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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    One Gangster For Another.

    Monday, September 17 2012

    At the penthouse, Liz and Jason kiss. Sam sees but slips away unseen. Jason pulls away and apologizes to Liz. He cares about her, but it is not fair to start something with her when it can’t go anywhere. He can’t be with her. He knows it hurts and she means so much to him, but exposing her kids to the violence would make losing Jake all for nothing. Suddenly Spin busts in with answers for Jason. Liz leaves. She needs time to think. Spin, who is taken with lab tech Ellie, tells Jason that the baby is definitely not Sam’s. Spin thinks it is time to bring Sam in on the investigation. Jason is not ready. They decide to start at the shack in the woods. Spin guesses it is the same shack near the burial of Anthony’s body and Luke’s kidnapping. Jason wonders if Heather is involved in this.

    Intent On Revenge.

    Friday, September 14 2012

    At the hospital Spin assures Jason he will find what he needs about the baby. Liz overhears Spin wish Jason a happy birthday before he leaves. She wishes Jason the same, but he wants to erase it since he shares it with Franco. She guesses that Spin is looking into the blood discrepancy and he admits that if anyone can find the truth, Spin can. Liz gifts him with an early release. She offers to drive him home. There is something she needs to tell him.

    At the penthouse, Liz has set up some decorations for Jason for his birthday. She is sorry and begins to take it down but he stops her. He appreciates her and what she has done. She sits him down. She has something to tell him.

    Rough Couple Of Days.

    Thursday, September 13 2012

    Sonny visits Jason in his room and tells him that Jerry and Jax are missing. Someone is going to have to tell Carly that Jax is dead. Jason tries to get up to be there for her but Sonny tells him to stay and consider it a gift – he did not forget his birthday. Alone, Jason looks at some paperwork. Spin comes by and Jason hands over the baby’s autopsy report. He lays out his suspicions that the baby was switched. Spin pulls out his computer to hack into the hospital mainframe. Sam donated tissue samples of the baby, which are frozen and stored. Sam would not have to know if they check the DNA.

    Good Outweighs The Bad.

    Wednesday, September 12 2012

    Jason tries to leave the hospital but Liz stops him. He will bleed to death if he goes. Monica comes in and asks Liz to relieve another nurse. Monica stays and she tells him about Edward giving the antidote to Emma. Jason is impressed. He knows she loves him and he appreciates her even if he doesn’t show it. She is just glad she could be in his life. Jason tells her about Sam’s "what if" fantasy, believing the baby was theirs. He is not sure the baby that died was Sam’s. He hands over the medical records and talks about the blood type and Monica thinks it could be a mistake. What else could it be?

    People drink the water at the hospital. Kate and Sonny go to the roof and are sprayed by the antiserum. Olivia joins them and basks in the water. Steve follows her and they kiss. Later, Jason and Liz join them and hold each other in the rain.

    Tedious, Annoying And Unpleasant.

    Monday, September 10 2012

    In his room Jason is confused as to why Sam’s baby has a different blood type. Liz thinks there must be a mistake, but he when he put the baby in Sam’s arms she swore it was a different baby. Liz is not convinced and does not want him to get his hopes up. Jason knows there was time not accounted for when Sam was passed out but Liz thinks he is in denial. He has to make sure. Liz tells him they need to do a second autopsy with Sam’s permission to be sure. Does he really want to put Sam through that? Sam arrives and apologizes to Jason for imagining them happy with the baby. She hopes it gives him some peace knowing the truth about how their baby died after all she did to him. She leaves and he tells Liz he still has to find out. Later, Sam comes back to say goodbye. They get emotional as she tells him that if they were still together, she would have died happy. She tells him goodbye but he does not want to hear that so she tells him she will see him later. Later, he tells Liz he will find out what happened to Sam’s baby.

    Merry Band Of Thieves.

