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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Dylan Joseph Cash on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Joseph Cash (ABC)

    Birthday: November 30 1994
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Dylan Joseph Cash


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    A Few Surprises Today.

    Friday, April 18 2008

    At GH, Carly is sitting at Michael's bedside talking about when they used to make cookies. When Jax arrives she tells him that she doesn't want him there if he doesn't believe that her son will wake up. He tells her that he will always love her and give her what she needs from him. She apologizes for acting so badly last night and is clearly relieved to have her husband on her side. As they sit there, she notices that Michael's eyes have opened!

    Little Victim, Big Fallout.

    Monday, April 07 2008

    Sonny explains to Michael that if he learns the coffee business well enough, he'll never have to use a gun. Then he tells Michael to go play, but instead he is shot in the head. Sonny crawls over to him and takes him in his arms, while Kate yells for an EMS.

    Not Michael!

    Friday, April 04 2008

    Kate arrives at Carly's house to pick Michael up for the evening. She tells him how excited she is to see how his father's business works. "You and I both now my dad's real job has nothing to do with coffee," Michael tells her. Kate gently talks to him about gun violence and says that his dad's business is changing.

    Down at the warehouse, Sonny is in good spirits as he oversees bags of coffee beans being unloaded. When Kate and Michael arrive he greets them warmly. Ian, however, is less than pleased from his perch up in the rafters. He struggles to get a clear shot as Sonny tells Michael that the coffee beans will be served all along the New York seaboard. Michael hugs his dad and then goes off to play. Sonny sees the flicker of a light from up above and quickly dives for Kate. A shot is fired and Sonny and Kate both realize that they are fine. That's when the foreman yells that the boy's been shot!

    Change Is In The Air.

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    Carly finds Michael playing a video game called "Street Killer II" and informs Mercedes that he is no longer allowed to play video games. Then she leaves for the Metro Court for a while. Sonny calls Michael and asks if he'd like to come to work with his papa tonight and tells him that Kate will pick him up. Michael is thrilled.

    Kate has picked Michael up and listened graciously to his apology for the shooting. Meanwhile, Sonny tells Max and Milo that they are to drop him off at the warehouse and leave because he doesn't want any guards tonight. They protest, but Sonny explains that he doesn't want Michael around guns anymore.

    A Plan is Hatched.

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Sonny goes to see his boys over at Carly's house. Morgan is in the bath, and Sonny sits with Michael. Michael asks his dad how old he was when he quit school. Sonny chooses his words carefully as he describes how different his childhood was from Michael's. As they talk, Jax and Carly return home and Jax chafes at seeing Sonny in his living room.

    Claudia Can Dish It Out, But She Can Take It, Too!

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    Maxie gets the job offer she has been waiting for from Kate. She rushes over to her house and learns what is expected of her. It seems the first order of business is to answer the door. Claudia saunters into the room and informs Kate that she is considering doing her a favor. She says that she and her brother have a couple of bucks to throw around and might consider investing in her new magazine. Kate tells Maxie to take notes on how women should not dress. Then she lists everything that Claudia is wearing. Claudia tells Maxie to write down what Kate Howard is good at. "How to lose a guy," she says as she pops her gum.

    Will You Kill For Me?

    Tuesday, March 25 2008

    Michael and Morgan return home as Carly and Jax are talking about the baby. They give Carly a present for the baby's crib! Jax sends the boys upstairs to do school work and take a bath. Neither kid notices how upset Carly has become. A while later, Jax and Carly call the boys downstairs and tell them about the miscarriage. Michael blames himself. After spending a little time with the boys, Carly and Jax return downstairs. Sitting on the couch, Jax holds Carly and she says they will get through this.


    Monday, March 24 2008

    Jax and Sonny are very uncomfortable around one another at Carly's. Michael happily rambles on about the increased time they will get to spend with Sonny. Then, he drops the pregnancy bomb! Carly is about to tell Michael about the miscarriage when Morgan and Mercedes come downstairs to go to the arcade. When they are gone, Sonny asks what happened to the baby and Jax says they lost it - because of Sonny! Carly interrupts and says Sonny isn't to blame for the cannery explosion but then turns to Sonny and says he is to blame for Michael getting a gun. She rants for a little while about the violence in his life but then says Sonny can see the boys whenever he wants. Sonny leaves. Carly goes to the nursery where Jax is waiting. "I'm done with this," he says! Jax tells Carly that he is tired of playing second fiddle to Sonny; Carly tries to convince him that she loves him and not Sonny but Jax doesn't care. He believes that Carly's connection to Sonny is too deep. "This isn't going to bring our baby back," she cries. Jax, crying too, hugs her.

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