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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Dylan Joseph Cash on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Joseph Cash (ABC)

    Birthday: November 30 1994
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Dylan Joseph Cash


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    Everyone Has a Theory.

    Monday, June 18 2007

    Carly, Jax and the boys are packing up their balls and stuff for the Father's Day barbeque at Sonny's. Michael asks if they are going to argue today and Jax assures him that since he and Sonny care about the same people, there will be no more arguing. After Michael goes out to the car, the phone rings and no one is there. Carly hangs up and Jax accuses her of assuming that it was Jerry.

    It's a Good Thing They Had Fiji.

    Tuesday, May 15 2007

    Michael and Morgan hear Carly and Jax yelling and ask if they don't love each other any more. They sit down and explain how important it is that they don't mention to anyone that Jerry has come to their house. Jax explains that he might have done something wrong, but until he's sure he has to protect him because that's what brothers do. After they go upstairs, Carly says that she will love and honor him until death do they part, but she will NOT protect the man who terrorized her. Jax quietly asks "What will we have left if your best friend kills my brother, or if my brother kills your best friend?" He asks for the chance to go to Jerry and get an explanation at least. She says that it doesn't matter if he helps his brother get away or if her best friend kills his brother, Jerry will always be between them.

    Sam Learns the Truth.

    Monday, May 14 2007

    Carly's face turns to stone as she tries to process what Michael is telling her. First, he tells his mother that he found Jerry talking to Lady Jane, so he came in and told them about he and Jax when they were little. Carly shows Michael the picture of Mr. Craig and asks if he's positive that this is Jerry. He is.

    Who's Your Daddy?

    Wednesday, May 09 2007

    The honeymooners wake up in each other's arms. But not for long, because Michael and Morgan burst into their bedroom with a big "Welcome Home!" Carly tells the boys that they missed them, but reminds them that they are to knock before the come into their bedroom from now on. Jax tells them to go check out the suitcase full of presents, and then he locks the door behind them.

    Jax and Carly come down stairs to see a big mess that Michael and Morgan have created from the pile of gifts from Fiji. She sends them to clean their room and Jax thinks she was too hard of them. He tells her that he and Jerry used to get in all kinds of trouble, but they watched each other's back. "A little one-sided lately, wouldn't you say?" Carly asks. Then she takes Morgan to a play date and leaves Michael with Jax. Michael says that Jax is way cooler than any of his friend's step dads. He promises to help Morgan to accept a new step father. Then he says that Jerry told him that big brothers help little brother. Jax gets Michael to admit that Jerry stopped by to see Lady Jane while he was on his honeymoon.

    Lights Out.

    Friday, May 04 2007

    Michael and Morgan have discovered that Jerry has stopped by, so he comes inside and plays with them for a little while. He tells them about some of the games that he and Jax played when they were little. After a while Jane sends them off to bed, but before they go, Jerry tells the boys that Jax would be sad to learn that he came while he was on his honeymoon. They agree not to mention it. As he says goodbye to Lady Jane, she asks how long it will be before she sees him again. "Depends on how my business deal works out," Jerry says as he rushes out into the storm.

    Thunder. Lightning. And Sonny.

    Thursday, May 03 2007

    Lady Jane protests as Jerry tries to leave, but he says that he doesn't want to involve her and Jax in his problems. Just then, Sonny knocks on the door. Jerry hides and Jane tells Sonny that the boys are playing Ninja video games. He says that he can't take them to dinner, but he wants to see them for a while. Before she gets the boys, Lady Jane tells Sonny that she doesn't want him to put any strain on Carly and Jax's relationship. Sonny says that he wants Carly to be happy and he won't interfere anymore. (Jerry is listening from the kitchen hallway with his gun drawn.) Michael and Morgan come downstairs and Sonny tells them to be good for their new "Grandma Jane." Michael asks Sonny if he's really okay with Carly being married and Sonny says that Jax is a nice guy and will be a good step dad. He assures them that nothing else will change and they'll see each other all the time.

    As Jerry makes his way to the door to leave, Lady Jane begs him not to leave the family again. She calls his name and Michael comes down the stairs and says, "Jerry? You're Jax's brother?"

    White Lace and Promises.

    Friday, April 27 2007

    Lulu is watching Carly and Jax dance, and Spinelli is watching her watch them. He fantasizes about what their first dance would be like if they got married. He imagines a sassy, sexy tango and the bewilderment of all the onlookers. Edward grabs Dillon and tells him that he went to finishing school; therefore he knows that he is obligated to offer a dance to a lovely young lady such as Lulu. So, they dance and Spinelli goes from fantasizing to stewing. Edward and Monica go over to Jason's table to say hello. Jason takes them over to see the boys and Michael calls her "Grandma Monica" which makes her very happy. Soon, Carly dances with Michael and Morgan and it's Sonny's turn to stew. It doesn't take long for Milo to demand his turn to dance with Lulu.

    Here Comes the Bride. Really.

    Thursday, April 26 2007

    Michael and Morgan show up at the coffee warehouse to tell Sonny that they aren't going to Carly's wedding because they don't want him to be alone. Sonny tells them that this day is for their mother and they are to give Jax a big welcome to the family.

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