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    General Hospital CAST - Nikolas Cassadine

    Full detailed profile on Nikolas Cassadine Played by Tyler Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tyler Christopher (ABC)
    Nikolas Cassadine

    Actor: Tyler Christopher

    Who played Nikolas Cassadine over the years

    Tyler Christopher (1996 - 1999; April 21, 2003 - June 30, 2011)
    Stephan Martines (July 20, 1999 - April 16, 2003)
    Chris Beetem (temporary recast - December 2005)

    Useful information on Nikolas Cassadine

    * Marital Status - Single.
    * Other Names: Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine.
    * Helped Lucky try to cover up how Rick Webber died, thinking that Luke was behind Rick's death. (August 2002)
    * Helped Luke escape custody after being arrested for Rick Webber's murder. (September 2002)
    * Adultery with Emily while she was married to Zander. (November 3, 2003; December 2, 2003)
    * Arrested for assaulting Zander Smith. (January 14, 2004)
    * Arrested for the murder of Zander Smith - not guilty. (February 2004)
    * Confessed to "killing" Helena by pushing her off a cliff. (Nov 2004)
    * Fell ill during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles. (February 3, 2006)
    * While mourning the death of Emily, he began a relationship with her long lost twin sister.
    * Had an affair with Elizabeth while she was in a relationship with Lucky.
    * Named the father of Elizabeth's baby.
    * Hired Brook Lynn to be his escort to high profile events.
    * Left town after Elizabeth insisted Aiden wasn't his son.


    Current: Head of Cassadine Industries
    Past: Public relations representative for L&B Records
    Past: Russian Prince


    Considered a prince, Nicholas stands next in line for the Cassadine throne, and had vowed hatred for his mother, Laura, for leaving him. After Luke Spencer killed Stavros Cassadine, Nikolas was raised by his Uncle Stefan, whom he considered his real father. Nikolas was brought to Port Charles by Steven to save Nikolas' half-sister's life. Lulu had a rare anemia, and he was the perfect marrow match.

    With Nikolas' identity revealed, Luke forced Laura to choose, and she again abandoned her son. Nikolas, hurt for a second time by his mother, sought friendship with Bobbie Spencer, who later married Stefan. The friendship lasted until Bobbie betrayed her husband and Nikolas found out about it.

    Katherine Bell came to Wyndemere Castle looking for an ideal spot to take photographs for her business, Deception Cosmetics. She and Nikolas built a friendship that led to her being shot. Nikolas wrongfully accused Luke, not knowing that Stefan was the assailant. It seemed that anytime happiness loomed on the horizon, someone in the Cassadine clan attempted murder to prevent it.

    Although Nikolas remained estranged from his mother, he stayed close to his grandmother and sister. His relationship with his half-brother, Lucky, was stressed because they were both interested in the same person, Sarah Webber. Lucky was the loser, but eventually ended up with Elizabeth Webber.

    When Nikolas took a bullet meant for Jason Morgan, he had to undergo speech therapy to learn to speak again. He was attracted to Robin Scorpio, as she helped him through his recovery, but she was involved with Jason. In the meantime, Stefan and Katherine announced their engagement, and Nikolas was happy, thinking they made a good pair. On the eve of their engagement party, Katherine supposedly fell to her death, and it was that night that she overheard a conversation between Laura and Stefan, in which it was stated that Stefan not Stavros had fathered Nikolas. Katherine returned and told Nikolas. Shocked at first, he later accepted the news, glad to be unburdened by his role as 'prince'.

    Katherine resurfaced, and she and Nikolas became an item. When she announced she was pregnant, they planned to marry, but unfortunately, this time her death was real, as Helena pushed her off a cliff. Nikolas' evil grandmother didn't feel that Katherine was worthy of her grandson. Nikolas suspected his mother, but later learned the truth. He also discovered that Katherine was playing him, as she couldn't have been pregnant. Medical records revealed she was incapable of conception.

    When Lucky was reported killed in a fire, Nikolas consoled Elizabeth. His attraction to her was strong, but out of respect for his brother, he held his feelings at bay. Hearing that Lucky might still live, Liz and Nik traveled to New York where they found him brainwashed by Helena. He later recovered with the help of psychotherapy.

    Nikolas' life took another turn when he found that he had really been fathered by Stravos Cassadine. He met his father face-to-face in Helena's lab, where the two evildoers were plotting to freeze the world. The man who had been masquerading as Lucien Cane met his demise at the hands of Luke Spencer, and once again, Nikolas was the Cassadine Prince.

    Elizabeth, Lucky, Emily and Nikolas were fast friends, and after his romance with Gia Campbell ended, his attention turned to Emily. Although she was involved with Zander Smith, Nik supported her through her breast cancer battle and saw her marry Zander. When Emily drifted off to sleep, dreaming of her wedding, it was Nikolas she kissed.

    Nikolas was believed dead in the Port Charles Hotel fire, but turned up alive, was convinced by Mary Bishop that he was her dead husband, Connor, and had to have hypnotherapy to help him regain his identity. Once Mary was out of the picture, her 'dead' husband turned up and raped Emily. Poor Nikolas was left reeling because he and Connor were mirror images and Emily couldn't bare to have Nikolas touch her after her horrifying experience.

