she didn't have a chance to give him a warning before claiming he was the baby's father. When Nikolas returns he shares the story of his grandmother manipulating paternity results, noting her reasons were crazy. He asks Britt what her reasons were for doing similar. Britt believed Patrick was the one. She had encouragement from her mother and fell for him hard. She was so desperate not to lose him after he dumped her that she followed her mother's schemes. After packing to leave, she apologizes and thanks Nikolas for his help. He refuses to throw her out and allows her to stay. She sees he's one of the nice guys.

    Who's The Father?

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    At GH, Nikolas, Derek, Alexis and Sam wait for word from Dr. Clay about Derek being Danny's donor. They're impatient when he arrives. Silas ran every test twice to be thorough and they're good to go. Sam hugs him as he announces Derek is a viable donor. Alone with Derek, Sam wishes there was something she could do for what he's able to do for Danny. He only wants her to do two things. He wants her to take care of Danny and to let him be her friend. Alexis returns to see them hugging. Later, Sam reminds Silas how her son would not be alive without him. She pulls back from a hug and kisses him. Spinelli wonders if Maxie really thought she could just give their baby to Lulu and Dante without consequence. The Falconeris arrive thinking they know what the argument between them is about. They confess learning about Maxie trying to breastfeed their baby from the nurse. Maxie admits to acting like the baby's mother for good reason. They threaten to keep her out of their daughter's life but Maxie refuses to let them do that. Lulu doesn't want to, especially since she needs Maxie more than ever now. She confesses Luke is sick. Spinelli tells them they're right, Maxie needs to take a step back from their family. He will be there to support Maxie. The Falconeri's leave. Maxie cries wondering why Spinelli didn't tell them. He didn't for the same reason she didn't, the baby isn't theirs after she set up this fantasy for Lulu.

    At Wyndemere, Britt exclaims the baby is not Patrick's. He and his family can go live happily ever after. He reminds her she's been convincing everyone otherwise but now when he threatens custody he's not the father. He wants her to make him believe it and asks, "Who's the father?" She didn't have to sleep with anyone, the sperm donor is Brad Cooper. He gets angrier trying to figure out how she could do what she's done. Nikolas comes in threatening to break Patrick's hands to end his days as a surgeon if he doesn't let go of Britt. Alone, Nikolas wants to know what's going on between Patrick and Britt.

    If I Had Known.

    Thursday, August 29 2013

    In her hospital room, Maxie holds the baby she gave birth to. Lulu tells her that she'll take her baby now. Maxie frantically wakes up. Maxie tries to leave as Mac enters and stops her. He wants to know why she's frantic. Maxie wants her mother. Mac asks if she remembers what happened after surgery. He informs her that she kept on about Dante and Lulu's baby being hers. Maxie wants to know more about what she said. Mac says that she said Spinelli was the father as Spinelli eavesdrops from outside. Maxie can't believe she said that as Mac tries to calm her. He asks if she knows the baby belongs to Dante and Lulu. Mac exits to go get her a milkshake and she starts to get out of bed. Mac comes back and finds Maxie gone. Sabrina enters a vacant hospital room and finds Ellie in a corner crying. She doesn't want to talk, after Sabrina asks why she's weeping. Ellie says she hasn't been truthful to Spinelli. Sabrina tells her to give Spinelli some time. She equates Ellie's situation with Britt and Patrick's. Ellie says it has to do with Dante and Lulu's baby. She wanted to know the truth and now regrets it. In the hospital waiting room, Julian talks on the phone with Ava about Danny being his grandson and that he has to tell Sam the truth. Elsewhere, Molly, Rafe and Sam are excited that a bone marrow donor has been found for Danny. Molly asks who Derek Wells is. Alexis says he's a man with a conscience. Rafe and Molly overhear Julian's phone call as they are coming out of Danny's hospital room and Rafe inquires what Julian was saying about "people finding out who he is." They thank Julian for what he's doing for Danny. He asks them who they are and Molly says she's Sam's sister. Molly tells Julian to go and say hi to Danny. "You'll love him." Later, Julian enters Danny's room and Sam introduces him to Danny. She tells him about Jason's death. Julian asks to hold Danny. He says it will be an honor to save Danny's life. Sam thanks him and leaves to go find Silas. Alexis tries to make small talk. He notices the photo of him and asks if she's investigating him. She says she was curious. Nearby, Lulu looks at her baby in the incubator as Spinelli watches from the window. Nik arrives and asks Spinelli if everything is okay. Spinelli lies to him and abruptly leaves. Nik enters Dante and Lulu's baby's hospital room and asks what the baby's name is. He's partial to the name Nicola. Lulu laughs and says her and Dante will consider it. Lulu is taken aback by Nik informing her that Britt stayed at Wyndemere. Nik takes up for what Britt has done for Lulu and Dante. Lulu says it's complicated and tells him about Maxie believing their baby is hers. Lulu believes Maxie was getting too attached by calling the baby Georgie. She tells him what Maxie said. Nik says Spinelli was emotional at the window. Lulu believes something isn't right. Lulu tells Nik about Luke's condition being caused by Helena. Back in the waiting room, Sam informs Spinelli that they found a donor for Danny. He hugs her. She asks him what's wrong. He says don't worry. Later, Maxie enters Dante and Lulu's baby's room.

