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    General Hospital CAST - Skye Quatermaine - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Skye Quatermaine Played by Robin Christopher on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robin Christopher (ABC)

    Birthday: 1965-06-18
    Birthplace: Revere, Massachusetts
    Marital Status: Married, Matthew Crane (April 11, 2000), two children
    Real Name: Robin Christopher
    Height: 5'6"


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    Real Cassadines Of Spoon Island.

    Monday, December 03 2012

    Tea, Carly, Skye, Blair and Todd wait for Tomas at Tea’s in Llanview. A CIA agent arrvies with info about Tea’s brother. Blair demands to know when her fiancé will be back and he breaks the news that there will be no wedding, much to Todd’s delight. Agent Delgado has been called out of the country on an old case. Carly shows him a picture of Lorenzo/Tomas and asks what his real name is. He demurs, so Blair threatens to sic her aunt Dorian on him. He has nothing to tell them and leaves. Blair snacks Todd across the face when he apologizes. Carly tries to convince Blair about Lorenzo but Blair is going to go find Tomas and bring him home. Tea is going too. So is Skye. Later, Carly questions Todd about his involvement in all of this. He swears he did not have anything to do with this. She wonders if this means there is still hope for Todd and Blair.

    Die From Embarrassment.

    Friday, November 30 2012

    Carly, Skye, and Todd arrive at Tea’s house in Llanview. Blair warns them right away no one is going to stop her wedding. Skye and Carly tell her Tomas is really Lorenzo Alcazar, an international arms dealer. Blair calls Tomas and asks him to come by. Skye grabs the phone and screams but he hangs up. Blair and Skye fight about dating each other’s castoffs and soon they are fighting on the couch. Todd is enjoying the fight but Tea breaks it up and sends Blair upstairs and Carly and Sky to another room. Alone with Todd Tea admits how much she misses her son. Blair comes back and tells them Tomas will be there in 10 minutes. Todd can tell Blair is nervous as the bell rings.

    Big Fat Liar Pants.

    Thursday, November 29 2012

    Carly tells Todd in his office that Blair is not marrying Tomas. Skye saunters in and declares he is really the father of her child. Todd vaguely recognizes Skye and she reminds him that he framed her for murder once. Tomas is really Lorenzo Alcazar, an international arms dealer. Todd is over the moon excited. As he tells them about what Tomas did to him he gets more excited. He can’t wait to tell Blair. He has his jet fired up for a trip to Llanview. Skye demands to go with and so does Carly. Todd is down – he can’t wait to see Tomas’ face when he sees these two. After they are gone Connie comes in with lunch and when she notices Scarface is gone she sits at his desk. She sees Molly’s book and begins reading. Teen emo angst is just what the doctor ordered.

    At Tea’s house in Llanview, she gifts Blair with a homemade sentimental gift for her wedding to Tomas. She thanks Blair for saving her life after Todd destroyed it. He does the most damage when he is trying to do something good. Blair disagree and they both wish he would just admit what he did. Tomas is running late to meet Blair. Every time he walks out the door Blair is worried he won’t come back. Thank goodness all that CIA business is behind him. The last time she was in Port Charles Todd proposed and it stirred up old feelings. But she shut them down by thinking about Tomas. He is honest, and that is what she wants. She opens the door to leave and Carly, Skye and Todd are standing there. "We are here to stop the wedding," Todd says.

    My Father’s Daughter.

    Wednesday, November 28 2012

    At Kelly’s, Skye tells Shawn about her uncle Stuart’s upcoming art show in Pine Valley. Carly arrives and makes sure Skye knows she is not wanted in town. Skye is glad Jason isn’t here anymore to clean up Carly's messes. Michael will finally know who she really is, the slut of Port Charles. Carly slaps her, Skye slaps back and the girls hit the floor. Max and Shawn pull them apart and together they see Blair’s wedding announcement on Skye’s tablet. They are both shocked to recognize Tomas as Lorenzo Alcazar – Carly’s ex and the father of Skye’s daughter. Carly knows someone who can help them.

    Baby Mama Here We Come.

    Tuesday, November 27 2012

    AJ visits Edward’s marker in the mausoleum. Skye arrives and they discuss the possibility of forcing Tracy down as CEO of ELQ. Skye came into some info on Tracy. During her marriage to Soleito, Tracy laundered money through ELQ. Anthony blackmailed her into marrying him, then he was murdered and the case is still open. She wonders what Anthony did with the info she gave him. They try to figure how to get more stock behind him. To get majority they need Sam and Danny’s shares. Skye urges him to find a way to get to Sam.