    Helena continued to plague anyone romantically involved with her grandson. Emily and Nikolas finally got together after Zander's death, but her life was constantly in jeopardy. The same applied to Courtney, during a rift between Nik and Emily. When Courtney died giving birth to a child, Jax claimed paternity and snatched the baby from Nikolas' grasp. Emily had turned to Sonny Corinthos, but that relationship didn't last because of brother, Jason's, objections to the dangerous life-style.

    When Nikolas learned that he was the true father of Courtney's child, he won custody, but Helena's continued interference brought an evil nanny into the picture to be caretaker for the future Cassadine heir. As Emily and Nikolas found themselves being drawn back together, Emily sensed danger and tried to warn him, but he paid no heed. Mysteriously, the nanny resigned, giving them a false sense of security. As the two once again start their life together, Helena lingered in the shadows, posing a threat to their happiness.

    Helena was not to be their undoing however, as Emily was murdered by Diego. Nikolas developed a brain tumor which caused him to have hallucinations of Emily. With nurse Nadine's help, he decided to eventually undergo a procedure to cure him, but it also put an end to his visions of the love of his life.

    Nikolas and Nadine entered into a brief relationship. He was sidetracked when Emily's unknown twin sister Rebecca came to town. He of course fell for her, but discovered she was trying to swindle money out him and the Quartermaines. Despite her real feelings for Nikolas, Rebecca left town after finding Nikolas in bed with his brother's finacee Elizabeth.

    Nikolas and Elizabeth carried on for sometime, but Lucky eventually found out about their affair. Elizabeth then discovered she was pregnant and Nikolas was deemed the father after Helena tampered with the paternity results.

    As Nikolas tried to repair his relationship with his brother and be a good father to both his sons, he offered Brook Lynn a job being his escort to various events he was required to attend. Their business relationship turned more personal as he asked her out on a real date and kissed her. However, Elizabeth started to come around again much to Brook's displeasure.

    Elizabeth started to doubt Aiden's paternity and had another DNA test done. When she got the results, stating Lucky was the father, Jake ran out the door and was hit and killed by a car.
    Nikolas ended things with Brook, citing he needed to spend all energy on his family.

    When Elizabeth told Nikolas he wasn't Aiden's father, he refused to accept it. However, he eventually gave Aiden to Lucky in order to relieve any bad blood that could arise between the brothers. He also wanted to spare Aiden any future custody battles. Nikolas left town with Spencer because there were too many bad memories in Port Charles.


    Lydia Karenin (divorced)
    Mary Bishop (not legal)
    Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (married 2 December 2004 - divorced 2005)


    Sarah Webber (dated)
    Elizabeth_Spencer (crush)
    Katherine Bell (engaged - deceased)
    Gia Campbell (engaged)
    Mary Bishop (lover)
    Courtney Matthews (lover - deceased)
    Nadine Crowell
    Rebecca Shaw (dated)
    Elizabeth Webber (affair)


    Stavros Cassadine (father - deceased)
    Laura Webber (mother)
    Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (half-brother)
    Lesley Lu Spencer (half-sister)
    Mikkos Cassadine (paternal grandfather - deceased)
    Helena Cassadine (paternal grandmother)
    Gordon Gray (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Lesley Williams (maternal grandmother)
    Stefan Cassadine (uncle - deceased)
    Alexis Davis (half-aunt)
    Kristina Cassadine (half-aunt - deceased)
    Mike Webber (adoptive uncle)
    Rick Webber Jr. (adoptive uncle)
    Samantha McCall (half-cousin)
    Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis (half-cousin)
    Molly Lansing (half-cousin)
    Baby Girl McCall (first half-cousin - deceased)
    Petros Cassadine (first cousin)


    Spencer Cassadine (son with Courtney - born 2006)


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    Wednesday, April 23 2014: GH Recap: Two Jailbirds.

    Mac films as Emma enters her recital with Patrick and Sabrina and takes her to join Anna and Felicia. Cam runs in with flowers for Emma and Sabrina asks Nik how Liz is recuperating. Nik brings up the man in custody and Sabrina insists Carlos is innocent. Nik has more questions but Sabrina dashes off. Patrick tells Nik that Sabrina has a past with Carlos. Meanwhile, Spencer hides. He calls out to Emma and begs her to leave with him but she refuses. After the recital, Nik finds Spencer and takes him home.

