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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    Won’t Feel A Thing.

    Monday, August 27 2012

    John shows up at the station and puts a gun to Jerry’s head. Then, Jason shows up with a gun. Jerry knows they can’t kill him because he is the only one with the antidote. Jason beats Jerry up but Jerry just taunts them – they won’t get him to talk. Jax walks in and thinks he can get him to talk.

    My Best Paranoid Schizophrenic.

    Friday, August 24 2012

    Jason shows up a Liz’s to talk about Ewen as Ewen runs down the stairs, shirtless. Jason apologizes for jumping to conclusions and Ewen accepts. He is paged to the hospital, kisses Liz and leaves. Liz tells Jason he slept on the couch and asks why he is really there. He tells her Ewen moved to Alaska like Jax. She thinks it is a coincidence even though Ewen knew all the Jacks men and rattles off their names. Jason makes a connection – It is Jerry! He injected Nicholas to make him sick too. Liz tells him that can’t be – Jerry is dead. Jason leaves and tells her to be careful – he couldn’t take it if something happens to her. Later, Ewen comes back and wants to spend the rest of the day with her.

    At the hospital, Patrick visits Olivia and tells her there is no telling if there will be more hallucinations. She looks at her glass of water and drops it, screaming. The water was bright green – toxic. Outside, Steve and Patrick talk about where to go from here when Ewen arrives. Olivia sees him and starts screaming – he is the devil! Outside, Ewen is not sure she will ever be ready to go home. He tells Patrick they need to consider Shadybrook. Inside her room, Steve calms Olivia down and they turn on the TV. Outside, Jason tells Patrick he needs to talk about Robin.

    Pick Of The Flock.

    Thursday, August 23 2012

    At Pazzollo’s Jason leaves a message for Spin. Inside, Sonny tells him Joe came to see him. If he kills Joe, Kate won’t be able to handle it and he can’t lie to her. So Joe lives for now. Spin busts in and tells them he has news on Keenan. Sonny is upset – Kate depends on Ewen. Spin tells them there is a connection among Alexis, Joss and Dr. Keenan. He was born and raised in Australia and put himself through college shearing sheep. He went to Anchorage, Alaska, instead of staying in Australia. Strange, right? Jason comments it is just like Jax. That can’t be a coincidence. Sonny wants proof and Jason asks Spin to go to Alaska and look for a connection between Keenan and Jax.

    Healthy Choice.

    Monday, August 20 2012

    Jason pulls Spinelli into the hospital chapel and tells him Joss and Alexis were injected with a chemical. He needs Spin to look into Keenan’s possible involvement. Spin is shocked but remembers that he once suspected Keenan of Lisa’s murder. Jason wants Spin to do anything he can to dig dirt on Ewen. Spin agrees as long as Jason delivers his oversize gifts to Joss and Alexis.

    John and Jason run into each other at the hospital and John tells Jason about Joe’s release. John asks if he found anything that ties Joss to Wyndemere yet?

    All Over Soon.

    Friday, August 17 2012

    Jason arrives at the hospital as Steve is telling Carly and Sam that Alexis and Joss were injected. Ewen lurks in the background. Sam tells Carly about Alexis fainting at Wyndemere and Carly is shocked - could Joss have been at Wyndemere? She walks off and leaves a message for Jax. Johnny runs up and Carly tells him someone broke in and took Joss. Meanwhile, Liz explains to Sam and Jason that both the marks are in the same place. Sam is confused about why this happened and Jason thinks maybe Dr. Keenan can answer some questions. He and John went to Wyndemere and all they found was Ewen. The call to Alexis was a setup to get her out there. Molly runs up and Sam takes her to see Alexis. Ewen tells Liz and Jason he has a patient waiting and leaves. Liz defends Ewen but Jason thinks Ewen is involved and lying. He doesn’t trust Ewen and he doesn’t think Liz does either. She tells him she can take care of herself and walks off.

    Pretend To Marry A Guy Like You.

    Thursday, August 16 2012

    Jason and John walk into Wyndemere, guns drawn. Someone lured Alexis there, but who? Suddenly, Ewen walks in. He tells then he got a call from security and wanted to check and see if anything was missing. John tells him about Alexis and Joss and Ewen seems nervous. John wonders who would want to lure Ewen and Alexis there. They are going to send PCPD to trace Ewen’s call from the security company. Ewen stammers a bit and John tells him he looks woozy. Ewen leaves for the ER and John and Jason agree he is hiding something. Outside, Ewen calls Jerry and demands to know what he did to Joss and Alexis. Plus, Jason is at Wyndemere with the police and will soon know everything. Jerry demands to know exactly what he said and calls him an idiot – they will trace his call. He needs to speed up his time table. Inside, John and Jason agree to leave the house until it is checked for biohazard. John gets a call concerning Joe Jr.’s release.

    Michael and Carly read to Joss in her hospital room. She is feeling worse. Outside, Steve and Liz need to wait for the blood work but there is no reason to believe it is worse than a bug bite. Liz brings Joss a lollipop and she and Carly talk about Jake as they care for Joss. Carly tells her again how grateful they are. Meanwhile, Alexis wakes up in her hospital room and remembers that she used her key to get in Wyndemere and the lights were off. Then she woke up on the sofa. Suddenly, she remembers something, but then it is gone. Trey arrives and comforts Kristina while Starr comforts Michael. Michael tells Starr about Joss’ health history and is worried about Carly. They sit with Josslyn when Liz pulls Carly out to talk to Steve. Starr pulls out a stuffed animal, Fred the magic frog. Joss can talk to Fred who will send any message she has to the people she loves. She gives the frog to Joss. It is time to let go. Michael thinks she is amazing. She breaks down and he holds her. Meanwhile, Kristina wants to know what Trey wanted to talk with her about. He tells her the production company is going to sue him if they don’t deliver 10 episodes – plus a wedding. He doesn’t want to mess up what they have by rushing into a fake wedding. She wants to help. He tells her his dad is in jail. In the hall, Steve pulls Sam aside with Carly and tells them Alexis and Joss have the same condition. It is not a bug bite. It is nothing they have seen before. In fact, it is possible they have been injected with something. Jason arrives and finds out they were injected and they don’t know how to treat it. Ewen skulks off in the background.

    You Got A Boat?

    Wednesday, August 15 2012

    Carly and Jason bring Joss to the hospital. Jason waits outside while Steve takes Carly and Joss into a room. Jason fills Liz in, but she presses him when she sees how upset he is. He tells her he and Sam are divorcing. She can’t believe that is what Sam really wants but other people got in the way. Suddenly, McBain and Sam come in with Alexis. Sam tells Jason that Alexis just collapsed. John and Jason are left alone and Jason tells him about the divorce. Jason tells John that Joss has a red mark on her arm and John tells him Alexis has the same mark. Inside Joss’s room, Carly fills Steve in about how they found her outside. He wants to take blood to be sure since she has a bit of a fever. He asks how long she has been sleepwalking and she tells him it was the first time. When Steve comes out of Joss’s room Jason tells him about Alexis.

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