    At the Haunted Star Lulu laughs at Maxie’s surrogacy suggestion. Maxie reminds her she wanted someone she had a bond with, like a sister. She beams at the brilliance of her idea but Lulu is not sold. This is a huge commitment with hormone treatments, morning sickness, stretch marks, weight gain, the delivery. Maxie can handle all that because she loves Lulu. She needs a purpose. Lulu won’t let Maxie use her problem to solve her own. Maxie gets upset. She hopes Lulu finds what she is looking for and leaves. Dante arrives and Lulu tells him about Maxie’s offer. Dante is sure they will find someone she will feel is right. Meanwhile, Skye arrives at the bar and orders a drink from Johnny. She would love to make up for when she left him tied to a bedpost. He figures out she wants the record back on Tracy’s money laundering but she will never get it from him.

    Wallow In Bliss.

    Monday, November 26 2012

    The Q’s gather at the family mausoleum where they start bickering. Michael arrives with Tracy and demands they stop fighting. AJ asks to say a few words. He promises to become the man he should have been and make Edward proud. They all head to the mansion to meet with Diane about the will. Diane starts with the grandchildren, much to Tracy’s dismay. Skye, Jason, Ned and Dillon all get 12 percent stock shared in ELQ. Since AJ is alive, he gets 12 percent too, making that 60 percent and the majority. Alice arrives to serve lunch and Diane moves it along. The great-grandchildren each get 6 percent, making another 30. Five percent then goes to Monica and the rest to a woman who has taken care of him his final days – Alice! All of the cash holdings are divided equally – 50 percent to Habitat for Humanity and the other to PBS. There is nothing else and Monica suggests they all go enjoy lunch. Tracy stays with Diane and grabs the will. There is not one mention of her. Diane pulls out a box – there was one more thing. It is a jar of Pickle-Lila relish.

    So That Just Happened.

    Wednesday, November 21 2012

    At the family mausoleum Tracy tells Alan that Edward is gone. How will she do this alone? Ned approaches and hugs Tracy. He can’t believe Edward is gone. She thinks back on her wedding to Luke and Edward’s approval. Ned tells her they’ll survive because they are Q’s. He leaves to go to the house and she stays behind. At the house Monica and AJ reminisce about Edward as condolences pour into the mansion. Alice interrupts – she can’t find Tracy. AJ doesn’t want to even have the big dinner, but Monica does not want to fight Tracy about it. Alice asks Monica to help her with the new scary cook and alone, AJ thinks back on his time with Edward and ELQ. The bell rings and AJ is excited to see Skye arrive. She is shocked he is alive. She is trying to be a good mother and AJ wants to try to be a good dad to Michael. Syke introduces her daughter Lila Ray to her grandma Monica. She is glad Skye is there. Ned walks in and is not happy to see AJ and encourages Lila Ray to escape. Skye and Lila Ray visit the mausoleum and Tracy is not happy to see her. Skye tells her blood does not make a family, love does. Back at the house AJ offers his hand for a truce but Ned is not having it. He apologizes to Monica for not being there more. She just wishes they could all get along. Tracy walks in and accuses AJ of killing Edward. Monica assures her she was the last one to see Edward alive. Ned stands up for Tracy but Monica snipes back. Alice comes in and asks if Skye is staying for Thanksgiving, but Tracy says absolutely not. A fight breaks out. Later, Heather breaks into the mansion and starts going through Edward’s desk. She finds his will and looks it over. She carelessly replaces it but Skye catches her before she leaves. Heather pulls a knife on Skye and tells her no one is going anywhere. Meanwhile, Michael arrives and screams for the Q’s to stop fighting. Aren’t they there for Edward? Elsewhere Skye screams and Heather bids the Q’s gobble gobble as she backs out of the house. Alice knocks out Heather from behind much to AJ’s amusement. It’s a traditional Q Thanksgiving after all! Steve and Olivia arrive as Heather is being hauled back to Ferncliff. Later, they all reminisce about their happy Thanksgiving memories from the past and toast to Edward. They realize the dinner has been ruined after Heather’s scuffle. The bell rings and Alice answers it. There are dozens of pizzas delivered despite the pizza parlor being closed. The ghost of Edward looks on as the Q’s sing fist as usual. The ghosts of Edward and Lila go off together as they renew their commitment to each other.

    Running The Ship.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    On the Quartermaine jet, Skye calls Edward to say goodbye. Luke shows up and tells her he checked up on his family and learned life's a bitch and then you die. Skye thinks he picked the perfect time to come home then. She wonders if he is going to stay and deal with the mess or is she his ride out of town?

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