    Monica grieves AJ in the Quartermaine crypt with Tracy. Michael arrives and Tracy leaves them alone. Michael tells Monica he invited Sonny but he refused to come out of respect for her. She’s glad Sonny had the decency to stay away. Michael just wanted his parents there. Inside, Ned tells Morgan and Kiki he wants to set a trap for Luke and proposes using Kiki as bait. He promises Morgan that Kiki will not be in any danger. Morgan isn’t willing to risk Kiki but Kiki is ready to stop Luke’s skeevy fondling. Ned directs Kiki to the den and heads to the terrace to make sure Tracy watches it all. Morgan makes one more attempt to change Kiki’s mind but she’s determined to get Luke. In another room, Liz tells Sonny and Ava that she hopes the person in custody for shooting AJ can answer some questions so everyone can move on. Carly enters and agrees they all would like to know what happened to AJ. Ava and Liz quickly excuse themselves and Carly demands to know why Sonny’s there. He’s there to comfort Michael and tells Carly to leave it alone. On the terrace, Luke calls someone and tells them Spencer is a problem, but his weakness is Emma Drake. Ava walks into the den and overhears the tail end of the conversation. Luke is surprised to see her. Ava tells him that something happened to her daughter this morning and she’s going to find out what. Luke watches Ava’s butt as she walks away and calls her back. He pulls her close and tells her she has great … assets. She disgustedly walks away. Outside, Ned intercepts Tracy and points her to look into the den where Kiki is now alone with Luke. Inside, Luke tells Kiki he knows she has daddy issues but he isn’t available. He loudly proclaims his love for Tracy and outside Tracy beams. She tells Ned that she knew Kiki was the instigator. Ned realizes Luke figured out their trap. Sonny, Carly and Tracy join Monica and Michael at the crypt. Sonny offers to leave if Monica wants. Monica allows it. Everyone makes it in time for the service, and Monica somberly lays flowers on AJ’s grave. Afterward, she goes inside to get ready for the reception. Michael tells Sonny it helped that he was there. Sonny will always be there for Michael. Inside, Ava turns on the news and learns Franco is in jail with Carlos. Carly joins her and thinks it would be funny if Franco and Carlos became friends. In fact, Carly wonders what those jailbirds are talking about right now. Meanwhile, Kiki finds Morgan and worries that Luke will come after her now that she set him up. Morgan holds Kiki and promises to take care of her. Ava enters, then leaves when she sees them together. Morgan thinks Ava could be mad about something else. Later, Liz finds Luke alone in the den and he offers her a drink. Nik enters and tells Liz that Spencer crashed Emma’s recital. Luke’s ears prick up at the mention of the children. After they leave he makes a call. Tracy later joins Luke and tells him she saw Kiki hit on him courtesy of Ned. Luke tells Tracy he only wants her. Later, Michael tells Carly she and Sonny are the best parents he could have. Outside, Sonny enters the crypt and can’t escape AJ’s ghost. AJ congratulates Sonny on getting what he always wanted – Michael all to himself. He tells Sonny goodbye. Ava arrives.

    Tuesday, April 22 2014: GH Recap: Death Comes For Everybody.

    At Wyndemere, Nik learns Spencer never made it to school. He finds out Spencer is at the Quartermaine’s and tells Liz that Spencer thinks Luke is plotting against Sonny. Liz suggests there might be something to what Spencer’s saying.

    At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy and Ned argue about Luke. Ned tells Tracy that Luke threatened to kill him but she can’t believe Luke meant any harm. Ned wonders what harm Luke could cause to people less equipped to handle him. She insists she is marrying Luke and no one will stop her. Meanwhile, Morgan enters with Kiki to protect her from Luke. She’s concerned her mother might be jealous but Morgan tells her he has nothing to do with Ava anymore. When Ava calls him he tells her it isn’t a good time and hangs up on her. They join Tracy and Ned, and Ned is shocked to hear Tracy accuse Kiki of making a pass at Luke. Kiki thinks it was a mistake to come and Tracy storms out. Morgan tells Ned that Luke is the one who has been hitting on Kiki. Ned wants to hear the whole story so Kiki lays out all the dirty details, including his attack on her at Franco’s place. Ned believes her and tells her that Luke once raped a woman and spun it into a seduction. He asks Kiki to keep this just among them so they can set a trap that will expose Luke to Tracy. In another room, Luke tells Spencer to keep his mouth shut or Emma will pay the price. Sonny enters and asks if everything is okay. Luke thinks Spencer is shaken up over the fleeting nature of life. Sonny suggests the conversation is too dark for a child but Luke comments how sharp Spencer is and understands people die every day – even children. Spencer tells Sonny they were actually talking about him. Sonny guesses it’s about Emma and his unanswered calls and promises to make everything better. Nik angrily enters but Spencer won’t leave until he says what he needs to Sonny. Nik apologizes to Luke, and Luke says Spencer now knows bad things happen when you tell tales. Tracy enters and asks to speak to Luke alone. She heard that he threatened to kill Ned and he tells her it’s true. He threatened violence because Ned told him he would live to regret ripping up the prenup. Luke refuses to apologize for loving her and promises it won’t happen again. But he won’t let anyone stand in their way. She heads for the service and he hangs back and calls someone to solve a problem. Meanwhile, Ava finds Sonny. Liz approaches and talks about AJ’s murderer being in custody.

    Back at Wyndemere, Cameron tells Spencer he’s going to Emma’s recital. Spencer wants Cameron to watch over Emma then realizes he needs to do it himself. Nik won’t let him go because he’s grounded until further notice. Spencer wonders what he can do to stop Uncle Luke.

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