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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1972-11-11
    Birthplace: Delaware, Ohio
    Marital Status: Married to Brienne Pedigo (2008)
    Real Name: Tyler Christopher
    Height: 5'10"


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    GH Recap: Nina is found standing over a dead body

    Friday, July 31 2015

    Michael corners Nikolas at the Metro Court. He taunts him about ELQ's stock prices taking a nose dive. Nikolas insists the company is thriving with him in charge. Michael accuses him of being an opportunist and a thief. This makes Nikolas laugh. None of that can be proven. Michael claims he'll find a more creative way to take him down. When Michael mentions Laura is at Liz's, Nikolas looks a little worried. Later, Michael spots his brother at the bar. He wonders if something is wrong. Morgan won't explain. "Why do you care about me when all I am is an ass to you?" he asks. Michael claims it's just because they are brothers. Morgan orders a stiff drink.

    At Liz's, Laura tells her that Nikolas already told her the truth about Jake/Jason. Liz tries to talk her way out of it and fails. Laura is having a hard time keeping this to herself. Liz begs her but she decided to tell the truth after seeing Monica with Jake. She's sure that Liz must know how Monica feels. "You have to stay quiet, for your sons," Liz claims, explaining that the truth will turn Nikolas into a pariah... plus he'd go to prison. She explains that Nikolas is responsible for Hayden's shooting. The prince even told her that if Hayden comes out of the coma, he'd 'take care' of her. Laura shakes her head and rubs her eyes. Liz claims that she just wants to protect Nikolas and the other people they love. Sitting down, Laura cries as Liz checks on the boys. When the nurse comes back downstairs, Laura explains that she's going to confront her son. Liz begs her to leave this alone. Nikolas shows up, eager to talk about Jason.

    GH Recap: Ric convinces Nina to commit herself

    Thursday, July 30 2015

    Nikolas arrives at Scott’s office at his bequest. Scott explains that he ran into Laura and she told him about Jake being alive, and how Lucky just left town. Scott asks why Lucky left so suddenly. Nikolas says he had his reasons. Scott finds it odd that Laura said the same thing, and he feels Lucky left because of a secret, one Laura found out as well. He asks Nikolas if he knows what this secret is, but Nikolas claims to know nothing. Scott says then he’ll have to find out the truth from Laura. Nikolas believes questioning Laura isn’t the best move, and that this is something for her family to deal with. Scott accuses Nikolas of being mixed up in whatever is bothering Laura. Nikolas decides to be on his way since Scott isn’t charging him with anything.

    GH Recap: Laura confronts Nikolas about his lies

    Wednesday, July 22 2015

    At Wyndemere, Laura butts into Nikolas and Liz’s conversation about big Jake and starts asking questions about why he was so valuable to Helena. She thinks he must have been someone important. Liz says she has to get Jake back to the hospital for some test results, so she and her son rush out. Laura confronts Nikolas and tells him that she knows big Jake is Jason. Laura asks how her own son could keep such a secret, and to give her a reason or she will tell Jason who he is. Nikolas explains that by time he learned the truth that Liz and Jake had fallen in love. Laura reminds him that Liz isn’t Jason’s family. Nikolas points out that Jake is better for everyone, that Jason brought nothing but pain and misery to his family. He also explains if Jake learns who he is then he will lose ELQ, and Spencer’s future is at stake here. Laura is disgusted that this is about money when it should be about keeping parents and children from one another. Nikolas reminds her that she lied about him to protect her own family, that’s all he’s doing. Laura wishes she never overheard the secret.

    GH Recap: Laura learns the truth about Jake

    Monday, July 20 2015

    Laura drops by Wyndemere and gushes about Spencer. Nikolas tips her off about Lucky leaving. She wishes he'd stay around to raise his sons. Nikolas is sure that his brother believes little Jake is in good hands. The prince is glad that the Luke and Laura reunion was all a ruse. He asks if she has someone special in her life. She's still looking. Laura wonders if moving in there would cramp his style. Her son insists that she stay as long as she wants. Liz and little Jake arrive. When Laura takes him away for cookies, Nikolas informs Liz that Lucky is gone. She's not surprised. As he explains that Lucky knows Jake is really Jason, Laura overhears them from the doorway.

