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    General Hospital CAST - Jason Morgan (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Jason Morgan (Past) Played by Steve Burton on General Hospital Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), 2 children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    Lulu's Surprise!

    Tuesday, August 08 2006

    Sam walks into the restaurant and sees Jason having dinner. Jason spots her as well and gets up and goes out onto the balcony. He turns around to see Sam standing there. Sam tells him she wasn't following him, she just came to celebrate her first paycheck. Jason yells at her to run to him. She does and throws herself into his arms. He holds her for the longest time and then puts her down to talk. He tells her how her life would have ended if he had held her the same way that night but three inches lower. The bullet would have entered her heart. Jason goes on to tell her if he continues to love her, she might be killed. That he can't take that chance. He can't love her anymore he says as he walks away leaving Sam in tears.

    Sonny Loses It.

    Monday, August 07 2006

    In the interrogation room, Carly tells Alexis that she is abusing her power of office to arrest Jason for no reason than because she loathes his relationship with her daughter. Alexis then tells Carly and Jason they can go. Carly tells Alexis that she thinks she is above the law and she is on to her. Outside the office, Carly tells Jason that Ric has major concerns about Sonny and she does too. She's worried about what will happen if Sonny decides to go off his medication.

    Carly then heads back to the hospital to talk to Lanie. She worries that Sonny is in a meeting in a warehouse and she's afraid because if Sonny's off his medication, he might do something terrible. Lanie tells Carly she wishes she had asked Sonny to stay earlier in the day in his session but didn't see any point in continuing therapy when he doesn't want to.

    Carly goes to talk to Sam at Alexis' house about Jason and what Sam should do about him. Sam wonders why Carly wants to push her and Jason to get back together because Jason has made his choice and it's clear. He doesn't want Sam back. Carly continues to remind Sam how her mother runs her life and when she was in the hospital, Alexis was telling Jason how that was his fault. In walks Alexis and demands Carly to get out now! But Carly stands up to Alexis, refusing to back down. Determined not to let Alexis win, she tells her how she will be left alone and pitiful when her children start to rebel against Alexis' controlling ways. "In the end, you'll die alone," she says as Sam just looks on speechless.

    Sonny stands there on the verge of self-destruction holding gun on the South American mob family. He demands answers to his self-righteous questions. Sonny states "Who is it that controls the shipping lanes between Canada and Port Charles? Who keeps you able to run your merchandise without a problem? If you want to expand your shipments, who do you have to come to for help? Me, you need me." He reminds them all the while holding the gun in front of them.

    They assure him they mean no disrespect to Sonny or his organization and they will never work with Alcazar and never have been. At that moment, Jason walks in on them and asks if everythings ok? Sonny replies, we're done, it's fine, get me out of here!

    While alone and soothing his nerves with a stiff drink, Sonny tells him he almost blew it. He wasn't in control. Jason reminded him that when he walked in, everything seemed to be smoothed out. But Sonny insisted that he really does need help and wants to go see Lanie in the hospital.

    Before they leave, Sonny asks Jason straight out if he thinks Sonny's ready to take back the controls. Jason, listening intently on Sonny's thoughts of himself, ponders the question for a moment and tells Sonny, not yet.... At that moment, in walks Ric. Jason demands he get out now! But Ric boasts to Sonny and Jason ...You mean you Jason, don't want to give back what you stolen right?.... But Sonny backs Jason telling him to take off, he doesn't need him or his lies and although they're brothers by blood, JASON is my brother by choice! Sonny emphatically tells him he trusts Jason, he's loyal to me and if he doesn't leave, he'll ask Jason to give Ric what's coming to him.

    Later, Sonny walks up to Lanie in the hospital and tells her he's ready. To give him whatever is needed. Therapy, drugs, the works.

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