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    General Hospital CAST - Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) Played by Dylan Joseph Cash on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Dylan Joseph Cash (ABC)
    Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past)

    Actor: Dylan Joseph Cash

    Who played Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past) over the years

    Useful information on Michael Morgan Corinthos III (Past)

    * Recalled seeing Ric Lansing grab his mother when she went missing.
    * Saved the lives of his siblings when they were kidnapped.
    *Saved his Uncle Jason's life when he collapsed by letting Sam McCall know there was a problem.
    *Remained mentally stable despite the string of lies told to him by his biological father.
    *Lied and took responsibility for his biological father's death when he actually witnessed someone else do it.
    *Frequently vocalizes his objection to a marriage between his mother and Jax.
    *Was shot in the head by a bullet that was intended for his father.


    Current: Student


    Michael has been the center of one battle after another since he was born. His mother, Carly, kept his paternity a secret, claiming that it was Jason rather than AJ who fathered her son. Jason stuck to the story to keep AJ from finding out.

    Born with a serious heart condition, Michael needed immediate surgery and Jason made the life-saving decision and gave the doctors permission. Jason became a permanent part of Michael's life as the greedy Quartermaine's fought to get access to their newest heir.

    When Michael's true paternity was finally revealed, a bitter custody battle ensued between Jason and the Quartermaines. The decision was joint-custody, but Jason feared that his profession would put Michael in harm's way, so he stepped aside.

    With Sonny Corinthos marrying Carly, Michael was in jeopardy anyhow. The marriage between his mother and adoptive father was tumultuous, and Michael was always scheming to find ways to get them to reunite.

    Michael and his siblings were kidnapped by the evil, Faith Roscoe, but with collective forces, including FBI agent, Reese Marshall, the children who were feared dead were all recovered safely.

    When AJ was killed, Michael started having nightmares and imagined that he was the one who killed his biological father. A bout of therapy helped, and it turned out that he had only witnessed the deed.

    In his young life, Michael has seen more than his share of violence and hatred. With a mob-boss father, there is always some sort of on-going crisis. Even his maternal grandfather, John Durant, used Michael as a tool to get a conviction against Sonny. Michael is a good older brother, and a loving son to both is parents, as well as Jax, his step father.

    As his teen years drew near, Michael started to show some signs of wanting to be just like his (mobster!) father. He was caught buying a gun on the waterfront and went on to accidentaly shoot his father's fiancee (Kate Howard) with it. She survived and he ultimately came clean about what he had done. Sonny felt responsible for it and tried to turn the page on his business life. He went 'legit' and focused only on his coffee importing business. On the night that he showed Michael his new business, Michael took a bullet in the head that was intended for his father.

    Sonny was filled with guilt, but Carly just broke apart. Only after it because clear that their son would never recover from his brain injury did they move him to a long-term care facility in upstate New York.






    Sonny Corinthos (adoptive father)
    Carly Corinthos (Mother)
    Alan J. Quartermaine, Jr. (biological father - deceased)
    John Durant (maternal grandfather - deceased)
    Alan Quartermaine, Sr. (paternal grandfather)
    Mike Corbin (adoptive paternal grandfather)
    Adella Corinthos (adoptive maternal grandmother - deceased)
    Bobbie Spencer (maternal grandmother)
    Courtney Matthews (aunt - deceased)
    Emily Quartermaine (aunt)
    Dawn Winthrop (aunt - deceased)
    Ric Lansing (adoptive uncle)
    Lucas Spencer (great uncle)
    Jason Morgan (uncle)
    Kristina Davis (half-sister)
    Morgan Stone Corinthos (half-brother)




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    Wednesday, February 17 2010: Revolving Doors.

    Agent Raynor visits Dante in his hospital room to inform him that he will testify against Sonny. Dante says whatever happened in the room where Sonny shot him is on him, but the case against Sonny regarding Claudia should put him away. Raynor threatens that if he changes his testimony regarding that case he will bring his wrath down on him. Olivia walks in and threatens Raynor herself, which makes Dante laugh. Raynor isn't intimidated and tells her she is a witness at Claudia's trial as well, which surprises both Dante and Olivia. Dante tells him to back off his mother or else he will suddenly develop a case of amnesia. Raynor storms out and Olivia apparently follows, as Lulu comes to visit Dante who is alone. After some flirting, Dante tells her Raynor wants him and Olivia to testify in court. Lulu calls Maxie to cover for her longer at work and Dante tells her she doesn’t need to be there so much because he knows she has a life. Lulu just wants some time to enjoy the fact that she's worried about him and to think about their future. They start to kiss and Michael comes in. He's glad Dante is okay and needs his help. He says Lulu can stay because he knows Dante doesn’t keep secrets from her and asks Dante to not write Sonny off. He wants him to remember he liked him when he worked for him, but Dante says he made a mistake. Michael says they all make mistakes and recounts Dante lying to his whole family in the beginning. Michael says he can save heir father and that there's still time to make the right choice. Michael leaves and Dante wonders if something is off about him, but Lulu thinks he's just trying to protect his father. Dante tells her Mac didn’t even take Michael's statement when he confessed and Lulu thinks there's no way Michael could have done it. Morgan comes to visit Dante after Lulu leaves and tells him about Jax and Carly breaking up. He says he loves Jax, but he loves Sonny too and doesn’t want him to go to prison and asks if there is anything he can to do to help.

    Friday, August 28 2009: Carly Gets Good News.

    Down in Cancun, Michael has taken one solid punch to the face from the wave runner guy. Jason and Sam show up before he has to take another. The tough guy tries to take Jason on until he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Michael explains that he pawned the guy's watch for airfare home, so Jason pulls out a wad of cash. He pays for the watch and tells the guy to beat it. Jason calls Carly right away to put her mind at ease.

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