    GH Recap: Nikolas tells Lucky the truth about Jake

    Tuesday, July 14 2015

    Lucky interrupts Nikolas and Laura at Wyndemere and lets them know he reunited Liz with her son. Laura leaves the two brothers to talk. Nikolas swears to Lucky that he had no idea that Jake was on the island, and Lucky believes him. Lucky talks about traveling the world to try and find himself, but he still feels broken and is in no condition to be near his kids. He says that stranger Liz is dating is probably better for his own kids than he is. Nikolas tells Lucky that he’s no stranger, and he confesses the man is Jason. He also tells him that only the two of them, Helena and Liz know. Lucky is shocked they aren’t telling him the truth, but Nikolas says Sam is with Patrick now and the Quartermaines have all recovered from Jason’s death and have moved on. He explains that Liz doesn’t want Jason to go back to his old life, which is why she isn’t telling him the truth. Lucky asks why he told him. Nikolas says if he chooses to leave this way he knows that Liz and the kids weren’t with some stranger. He tells Lucky the choice is his, and that he can choose to stay and be with Liz and the boys too. Later Laura returns and finds Lucky is gone. She asks how their talk went. Nikolas tells his mother that he was honest with Lucky and told him whatever he chooses to do that it will all be okay.

    GH Recap: Jake is reunited with Liz

    Monday, July 13 2015

    Laura pays her son a visit at Wyndemere. She fills him in on what happened with Luke and Lucky. Moments later, Lucky arrives.

    GH Recap: Lucky and Jake return to Port Charles

    Friday, July 10 2015

    Outside of Kelly’s, Sam runs into Nikolas and scolds him for what he’s done to ELQ. Nikolas asks if that is why she was poking around his house. She claims she doesn’t give up on family easily. He says that might explain why she was there, but what about Jake. She claims he just ran into her at the docks and asked if he could tag along. Sam switches the subject and asks what is going on between him and Hayden. Nikolas tells her that she is an old acquaintance, and he has no idea why she posed as Jake’s wife. Sam still feels things don’t add up, as why would he take Hayden in after her lies were exposed. He says he wasn’t going to kick her while she was down, and he was about to send her on her way. Sam finds it convenient that he never had to as Hayden was shot. Nikolas wonders why she cares about Hayden so much. Sam claims that Hayden matters to Jake, and Jake is her friend. She tells Nikolas to let her know if he thinks of anything that might be of importance about Hayden, and then she walks off.

    GH Recap: Paul Hornsby returns to Port Charles

    Wednesday, July 08 2015

    At the hospital, Patrick tells Liz that Hayden’s vitals are picking up. Patrick takes off to check on her and Nikolas, who was listening in, asks Liz what is happening with Hayden. She tells him what little Patrick told her, and worries that if she wakes up then their secret will be blown. Nikolas tells her that he has to go to a board meeting, but to let him know if anything changes. Nikolas leaves and Liz finds Patrick and asks about Hayden. Patrick says they’ve ordered a brain scan as her vitals are returning to normal, but she is not waking up. Liz meets back up with Nikolas and fills him in on Hayden’s condition. Nikolas promises to handle her if she wakes up. Elsewhere, Alexis is leaving a message on Nikolas’ voicemail as she’s worried about what is going on with him. She runs into TJ and the two discuss his staying with Sonny. She warns him that Sonny can make crime look glamorous and will have him in over his head before he knows it. TJ points out that Julian is a mobster, but Alexis says he quit and Sonny won’t quit.

    GH Recap: Hayden's condition changes

    Tuesday, July 07 2015

    Liz drops by Wyndemere to see Nikolas. She's worried that people are keeping things from her and tells him that Lucky has been missing his calls. He realizes that he hasn't heard from his mom in a while. The prince is sure that everything will be fine. Liz beats herself up about keeping Jason from his son. He offers to call things off whenever she wants it. She's sure they would both lose what they want. He closes his safe and offers to drive her to work. After they leave, Sam and Jake sneak in.

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