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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Dylan Joseph Cash on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Joseph Cash (ABC)

    Birthday: November 30 1994
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Marital Status: single
    Real Name: Dylan Joseph Cash


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    Revolving Doors.

    Wednesday, February 17 2010

    Agent Raynor visits Dante in his hospital room to inform him that he will testify against Sonny. Dante says whatever happened in the room where Sonny shot him is on him, but the case against Sonny regarding Claudia should put him away. Raynor threatens that if he changes his testimony regarding that case he will bring his wrath down on him. Olivia walks in and threatens Raynor herself, which makes Dante laugh. Raynor isn't intimidated and tells her she is a witness at Claudia's trial as well, which surprises both Dante and Olivia. Dante tells him to back off his mother or else he will suddenly develop a case of amnesia. Raynor storms out and Olivia apparently follows, as Lulu comes to visit Dante who is alone. After some flirting, Dante tells her Raynor wants him and Olivia to testify in court. Lulu calls Maxie to cover for her longer at work and Dante tells her she doesn’t need to be there so much because he knows she has a life. Lulu just wants some time to enjoy the fact that she's worried about him and to think about their future. They start to kiss and Michael comes in. He's glad Dante is okay and needs his help. He says Lulu can stay because he knows Dante doesn’t keep secrets from her and asks Dante to not write Sonny off. He wants him to remember he liked him when he worked for him, but Dante says he made a mistake. Michael says they all make mistakes and recounts Dante lying to his whole family in the beginning. Michael says he can save heir father and that there's still time to make the right choice. Michael leaves and Dante wonders if something is off about him, but Lulu thinks he's just trying to protect his father. Dante tells her Mac didn’t even take Michael's statement when he confessed and Lulu thinks there's no way Michael could have done it. Morgan comes to visit Dante after Lulu leaves and tells him about Jax and Carly breaking up. He says he loves Jax, but he loves Sonny too and doesn’t want him to go to prison and asks if there is anything he can to do to help.

    Carly Gets Good News.

    Friday, August 28 2009

    Down in Cancun, Michael has taken one solid punch to the face from the wave runner guy. Jason and Sam show up before he has to take another. The tough guy tries to take Jason on until he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Michael explains that he pawned the guy's watch for airfare home, so Jason pulls out a wad of cash. He pays for the watch and tells the guy to beat it. Jason calls Carly right away to put her mind at ease.

    Holly's Back!

    Monday, May 18 2009

    At the hospital, Michael asks Lulu what happened to him. Lulu panics and pages the doctor. Michael wonders where his parents are and Patrick rushes into the room.

    Michael Wakes Up!

    Friday, May 15 2009

    Lulu goes to see Michael and notes how much he has grown. She’s sorry she hasn’t seen him until now and grabs his hand. Michael’s hand twitches and when Lulu looks up, she sees his eyes open. Lulu wants to get him a nurse, but Michael asks her not to leave him and asks what happened to him.

    Parental Concern.

    Thursday, May 14 2009

    Patrick comes in Michael’s room and tells Carly and Jax the operation went as planned, but there should be some progress by now. Carly thinks Michael will wake up when he’s ready.


    Wednesday, May 13 2009

    Bobbie comes to Michael's room and looks at his chart. She tells Carly there is no change, but he is stable. Carly thinks Michael will love having a baby sister, but Bobbie tells her it was a complicated surgery so she should take baby steps. Carly just can’t wait for him to wake up because she misses him so much.

    Monica runs into Bobbie in Michael’s room and they discuss Carly getting her hopes up. Carly comes back and asks Michael to wake up and say hello to both of his grandmothers.

    After Mike leaves, Patrick comes back and tells Carly and Jax Michael is stable. They press him some more and Patrick admits he expected him to be awake by now and if he doesn’t regain consciousness in the next few hours, he worries he never will.

    A Marriage, a Birthday and Pending Doom.

    Monday, December 29 2008

    Carly shows up in Michael's hospital room and finds Sonny sitting with him. "He loves you so much Sonny and it's well deserved because you are a terrific father," she says. Sonny cries and apologizes for the millionth time about what's happened to their son. Carly tells him that there's nothing they can do to change anything so he needs to stop beating himself up over it. She says that her gift to Michael is to forgive him, and now he needs to forgive himself. Sonny cries and says that will take a while. He holds Michael's hand and Carly cradles Sonny in her arms.

    Anthony Tosses the Bride Away.

    Tuesday, November 25 2008

    Ric arrives for the wedding and tells Claudia that she looks beautiful. She tells him that this doesn't have to change anything between them, but he says it does. He lays a juicy kiss on her anyway. Trevor and Anthony come in, followed by the 'Padre', Sonny, Max and Milo. Before the ceremony begins, Anthony orders the clergyman to make sure it's done by the book and without any loopholes. "What a sweet way to give me away, Daddy," Claudia comments. Unshaven and chomping on gum, Sonny takes in the vows and nods as Claudia agrees to take him as her husband.

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