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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Dylan Joseph Cash on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Joseph Cash (ABC)

    Birthday: November 30 1994
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Dylan Joseph Cash


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    Is it Carly, or is it Superwoman?

    Friday, January 05 2007

    In the lounge at the coffee warehouse, Alcazar's hired woman is politely waiting. Milo notices her but doesn't flinch. Michael and Morgan come in after school and Max lets them in to see Sonny. Milo gets them hot chocolate and they have a nice visit (while the woman waits in the lounge).

    New Year's Resolutions for everyone.

    Tuesday, January 02 2007

    Now that the ball in Time Square has dropped, Sonny tells his boys and Carly that his New Year's Resolution is to be the best father he can be. Carly agrees that she shares the same resolution, but adds that she also wants to be the best wife to Jax. Then, Carly and the boys leave a Happy New Year voicemail for Jax. Sonny overhears Carly telling him that she can't wait to elope when he returns.

    Happy New Year! Or Is It?

    Friday, December 29 2006

    Michael and Morgan want to invite Sonny over for New Year's Eve. Carly tells him them that New Year's Eve is different than Christmas, it isn't necessarily about family. In fact, it was supposed to be about "something else". Just then there's a knock at the door. Carly opens it to see a very dressed up Skye, Lorenzo and Lila Rae. Their limo has slid off the road just in front of Carly's house. They want to know if they can stay warm inside until the driver is able to get it going again. Lorenzo offers to stay outside, if it would make Carly more comfortable. She begrudgingly tells them they can all come inside. After Skye goes to the guest room to feed Lila, Carly tells Lorenzo that if it weren't for the baby, they wouldn't have been invited in. She pounces on him and asks if Skye knows what he is capable of? Lorenzo informs his former wife that Skye knows him better than anyone.

    The song "What are you doing New Year's Eve" plays beneath the following montage of scenes:

    Robin and Patrick are beneath a furry blanket on an air mattress in the middle of the floor. They are listening to music from a boom box and make a toast with plastic cups.

    Lorenzo, Skye and Lila Rae are in the back of their limo. At the stroke of midnight, Lorenzo kisses Skye.

    Carly and her boys wear party hats and get ready to watch the ball drop on Time's Square on TV at midnight. Sonny shows up and the boys are delighted. Carly reluctantly gives him a party hat, but they all smile and hug. Sonny gives her a warm kiss on the cheek.

    Spinelli is blowing noisemakers and stuffing his face while Sam paces back and forth. Jason walks in the door just in the knick of time to kiss Sam at midnight.

    Lucky and Maxi are dancing to the jukebox at Kelly's. Maxi lifts her head from his shoulder and they kiss.

    Liz is driving during the snow storm. She spins out and crashes the car. She opens the door and falls to the ground.

    The Holiday Pageant is perfect. Except for the ending.

    Friday, December 22 2006

    At home, Carly is helping Michael with his pageant costume. She decides this is the perfect time to explain that Jax will only be with them in spirit this Christmas, and the wedding won't be on Christmas Eve after all. Carly explains that Jax is off helping his brother. She tells Michael that they are going to elope – all together – after Jax rescues Jerry. Michael is bummed that neither Sonny nor Jax will be at the pageant.

    Over at the Christmas pageant, the show is getting ready to start. Mike brings his video camera so he can tape all three of his grandsons in the same play. Nikolas whisks Mike up to the manger so that he can set up his shot. Emily is talking to Spencer about how brilliant he will be. We can see Helena, as well as the priest who looks like Manny all in various parts of the background. The show's director sees that she has a new choir singer (Colleen) and introduces herself. Carly arrives with Michael and Morgan and Mike stops them for a picture. Then, he learns that Jax has gone off and before he can say anything, Carly tells him that Sonny will NOT be able to do anything to sabotage their relationship – the wedding is merely on hold. Jason makes it just in time to be seated in the front row with Carly, Emily and Nikolas when the pageant begins. As Michael says his lines perfectly, Carly starts to cry and fumbles around in her purse for a tissue. Someone gives her one and says, "Looks like I got here just in time." It's Sonny! It's Morgan's time to do his part as the Little Drummer Boy. He drops his drumstick and is thrilled when Sonny reaches over and puts it back in his hand. He says, "Dad?" and everyone laughs. As soon as the show ends, Jason excuses himself so that he can go meet Sam. Michael rushes over to Sonny and hugs him. Sonny explains that he spoke to Carly on the phone and she sounded emotional so he thought he'd better come home. They agree to have a full Corrinthos Christmas. Emily goes to warm up the car while Nikolas retrieves Spencer from the manger.

    Liz is walking along the waterfront and frantically calling toy stores on her cell phone. She looks over on a bench and sees a red bow on a toy… it's a Chugging Charlie! It has a note on it that says, "To Cameron from Santa". Jason comes out of the darkness and tells her to have a merry Christmas.

    Sonny, Michael and Carly are happily walking towards the limo as snow is starting to fall. Sonny looks around and says, "Where's Morgan?" At the same time, Nikolas keeps getting stopped by people on his way to the manger. First the pastor thanks him and then Mike nabs him and shows him a little video clip. Finally, Nikolas is free to pick up his son, blanket in hand. But when he gets to the manger, it's empty.

    Jason and Sam get back together again!

    Friday, December 15 2006

    Carly excitedly shows her boys the fabric she bought to make their costumes for the Christmas Eve pageant. Michael sadly tells her that they can't be in a play if their dad won't be there. Carly doesn't understand what her son is talking about. He explains that Sonny dropped by to tell the boys goodbye and that he'd be home in time to pick them up before Carly goes on her honeymoon. Stunned, Carly promises that their father will be at the play.

    Today is one big shrink session. And Lainey isn't anywhere in sight!

    Friday, December 08 2006

    Jax and the boys visit Nikolas. Michael asks Nikolas if Spencer can play baby Jesus in the Christmas Eve pageant. Emily loves the idea. Colleen comes into the room to say goodbye to Spencer. Michael tells Colleen that Spencer is going to play Baby Jesus at the Queen of Angels on Christmas Eve. As she whispers in his hear, Emily takes the baby away and Nikolas thanks Colleen for all her hard work.

    Someone is certainly getting soft on Georgie.

    Wednesday, December 06 2006

    Carly tries to convince Jax why she needs to stay in Port Charles to keep her hands into the wedding plans. Jax reminds her that Luke and Laura had a memorable wedding with even less time to plan it. He tells her that they should concentrate on each other during this time. Carly excitedly agrees with him and calls the boys downstairs. Once they are seated on the couch, she tells them they are going to Australia for Christmas. Michael promptly says, “No!” He explains that he and Morgan can't go away because they have to find Jesus. Michael explains that they have parts in the nativity pageant on Christmas Eve. In fact, they wanted to ask if baby Spencer could play baby Jesus. Jax and Carly send the boys upstairs so they can decide what to do. Carly votes that she and Jax should concentrate on themselves for a change. Jax has a compromise. They should all stay for the pageant and leave for the Bahamas the next day. Carly says she'll handle Sonny. Jax asks, “Why do we have to handle Sonny at all?”

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