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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    Port Charles One Percenters.

    Tuesday, September 04 2012

    Jason busts into the church and demands the cure but Ewen doesn’t have it. He wants to talk to Jerry and is taking Liz with him. Liz tries to break free but Jason orders her to stop. Jason knows the connection Ewen has to the Jacks family and Ewen confesses to killing John in cold blood. He’ll kill Jason too if he has to and shoots him in the leg. Ewen loves Liz and wants to be the one to fix things. He refuses to let Jason be the hero. Liz breaks away and Jason shoots Ewen in the stomach. He tells Ewen he deserves to die for what he did. Jason cuts Liz’s hands free and she checks on Ewen – he needs to get to the hospital or he will die.

    At the hospital Kate has some good news for Sonny – Joe Jr. checked out of Metro Court. Sonny may have had something to do with that but he didn’t hurt Joe. She wonders what stopped him. He gets a text to meet Todd at the Quartermaine’s to get the cure and leaves. Later, Steve tells Kate that Olivia has not had another acid flashback like when she thought Ewen was the devil, although that has turned out to be true. Kate knows Ewen is a good man and will not hurt Liz. Just then Liz and Jason come in with Ewen. Kate begs Steve to help Ewen while Liz takes Jason into a room to work on him. Jason and Liz share a close moment while she works on his wound.

    Dead Man’s Hand.

    Friday, August 31 2012

    Jason and Spin Skype. Jason looks sick – flushed and feverish. Spin found out that Ewen had a special patient – John Jacks. He was being treated for depression, but then he was moved to Arizona. Keenan was eventually summoned there to continue treatment. Now Spin is in Arizona in the hospital where John died. Jason tells him that Keenan kidnapped Liz and sends him a recording of the phone call. Spin is able to figure out they were close to St. Mary’s Church based on what he hears. Jason tells Spin there is a quarantine and he needs to stay away. After they sign off, Spin looks up online about what is happening in Port Charles and is shocked.

    In the church, Ewen grabs a gun and tells Liz that is why they are there. John Jacks took everything from his family and left them with nothing. His dad died a broken man while John and his family prospered over the dead man’s hand. His dad owned the dead man’s hand. People would offer him unbelievable amounts but he would never sell –that was his insurance in case the farm fell on hard times. One day John Jacks showed up, gained his trust and took the cards out from under him. After that, their livestock died and Ewen’s dad sold the farm to pay off his debts. He promised his father on his death bed that he would make John Jacks pay. He wanted to steal the hand but someone else beat him to it and without the cards John was just as broken as his dad. He injected something into John to kill him, but was caught by Jerry. He didn’t report John’s murder and has used it to make Ewen do some terrible things. He tells Liz he has to make it right. She begs him to take her with him. Suddenly, Jason bursts in with a gun.

    One For The Books.

    Wednesday, August 29 2012

    Jason gets to Liz’s house and finds Patrick knocked out on the floor. He gets him up and asks where Ewen is. Patrick tells him they were calling the cops and Ewen knocked him out. He must have taken her. Jason calls Dante, but Patrick refuses an ambulance. They need to find Elizabeth. Patrick can’t believe this is the same guy. Dante arrives and puts an APB out on Ewen. Jason is freaking out about Liz – they need to find her before Ewen hurts her.

    Back at the station, Jason answers the call from Liz. Jason, Patrick, Lulu and Dante can hear them talking and start to trace the location. Ewen realizes she has her phone on and throws it out the window. Meanwhile, Dante gets a call from CDC that there is a potentially fatal pathogen in the water and they don’t know how to stop it.

    If You Don’t Play You Can’t Win.

    Tuesday, August 28 2012

    At the cable station, Jerry is shocked when Jax walks in – he was supposed to be grounded in Shanghai. Jax wants to hear it is all a bluff, but Jerry assures him it is real. Jax thinks Jerry is desperate and wants to know what he wants. Jason asks if he worked with Ewen or Joe Scully but Jerry denies both. Jax can tell he is lying. John and the cops take Jerry in and Jax tells Jason the name Keenan sounds familiar.

    Dante tells the cops at PCPD they need to work hard to prevent a riot. Sonny wants to help. Dante tells him that McBain and Jason have Jerry at gunpoint and they are testing the reservoir to see if the threat is real. Sonny can get his guys out to a local market to keep order. Dante appreciates the offer, but can’t have him take matters into his own hands. Sonny tells Dante that Joe Jr. is also out and he doesn’t know what he has planned. Later, they bring Jerry in and Jason tells Jax about Keenan. Jax can’t place the name. Jerry thinks they will be more receptive to negotiate the next morning.

    Patrick pulls Ewen off Liz at her house. Ewen thinks Jason got to him too, and Patrick agrees he may have overreacted. Liz pushes Ewen for an answer about his involvement with Jerry. He covers and says Jerry has always been off. Patrick asks Ewen to go back to the hospital while he talks to Liz. Ewen leaves and Patrick tells Liz that Jason sent him to warn her. Liz tells Patrick that she thinks Ewen is working with Jerry and picks up the phone to call Dante. Ewen walks in with a baseball bat. Later, Jason arrives and sees Patrick knocked out on the floor and Liz is gone.

    Won’t Feel A Thing.

    Monday, August 27 2012

    At the hospital, Jason asks Patrick about Robin’s ties to Jerry. He thinks Jerry is connected to the injections. A nurse runs in and puts on the television. When Jerry says he has an associate, Jason tells Patrick it is Keenan he is talking about. He calls Liz but she is not answering. He makes Patrick promise to check on Liz.

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