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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    Join The Business.

    Monday, July 30 2012

    Sam only needs one more number to crack open the safe in Todd’s office when Kristina walks in. She wants her to leave early, grab coffee and talk about Trey. She wants to be with him even though Sonny thinks he is keeping a secret. Sonny doesn’t know anything about him but Sam doesn’t think Kristina really does either. Maybe Trey is holding something back. Kristina thinks Trey shares her feelings and she thought he was going to change his mind but then he started acting different. He was upset when his dad called and has been distracted ever since. She just wants Trey to go out with her. Sam thinks Trey does not deserve her if he can’t see how amazing she is. Kristina leaves and Sam jumps back on the safe. Jason comes in.

    I Have To Know.

    Friday, July 27 2012

    Carly runs into Jason at Metro Court. He is meeting his lawyer. He can’t use Alexis and Carly thinks it is because he is divorcing Sam. He isn’t, but Alexis is her mother. He tells her he kissed Elizabeth - and Sam knows. It was a mistake, but before that he saw her kissing John McBain. She thinks they can work it out but they both know love is not always enough.

    Crazy Calling.

    Wednesday, July 11 2012

    Sam overhears Steve talking about the kiss at Kelly’s and lays into Jason. Steve gets a call from Anna to come down to the station about Heather and leaves. She accuses Liz and of coming on to Jason. He tells Sam he is the one who kissed Liz. Plus, she is in no position to judge after what happened with McBain. He saw her kissing him on the pier. She tells him they were drunk and it didn’t mean anything. He can do whatever he wants with the ring, and with Elizabeth. Sam leaves and Liz encourages Jason to go after her. He thinks it is better this way, everything is out in the open. Their marriage died the night their baby died.

    Can You Say Scoop?

    Tuesday, July 10 2012

    At the dock, Jason pulls off his wedding ring. After his jog, Michael sits nearby and remembers the kiss. He sees Jason and tells him he took Starr to the barbecue. It was a big night for fireworks. Jason agrees – for a lot of people. Michael assures Jason he is taking it slow but Jason thinks he could save himself a lot of pain if he does not get involved. He walked in on Sam and McBain kissing, right here. He can’t get it out of his head. A part of him had still held out hope they could be together but not anymore. Michael insists they get out of there. Starr calls Michael and Jason tells him to go meet her, but to be careful.

    At Kelly’s Liz calls Jason to tell him she is there for her and to not worry about the kiss. Steve overhears and is not happy. She insists it was not a real kiss. Jason is going through a difficult situation and she wanted to be there for him. He does not want her to get hurt but she insists she is fine. He and Olivia had a blowout about his mother. The night of the storm, she borrowed Olivia’s car. Steve insists she was just trying to meet up with a guy online. He needs to help her find a better guy than that. Steve leaves as Jason walks in. Steve does not want him kissing his sister. Sam overhears.

    A Couple Of Nancy Drews.

    Monday, July 09 2012

    Sam and John admire the fireworks by the dock. They kiss. Jason catches the two of them before leaving. Sam pulls away – she thought she heard something. Alone, they start kissing again. They pull apart and Sam thinks she had too much to drink. John knows they have crossed the line but what is between them is too big to ignore. It has been happening between them for a long time and the more they deny it the stronger it gets. He has no regrets. Whatever is between them he is glad it is there. She does not want him to betray his family over a pointless, drunken kiss. She wants to make it official – this never happened. He is going back to Llanview and she wonders why it always feels like they are saying goodbye. He is going to miss her.

    Jason can’t stop thinking about the kiss and runs into Liz on the bridge. She can tell something is wrong. He saw Sam kissing John McBain. She is sorry. She knows how much he loves her. She thinks Sam is acting out of grief and Jason snaps. He does not want Liz to make excuses for Sam. He is sorry he yelled – Liz is the last person he should take things out on. She is better to him than he deserves. They kiss, but then he apologizes for taking advantage of her. Not that he needs it, but she forgives him. She still thinks Sam is grieving it would be a mistake to act out. He is glad Liz is there and she is too. She knows when things fall apart it is not one sided. She wants him to have time to heal and leaves.

    Bring It On Lady Liberty.

    Friday, July 06 2012

    Jason arrives at the warehouse to handle the cleanup. Sonny tells him McBain stopped it from happening. Joe is a liar and a coward and swore Kate came on to him. Sonny had the finger on the trigger when McBain walked in. Sonny asked him to look away but he refused. Sonny fills Jason in about Joe’s confession to McBain about killing Theresa. It was John’s fault for being a fed. Sonny thinks there is more to it, but John should have known better than approach her in public. Jason can relate to what John is going through. It is his fault Sam’s baby died. He could not promise to accept the baby before it was too late. Besides, what was going on with Sam and John is still happening. He doesn't know how they got to this place. Maybe he is hurting her by hanging on. Sonny doesn't think Sam knows what she wants. Jason has to accept what he did and what he has lost.

    There Will Always Be Haters.

    Monday, July 02 2012

    On the plane, McBain tells Jason he is bringing Joe Jr. back but not if Jason gets there first. Suddenly, the feds approach Jason because he is on the watch list. Jason accuses McBain of being behind it. The verification will take a few hours, so John gets on the plane while the feds do their thing. Jason calls Sonny and the feds finish up while they are on the phone.

    John enters Joe Jr.s shop and pulls a gun on him. He denies he is Joe, but as McBain goes to cuff Joe, he gets hit on the back of the head by a thug. He wakes up tied to a chair. They need John to disappear. Jason busts in shooting and gets the goons. He stops Joe from grabbing his gun. John thanks Jason for the save and wants to call it in. Sometimes the system will get it right. Jason takes Joe Jr. but leaves McBain tied up.

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