    One Good Turn.

    Wednesday, August 28 2013

    Britt wakes up at Wyndemere and asks Nikolas if he's Batman after seeing the place. He admits he has a butler named Alfred. She thanks him for his help since things with Patrick are complicated. He's happy to help a friend, no matter what Elizabeth or others think about her. He chooses to trust her if she honors that trust by telling the truth. She agrees. She didn't help her mother poison Duke but admits wanting to help her mother get away since she's always looked out for her, especially when it came to the baby. Lulu calls to announce Nikolas is an uncle again. Britt's happy for him and sends him to the hospital. Alone, she looks at Nikolas' family albums. She trusts him and almost told him the truth about Patrick not being the baby's father.

    At GH, Lulu encourages Laura to invite Scott to visit the grandbaby. She'd be happy to if she knew where he was. A few moments later he's waiting outside. Laura's upset at not hearing back from him. He notes that she ran off with her ex, so he ran off with his. Scott admits it was business related. She's done helping Luke and is one hundred percent in her marriage. He doesn't believe she is and neither is he. He wants a divorce. She did everything for Lulu, besides; she and Luke don't fit anymore. Scott doesn't believe they do either. He's not enough for her and he's letting her go. He plans on staying in Port Charles as the DA. Luke arrives to see their tearful separation. She's okay and ignores a call from her doctor in Paris for her wellness visit. He reminds her it's important. Lulu overhears and sees Laura wiping tears away. She wants to know what's going on. Laura only mentions about her wellness visit and decides to make travel arrangements. Alone with Luke, Lulu asks if he was ever going to mention he was dying. She needs him to keep showing up. He's not going to make any promises. Nearby, Sabrina and Patrick are greeted with Felix's news that Britt's in jail. Patrick realizes Obrecht has been working with Faison but he's more upset at Felix's eagerness to celebrate since his child is at risk. Felix apologizes and Sabrina supports Patrick's decision to help Britt. Alone, Sabrina admits if Patrick wasn't there she would have high-fived him but this is not the way she wants to get even with Britt. Elsewhere, Michael stops by to tell Elizabeth about AJ. Elizabeth doesn't believe AJ could be responsible for murder. Michael shares how Connie indicated his involvement after Sonny found her. She asks Michael if he thinks AJ did this. Michael only remembers how angry AJ was at Connie. Elizabeth remembers AJ threatening Connie too. Later, Nikolas finds her crying. She tells him about Connie and AJ.


    Monday, August 19 2013

    At GH, Nikolas and Elizabeth wish there was more they could do for Danny. He appreciates her help despite dealing with AJ's problems. Elizabeth admits AJ was blindsided and recounts how he went after Connie. AJ arrives and sees Nikolas hugging Elizabeth. He rushes off and Elizabeth follows. In maternity, Dante meets up with Lulu and Maxie. As contractions start, Lulu leaves Laura a message while Dante calls Olivia. They're both confused when Maxie thinks Spinelli should be there. Suddenly the doctor believes there is a problem.

    Nikolas asks Anna if handcuffs are necessary when he arrives at the PCPD. Britt thanks him for coming; she had no one else to call.

    Kiss And Tell.

    Friday, July 26 2013

    At Kelly's, Britt texts Brad interested in finding out what happened with Michael. She catches Nikolas leaving and wants to know why she's getting a cold shoulder. He's rushing to the hospital and isn't sure she's interested in speaking about his ill nephew. Britt realizes Elizabeth must have spoken to Nikolas when he sounds unsure if she even likes kids. She admits Elizabeth told her she could have nothing to do with Nikolas. He's concerned with anyone who has a problem with Emma. Britt explains she did act like a child, she's not proud. He asks if that's all she's done. She confesses all Elizabeth told him, but advises him to stick with Elizabeth if he wants someone perfect. They sit at the counter and Nikolas gets personal about his family. He doesn't care what people think, is grateful for friends, and wants her to be one of them. They shake on it. Later, Britt's mother tells her that her life's about to go up in smoke.

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