    Friday, September 07 2012

    In their hospital room Sam thinks her fantasy was pretty good one. She was so angry at Jason and as long as she made it his fault, she could deny that it was her fault the baby is dead. Patrick and Liz check on them. Jason asks Patrick to pull the baby’s chart and he tells them he died of respiratory failure because his lungs were not developed. It was nothing the hospital or Sam could have prevented. What’s weird is his hemophilia did not show up in Sam’s blood work. Patrick wheels Sam out and Jason looks at the chart again. Something doesn’t make sense. The blood type of the baby does not match Franco or Sam. He wonders if the baby who died was not Sam’s.

    Right A Terrible Wrong.

    Thursday, September 06 2012

    At the hospital with Jason, Sam wonders what their lives would be like if their baby lived. Her mistake started with Heather Webber. If she never went to Ferncliff Franco would have been out of their lives. She imagines meeting Heather in Ferncliff, but this time she left Heather’s cell without hearing what she had to say. She would have come home to Jason happy instead of with a big secret. In her fantasy, Jason is waiting for her when she got home and she opens a card Spin left for her. She tells Jason she changed her mind. Heather is crazy and Sam knows everything she needs to know about Franco and the DVD. The little boy in it grew up to be the man she loved and the father of her child and nothing else matters. She imagines she is about to make love to Jason when a call from Alexis snaps her out of it. She gets upset thinking about Alexis outliving her children – like her and Jason. Back in her fantasy, they go to Lamaze led by Epiphany. Then, she imagines a baby shower. Monica gives her Jason’s favorite childhood book, "Goodnight Moon." Spin gets the baby a teeny inaugural black T-shirt. Suddenly, Sam’s water breaks. Back in reality Jason wants to go find Jerry but Sam asks him to stay with her. It is silly but her story is the only thing keeping her calm right now. She continues. Jason, Alexis, Maxie, Monica, Kristina, Molly and Spin all work to get her to the hospital. Maxie and Spin hang back. Maxie apologizes to Spin and tells him he was the best thing that ever happened to her. They kiss. Alexis tells Sam not to be scared as they wheel her into a delivery room. Monica and Jason have a moment and she tells him Alan will be looking over them. During delivery they tell her the baby is strong. Sam worries she is not good enough but she and Jason hold hands and agree to do it together. Back in reality, Sam would have given anything to hear she had a healthy baby boy. In the dream, Monica tells Jason not to take the baby for granted. She and Alan barely had time to notice him and AJ. They did not do a good job as parents, but they loved them. Meanwhile, Alexis holds the baby and tells Sam she feels blessed. Her father took Sam away so fast, all she had left to remember her was her smell. Sam assures her they will all make more memories. Later, Jason and Sam go home with the baby. A trust fund is waiting for the baby and all they have to do is put in his name. She tells him she really wants to name him after someone they loved - her brother Daniel. He picks Edward for a middle name. Daniel Edward Morgan. Back in reality Jason tells her it is a good name. She tells him the baby had looked just like him and he would have been the best father to Danny. She imagines the future again, this time with Danny and another baby, Emily. She tells Jason she always pictures two kids when she thinks of the family they were supposed to have. Except they both know it is just a story.

    Enjoy The Journey.

    Wednesday, September 05 2012

    Liz works on Jason’s leg at the hospital. She can’t believe she trusted Keenan. Jason assures her it is not her fault. She thinks it is ironic that everyone kept telling her how wonderful Ewen was and Jason was a killer. She always thought there was something wrong with Ewen but tried to talk herself into believing he was the right person for her. Suddenly John rushes in with Sam and begs Liz to look at her. Sam asks Jason about his leg and when he doesn’t answer Liz tells her that Ewen shot him. John’s phone rings. Jerry has escaped and John wants to go back to the PCPD. Jason wants to go with him but he is too injured. John and Sam share a moment before he leaves. Steve comes in to get Liz and they leave Sam and Jason alone. She can’t help but wonder if they had made different choices, if the baby had lived, how would their lives be different?

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